Kudos to the Cops & Not Cool, Karl

Heye all

just some songs of freedom re: the Audism Free America peaceful activism in St. Louis March 3-6, 2012.

By all accounts the cops were mighty cool while Dr. Karl White was not.

Now this is me – typing as patti at patti’s place so if u want AFA’s official position on anything mosey on over to their space (website) and Youtube (scroll down)- they got some mighty fine pow pow letters up re: the expensive  12 th International CI conference (yes 12th folks), Huff Post, NPR etc. in addition to the various videos from the St Louis activism.

knowledge and action are cool folks

so back to the Karl and the Cops in ole st. louie:

right at the very beginning when we approached one cop with an AFA card and gestured about the importance of sign language, he replied “I think everyone should learn to sign” and i was in love.  ha – it’s that easy.

In contrast when AFA met with the key players of EHDI – the system (not just the conference) – Dr. Karl White was acting like he had not been promoting the 2nd wave of Oralism when in fact he has been.  When he asked “what did I do?”  We showed him and told him – not cool, that testimony in CA in favor of the Oral / Aural supported AB 2072 and the Oral / Aural supported Indiana HB 1367 and we placed his FINISHING THE EHDI revolution manifesto in the volta review on the table.  Jig is up – we know what u have been up to and it aint neutral nor unbiased.   nc.agbell.org/document.doc?id=90 – page 8-29 in the pdf

During the St Louis peaceful activism, we did hit some moments of tension (remember peace is not the absence of tension but rather the presence of justice).  We donned our  hardiHOODS and fortitude to stand firm with LOVE so that justice and true peace could reign and it did.  Folks started to wake up and say “hmmmm why is the system so ENCOURAGING / MANDATING of ear testing, and retesting, and listening devices, and speech therapy while ASL+English is in the periphery as in way way way over there?”  hmmmm, indeed.

so below are some snapshots of how the police did the good work they are supposed to do, which is to preserve our constitutional rights of freedom of speech and assembly instead of being pawns for huge hotel chains like the Marriott and how Karl was not cool.

Cool Cops and Not Cool, Karl:


1. Cops were cool when folks came in from the march from City Hall (to signify laws ABOUT us without us) to Union Station and we held up our signs – many of which were from the Lies AG Bell Told My Parents campaign that DBC supplied


2. Cop was cool when he was unnecessarily sent over to the food court – way far far away from the EHDI conference area to surveillance Deaf&ally folks eating and congregating. AFA checked in and asked – everything alright?  Aint we allowed to eat and chat?  (noting that the conference security and the conference interpreter really had no business stalking us – we aint in conference space and the tracking and surveillance EHDI does is supposed to be of the babies not the adults – they so confused).

Cop noted this was the truth and reminded us to keep the pathways open as they already were (what else can they say) and walked away.  Oy they got played by them there crack down conference but we just smile and wave – HOWDY.


3. the cops (eventually LOTS of them got called in unnecessarily) were super cool when we went to see if we could get into the free PRE-conference EHDI 101 session which is normally open FOR the Deaf community but which Dr. Karl White and security ordered closed to us despite the Deaf presenters wishing it to be open.  They allowed us to all gather and WAIT.

Yes, we are a patient and a hopeful people.  We went to see if justice and truth would emerge – if they would allow us to go see EHDI 101 in accordance to the purpose of that session – to educate the public – most particularly the Deaf community about the basics of EHDI.  Our patience and hopes proved to be misplaced since Dr. Karl overruled the EHDI 101 presenters’ wishes and ruled against justice.  So much for inclusion and stakeholders and open society.

That was ok because: 1. the cops didnt have no problem with us standing and waiting to see see.  2. we got our 101 in how EHDI does and does NOT work mighty quick.  we See Saw – what goes up must come down – ie true stakeholders “not allowed”

During the walk from the conference area to the Marriott Hotel bar, which is in a different part of Union Station, we were stalked by the hotel security.  We checked to make sure it would be fine if we all went up to the Marriott Hotel bar which is open to the public and many of us were guests at the hotel.  She said “sure, welcome.”  So off we went.


4. Very disappointed that this same security person tried to get an innocent Deaf man arrested simply for being a Deaf man walking.  I kid u not folks – and this is NOT FUNNY.  i was mighty upset to see this.  Scott Manion, Sr. had went to the bathroom and upon returning to Union Station and heading up to the Marriott hotel bar was accosted by a Lieutenant and almost arrested.  His wife came and alerted us to this fact and when we went to find Scott he was being brought into the hotel bar to find out what is what.

We asked the lieutenant what’s up?  He said he was informed by the hotel security this man was harassing someone.  I looked up at Scott (he is tall and i do look up to the dude – he was super cool during this incident even though inside I’m sure he was shaken).  I asked “were you harassing anyone?”  He signed and spoke “Nobody.  I just went out off to the bathroom.”  Ruthie Jordan asked “Did anyone approach you and give you any warnings?” “Nobody,” he responded shocked and rattled.  I looked at the Lieutenant – “this is not cool” i said.

He summons the hotel security – we asked “what’s up – we are guests of this hotel and this is our friend who is visiting with us.  He is NOT bothering anyone and never got a warning”  Security goes – ahems and haws and the Lieutenant sternly says to her “I want to talk to you” and storms off cuz its not cool to falsely accuse someone of harassment cuz then u be the harasser – see see?

