Viva Veditz B-DAY & 1913 commentary part I

George W. Veditz’ Birthday (Aug 13) is approaching and folks will be gathering at his gravestone on Aug 12 sun at 10:30 in Colorado Springs for a Day of the Deaf picnic so im posting up a series of vlogs i made last year to discuss Veditz the man, the NAD Motion Picture project and Veditz’ 1913 Preservation of Sign Language film.

totally wish someone else would discuss his film – cuz i get all excited and want to discuss so much and then always run into the challenge that some folks already know this and others haven’t even met George yet smile

but the bloke has definitely been hitting the big time lately – PAH!  Sorry we slow George and THANK YOU for always nudging us.  Coming to see u SOON!
PART I – Veditz Priceless Clip and Birthday (vlogged last year but got hidden when i did the SOPA / PIPA protest / black out and forgot to re-public it and when i did then it shows up as if just loaded yesterday – oh well smile)

Summary from last year: Veditz 150 birthday on Aug 13 – excerpt from his Preservation of Sign Language film – translation by Dr. Carol Padden “Indeed, our National Association of the Deaf has raised a fund of $5000 for this purpose. We have made a number of films. We have films of Edward Miner Gallaudet, of Edward Allen Fay, of John B. Hotchkiss and Robert MacGregor and many others. I regret that we do not have $20,000, for we could have used it all. If we had this amount of money, we could have performances in sign language, sermons in sign language, lectures in sign language. And not only would we American deaf enjoy the benefits of this, but no — deaf people in Germany, in England, in France, in Italy would also see these moving picture films. Fifty years from now, these moving picture films will be priceless.”
Links to:
info on Veditz
full Veditz Preservation of Sign Language Speech…
Other NAD films from the Moving Picture Project – click titles
info on the library of congress National Film Registry selection of George’s “Preservation…” film…


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