All roads lead to … EHDI

Well are ya ready folks?

Ready to ACT?

“It ain’t what you say.  It’s more what you do.  At the end of the day can I count on you?  If they had their way our dreams would never come true.  When I’m concerned – actions speak louder than words.” ~ Signmark

So what is our dream that they (the systems) are trying to prevent from materializing you ask?

We have a dream that little Deaf children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the dB of their ears, but by the content of their character.
This is a right, just, good and true dream and we will prevail.  So we see that the system fails – miserably and we see all roads are leading to EHDI
The various systems with their FIXations on the things Deaf folks can’t easily and comfortably do while ignoring and suppressing and depressing all the things Deaf folks can do – are FAILING.
The systems are failing…
the children
the parents
the siblings
the schools
the society
because when they start out with a falsehood that – its better to be Hearing and/or behave as a Hearing child does – we know they are gonna have to employ extreme methods to reach such a ridiculous aim.

Dr. Hans Furth told “The Washington Post in 1966 that the deaf should be instructed from birth in sign language and that any objection to that smacked of prejudice of the perceived handicap.”

(don’t mind the term handicap – this was in 1966 folks) but see see – this man knew that to DENY Deaf babies ASL at birth was rooted in PREJUDICE and that is what audism is – prejudice against Deaf folks just as racism is PREJUDICE against folks of color and sexism is PREJUDICE against women.

Pre/judice – is to to pre – judge someone.  And so we see that the whole dang EHDI system is one big ole PREJUDICE-a-making factory.

Folks are just discovering that EHDI is under the Center for Disease Control and they are rightfully offended by the erroneous notion that we are a disease to be controlled.

E = Early (which even includes genetics – pre-birth and pre-baby making EARLY)

H = Hearing – ahhh the EARS are so lovely aint they

D = Detection – wait hark i hear a click of the red REFERRED light and what it is referring to is that the baby has FAILED the universal newborn screening TEST

I = Intervention – surgery and/or very high end digital hEARing aids and intensive auditory verbal therapy (AVT) and sometimes mislabeled as LSL

NOTE: Not all of EHDI is under CDC – the I part as in Intervention is supposed to be under the Department of Education (DoE) but the DoE is not even attending the EHDI this upcoming Sat – Tuesday – not even sending a state or local representative to the EHDI conference so it will all just be CDC, NIH, NIDCD, and NCHAM and these are all medical home sweet home based infrastructures.

And various states are pushing for EHDI and a “medical home” for the Deaf child patient because they have a prejudice against letting Deaf babies be Deaf and against their HAVING ASL from Birth

this is a fact and in fact this is why EHDI is under the auspice of the Center for Disease Control folks

yes they are saying you are a scourge and an abnormality on this planet and something that needs to be controlled by…. DENYING you a fully natural and accessible language and by making you overly dependent on artificial and faulty devices and just as soon as we can get to your gene pool we will nip u before u r even created or if its too late and u r created and born we will then harvest your own blood cord stem cells while charging the insurance co. $2,000 + per EVERY child born in the U$ cuz u never know who will come down with deafNE$$ later in life and then they will charge about $200 + annually for storing these cord blood stem cells but if the baby participates in the study – we wont charge you the THOUSANDS of dollars for the study (MRI tests, sedition, hospital stay, EXPERIMENTATION etc) we will just make you pay for your flight and lodging while you WAIT for the weeks and month and years to pass by of TREATMENT but once we can prove that no one dies quickly or sprouts another limb as a result of our experimentation then we will get it approved and charge away

never mind that there was never anything wrong with your child except for the irrational prejudice of its country and society – there is no money to be made in curing audism so we will just aim to string the parents, insurance co and government along with our songs of falsehoods and our for-profit prophecies

like this one “Our cochlear implants are designed to last a lifetime” – well COCHLEAR LTD why r they always breaking so much huh?  how come so many folks gotta get explanted and reimplanted or upgraded and what of the recalls.

What of the baby sophie in Australia who got 2 CI surgeries before the age of 2 and one of them was a dud so she had to undergo a 3rd surgery.  FDA has data showing that kids with 2 or more surgeries with anesthesia before the age of 2 are showing a higher rate of learning disabilities

Are learning disabilities under the Center for Disease Control?

What about meningitis – many children died after coming down with meningitis as a RESULT of their cochlear implant surgery.

