A unfunny thing happened to and from Kentucky

NOTE: as im just about to publish this i see a public “apology” from the ZVRS person who sent out the offensive email – see https://twitter.com/JuMoiwai/status/222441696527532033/photo/1/large

u can judge for urself what u wanna do do with it.  NAd Board President should still make a public statement methink.


heye folks

as some of ya know i been in boycott of our beloved National Association of the deaf (NAd) for a while.  i delayed and delayed – i tried working with everyone i could.  i was given a promissory note that never materialized so i had to say – “im boycotting.  boo”

NOTE: yes i know i typed NAd with a lower case “d” but that is the way they want it so im honoring their wishes and YES it excludes me and thee but they dont care about that now do they?

boycotting is a form of civil disobedience – it is part of truth force / soul force. I was still hopeful that the NAd would get its sail up, compass set, and rudder rocking to finally leave its painted port but alas i discovered it has become rotten to the core after having sank “back into its old condition of comatose and servile inactivity.”

so what is the unfunny thing that happened on the way to Kentucky?

while i was making me way to the DeaFestival at a stop over in Detroit i see a tweet about a motion to make nicey with Governor Daugaard.  WTH.  Really?!  WOW

then i see… It passes.

and then i can feel the cold hard hands of colonization smack against the young hopeful faces of our future – slap slap.  You shall NOT challenge authority it says!

now the odd thing about this whole SLIDE in motion (dont even ask me about this messed up process of how a motion can be introduced so last minute cuz it all looks like one ole hot mess to me – the whole delegates being last minute with a bunch of conflict of interests and chaos – “better to rule u with dearie” so i guess i shouldnt have been shocked to see this coup come up but i was cuz well im a hopeful child.  I always believe in the greater good) Now the odd thing about this motion that passed is – it was Daugaard who TURNED DOWN THE NAD convention so why were folks chasing after him to have contact again.  NO MOTION was needed for the NAD to say in a month or two – oh Daugaard are you available now?

the NAD never uninvited him

the NAD never STOOD by us on this issue – he just became “unable to attend” – he didnt say he never would have contact with the NAD or was hurt or that he even gave a rats butt about any of this stuff.  Yet folks slip in a motion to go chasy chasy?

and it PASSES!  ha wow! wee

we, the wee people, were pissed so some good folks thought MUTINY – lets jump this sinking ship as its so rotten but someone slides up and says no no lets add an amendment and after alot of word smithing a bandaid is constructed.

Problem with all this is… sometimes wounds heal better in open air for all to see and feel.

ie – the amendment does nothing but give the APPEARANCE of something for nothing.

It hurt cuz its supposed to hurt – OVERT OPPRESSION is not COOL.

i do commend the folks who tried – who were there making the NOBLEST of efforts to re-mediate that injustice but the FACTS are:

1. no motion was even ever necessary – there was NOTHING in Daugaard’s “unavailability” that said he couldnt come hang with his homies at the NAD at another time

2. amending this unnecessary and unjust resolution ends up sanctioning it – better to leave it on the record for all to see how we grovel to be stepped on cuz that is what that motion was a grovelling to someone who wouldnt give u the time of day in KY and a slap on the face to the folks who stood for JUSTICE – who did NOT want someone who has a bad track recorded re: LGBT, anti-Women, Deaf school, and Native Americans to be associated with NAd.

Message is loud and clear – HE is more important than WE

ahh nothing about us!

So i sat in the airport in shock.  My heart was going out to the good folks and i was like well wow – im so glad ive been in boycott.

After landing we arrive and wow election results that are so obviously impossible that all u can think is WTH?  What is this butterfly ballot bonkiness???

And after walking around u see ohhhh just about everyone has some affiliation with one Video Relay service or another.  YEP we have been colonized and ENTRAPPED by the Relay system.  There is $$ in them their costumers.  Ma Bell still dividing and a conquering.

The air is thick with the competition and im like how did the NAd operate prior to this industry?

And im envisioning the day when teaching was a main profession of Deaf folks and thus teaching was of utmost importance and i realize how CAID has quietly been dying and how CEASD is not what it should be and how this industry competes for bodies the way another industry competes for bodies and NO BODY seems to be noticing.

But thankfully a few rows over is De’VIA central.  De’VIA = Deaf View / Image Art.  It is an art movement founded in 1989 by a group of Deaf artists committed to exploring works about the Deaf experience.  And here nearly 25 years after its conception De’VIA is in full glory.  She is beautiful and she makes me so so so happy i have come to the Kentucky DeaFestival.  I have read about it for several years now and several friends have told me “you must go” and so i went and i’m grateful i did.

Kentucky DeaFestival – i thank u for all ur work with that festival.  I thank u for bringing Deaf artists together.

Deaf artists – wow u rock.  Seriously u make me so joyful.  U make me so happy and yes a few of ya even made me cry a bit.  Gosh how u r shining.  This is the PERFECT time to be a De’VIA artist.  Folks r hungry.  Get busy creating folks.  U r a huge part of the mountain.

for the few days i was there it was – hugs, hellos, interviews, discussions, ponderings, and LOVE.  My take of the NAd Convention from the outside – mind you i never even went up to the 2nd floor where i assume most of the workshops and stuff took place prior to the DeaFestival but from my moments just walking through the lobby or the DeaFestival – it is very much like a humungous  class reunion.

