Barry Sewell’s Attack on the NAD

this is a series examining Barry Sewell’s serial attacks on various Deaf organizations.  His attacks are unjust and unjustifiable and loaded with falsehoods and nuttiness.  Why do we bother putting out the truth here – well, somebody has gotta – otherwise folks see his stuff and think its true.

And since we are truth seekers its what we gotta do.

For past truths re: Barry’s attacks (which have all failed cuz they were all false-based) see:

Barry’s attacks on CAD

Barry’s attacks on the IDC

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Barry’s attack on AFA

His latest target of his disaffection is the National Association of the Deaf (NAD), which Barry tried to re-christian as the NADQ – as in Queer.  Yep folks need i say more.  Homophobic as the day is long and i guess it is mighty long where he comes from.  Tall tales the chap has plenty of.

NOTE: this entry has been updated on 6/12/2012 because Barry has yet another blog entry out attacking NAD with a new outrageous claim (scroll down for the update)

Psst – dont nobody tell Mr. Sewell that LGBT folks are actually reclaiming and reaffirming the term Queer – so even though he uses it to abuse it – they be like “whatever – just water rolling off our backs – we be ducks and ducking his BS slinging”

Queer Eyes for the Straight Guy

Queer Eyes for the Straight Guy would not even be able to help that buckaroo.  No way.  they’d be like “Barry buddy – put down the rifle.  It clashes with the new look and it just screams paranoia” And he would be like “ROAR – I’m gonna run to my mighty hard drive and file a complaint with the Dept of something or other…”


so im sorry folks – this examination of Barry’s latest attack on a Deaf organization is gonna have a bit of sass to it because – well, where to begin!  its just outrageous like when he writes:

“I thought it was rather interesting because I didn’t know that NAD had a vested interest in people’s sex lives or people’s sexual lifestyles.”

Now this is from a fellow who still doesnt see Deaf folks as an ethnicity but rather as EARS that dont HEAR so its not a huge shocker that he sees LGBT folks based on SEX, SEX, SEX.  Hmmm

This bit puzzles me but i guess i should keep in mind that he opposes education and knowledge:

“I’m not sexist. I do not discriminate against those who prefers a different sexual lifestyle.”

Psst – Barry Sexist (adj or noun) is a term comes from Sexism which means =

1 prejudice or discrimination based on sex; especially :discrimination against women

: behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex
(Merriam-webster dictionary)
Note here they mean sex as in female or male (gender) they dont mean making whoopie
wow your mind
So i have to correct you but yes in fact you are sexist in your attitude (i have seen it pal) and yes in fact you are heterosexist in your attitude, dude.
While you may not discriminate against LGBT folks you do exhibit a prejudice against them and that is not cool.  He goes on to say:
“It’s just that I do not agree with practices of sodomity.  So, kindly do yourself a favor and don’t take my comments out of context.”
Sodomity?  ohhh goodness – Barry’s badness.  I have no idea why he wanted the word audism in the dictionary so badly because its looking like perhaps he does not own a dictionary.  I know he dont like knowledge or schooling but he can google just as well as the next guy or gal or MTF or FTM and still see that SODOMITY dont exist.  Maybe he can advocate for sodomity and deafless to be added to the dictionary.
NAD’s advocacy did aid in Audism making its way into dictionaries so Barry start using your “political savvy nohow” to actually accomplish something – or don’t
Ya fail Barry.  Left and right – your attacks painfully fail.  Ignorance and arrogance are just a woeful combo.
and what does all this queer talk from Barry have to do with the NAD???  – well here it comes:
” I almost have to be culturally and linguistically Deaf.  NAD hosts this mentality that it’s better to be culturally and linguistically Deaf. Otherwise you are not deaf enough. This brings me to the underlying point… the term ‘deaf’ is now seen as a lesser being than ‘Deaf’.  In this power-hungry society one has to be something more than the rest of the crowd. So what comes next after being culturally and linguistically Deaf?  Deaf Queers!  The birth of Deaf Queers made possible by NAD.”
Barry get your facts straight the NAD does not capitalize the word Deaf unless it is in the title of something – read their website and their magazine and deaf is deaf to them cuz they are basically deaf to the idea that Deaf folks are an ethnicity at present but im hopeful they will wake up to the fact that we are IN FACT an ethnicity (see the book People of the Eye by Lane, Pillard, and Hedberg – oh i forgot u do not read except for this – Howdy Barry.  I see YOU)
(Note to the NAD – see ya might want to consider going with the “D” when writing about Deaf cuz its Dandy to be Deaf and ASL is Handy and Deaf may become the new LGBT and since Barry opposes the use of D it means it must be a good thing.)
Then Barry has some tripping stuff about “special” ness and its clear that he is in an uproar cuz he is not  special enuf cuz he aint Deaf nor is he Queer.  He is just a lonely basin buckaroo doing the bison jump.  Woe is the web weaver.  Then he has some type of pseudo mayan prediction that the Queers wont stop there and this will lead to their own destruction and the downfall of the NAD.  Hmmmmm WOW really!
He closes with:
“We lost NAD when they meddled with Deaf people’s sex lives.  I just don’t see what our ears, our deafness, our deaf culture and language might have to do with our sex lives.  This is beyond stupidity.  No pun intended. “
Really hmmmmm.  George W. Veditz – what was ur “and this is goodbye” back in 1933 all about – were u Queer and just afraid to come out?  re: what Barry does and don’t see – well NO surprise.  In fact all the NAD said was folks should not be discriminated against based on who they love.  That is all.
so “beyond stupidity” yep sir im afraid u is.  re: the pun –  what pun?
In Barry Sewell’s 2nd blog entry re: the NAD and the Queer take over  where he tries to do a wicked twist and spin – he has this statement at the very bottom:
(Disclaimer: This blog is not humor-based. There is no humor in this.)
Well again you are wrong and false here Barry – that entry is incredibly humorous.
And this part – wow:
“I look forward to the day when GLBT controlled NAD are going to dismiss us (straight deaf and Deaf people as well as d/Deaf Christians) because we’re not queers or because we’re not queer enough.  That’d be the day… the day of our liberty… the day when we would no longer be oppressed by NAD’s false representation.  Not kidding you here. I can see this happening, really.”
Barry you lost all credibility and believability LONG before the NAD made a simple statement saying it supports marriage equality.  Don’t even try to fool or comfort yourself with the false illusion that you might be rejected because you are not gay enuf.  Then he goes on to thank the NAD (twist and spin) so that he won’t join them so i guess i should thank NY state for passing the right for Gays and Lesbians to marry.  I already did but will do it again cuz that means now Barry won’t join NY state.
And folks r saying you plan to file a complaint with somebody somewhere against the NAD because it has endorsed marriage equality when you yourself have not been a member of the organization for decades.  Well, keep us posted on the progress – you might have to start your complaint with the disclaimer above because it may very well make some folks howl.  Don’t send it on April fools day or all chance of them even finishing it will be shot.
re: it being reckless strategy on the NAD’s part to support marriage equality and that means they feel GLBT are superior to heterosexual folks – note the word EQUALITY and look it up and also NOTE that the NAACP has endorsed marriage equality.  If they loose some members cause of it – so be it.  Most likely they will gain many more because of it.  Equality and justice for all
and now for my disclaimer: there is some humor in this blog entry cuz if we dont laugh we will cry.  that there blogging of ur’s barry is hitting an all all all time LOW!
The results of all Barry myth-a-making efforts are all the organizations he has attacked are alive and well whereas his reputation and credibility are not.  Hmmm who needs a Trojan Horse when the bloke is his own worst enemy.  There’s a hole in your bucket dear Holism, dear Holism, there’s a hole in your bucket…
Added 6/12/2012 –
It seems the recent 2 blogs and 1 vlog attacking the NAD was not enough so Barry added a new one asserting that the NAD was only for “oppressed” folks and not for “folks like him” (straight, White, Buckaroos, who dont care if they cant access video on the internet due to lack of captions, who dont care about employment discrimination because they dont have a job, nor care about the FACT that some Deaf folks are denied the right to learn ASL and/or marry each other).  Instead of appreciating vlog inquiring about Barry’s ability to see beyond himself, Barry goes defensive, denial, dysfunction triangle.  And he does this without answering the real questions put to him by Randy (who Barry repeatedly refers to as “the gay guy” for no reason at all – even when a commenter (MJ K) asks why are you singling out that the vlogger is gay when it has no bearings on your premise that the NAD is only for oppressed Deaf people?  zoom right over the Holism’s head – he thinks she is critiquing his use of the word “gay” versus the term “queer” – oh dear – there’s a hole in your bucket dear theHolism, Dear theHolism, there’s a hole in your bucket….).

