Q and A time

heye all

no i aint been giving u a silent treatment.  i love ya

i just been busy and every time i attempt to summarize things i go real long winded – 3 entirely different drafts hang out waiting to be tidied up or tossed.  So then i tried to vlog it and 2 entirely different drafts were created but there is too much to tell u soo…… i decided maybe it would just be best if i let ya ask

what would you like to know about St. Louis?

and please know – i am in awe of u all.  all the good folks who came out – wow u make my heart sing.  i am gonna be riding high on your love, your goodness, your strengths, your courage, your convictions right on to the next event THANK YOU.  For all of you who could not be there but sent us your support via emails, creating things and sharing things THANK YOU.  For all of you who held simultaneous vigils in your area in solidarity of the truth campaign THANK YOU.

wow – i love you. ya make me cry.  Truly.  Oh and I love you too CDC, NCHAM, MCHB, and AAP – time to get DOE more involved so that the “I” is not all medical cuz u know that aint truly working or just right and good

So folks – any questions?

peace and love and STAND,



13 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. handeyes
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 03:35:43

    wow – NO QUESTIONS. awesome

    i still have a million. smile. i guess ill have to go find someone with the answers ; )

    no problem. if ya all do think of questions later – just email or post ur inquiry in the comments here. better to Ask than to assume and already some folks were leaping before looking at the full picture.

    again to all who care and shared the truth – thank you.

    We STAND. Life is grand.



  2. Candy
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 18:24:02


    It’s a first coming from you, to not share what really happened at St. Louis. That’s what folks are looking for. What took place there. Drafts of post and videos that didn’t make the cut and you decided to see if anyone has questions…hmm. Of course, I have seen many asking questions online, but not here.

    I do have one question for now. What really transpired at the meeting with EHDI where AFA walked out? Perhaps you can tell us who met (who were there) and what recommendation/demands were proposed, what took place (exchange of conversation) and why AFA walked out. (looks like more than one questions!).

    This is a start.

  3. handeyes
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 15:54:38

    candy – long time no see. but i see u r busy here and there, eh?

    re: ur first paragraph – im not really following you. hmmmm??? i just re-read it and still dont understand what ur point is. is ur point that folks are leaping before looking full yand throwing out accusations and assumptions online everywhere except for a place of truth – hmmmm seems so. does seem to be the case.

    since my reply to your multiple questions requires a more lengthy answer than is suitable for a comment – im going to put it into a blog entry with some other points so you can check it out there



  4. Candy
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 18:01:57


    no assumptions. It is just that, you asked if anyone had questions. You always tell us what happened (even if it was your version.) The fact that you tried to do “3 entirely different drafts hang out waiting to be tidied up or tossed. So then i tried to vlog it and 2 entirely different drafts were created but there is too much to tell u soo…… i decided maybe it would just be best if i let ya ask” was a first, in my opinion. You never had a problem writing LONG winded post. 😉 Looking forward to the answers to my question on your next post.

  5. Penny
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 19:07:20

    I learned that AFA protestors videotaped at one of the hospital floor where Drs practice eugenic on innocent Deaf children. I am glad your team removed the video because we have a very strict HIPPA federal law. It is never a good idea to videotape inside the hospital…patients, information from records, credentials or employees because AFA can liable for invasion of privacy. Please be extremely careful next time. Seek attorney advice before you do things like this. My brother in law and sister are owners and CFOs of Home Care and they told me about HIPPA law. They wish they can give me projects to work at home but they are not allowed to do it because of strict HIPPA federal law.

    Barry said he has a hard drive and will post the videotape on internet. If he does he can be liable for invasion of privacy because AFA has already taken it down and yet he wanted to show us the videotape that AFA took at the hospital. Be alert on that one and take action FAST to prevent AFA getting into trouble. Barry, if you are reading this I advice you not to do it because you can be liable for violating federal law too. I am no lawyer. I am not here to give law advice or opinion but possibilities what can happen to us.

    I am proud of our protestors. They handled protest very well. Every group handles protest differently. There is no right or wrong. You all did a great job. All of you did not throw objects to policemen like millions of hearing protestors do, you did not damage private property i.e. windows, buildings etc like millions of hearing protestors do, you did not block anyone from entering buildings like millions of hearing protestors do and many more. We should be proud of our community how we handled with protest. Great job!

  6. handeyes
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 19:43:46


    there is MUCH more to share if any one cares to hear. Just ask away.

    it was non-stop go go go and since landing home i have been mega busy too. zoom zoom zoom

    re: not wanting to go too long in words – well i sensed that some folks had specific questions and having to weed through long narratives only to find that i might not have addressed a question would be a bummer. We shouldnt always have to work for our info hence i invited the opportunity for folks to ask first.

    peace much


  7. handeyes
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 19:46:48


    i think Paul k is the one who put up a video then removed it. he is with the Deaf Rally 2012

    AFA does have a clip of the hospital audiology clinic waiting room area in its video which is still up and open to the public. No children are shown in that room nor any HIPPA materials.

    Some folks r just grabbing at the wee-est thing to make a big ole drama fest over. No worries. its all good

    re: Barry – no worries either. he always does this. Predictable Patterns are Precious.

    i address a bit of it in the new blog entry.

    thank you for wanting justice to be served peacefully.

    We STAND.

    Peace much


  8. Penny
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 20:20:41

    I got lost because I did not follow everything what’s happening in St. Louis. Glad all is good with AFA.