So why isnt the CDC and EHDI and the NIH and the National Institute on Deafness and Communication Disorders and the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management INTERVENING in the wild fire implanting of babies – one as young as 3 month (THREE MONTH) when the results in terms of LANGUAGE and a reducing of audism for that child are not consistently demonstrated and proven – especially later in the age range where reading, comprehension and cognition are much more complex than whether or not they can turn their heads when you call them or if they can pick up the object you have named THREE times while covering your mouth and having your eyes glance in the direction of the correct object during AVT

These kids are not stupid – they learn very quickly how to “hunt and gather” for clues and information visually.

Out of all the studies being conducted on Deaf children – the most important will most likely be – how is it that they ever learn anything CONSIDERING that we have all made it so difficult for them to get their hands and eyes on everyday information that all other children get with ease and in abundance.

It truly is amazing all the things that Deaf children CAN do and do very well – IN SPITE of all the crap that is thrown in their way such as

– be labeled a failure when all they did was be Deaf

– be measured by what they are not – Hearing

– be denied a fully natural and accessible language (a small percent might actually get this at home but once they start attending school usually by age 3 it is most likely oral ONLY or sim-com city)

– be weighed down by devices that slip out, slip up, or slip away so then they need more devices and surgery and training – its a life long thing cuz the THINGS are not built to last lifetime as billed

oh and speaking of the bill – who foots the bill on this horrible inadequate practice which has just dressed up an antiquated prejudice with some new flashing lights and gadgets to make it look like its “new and improved” but the results only show… mediocre results?

who foots the bill – sometimes the parents, more often their insurance company and most often the government

and at the end of the day – even the bestest of the byproducts who can talk and hear a plenty wish they had had sign language as a pup

so you see – EHDI is rotten from finish to start because….

it does not approach the child as “good from the start” and if they could take that message to heart then maybe we could start to make it better

and we should also face the fact that some folks are making a mighty lot of money off of EHDI and Deaf babies’ “condition” (which is really a result of language deprivation and not of the condition of being Deaf) and it is not the parents nor the babies who are making the cha ching a ling ling ring

There is money in selling the equipment to test the ears in the hospitals and in the audiology labs and in the schools and in the centers and in the cochlear implant devices, surgery, rehabilitation, therapy and more therapy etc.  There is money to be made in mandating training and certification in antiquated practices like AVT.

There is even money to be made in hosting a big ole conference like EHDI where you make folks pay lots of money for flights, hotels, food, and conference registration so they can present for 30 minutes to a room of about 15-30 people.  And they can then check of the INCLUSION illusion box





AG Bell

have all been around for a long time now and what do we have to show for it – abysmal test scores and shattered lives all because of the prejudice prohibiting the teaching of sign language from birth to Deaf babies

meanwhile…. Hearing babies and mommies and daddies are gobbling up the good stuff before you can teach a Deaf baby to say WHHHHAAAAAATTTTEEEERRRR

but in their wee minds they be saying WWWWW  TTTTTTTT   FFFFFFF cuz they ain’t dumb

that there has been PROVEN – Deaf folks generally cus might fine – pretty G-d da#n clearly in fact and aint it ODD considering how #uck and Son of a #itch were not generally spondee and speech therapy words   (ahh necessity be the best teacher they say)

we do not need any more data folks

we do not need any more summits

we do not need any more lobbyists

what we need is your feet on the pavement signing “Ya Basta”  enuf is enuf with all the hatred towards Deaf people and ASL. enuf – we are Deaf see us roar – we are not going to take this any more!

peacefully – of course – i am only preaching of peaceful action and being extremists of love (see Martin’s letter from jail)

and see AFA’s demands and meet us in St Louis or dont and just wait until the EHDI state system comes for a Deaf school or two near you cuz that is definitely what the EHDI system is – a feeder system to try to make the Deaf undeaf

we could all say yawn cuz its so dang SOML (Z just taught me that one – Story of My Life) and SOS but we cant yawn cuz it is so bloody destructive – sending us back generation after generation.  when u deprive a mind of a fully natural and accessible language u stunt its intellectual growth and that there is a crime against humanity

The 5 AFA demands are right, just, good and true and long over due.

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

If you want more information on EHDI – just key that into the search box here at People of the Eye and you will find some earlier entries on this subject.

see ya in st. louis folks


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pod
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 03:08:37

    why don’t write to US commissioner of Dep of the one that handle money to all states on ehdi, like motion to judge, to cut federal fund to States’ Dep of Health, or alike Department, that failed to executing 29 usc 280g-1 for false information to parents of deaf baby?

  2. handeyes
    Mar 15, 2012 @ 01:45:34

    wondering if u can copy and paste or link me to the specific part you are discussing – i keep hitting 42 USC Sec. 280g-1 and want to see the specific part u have in mind




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