And what is the class you ask – Deaf & Ally ASL folks – that is who.  Many of whom were raised oral / aural only but all of whom used ASL.  That is mighty fine to meet and greet so many folks i knew or feel like i have known via the net etc.  It was GRAND.  Love was in the air for me even with folks that well im not so sure about.  Still i love ’em and some folks look at me like “what r u doing?” and my answer is LOVE.  Im always gonna love folks.  The day i stop doing that – just roll me out to a pasture and leave me there.

And by loving it dont mean im all flowers and fakeness.  That is NOT my way.  Love to me means – i put forth my out stretched arms and will hug ya and love ya enuf to tell u the truth and to listen.

Its the best i have to offer.

and then another unfunny thing happened on the way home from Kentucky.  I see an email in which ZVRS is maligning Sheri Farinha’s supporters or “so called militants” and threatening their employees.

GOSH – 4th of July weekend and NAd puts a gag order on its Board members from using social media and then ZVRS tries to control its employees from having free speech.  I thought this was America.  Dang how corporate wrongs trump constitutional rights when corruption comes a courting.

Now ZVRS could have sent out memo saying – “hey folks r upset about the elections and we r a VERY small and dear community.  We, ZVRS of CSD, do not support any reacting and disrespectful comments or conducts on our behalf.  If you see anything out there in the wide world web that you feel we should know about so we can help to clarify things – just send it our way but otherwise pls know we do not want you to respond and if you it can not be as a ZVRS representative”

something like that but nah – lets just trash the Deaf folks on the ground.

So fresh out of the Kentucky gate – the NAd president, who is also a Vice President at ZVRS/CSD, and is replacing another former ZVRS/CSD employee, is in a pickle.  His company has trashed his people.  Do Do?

So far – NOTHING.  NADA.  Zilts.

Maybe if we were Daugaard – we would get more respect ;  )

but as the relay industry knows – customers count so the power u all have at ur fingertips is to boycott ZVRS.  Pull the plug if you are offended by their intentional misrepresentation of us “Deaf Militants”

No worries cuz even though ZVRS intentions were oppressive – we know better.  We know we are extremists for love, militants for love, and radicals for love.

We also know (cuz we READ, and THINK, and FEEL) that George W. Veditz said in his 1910:

“we constitute ourselves a militant vigilance committee to guard the interests and welfare of our class.” 

NOTE: George is not name calling – he is using militant as a description in terms of energy, passion, and commitment to our cause and our people – he is not using the term as NOUN.  The fact that the NAd has allowed for the ZVRS insulting memo to go unchallenged shows how far she continues to steer away from her root and her mission.

George’s right, just and good quote was in 1910 folks when the 1st wave of Oralism was starting to crash on US soil.  How do we know this quote – well cuz the NAD kept WONDERFUL conference proceedings (see google books for some that are up online) – lengthy and detailed and good.

Meanwhile today in the digital age, you can’t find the results of the NAD elections on their website nor the latest resolutions – one of which has marked Board Accountability as URGENT, which seems to be failing fresh out of the gate given the new president’s dual role and silence on the ZVRS unjust and silencing memo.

And so we come 100 and 2 years later to say – OK George you were right “And this is goodbye” and we gonna rock the house with just right and good activism.

We aim to be extremists of LOVE – Thank you martin and george


I love the NAD – i hope she will wake from her coma and do do the good work.  The hour is VERY late.  It is long overdue for the Association to raise from its long lethargy of do-nothingness into the activity of doing something worth while.

The biggest item on the agenda should be the Prevention of Language Deprivation legislation folks.  Watch and see folks.  This is the make it or break it item for the NAd.  If some REAL ACTion comes out of that ad hoc committee within 6 month – hope may be revisited.

In the mean time i sadly remain in boycott of the NAd and ZVRS.

Again i do thank the Kentucky DeaFestival folks for hosting their festival and the De’VIA artists – u fill me with hope, faith, and love.  And the good folks on the ground who are aware, awake and aliVe.

Viva Veditz

Long Live, Long Live the emancipation of the Deaf

Added – NOTE: i havent sung the praise of the NAd convention organizers cuz i did not attend it but from the folks i did see they spoke favorably of the workshops and presentations and i know this is a HUGE undertaking so kudos should be given to them.




2 thoughts on “A unfunny thing happened to and from Kentucky

  1. heye ricky thanks for the comment

    hundreds of hits and ur the only commenter

    Folks r watching and a waiting and saying 2014 YA HOO and im like well that speaks volumes now dont it?

    and came across this via someone’s tweet:

    “To be real honest, its pointless to rehash this election as it is over. We have changed the course of NAD’s history and the need for the election process to be more transparent and accountable. That in itself is a good thing. We have a new board. Lets show support for their efforts, and hope they can keep close watch on things. Join me on the other page to shape and make the national think tank. This is a positive step in a forward going way to be proactive and see results. Thank you.”
    (Posted on Facebook)
    Sheri Farinha July 9, 2012
    “Now that the NAD Conference is over, I ask that we all respect Sheri Farinha and her supporters. We all need to listen, learn and respect each other. Together, we will make reforms so that everyone can be part of the NAD process.”
    (Posted on Facebook)
    Chris Wagner July 10, 2012

    Its good to see they both r saying let bygones be bygones. It doesnt acknowledge or address the offense caused by the ZVRS/CSD email though



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