Dr. Harlan Lane & People of the Eye at NTID / RIT

ya hoo Dr. Harlan Lane will be presenting at NTID/RIT on Monday about the People of the Eye: Deaf Ethnicity and Ancestry – a book he coauthored with Richard Pillard and Ulf Hedberg


Dr. Lane, who is a MacArthur Genuis Award winner, wrote When the Mind Hears: A history of the Deaf – an excellent book re: Deaf education in France and the US, Mask of Benevolence: Disabling the Deaf Community – an pow pow book examining the unexamined (paternalism, audism, ableism, and linguicism via Deaf education),  A Journey into the Deaf-World by Lane, Hoffmeister, and Bahan – an overview of Deaf culture in America and many other publications.

His latest book – People of the Eye rocks the house.  yes yes i know im biased given the name of this blogsite but heye good stuff grows.  If u want to know the origins of that phrase “People of the Eye” click the About Veditz quote button (top right)

If you want to know more about Lane, Pillard and Hedberg’s book – come to Panara Theatre on Monday April 2 at 5 pm and also to the discussion group

Knowledge is power folks.

Here is a vlog up explaining a bit about the People of the Eye book:


Here comes the sun….

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(we really had a bizarrely mild winter here in rochester but still when spring is in the air ya just cant resist spring cleaning)

Black ASL

ImageI’ve been very excited about this book and now more so with this short video explaining a bit about it (scroll down).  Truly hoping Dr. Joseph Hill and some of the other authors can come to NTID, RIT some day in the near future to share their findings.  It’s VERY important work they have done.

Thank you C. McCaskill, C. Lucas, R. Bayley, and J. Hill and thank you ASLized for getting the video out there.

Link to a summary about the book and links to the table of contents and chapter one of the book.


view at ASLIZED http://aslized.org/black-asl/

Wow! and some answers to some questions


Heye all:

lots of drama over AFA activism in St. Louis

Did ya know that George W. Veditz was elected president of NAD in 1904 in….. where?  St Louis

yep – george is leading the way.  thanks buddy!

now re: the drama – when i mentioned drama king and queen i was referring to Barry Sewell and Harleylady – they make a cute couple dont they?  (so for the other folks who took immediate offense when i wasnt even thinking of u – easy does it)

i got me peace boots on due to all the b.s. that be flying. we give it the boot.

why i single Barry and buddy out? cuz they done this dance before and before and before and before but some folks dont know that cuz they have a shelf life memory of .10 or because they only want to see what they want to see or cuz they only pay attention to things they THINK are about them when in fact they often have nothing to do with them.

Basically Barry and Buddies DETEST social justice and activism.  Barry have condemned the IDC, NAD, DBC, CAD, DHF, and AFA.  Harleylady has threatened to protest DBC in Milwaukee, in Washington DC 2009 and 2011 but never shows up.

And the reason why its called “drama” is because it is all yellow journalism / sensationalism based on falsehoods to stir up trouble and distract folks from the truth and justice and to try to suppress activism.  And the fact that Deafread carries that stuff – well ’tis a pity.  (and all this crap about AFA being like Malcolm X ohhh please folks do some studying – there is NO NO NO comparison – none at all)

Now regarding the short walk through of a ENT Audiology waiting area in a huge hospital complex that is associated with CID, an oral only school in St. Louis, by a few peaceful folks – well – knowledge is power folks.

Take a good hard look at who is making a big stink over that simple action and who is LEAPING to condemn and chastise while the powers that be are mute.  No child was harmed.  No parents were terrorized.  No arrests were made.  Some truth material was left behind just as materials are left all over hospitals.  Just go to any waiting room and you will see plenty of materials folks.  There was no confrontation, there was no hostilities, there was no aggression, there was no pushing and shoving, there was no arrests, there was not even any civil DISOBEDIENCE in that hospital walk through.  There was just a few folks walking through a waiting room to see what there is to be seen.  To get a look at what the system looks like.  And this clinic is a direct feeder to CID – they actually have the doctors / residents go into CID and see the kids – they are connected.  And we just examining and illuminating the connection.