Busted – it is so not cool Karl and crew tried to get a nice dude like Scott arrested for nothing more than being a Big Deaf Dude with a beard and a bandana on.  NOT cool.

Lieutenant super cool for not appreciating having cops called in to Union Station for NOTHING!  Waste of time, resources, and geez they could be fighting crime instead of almost undermining the constitution.  Thank you for figuring out how quickly you were getting played and for being mad that they almost made you arrest an innocent man.  Geez that could have gone real bad real quick.  Glad you were a PEACE officer and not a hired gun (like the other folks floating all around the Marriott and more)


5. uniformed security was cool when Dr. White had slinked up to each table in the Marriott hotel bar and suggested that folks relocate to another secluded space where he got the Marriott to set up a completely separate make shift bar so he could keep the EHDI participants away from Deaf and Hearing ASL folks who  had gathered peacefully in the bar that evening.  This action on his part stole all the staff away from the Marriott bar thus closing it to us paying guests of the hotel as well as the public in the hopes that we

image from trip advisor http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g44881-d91069-Reviews-St_Louis_Union_Station_Marriott-Saint_Louis_Missouri.html

would GO AWAY.  But instead we stayed – Deaf time rocks!

And when i looked up up up (it really is a LOVELY bar / lobby) I saw the uniformed officer looking down on all of us – i guess Karl was worried we were gonna start pummeling his conference security person for bringing us the bad news of no booze but instead we all just said – whatever and kept chatting.

I waved and smiled at the uniformed officer and he waved back.

Aint sign language beautiful!  and Scott thank you again and again for keeping ur cool.  U r my hero.  They totally where trying to provoke us but nope we no take the bait – we cool cucumbers

Wow – look at this list and the conference hadn’t even started yet.  That was all per-conference events.  guess we will have to do a Part II for you soon.

AFA vlog covering events pre-EHDI and during the EHDI conference


12 thoughts on “Kudos to the Cops & Not Cool, Karl

  1. I imagine Karl White looking for trouble and we Deaf people have nothing to do with it. Karl White like a member party of Nazi club to get rid of us! Karl the AUDISM

  2. Gordan – I ain’t a fan at all of the overused Nazi analogy cuz everyday someone be using and abusing it.

    At the same time I have studied the Nazi regime and their push for “racial hygiene” is often cited as the worst case scenero when folks in power deem who is “fit” to be and who is not

    If u read dr white’s manifesto that mindset w the quest for “normalcy” – when it’s biodiversity which sustains us – is pretty clear an unfair

    It does appear that Karl was looking for something – sadly it wasn’t love peace and justice but no worries -we say “now sign the word EEE QUAL ITY. Now sign the word FREEEEDOM. Now look up the word AUDDDD IS ‘EM”

    He’s a quick bloke. He will know next time no need to run here and there saying the word “I scream”. Cuz we come in peace

    Peace to u too Gordon

  3. Don
    Ya gotta read that there “revolution” paper – and they been calling us the extremists and militants , as if. Oy

    Heye ya wanna take turns debunking it’s bonkiness q. It’s on my to do list but doing it alone us like WOW


  4. Deafwitty

    De nada

    We surely could have used ur calm and lovely smile in st Louie. I had moment where I was just like THIS IS RIDICULOUS. But thankfully the cops were cool and so were we


  5. It is obvious that Karl White is trying to bait AFA into “violent” action so that he can brand AFA as extremists or dangerous group to begin with. Don’t fall in his traps. Keep on drummin’.

  6. Ricky –

    re: his obvious efforts to provoke a BAD reaction – big time. So again i sing major kudos to all our drum majors – we all just stood firm and tall. Ya cant intimidate, ya cant desuade, ya cant heard us like sheep off to the slaughter. We STAND – life is GRAND.

    and yes that seems to be Karl’s pattern – he tries to CREATE the evidence to fit the “theory” but it no worky

    We r “dangerous” because we are armed with the truth and he totally does not want the parents and some of the naive systems at the top to see and know the truth.

    And the truth that he VERY MUCH IS AWARE OF – cuz we told him smile – is that you can NOT do ORALISM (Oral / Aural ONLY) without abuse and coercion and that is not COOL

    oh and the other TRUTHS –
    It’s OK to be Deaf
    ASL is HANDY

    we so scary ; )

    and yep we keep drummin’ and ringin’ that there bell.

    ya busted and ya basta karl

    ricky – pls read karl’s “revolution” manifesto. they have NOT been shy about their aims and ambitions and they have been totally trying to make us waste our time and our lives fighting against each other – blue tape, “terrorizing at oral Deaf schools,” “invading hospital rooms” and now inviting a wrong-winger conservative, republican CODA to NAD

    no worries – we can lovingly and truthfully challenge all that bad BS while still exposing EHDI for what it is – they say ‘BEST practices’ but actually its often ‘WORST practices’

    we see u karl. and yes we come in peace and love

    now start doing right and give ASL+English its day in the sun



  7. Sk3 – thanks for caring about copyright. I assume you are referring to the link to the volta review issue – i did not copy and post up that pdf – pls see the URL to see the source. I simply linked what is already up there to the public. Let them know they are inviolation – looks like its by an AG Bell Association so perhaps they have permission and if they dont they should pull it and then the link will go broken.



  8. Smile thanks so much for this wonderful post to give more refresh memory.

    With much ❤️ And ✌️

    Is Paddy Ladd’s birthday coming up soon?

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