Direct Message Ur Delegates – Prevent Language Deprivation

Summary and links below the video box

Vlog discussing the importance of direct messaging your delegates (see link for delegate manual and scroll down to p. 96-98 to find yours then hunt the internet for ways to contact them via your state association or affiliations).  Positions that have candidates are: President, Vice President, Secretary and some of the Region Representatives.  Other positions are filled with current reps continuing their term.

Another important thing to contact your delegate about is a new motion put forth by Kelby Brick, a Deaf lawyer, along with several other Deaf leaders.  See motion NAD language deprivation motion

The title is Informed Decision Making and Language Deprivation.  This motion explains that they want NAD headquarters to establish an ad-hoc committee to investigate creating state and federal legislation to prevent language deprivation.  This is very important because after a Deaf baby is born and screened there is an immediate push for Oral / Aural only via Hearing Aids/Cochlear Implants and speech/ AVT.  Forbidding of signing is becoming very common today – even some doctors prohibit parents from signing with their Deaf infant / child.  They actually make the parents sign a form committing to raising oral / aural ONLY in order to have the CI surgery.

We know from our history that “one way ONLY” is oppressive.  Oral / Aural only is inhumane and unjust.  We don’t support the excluding and banning of sign language.  The mandate to exclude a natural sign language actual violates the spirit of several new declarations by different groups such as the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, The World Health Organization with the World Bank, ICED 2010 which nullified the ICED Milan 1880 Oral Only declaration and apologized for the reign of error, and the World Federation of the Deaf (see Audism Free America’s listing of these documents commitment to Natural Sign language and Deaf culture for Deaf children and the Deaf Bilingual Coalition Bilingual Bicultural petition

This is the first time in a long time that the NAD has put forth such a direct approach to address audism and Oralism (oral / aural onslaught) – probably since the early 1900s when Veditz and NAD had the various resolutions on education (see

Now again we see a 2nd wave of Oral / Aural ONLY where natural sign language is denied, coercion is used, fingers r wrapped, arms grabbed, ASL hidden, scolding, parents force to sign forms to not sign in order to get a CI and so forth .  To this we must say – time out and stop.  Language denial and deprivation is really a violation of human rights.  I really support that motion and thank Kelby and other leaders for making that motion.  The motion gives their rationale and they also quote from a recent article about the harms of cochlear implants by Tom Humphries et al.  Where they call for a time out and an examination of how cochlear implants can hurt children and their families by having doctors and others sell false information.  (see for article).  I want to thank them for writing that article.

I am hoping NAD will do the right thing and remember that reference to the ship that needs a firm hand on the tiller to steer it in these hard times least it capsize and sink.  Continue to do nothing on this issue, status quo and false peace or pursue direct engagement and do the right thing.  I’m hopeful.  So delegates i hope you will study all the information so you know who and how to vote.




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