It is mighty telling to see which folks are so quick to condemn this peaceful examination of the unexamined.

Pattern anyone smile – anytime u see the bs flying.  Duck or say quack quack and play along or STAND for the truth and justice. Its real illuminating to see who is doing what right now.

We on the truth campaign – with or without you.

Now pls know that i know how many of you are WORRIED about what other folks think of us.  I see u quaking and shaking about how things “look.”  and how u might be seen as complicit simply because you too have a dB gain.  No worries.

I can assure you that the greater public that is just beginning to be told the truth by us is saying “what took you so long to stand and challenge this oppression” more loudly than any of the nukkers who are saying “you should dress nicer” or “you should do this…. but you should not do that….” etc etc etc.  and while some folks spend hours debating what and how OTHERS should do things – we be on the move.  with or without u – we are on the move and we are LEGIONS.

I have seen it – folks – GOOD folks are coming forward.  i thank u and i love u.  Truly.  Ur truths shine.  I hear them i feel them i know them and they make me cry and they forge me forward and these truths are being told not only by the Deaf survivors of Oralism but also by their parents.  Yep i done seen a parent walk through the EHDI 2012 exhibit shaking their head in disgust at all the propaganda spread out on those tables – these parents know what is true.  They know that their Deaf child (baby, youth or adult) is beautiful as is (with or without speech or Hearing) they KNOW and they know that anything contrary to that truth is unjust and prejudicial and basically EHDI 2012 is one big ole myth-a-making factory.  (see below for some more truths)

The parents are starting to tell the truth and their children are starting to feel it is safe to speak the truth.

this is HUGE folks.  HUGE.  More masks of the systems and the enablers / collaborators r coming down now.

so pls know that folks can tell us – dress this way, talk this way, walk this way – and we who are truth seekers will continue to love you from afar but we will NOT change our focus from the truth force, soul force, love force.  We will NOT.

and pls know – that our peace STAND is really upsetting the systems – they r like FREAKED OUT – yikes they r running here and there and everywhere trying to stir up things so that we will go off the course and REACT and get UGLY or waste our time in a blogwar but we will not.  We be all love and flowers.  Firm Firm Firm and TRUTHFUL.  Truth and love always win – think of it always said Gandhi.

Looks like we got a bit of a blue tape fiasco going by some folks.  no worries – it helps flush out those who care and dare and those who just like to stir up the pot or who like to jump to whatever side they think will serve them.  ’tis a pity.

NAD i thank u for standing firm.  i see some folks are trying to misrepresent u – guilt by association – ohhh so yawn.  no worries.  its all good.  this way we know what is what and who is who.

oh and re: The HOLEism – latest batch of unholyiness – no worries.  im gonna let him string it all up and see who shows up in various spaces to play along with him – just giving him more rope to ensnare himself and others with.  Its their own doing and undoing.  Our eyes and hearts remain on the prize – social justice not nonsense in text boxes on the internet.  We have found our FEET and we STAND.  Life is GRAND.

some answers to some questions

In my previous post explaining that there was so much to share re: St. Louis that it would be best and easiest if folks simply asked what they wanted to know so i could reply accordingly so u dont have to weed through long posts or vlogs to gather the info you are seeking – only one set of questions came via Candy, which focused on AFA’s meeting with EHDI reps, and since the reply requires some length I have posted it here in this entry for all to see as some of you may have similar questions or it might prompt some new ones.

Candy’s question: (see previous entry comments section to see her full comment and my note there)

I do have one question for now. What really transpired at the meeting with EHDI where AFA walked out? Perhaps you can tell us who met (who were there) and what recommendation/demands were proposed, what took place (exchange of conversation) and why AFA walked out. (looks like more than one questions!).

