PP presentation @ Deaf Studies Today 2012 Conference

Heye all – i know i have been mighty quiet but i have been majorly busy finalizing the monster project (soon, soon, soon) and traveling.  Had a splendid time at the Deaf Studies Today conference (tweeted a bit about some of the keynotes and presentations i saw) and got to meet and greet folks as well as SEE some of Utah’s  petroglyphs and pictoglyphs.  They rock!

Some folks have asked for my PP so im posting it here.

Biggest thanks to Deaf Studies Today for the opportunity to talk about going “beyond talk” and to all the folks who supported this presentation coming to fruition and the folks who attended.  Thanks to the artists for creating and allowing me to use their works in the PP.  Big thanks most of all to all the folks who STAND.  You are GRAND.

click title link below for PP and to see the video clips scroll down

Patti Durr’s PP for Keynote Address at Deaf Studies Today – Beyond Talk April 2012

Dr. Fleischer discussing the evolving role and importance of Deaf Cultural Studies and THE People

Dr. Ladd quote re: oppressor killing creativity and the need to build the mountain

Veditz “Hope” quote and Dr. Fleischer’s reminder of our duty to “Protect”


2 thoughts on “PP presentation @ Deaf Studies Today 2012 Conference

  1. thanks chriz – i have been in love with that quote for more than 15 years when i saw a great drawing by a local artist that utilized the quote.

    much peace


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