Caring and Sharing and Daring

Caring and Sharing and Daring

kudos to folks who say nuh uh when ASL is not represented rightly and when falsehoods go flying

case in point #1:

the No Church in the Wild’ “ASL” video article in huffpost

folks here and there objected to the mangling up of ASL and the huffpost has smartened up and realized maybe they shouldnt be praising ASL videos when they don’t speak ASL.  Maybe they should get a consultant – this is all good so i truly hope they get a GOOD consultant – a Deaf native ASLer and one with professional experience in consulting

Added: Huffington Post did a follow up article and also got pow pow quotes from NAD CEO Howard Rosenblum as a result of Deaf community folks saying NOT COOL mark & co and Huffpost.  Community accountability works eh?

case in point #2:

The Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman ASL “My Valentine” video – i dont think the flare up over the signing is really justified cuz by and large they did a mighty fine job and it is a pretty video – just artfully shot and executed.  Johnny signs “apply” instead of “appear” and he looks kinda pained and stressed and its hard to sign with a guitar in your arms and the “#ucking valentine” well i just love that one – i might even start adopting that sign “i bloody dang love u, luv” smile.  the only criticism i have for that video is:

1. did they use a true Deaf ASL consultant to teach them signs?  my thinking is they didnt cuz if they did some of the sign choices would be better and the grammar would be less English

2. there are parts of the song that are totally absent of any ASL – just poof or mouth movement so its like – ohhh this is just for show and tell?  meaning that if i chopped out the audio indiscriminately Hearing folks would be like wtf smile so it would have been a wee bit better if they honored the language start to finish

3. NO FACIAL EXPRESSIONS  – so maybe they r trying for a minimalist approach or maybe that is just Natalie’s way – i have seen her in a few flicks and she is just subdued in her facial expression and Johnny has that focused, farrowed brow look – almost pained.  Much of ASL grammar and intention and tone and inflection is carried by facial expression so either this was a minimalist experiment OR all they did was learn the hand motions without the heart of it so….

a challenge for ya all – Lets make our own “My Valentine” video and put it out there with facial expressions – put it in black and white behind a black backdrop and show ’em how it could be done as an inspiration and out of respect for what they did achieve

they HAVE achieved something mighty nice there.  i do think its beautifully shot – especially the overlapping of signs – that is just very sweet and conveys meaning and message and visual sound

if u do do this – keep the #ucking valentine in the last refrain – i just love it smile

case in point #3:

folks real upset by the b.s. in the NPR article – that there is VERY disappointing and unjust.  just totally WRONG – for shame NPR – u know way better than that.  BALANCED ha!  unbiased ha!  and why didnt u even include anything from the new article by Humphries et al re: the HARMS of cochlear implants.  Glad ya all said – stop this crap.

Added – Audism Free America has a letter out to NPR’s ombudsman re: the article

case in point #4:

De’VIA is not for the old smile – some folks got mighty unhappy when a presenter was presenting Deaf View / Image Art (De’VIA) as some passe form of artistic expression for old disgruntled folks and tried to re-write history and truths as if everything was happy happy now and conceptual artists were all hip and young (while listing several OLD conceptual artists) oy!  Also she presented by barely showing any art at all – we r a visual people RIGHT?  and it was a presentation ABOUT visual art so ya think she would have shown some but fortunately good folks on the ground know the truth – audism still exists and must be resisted and Deaf gain is dandy and should be celebrated and all these are part of Deafhood and are expressed via art from old to young and in many forms – not just in conceptual art but in traditional, classic, abstract, etc etc

case in point #5:

ASL literature is not translated works from English.  Some folks got mighty upset when a presenter presented a “festival of ASL literature” by not showing any real ASL literature at all – not one ASL folktale, abc story, poem etc was shown or performed but rather he used the time to discuss the translation of the bible (which is itself a translated work and not even English literature).  Folks were upset because ASL literature has a wealth of good stuff that often does NOT get its day in the sun but should and because translation is translation – it is NOT creating new works out of a language that is like no other.  and cuz knowledge and truths are IMPORTANT

case in point #6:

folks r starting to wake up to the 2nd wave of Oralism – their feets have grown numb from leaving them dangling as the water has risen and now they are stamping them awake and hitting the pavement and saying wtf – Oral / Aural only schools are making a come back?  Oral / Aural only schools are taking money away from Deaf bilingual – bicultural schools OY

See all the activism re: EHDI badness and Hear Indiana and Hand and Voices coup

so news in but still awaiting confirmation:

St Joseph (see AFA vigil at the old St Joseph school to see how St Joseph implements oral /aural only) school in Kansas is closing.  (still have one in St Louis Mo and an outreach program in Indiana)

Brian B. got arrested for standing outside the governor of Indiana’s office peacefully holding a sign and objecting to the wittling away at one of the FEW bilingual-bicultural options for Deaf children in this country.

We waking up folks.  We caring about our language, our culture and our people (did you know we are a PEOPLE of the handeyes?) and we are DARING to be awake, aware, and active.

Keep jumping at the sun

(and u can toss a snowball while u r at it – its snowing in rochy this am)

thank u to each and all of u who STAND – u r grand




2 thoughts on “Caring and Sharing and Daring

  1. 1. did they use a true Deaf ASL consultant to teach them signs? my thinking is they didnt cuz if they did some of the sign choices would be better and the grammar would be less English

    The Paul McCartney people did a web search and found the site of The Sign Language Co. and liked what they saw and hired President/CEO Bill Pugin to come spend the day at Paul McCartney’s house and teach the two stars what they needed to know. Paul McCartney wanted Johnny Depp to be expressionless as a contrast to Natalie Portman. Natalie had more time to prepare whereas Johnny swept in and out between projects and had very little time to prepare.

    This all came about because Paul McCartney’s daughter has an interest in sign language. I’m sure everyone did the best they could. To me, the video was marred when Johnny Depp gave us all the finger. Gee whiz, don’t they usually blur that sort of thng out on TV? But upon further thought, his handshape was the opposite of Valentine (or heart) with the middle finger out instead of in and the other fingers in instead of out … so in a way it is a sign of an “anti-heart,” which kind of makes sense for the middle finger salute.

  2. Heye Tom
    thanks for all the info on Bill Pugin – i found an interview with him about the job and the shoots too –

    well when i first saw Johnny do the middle finger valentine – i laughed hard cuz of all the errors to make that is a fine one but most likely as you noted – its just a case of reversals in production error. And really it has grown on me. I just like quirky things like that.

    In reading Bill’s interview – i cant help regretting that he didnt pull in a Deaf ASL person to go with him or send in lieu of himself. Might have aided in the authenticity and also in the facial grammar.

    Im also like – wow suppose someone said to me “we need you to teach this famous actor to signsing these lyrics in 15 minutes before we film him” who would say oh SURE id LOVE to. HA

    not me – id bow out of that task mighty fast

    thanks again for the info tom



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