Required Reading – this is a hafta do folks!

heye all

i know i aint done a long commentary v/blog in a long time but crazy busy here living and loving.  However some mighty fine truths have been coming our way.

Folks STANDing and SEEing and BEing – its mighty fine.

Dr. Harlan Lane at NTID RIT on monday was CHAMP brilliant.  That man aint a Genius award winner for nothing.

wish i had 1/2 his intellect and his heart … well, his heart appears to be golden.  He knows truths when he see ’em and he knows suppression of truth when he encounters them so the fact that he has devoted his life work to uncovering many of the secrets of Deaf history (which he noted had been stolen from us and penned by Hearing folks about Hearing folks) and the truth about Language, the brain, the ethnicity (yep Deaf folks are an ethnicity) – well he is GRAND.  that is all i got to say! smile and READ THE BOOK (no not u, i know u never read.  i mean the good folks who want to understand and grow and KNOW…  It’s good to be Deaf and ASL is handy and dandy)

Now another required reading (*gasp* why is Durr always trying to get us to read – who does she think she is anyways?  some kinda socialist intellectual elitest militant radical fanatic commie pinko gingerhead?  nah she (as in me) just loves u and knows knowledge is power, folks)

so the other required reading to land in my lap is – “Language acquisition for deaf children: Reducing the harms of zero tolerance to the use of alternative approaches” by T Humphries, P Kushalnagar, G Mathur, D Napoli, C Padden (another MacArthur Genius Award winner), C Rathmann, S Smith

Harm Reduction Journal 2012, 9:16

to get the PDF for the full article go to

I could CRY

Seriously  i could CRY

this is totally OVERDUE and cha important

CHA as in ASL mouth non-verbal mannerism for HUGE – BIG – Cha

“Cochlear implant protocols that prohibit the use of alternative accessible language are causing linguistic deprivation in deaf children who do not acquire a first language by early childhood.”

The Harm Reduction Journal has a peer review process and is dedicated to open access – knowledge is power folks

if u read Dr. Lane’s other book “Mask of Benevolence: Disabiling the Deaf Community” you will be aware of the biases within the system to always over accentuate a deficit model of Deaf folks in order to justify the aggressive mean means utilized to TREAT Deaf folks – thus creating the need to be needed by DENYING the very thing that empowers Deaf folks and gives them Equality of Condition (see John Bosco Conama)

so i am OVER THE TOP happy about this article because:

1. Deaf and Hearing scholars have been VERY shy and slow to spell out the truth of how the system is playing the parents for profit and false prophecies

2. the 2nd wave of Oralism has been crashing on our shores and the hour is late

3. i know so so so so many young folks who have been raised and reared under this 2nd wave only to say – sure i may or may not be able to whistle and/or hear a whistle but still forever and forever more – i wish someone loved me as i was created and treated me with dignity and respect as is and i wish i knew the hand talk as a pup

4. the TRUTHS are POWERFUL and long overdue.  truths force / soul force rock

5. the Deaf community and scholars have had a gag order on themselves – it has been taboo to discuss the proliferation of CIs for fear we would hurt or offend Deaf folks who have CIs and/or parents who have chosen CIs for their Deaf children.  In sliding into this “only discuss it behind closed doors” we have been complicit and we have aided and abated the powers that be to continue creating false science to prop up their “by any mean means” necessary approach to the “Deaf problem.”

Do you all notice that most Deaf children were identified by the age of 2 and still they did pretty good CONSIDERING all the obstacles in place via the TREATMENT route and since the advent of CI and the universal newborn screening push and EHDI and mainstreaming (IDEA) babies have been DETECTED at birth or within 3 mo to 6 mo and we have NOT NOT NOT been seeing a consistent gain in the results – they are still floundering in the mainstream.  they might be able to PUSH THE RED BUTTON faster but the increase in working auditory neurons is not translating into “independence” in terms of not benefiting from visual information.  they still need and want visual information so for the SYSTEM to be actively PUSHING oral / aural ONLY at the expense and exclusion of ASL – well that is just OLD and LAME and UNJUST and IMMORAL and WRONG and INEFFECTIVE (i could go on and on here folks – ya know i could and can cuz ya done seen all my past v/blogging on this subject – just read their article – they say it far better and clearer than i can and i have and this is why i say THANK YOU and YA HOO! – send them an email folks – and say THANK YOU.  people who take this good STAND need our love and support and u know they r gonna get crap from the bad folks so lets balance it out with us good folks saying PAH and THANK YOU and we OWE U big time!  and you are our heroes and Viva Veditz ; ) )

6. Doctors (which include doctors of audiology) are obligated to “do no harm” – take a good long hard look at it folks.  any Doctor, specialist, or professional making folks SIGN AGREEMENTS never to sign with their child – well that is just WRONG and they are directly responsible for creating estrangements within families and they do it all under the falsehood of TREATING the Deaf child from their ailment and affliction

u dont treat folks by CREATING language deprivation

to all those authors – i thank YOU and i love u

to all the bad practitioners of bad science –

¡Ya basta!

ya busted

now stop that crap in its track.  Oral / Aural ONLY is a no no.  capice?




2 thoughts on “Required Reading – this is a hafta do folks!

  1. HI! Interesting post. 🙂 So, have you any information on possibly the way a child learns? I mean some are created to learn better visually or audially, as I had to take a test recently to see how I should be studying for tests in college. Funny thing is I was born able to hear at the average hearing level, and am naturally a visual learner. Yet, I found out not long ago that my now lower than average, mild sensorineural hearing “loss”, is recessive genes. So,made me think how lucky I am not to learn audially. Then I wondered, hmmm…could same genes that make someone have the phenotype deaf also make them visual learner? Somethings are connected. Some are not. I am curious if any study has yet been done to see if deaf and visual are connected in DNA, which then would really make it a crime to have those with genes for this method of learning be prevented from a visual language and forced to learn from sounds only. By the way, I forget names when I hear them, and instruction goes in one ear and out the other…but draw it and I see in my mind, and sign it and I understand so fast. DARN!

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