When Randy asks the Holism to remember the times when he viewed a video online to find no captions – the Holism shows that the swiss cheese effect in his logic is SOARING and ROARING because he says – He cant remember this because he grew up with weekly captioned films in his home?

hmmm – what is your point.  You cant SEE that online videos often dont have captions because when you were little once a week you would see a captioned film?  Huh?

He goes on to explain that he has never applied for a job?  Hmmm.

He says Deaf people have always been allowed to marry and really this is not fully true – we still know of folks whose own folks discourage them from marrying a Deaf person.  Still happens every day.  There hasnt been any legislation prohibiting Deaf marriage but there have been attempts to restrict marriage rights for Deaf folks in this country (see AG Bell – a ring a ling ling)

Then he goes on to misrepresent Randal and also does a bunch of twist and spins to shift from saying the NAD is no longer a queer association but rather a bunch of ungrateful whiners unlike him mister “success” who is filled with  great contentment that he spends all his time dissing Deaf organizations because NO HEARING AGGREGATOR would ever carry his crap and thus he can not live without the very people he feels are beneath him  (hmmmm maybe this is why he tries to put folks and organizations down so he can feel a bit taller)

One thing is clear is that he is getting desperater and desperater – its like “NAD is like Rome falling or Sodom and Gomorrah” – “no the NAD is like a bunch of tea partiers” – “no the NAD is like big D Deaf cultists” – “no the NAD is like …. leaving me out and rejecting my buckarooness”

hmmmm- wonder why?

And regarding Deafread aggregator’s gudieline #8 – it states:

We will not post anything that is an attack on a specific race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orienation, age or religion. This offense is serious and the offending blog will be promptly considered for removal from DeafRead’s subscription.

and also says:

Criticizing an idea or organization is fine. Any exceedingly negative posts, regardless of whether a name is used, will be omitted.

From DVTV guidelines:

Cyberstalking is the use of information and communications technology, particularly the Internet, by an individual or group of individuals, to harass another individual, group of individuals, or organization. The behavior includes false accusations, monitoring, the transmission of threats, identity theft, damage to data or equipment, the solicitation of minors for sexual purposes, and gathering information for harassment purposes.

hmmmm – three blog entries and a vlog all attacking the NAD based on falsehoods &/or bigotry in the span of one week – WOW!
Deafread – really?
As always no attacks on Barry and no falsehoods if you should choose to leave a comment
And now all sass aside – this LGBT bashing by Barry is NOT cool because many LGBT youth live in fear and hurt.  And i ain’t having this.  Accepting LGBT does not mean you have to become one.  it just means a government should give to “bigotry, no sanction and to persecution, no assistance” (George Washington and Moses Seixas)
this is a very serious matter – just see the Human Rights Campaign survey results on how LGBT youth feel and live –
And dont try to twist it to mean “see therefore they shouldnt be queer.  then everything would be fine”
the problem is stigma, bias, prejudice, bigotry and discrimination and these r rooted in hate and injustice.  Root out the bad and Root for the good
We STAND.  Biodiversity rocks!
peace and love,
knowledge is power and the truth will set u free
Ya Basta with the B.S. barry

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