    Clarification re; my comment above. What I mean by no right or wrong is that some protestors prefer hunger strike, march from city to city, put chains on them so they could not be moved and many more. They have their preference—what work best for them. I only abhor seeing protestors hurting other people, damage private property and things like that. I know many people like you would agree with me. Many of us prefer peaceful protest.

  9. handeyes
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 20:40:05


    big thanks for your clarification.

    yep many different ways to protest.

    interesting re: damaging of property. In 1988 Deaf President Now DPN movement in which most everyone will hail as a civil rights milestone and success and just, right and good – there are actually several things that were ILLEGAL
    – MSSD school buses were hotwired and stolen to move to the front of Gallaudet and their tires were slashed to block entry to and from the campus. this is illegal conduct and vandalism

    also in Unity for Gallaudet 2006 letters of I King Jordan’s name were torn down from a building

    AFA puts up a wee bit of removable non-damaging non-toxic blue tape and someone leaps to protect AG Bell’s fortress when AG Bell dont even say nothing and a civil rights lawyer and cop is present and says nothing

    A few people walk through a public hospital to a audiology clinic waiting room to leave some info re: audism and Deaf equality and TRUTHS and a few folks in the blogsphere go NUTS (not talking about you Penny – or even you Mr. relax – im talking about the chief spinners)

    justice – where art thou?


    folks are SOOOOOOOOOOOO worried about bad PR and media savvyiness yet they dont see how their own conduct and freak out is more damaging to their own cause than any wee thing we do

    re: chains – there are many and some are self-imposed.

    “emancipate yourself from mental slavery,
    only you can free your mind”
    ~ bob marley
    (and yes folks i know he was a stoner and i am not but still he spoke the truth re: those line and i on a truth campaign. u can join or u can spin)

    penny – big thanks for adding ur clarification



  10. Penny
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 22:21:18

    I have heard stories about DPN. In fact, I did not know about the protest at Gallaudet until two weeks later. I was preoccupied at private college at that time. Protestors had good reasons why they had to protest at Gallaudet. I learned that leaders who led protest had lied to the world, audience and media that the BOT announced Deaf people were not ready to function in the hearing world. The BOT did not say this at all. But Protestors’ strategies were smart move.

    Now about damaging of property…all of us know what students did was wrong. Period. When energy gets high during protest…we (Deaf or hearing) can get out of control and behave the way we should not behave.

    You guys did wonderful when you went to AGB headquarter in D.C. It is quite interesting to see Deaf people in USA would go for Deaf Adults rights (i.e. protest at Gallaudet—(massive protest) twice) and yet they wouldn’t do anything for Deaf children rights except for few.

    You did nothing wrong by visiting audiology dept and left some info there. I have seen many religion pamphlets at clinics, hospitals and etc. How did they get there? People came in and left them for others to read…if they could do it so could we.

  11. handeyes
    Mar 12, 2012 @ 03:00:48

    penny – thanks for your comment

    re: DPN my read of a few history books and in talking with the actual DPN leaders the quote that Spilman (BOT chairperson) said “Deaf people are not ready to function in a Hearing world” is debatable only because Spilman says she was misquoted but the student leaders present at the meeting saw the interpreter sign those words.

    Later Angel Ramos (i think it was) did ask the interpreter to confirm whether or not Spilman actually said that quote and the interpreter’s reply was….

    “I can’t say”

    and he said – WHY NOT – we want/need to know and the interpreter signed “C E” on upright B hand shape (Code of Ethics)

    dang! smile

    so we will never know. If spilman never did say it – her conduct and behavior seemed to indicate that she had that attitude even if she never fully articulated it verbally

    so my knowledge is that it was not a strategy but an actual unfolding of events.

    similar with Dornan of Australia saying she didn’t compare Deaf folks to a scourge or say they aim to resign deafness to history etc – says misquoted by the media but then the video goes poof and there is plenty of previous evidence that she does have that mentality

    bit of gas lighting it seems

    u r right the AFA rallies in DC were peaceful and firm

    in st louis the rallies and event were peaceful and firm

    and yep sometimes folks act out of anger but when soul force / truth force is on the move and folks are committed to peaceful resistance the anger comes from the oppressor – not from the protestors

    Really impressed to see how well folks handled things on the ground in the face of some very intense moments in Union Station – im just in awe

    forward march we go. we know we r on the right path.



  12. Pod
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 03:55:10

    My understand, not giving legal advices but educational, that we do have weights to stop false information to parents via 29 USC Sec. 280g-1. The cite is very hard to comprehend and my understanding it actually support ASL over CI, oral, etc., but I, Padraic Saich, don’t understand why none of deaf lawyers step up to cut the misinformed information to parents of deaf baby via simple legal process?! They sacred to take on? Why I couldn’t take on? Simple that I couldn’t act like Jeaus, or keep personal and business sperat. It only take one person, without out any support need from any organization, family, friend, and deaf individual, but their Spirits. I hope one of us will open to Spirits to have them guide the one to bring forth correct imformtion to parents of deaf child, soon.

  13. handeyes
    Mar 15, 2012 @ 01:43:29

    Pod – thanks for ur comment. do you mean 42 not 29 for 42 USC Sec. 280g-1?

    re: spirit – well we all have a spirit and a conscience and we just need to listen and follow it. Truth Force / Soul Force a la Gandhi and MLK



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