My reply – NOTE – i am not replying as an AFA representative here – she asked me as Patti at Patti’s People of the Eye place so here is Patti (as in me, myself, and I)’s reply

AFA asked if we could videotape the meeting –  John Eichwald of CDC said sure and Dr. Karl White said NO so we didn’t and thus cant show ya all any video.  ’tis a pity

Who was present – EHDI representatives and AFA representatives and some community members and three interpreters

for AFA demands – see the 5 demands at http://audismfreeamerica.blogspot.com/2011/12/afas-5-demands-of-ehdi.html.  they have been public since Dec 30, 2011

the EHDI representatives declined to meet any of the 5 demands.  We mentioned the lack of an US Dept of Education representative in the EHDI conference system and how “I” of INTERVENTION seems via the EHDI implementation bodies and the conference focuses on medical solution whereas it is clearly marked to be part of IDEA PART C thus there needs to be a stronger role from US Dept of Education in terms of early intervention for language (ASL+English) intervention

we discussed the disparity in Deaf representation and ASL in EHDI conference system
– EHDI conference planning committee only having 4 Deaf members out of 19 members.
– lack of ASL+English presentations out of the 140 presentations at EHDI
– images promoting the conference in hotel and near conference area and program book heavily promoting medical solution – ASL rarely displayed

Early on at one point Dr. White said “I’m always open to being replaced.”  So later after much discussion on the INEQUALITIES in the system and in the EHDI 2012 conference, Dr. Eichwald (CDC) asked for some suggestions for improvement and we suggested Dr. White step down from his post as he had freely suggested earlier without any prompting from us.

A few times the EHDI reps did a bit of pointing the finger at Deaf leaders by either saying they were active in EHDI things or by saying so and so hadnt responded to an email  but we know that those individuals dont really have any REAL power and they are used for the appearance of inclusion or to scapegoat and/or deflect.

The heart of the problem, which we put on the table is that the EHDI system via CDC, NCHAM, MCHB, HRSA, AAP etc and the EHDI 2012 conference focus disproportionately on a medical solution that encourages and at times mandates the denial of a fully natural and accessible language and that ASL has been oppressed for over a 130 years and needs to have its day in the sun.  This campaign against ASL and social justice has resulted in estrangements within families and relations.  the system needs to put ASL+English at the forefront and not have it as a side note listed in parenthesis under services provided by audiologists or speech therapists and it should not require five clicks to reach any information about ASL+English.

we walked out of the meeting as it was circular and because they are WELL AWARE of the disparity in the overall program and conference and how they are bent towards an over utilized approach (medical / pathological) which does not have consistent and reliable results and comes at a hefty price for the child, family and our society.

Later that evening two of us saw Dr. Eichwald and he said he was moved by what we shared and heard our points.  I am pinning a bit of hope (im a hoper – its what i do) that he will work hard to improve his area in terms of delivery and balance as we strive for justice and equality.  This will be an indicator of whether or not he truly HEARD us.

Now im off to wash my cars – its spring here for the moment

to all the beautiful folks on the ground who stood our ground peacefully and lovefully – you shine.  seriously i admire u so much.
Gratitude is the memory of the heart ~ Jean Massieu
Peace and love ALL,


Q and A time

heye all

no i aint been giving u a silent treatment.  i love ya

i just been busy and every time i attempt to summarize things i go real long winded – 3 entirely different drafts hang out waiting to be tidied up or tossed.  So then i tried to vlog it and 2 entirely different drafts were created but there is too much to tell u soo…… i decided maybe it would just be best if i let ya ask

what would you like to know about St. Louis?

and please know – i am in awe of u all.  all the good folks who came out – wow u make my heart sing.  i am gonna be riding high on your love, your goodness, your strengths, your courage, your convictions right on to the next event THANK YOU.  For all of you who could not be there but sent us your support via emails, creating things and sharing things THANK YOU.  For all of you who held simultaneous vigils in your area in solidarity of the truth campaign THANK YOU.

wow – i love you. ya make me cry.  Truly.  Oh and I love you too CDC, NCHAM, MCHB, and AAP – time to get DOE more involved so that the “I” is not all medical cuz u know that aint truly working or just right and good

So folks – any questions?

peace and love and STAND,