NAD – raise from its long lethargy…doing something worth while

NAD – raise from its long lethargy…doing something worth while

George W. Veditz has been on my mind lately – since he had is 150th birthday.

Don’t know who George is – well, booo.  The more i learn the more im in awe.

And awww – the bestest KC sent me a poem she stumbled upon the other day by one of our dearest Agatha Tiegel Hanson (first woman to graduate from Gallaudet – see her pow pow address of “The Intellect of Woman” – equality for all rocks).  (thanks for always feeding me the good stuff kc)

im very upset with the NAD right now – George led it through and true but after his term the NAD went to appeasement and the 1st wave of Oralism washed over our schools, our community, and our association.  It has never since regained its full footing or made a TRUE, JUST, and GOOD commtiment to civil rights since and hence we trapped forever begging for scraps.  (see what George had to say at the end of his life re: the NAD and our contemporary comments & Octavian’s great write up on NAD’s wrong)

To George William Veditz
 by Agatha Tiegel Hanson

Silent Worker 22, no 4. Pg 73 (January 1910)

(suggested by his services in the Civil Service fight; and
also by his recent action in sending copies of N.A.D. resolutions
on methods of instructing the deaf to the leading oralists of the country).

George and the Dragon by De’VIA artist, David Call. For more of David’s work see

    A song to him who grasps
And flings out waving banner to the wind,
Riding with valiant heart and ringing cheer
    To help his suffering kind!
    How clear and unafraid.
His words are hurled like lances at the foe.
Piercing their pride of arrogance and cant!
    Down in the dust they go.
    Our brave and fearless knight.
We lift our hearts and voices in thy praise.
Thy noble quest shall end in victory,
    And honors crown thy days.
    Wrong can never be right.
And truth shall stand though towers and castles fall.
Lo, in the east there dawns a beaming light!
    Our sun shall sine o’er all.

—-Agatha Tiegel Hanson

(note followed: This bouquet came as a well deserved tribute to the President of the N. A.D. for ‘tis he who is the leaven which is raising the Association from its long lethargy of do-nothingness into the activity of doing something worth while.)

Thanks for allowing me to reproduce ur artwork here David – it totally syncs up with what Agatha had written over 100 years ago.  Gosh, collective consciousness and artists! and history repeating itself if we dont study it

Let us be the leaven – shall we?

exodus: movement of the people

we cant know where we r going if we dont know where we been

standing on their shoulders (George and Agatha’s)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ricky Taylor
    May 24, 2012 @ 23:23:15

    FYI, Miss Deaf America Pageant will cease its silly run in 2012. They will change into some kind of ambassadorship contest. However, the NAD’s lack of official response on the whole Dennis Daugaard mess is quite telling. I was the first one to raise a ruckus about the invitation of anti-gay, anti-women & anti-deaf politician to NAD Conference. It is obvious that NAD is not saying anything in hoping that the whole thing will go away eventually in time for NAD Conference. Some NAD members has admonished me via email saying that I should give Dennis a chance to talk about it – wait a minute, he already had THREE STRIKES – Dennis voted for the same-sex marriage ban, restricted the fundings for women’s choice to have abortions as well as doing nothing to save the deaf school in Sioux Falls – that is 3 things: Civil, Human & Linguistics rights that he failed to capitalize. And yet, NAD invited him to give a presentation on Civil Rights, Human Rights & Linguistics Rights — that was mind-blowing one. I’m glad that I pushed this mess in NAD’s face and raised some kind of awareness for others to pick up and say something. I am glad that you’re doing this as well. I’m glad that Octavian Robinson is doing this as well. I hope people will continue to raise this.



  2. handeyes
    May 25, 2012 @ 02:45:15

    this comment from David Call had gone under the earlier blog entry about Veditz’s position on the NAD near the end of his life. David had intended it for this blog entry so im copying and pasting here.

