NAD do the right thing or Don’t – the option is yours

Dear NAD –

“nothing about us without us” eh?

I’m sad and blue.  U know its true.  I’ve loved u long and hard.  I’ve stood by u through thick and thin.  When you did NOTHING despite many cries from our community to take a stand against the AG Bell’s

From AG Bell letter to teachers of the Deaf at Deaf schools (courtesy of Barb Wifi)
AG Bell temporary membership card with their FALSEHOOD motto (image courtesy of Barb Wifi)

unwanted and offensive temporary membership cards mislabeling teachers of the Deaf at Deaf schools as “hearing specialists” and promoting their propaganda of independence through talking and listening, i was outraged.  (link added to past letters

and george came a calling.  he said Patti BOYCOTT

i said george let me try this fella and this lass and let me try this way – and George WAITED.

he is a patient chap

When George W. Veditz’s 150th birthday was rolling around and i didnt see no party planned by you – i was blue but then u pulled a fast one and posted up his PRICELESS “preservation of sign language” film of 1913.  I was grateful to see it up and

George W. Veditz signing “DEFEND” in his famous FILMED presentation – “Preservation of Sign Language” 1913. Click this image to route you to the full film in NAD’s youtube

out but it should be on the front page of your website to constantly REMIND YOU about george’s HOPE that NAD will LOVE and DEFEND.  Not just preach and speak and toss out empty statements here and there but actually D E F E N D our beautiful sign language as the noblest gift the creator gave to us and THE world.

But it aint enuf to toss out that video at the last minute.  it aint enuf to issue an apology to Audism Free America when u rushed to defend AG Bell’s fortress while trampling on your own and on the very victims and survivors of AG Bell’s vicious methodology and biogtry and injustice

but it aint enuf to still not issue a STATEMENT CONFRONTING AG BELL about those unjust and unwanted and unsolicited temporary membership cards (folks u can put AG Bell membership cards in the POTE search box and see the pix and all the letters GOOD folks wrote to complaint to AG Bell.  You will NOT find any from the NAD though)

yep im still waiting for that promised statement – i was stalled and stalled until i finally had to tell the good folks at NAD that im walking out on u. BOYCOTT baby i be.  Thank u george for pushing me

it is not enuf to say u r gonna some day stop the antiquated and unjust Miss NAD ritual.  One more to go in KY folks – enjoy have ur $ go to finance another queen for 2 more years

sexism sucks folks

it is not enuf to pull out a hollow statement at the last minute saying the NAD supports equal marriage rights cuz u seen that Obama does and the NAACP does and they are still standing.  Nope its not enuf cuz that statement was pretty insulting cuz it through throw in a push for spending more money at the NAD luncheon that is gonna allow GLBT folks to eat together and it throough throw in a disclaimer protection about diverse opinions

Still from the BSL video Deaf Not Dumb


u think we are DUMB?

And hey  – that statement came out QUICK but u tell me the statement the Deaf community has been clamoring for from our BELOVED NAD – a statement telling AG Bell totally uncool those membership cards and that false motto of independence through talking and listening – you tell me to my face that you just hired a PR person and it will take a bit of time to get THAT statement out but lookie how fast that marriage equality statement comes out.

you are contradictory and unjust NAD

you must withdraw your invitation of Dennis Daugaard – gov. of South Dakota who did not work to keep a Deaf school open even though he was one of the highest ranking members of the gov. office at the time the issue came up.  AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO SAY:

Gov. Daugaard will talk about political power and the importance of deaf and hard of hearing people participating in the political process. He will describe how to best advance our community’s civil, human, and linguistic rights with politicians.

So big pssstt NAD – the Deaf community bloody knows what is important and they bloody know how to get involved in the political process.  You have seen it at DPN and UFG and you are seeing it now.

And psssttt – try to spin it that he will tell US how best to advance our community’s civil, human, and linguistic with politicians while he OPPRESSES those very same rights.  He is not gonna teach us nothing we dont already know – that most politicians including CODAs like himself dont give a shit about Deaf folks and they will use and abuse as they so choose.

the NAD should not follow suit.  And this is what u r doing NAD – u r playing and it SUCKS

yep im pissed

i have loved u long and hard but i did not love u enough to say YA BASTA as firmly and as truly as i need to so here it is YA BASTA NAD

u do not think that u are strong enuf to uninvite him.  u think it will back fire.  u worry and u fret about looking unprofessional or it being sticky.  When and if u do call the bloke – he will be like ‘whatever’ – one less hollow speech to deliver.

and u will be able to stand a BIT taller.

or u can do nothing but throw out smoke and mirrors

seriously George is weeping and so do I and i say as he did to u in 1933

And this is goodbye.

Peace, Love, and Truth,


PS: im sure i have tons of typos but im off to peaceworks.

there is a letter creating (can be ASL video and/or English) going towards NAD 2012 Conference Sponsors – see Tavian Robinson’s True biz blog where he has a variety of letters up for sponsors and/or affiliates and to NAD

misha’s petition

Still from the BSL video Deaf Not Dumb

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