Is Somethin’ Rotten in Indiana? wow that OMB report

Heye all – im peeved

yep – i detest deceit.  it makes me cringe and it makes me cry.  its just wrong.  and when its financed by governmental bodies well then i sit up real straight and say HEYE so loud that i hope y’all will join in cuz surely every who in whoville is needed today.

If i wasnt convinced that HB 1367 had some bad behind the doors dealing before – i am now because…. the only alternative is to think that they are all just woefully coincidentally ignorant and that aint a pretty thought either.  ignorant vs. arrogant – hmmm it could be both.  it could be both

I have a vlog up in ASL (dont worry ya all there is English below in the box for those of you who ABHOR ASL) and yes i know there are some typos here and there – i just leave them most of the time cuz i like to help folks lighten up a bit in dark situations and cuz the snow and the woods is calling this a.m.

and there is more English below.  (see folks if u survey the planet re: Deaf rights and Oral vs. bilingualism – you will see a horde of English based information and very little ASL but when the ASL appears you will see folks making a HUGE stink about it – just see AG Bell’s letter to Pepsi where they called Deaf folks isolated and dependent – and notice that the AG Bell association has NEVER retracted or apologized for that letter!)

Timeline of the Hear Indiana attempted Coup

May 2011

Gov. Daniels (R) appointed Hear Indiana reps to Bilingual ((ASL+English) school board (Indiana School for the Deaf)

Hear Indiana is a chapter of AG Bell Association.  They are anti-bilingualism and pro-Oral ONLY

Community protests the UNqualified and biased appointments to the board

The Governor ignores their valid complaints and concerns

Dec 2011

Office of Management & Budget Report about Indiana School for the Deaf (ISD)

This report is really about the state government’s own systematic quagmire in routing Deaf babies and infants to appropriate services and support especially during the 0-3 age period

Exhibit B from the OMB report on ISD (ha)

so much for the wonders of EHDI and notice how ISD is not even listed on this chart until the FOURTH TIER

The report also notes the shortage of interpreters for Deaf students in the mainstream.  Both of these issues have NOTHING to do with ISD.  Both of these issues do not validate the recommendation to REMOVE ISD outreach services and place them at some unknown, unestablished, unproven, “unbiased,” new center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

The report claims to have consulted alot of stakeholders but does not name them.  Hmmmm

The report has the HUGEST fib plaguing the push for Oral / Aural ONLY today and its an ole lie.  It frames the “communication divide” to be Oral vs. ASL when in FACT – and this is a MIGHTY important FACT that continues to be misrepresented and maligned – there is NO NO NO NO as in ZERO as in NADA as in NONE – ASL ONLY school in the U.S. of A. but hey if they r gonna keep accusing us of such maybe we should set one up – A school for the Deaf that forbids any use of English.

Why not folks?  There are Oral ONLY schools all over the US of A today where 4 year olds are still getting rapped with rulers (just learned its still happening last week – i believed their lies that they dont do punishment any more – geez im such a sucker.  but thankfully the truth always comes and finds me whether i like it or not and shakes and wakes me up a little more) They also make them sit alone at the lunch table if they are caught gesturing with their friends during lunch at the age of 17 – yes in the US of A today you have to work for your words even during lunch.  I could go on and on with truths but the fact is….

ORAL only is exclusionary and discriminatory in nature – always has been.

It must coerce because otherwise the kids will sign and gesture.  Kids doing what comes naturaly is like what rivers do naturally they flow. and hence the fanatical dogma of BANNING signing – its just too pretty, too effective, too successful that they must have Oralism become the jealous mistress and consuming the children’s lives.

In one Oral Deaf school in St Louis students who talk and hear a plenty – these young adults speak and they have CIs are not allowed to sign at all.  surely there is no risk of them loosing their skills at the age of 17 and surely they are entitled a bit of down time but NOPE says the crack of the Oral ONLY whip – u can NOT sign here dear.

ORAL only does exist and resists equality.  ASL only does NOT exist.

All Deaf schools and programs have an over abundance of ENGLISH.  Most Deaf schools are Speech (with signs thrown in here or there for support) schools – sim-com, TC is the rule of their day.  A few schools are bilingual-bicultural and ASL + English is their thing ALL day in and OUT.  they do not EXCLUDE ENGLISH they do not BAN English.  if a child uses English in the bathroom – they will only get in trouble if its graffiti on the stall wall where as at an ORAL only school – the bathroom is the safest place for the hand talk.

ahhhh 2nd wave!

Bilingual-Bicultural schools provide support for kids who use listening devices (be them hearing aids, cochlear implants, conductive implants, etc etc) and they also provide speech therapy.

Oral ONLY schools do not have ASL specialists on staff, do not do any development or advancement of visual acuity in fact they go to great length to suppress such.

soo…… Office of Management and Budgets in the state of INDIANa – wow – you are looking mighty BIASED.  (i was gonna say uninformed but because your document vouches on how much you put into collecting information – i have to conclude that your MISREPRESENTATION OF THE FACTS re: oral ONLY education and ASL ONLY (as if) was INTENTIONAL and BIASED in NATURE.

that sucks

it truly sucks to see because… STATE GOVT should not be so easily bamboozled.  So when i ask myself WHY would you misrepresent the truth and facts of things so much – ohhh well i guess because all the PRO-ORAL ONLY folks have your ears.

And if this is the case it is totally NOT COOL and NOT how a government is supposed to operate.  I understand that you do not know OUR Deaf history but you SHOULD know your own State Govt history (forced removal of Native Americans and forced sterilization – genocides and eugenics are not cool and NOTHING to be proud of and DEAFintely NOTHING you want to be repeating.