    David Call says:
    MAY 24, 2012 AT 4:48 PM
    Recently NAD asked me if I am willing to donate one of my artworks to NAD silent auction. I told them that I refused to grant their request due to their lack of action on audism and Save the Deaf school issues. I will donate only to Deafhood Foundation and AFA because they truly carry Veditz’s legacy. What a pity to see NAD has forgetten what Veditz had done and lost their sight of mission: to preserve and defend ASL and Deaf communtiy.

    By the way, I am so surprised that Agatha Hanson and I think alike about Veditz. He is a real HERO in my eyes. Patti, thanks for sharing Agatha’s poem.

  3. handeyes
    May 25, 2012 @ 02:52:14

    David –

    I agree re: the surprise. When i got Agatha’s poem the other day i immediately thought of ur George and the Dragon artwork so thank u so so so much for saying ok to include here. its mighty fine to see them side by side.

    re: divesting and investing – im pretty much at the same place as u.

    re: preserve and DEFEND – bingo on the nose-o. DEFEND requires a lot more than just talk and does NOT involve honoring folks who closed down a Deaf school.

    re: Veditz being a hero – indeed he is as is Agatha in many ways and as are you David.

    it takes GREAT heart and care to be an artist. it is a vocation that is riddled with having to make yourself vulnerable and taking risks and i believe to be a good artist – one must always follow their heart.

    thank u for all u do and are & for sharing ur work with the world. ya do George REAL proud



  4. handeyes
    May 25, 2012 @ 03:08:00

    Heye Ridor

    re: the Miss contest – from the CSD article (Signnews) and the various emails NAD keeps hitting me with re: the conference (even though i have clicked UNSUBSCRIBE a few times to no avail) – its my understanding that this conference they will be crowning another queen who will have another 2 year reign and then they will switch the program to some type of ambassadorship, which i dont think has been defined or explained yet.

    I too had thought they were done THIS 2012 in KY but learned otherwise. Boo!

    Re: ur being the first to get the news and to break the story – you r very apt at that so THANK YOU for doing so. i think i had learned of Daugaard’s anti-glbt marriage stance via a mishkazena tweet with a link to his vote on that etc

    this is the information age so information sharing travels fast and FACTS are important so thank u for putting the truth other there re: his record.

    I still cant fathom why the NAD DDDDDD folks is honoring someone who SHUT DOWN a Deaf school – he didnt just idly watch it happen – he actually stood by while he was Lieutenant Gov. and watched as the then Governor (bold added for clarification re: timeline of closing of school and Gov Daugaard’s position and potential at that time) called for its closure as a cost saving measure so the NAD is bringing him because….?????

    but i confess my largest outrage is over his position on marriage equality. why? because GLBT have killed themselves over the stigma and bigotry they have faced – this is not funny and a country telling folks only white folks can marry white folks or only men can marry women etc its just WRONG

    of course the ignorant pastor suggesting concentration camps to stop Gays and Lesbians from breeding is not helping my mood. its like SERIOUSLY SIR do you even understand conception? GLBT for the most part come from heterosexuals parents so….

    re: the three strikes against this selection for NAD’s “Nothing about us with out us” conference (really ha just look at that slogan and the Gov. record) ’tis a pity

    re: folks raising the issue – its important

    we be the leaven

    now if only NAD will find its compass and its rutter again

    that remains to see where it plans to steer itself next

    ohhh – ridor a question for u. i could have sworn that i had seen a tweet saying that Hank Klopping of CSD supt (now reitred) was gonna be one of the plenary presenters for NAD but then that went poof. i cant see any mention of it anywhere anymore. this was after Utah Deaf Studies conference – when i saw it i was like GREAT (even though i wouldnt be at NAD 2012 Ky i still was joyful to see they were bringing Klopping who is a CODA and has REALLY worked to save Deaf Schools, ASL+English, and Deaf culture

    maybe he had a conflict in his schedule or i muddled up something but its just curious i cant find any mention of a replacement or change of plans

    me tripping or???



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