New News about NAD’s Invitee and Letters of Love

heye all

De’VIA Artist Nancy Rourke’s Three Strikes Out

ya hoo and wow wee – ya all been busy doing good.  Thank u thank u thank u.  U shine.  Links below

Folks have been upset by the three strikes of Gov. Daugaard and NAD inviting him to educate us about civil, human, and language rights.

Looks like there is a fourth strike now too.

Shawn E happened to mention something about Gov Daugaard (NAD’s plenary presenter invitee) and Native American children so i googled and found this article.  its pretty heartbreaking so pls read it in full and note there are more links about SD foster care (uncare i guess in SD) and Native American children and CHA CHING $$ A RING LING a la the Gov. and the robbing of ones culture, language, and family. (bold and color added by me)

Critics say foster care in South Dakota has become a powerhouse for private group home providers who bring in millions of dollars in state contracts to care for kids. Among them is Children’s Home Society, the state’s largest foster care provider, which has close ties with top government officials. It used to be run by South Dakota’s Gov. Dennis Daugard. An NPR investigation has found that Daugard was on the group’s payroll while he was lieutenant governor — and while the group received tens of millions of dollars in no-bid state contracts. It’s an unusual relationship highlighting the powerful role money and politics play in South Dakota’s foster care system.

OY – it just keeps getting worse don’t it.  No wonder the wonderful Octavian Robinson referred to this as NAD’s Daugaard-gate.

Don’t Delay NAD and De-invite Dennis Daugaard.

Love Letters & Links to NAD below – really these letters are amazing.  They are Just, Right, Good and True.  We wait for you, NAD, to do the right thing and remember what George W. Veditz said near the end of his life re: the NAD

“The Association has been drifting like a ship without a compass or rudder.” (Veditz 1933)

Time to step up to the plate and do right NAD.  No more do-nothingness and Nothing about US without US.

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” ~ Gandhi

if im missing a letter or a link – link me below in comments or email me.  Thanks.

And they (the systems folks) say we have NO language and/or we got a 4th grade reading & a writing level HAAAAA(and we see the real reason they no want u bilingual – cuz with language rights comes access to knowledge and then you be organizing and STANDing! oh dear)

Octavian Robinson’s Entry about NAD sending mixed messages

Octavian has many other letters to various affiliates and sponsors, a call for NAD president Bobbi Beth Scoggins removal if Daugaard’s invitation is not rescinded as well as other people’s letters at his blog

Ricky Taylor (Ridor) has up many vlog entries on this topic and broke the story and also made the three strikes you are out Gov. reference.  His latest on this subject

Jeffrey A. Roberts letter to NAD

Dragonsani Renteria’s letter to NAD

Patti Durr’s letter to NAD

Facundo Element’s Letter to NAD

Marjoriebell Holcomb, Kathy Greene, Tara Holcomb, Chad Taylor, Leala Holcomb Letter to NAD

Elena Ruiz’s Letter to NAD

Stephanie Johnson’s Letter to DWU – an affiliate of NAD

Erin Esposito’s letter to NAD

The Ca. Assoc of the Deaf’s letter to NAD

The Deaf Bilingual Coalition’s letter to NAD

CONVO’s position on NAD’s invitee

Audism Free America’s letter to NAD Sponsors and Affiliates

(ASL and English)

Dr. Don Grushkin’s letter to NAD

Michele Westfall letter to NAD

Jenny Witteborg’s letter to NAD

Courtney O’Donnell’s write up in the HuffPost Gay Voices,sb=3334034,b=facebook

Misha Petition

People of the Eye entry calling for letters to NAD

NAD – can you see us now.  We love you!

Guess who?


2 thoughts on “New News about NAD’s Invitee and Letters of Love

  1. thanks so much for publish the heartbreaking link about the South Dakota’s Native foster children while Dennis Daugaard was doing nothing in the Department of Social Services

    thanks so much again for sharing beautiful Nancy Rourke’s art “Strike 3”. yeah so true!!!

    oh my vlog is now in public… eh? my iphone video seems too chapping… oh well. me not too crazy vlogging too much myself.

    since gov daugaard oppress Isalm. Hope he will not educating us oppressing on other Deaf in our own different hearing religion community at 2012 NAD Conf.

    I hope I’m done with my own heart expressing my video and email letter to NAD for good.

  2. wow Shawn – i never knew this comment came in. WOW. thank you for adding about Daugaard’s anti-Islam stance too.

    Seriously cant believe that the NAD delegates voted to RE-invite him after they never UNinvited him in the first place. He bailed out on them.


    Thank u again – u have eagle eyes at catching important stuff

    and huge apologies for not having seen this. still dont know how that happened. Hate the thought of u sitting here lonely thinking no one was paying attention to what u had to say. I only saw it today because when i check the stats in wordpress it indicates what folks have been clicking and sometimes when i see a really old title was clicked – ill click it too to see what it was they were seeing and so i scrolled down this morning and saw all these great links to all the great letters folks wrote and then BAM a video from Shawn! wow

    hope your back is all better and love that u r in a church for the vlog. re: the newspaper – oy propaganda and proselytizing re: CI and healing etc

    re: church suing so they dont have to cover Birth Control for women who work in the church – i think that lost. I also think that the new Pope’s stand that the church should be less obsessed with controlling women’s reproductive rights and oppressing LGBT and more focused on the main teachings of Jesus – to love all and to do good is a nice and needed change.

    again my apologies for the delay

    much peace


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