Jan 2012

House of Representative member and ISD Board member – Noe (R) introduces HB 1367 calling for ISD outreach to be removed to a new center for deaf and hearing impaired

hmmmmm CONFLICT OF INTEREST ANYONE?????? A board member of ISD who also serves in the House of Rep who proposes a bill that recommends the removal of ISD outreach services – WOW!

hearing impaired???? wow!

neutral and unbiased?

HB 1367 passes the Indiana House of Rep w/ some amendments


Feb 2012

Indiana Senate appropriation committee looking at the bill now


amongst all this badness – there is some goodness

there are some gems that are standing tall, firm, long, peacefully and truthfully and to each of u i love ya.

Some of the House of Representatives ReP and Senators who have taken the time to write us back and affirm your commitment to opposing HB 1367 – I thank you

To all the folks who are trying to ram this bill through – I see you and I love you too – now Ya Basta with the b.s. would you?

there is no ASL ONLY program

just because u r all ga ga over the SOUND of SSSSS and ZZZZZ and the blinking lights of gadgets being powered up to make Deaf babies as hearing like as possible does NOT give u the right to try to LEGISLATE such practices.

You see we know the truth – see #liesagbelltoldmyparents.

We know that even the babies that grow up with “good” speech and listening skills CRY – they still cry that they had to work so hard to please their parents, to understand their siblings, to appease their teachers, to get their speech teacher to stop and move on to the next letter and…. they dont go home so often

ohhh and they still need CART in HS and/or college because being able to speak and using CIs ur whole life does not make you “independent” – you still want accessible information and for Deaf folks that means VISUAL.  We are the people of the eye not matter how you ban signing and gesturing in schools and no matter how many gadgets you put upon the body.

ITS WRONG OF YOU TO EXCLUDE VISUAL ACUITY and NATURAL SIGN LANGUAGE and you are NOT NOT NOT following with the ICED 2010 agreement stated, nor the UN, nor the WFD, nor the World Bank etc

Furthermore, there is the TRUTH that teaching babies – be them Deaf, partially Deaf, or Hearing – sign language HELPS THEM.  Doesnt hurt them.  There is NO NO NO proof that it hurts them.  Where as there is PLENTY of proof from the biggest STAKEHOLDERS OF THEM ALL – Deaf survivors – that ORAL ONLYism HURTS.

It HURTS.  So if parents want to do that and this is a “free country” (so they say when they want to oppress) then so be it via PRIVATE schools – its NOT SOMETHING to be endorsed, financed or supported by the government as OPTIONS! Cuz then u be in line for doling out reparation payments on top of medicaid for the devices, the therapy, the CART, the SSI and SSD the….

can you see me – im shaking my head

seriously this is so WRONG and so OBVIOUS

“We should try to teach them to forget that they are deaf.” ~ Alexander Graham Bell

“When the kids don’t consider themselves deaf the magic begins.” ~ Naomi Horton, Hear Indiana

“Deaf people do not know what is best for Deaf babies.” ~ Karl White, National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management, also involved in EHDI

so much for being neutral and unbiased

to all the good folks – keep helping folks to say bye bye to the bad bill HB 1367 – it was initiated by deceit and it is being propped up by falsehoods and misinformation (Oral vs. ASL – please!)

Oppose HB 1367 artwork by Julie Rems-Smario

This is a champ piece that Julie Rems-Smario put together re: all the players and pieces of the puzzle re: HB 1367.  click to enlarge and try to figure out who is who in this visual summary of the bad bill HB1367.   ART ROCKS!  (i miss u chuck)  Thank u Julie for making and sharing this visual testimony of the truths and just in time for valentines.  it seems with “friends like those” (K White, L Kovacs, N Horton, Witte, A Horst, M Daniels, C Noe) its a game of First comes lies, then comes legislation, then comes legalized oppression. K-I-S-S-I-N-G

to which we say ¡Ya basta! to the bad boys and girls – ¡Ya basta!  we been there done that and we are NOT having that happen again.  no way.  just go READ in FULL that ICED New Era Agreement and ACCORD FOR THE FUTURE 2010 and dont u dare pull out only the wee-est sentence that u think u can spin and twist to protect u.  we all know that wee sentence out of all the pow pow ones just means love folks no matter how they arrive at ur doorstep – id does not SANCTION or ASSIST bigotry and persecution and nor should you – Indiana state government.  ¡Ya basta!  ya got far more important things to be doing.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dianrez
    Feb 11, 2012 @ 20:39:58

    Here is a companion piece to your blog today:
    It has a link to the OMB document that you mention here and points out flaws in it. It is appalling how this kind of thing is going on and we all need to stop it before it snowballs out of control.

  2. handeyes
    Feb 11, 2012 @ 23:46:04

    Dianrez – thank u for sharing ur thought via ur blog entry and for sharing the link here.

    All good eyes and clean hands on deck

    much peace


  3. DE
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 09:23:38

    Exactly, Patti. To frame this as “oral vs ASL” is a perfect smokescreen to their milk-the-government snake oil business off Deaf bodies and hearing parents. Let’s look at the percentage the Auditory-Industrial Complex gets $$ from the government (through EHDI, CDC, NCIH, etc. etc., PLUS countless public school districts that are now coughing taxpayer dollars to fund PRIVATE oral “education programs”- skirting the IDEA continuum) versus the percentage ASL-English programs gets from the government. We’ll see ear$ have more $$ over education, thanks to AG Bell’s incessant lobbying, distortions, and public relations.

  4. Mark M
    Feb 13, 2012 @ 02:18:26

    I believe we could gather some statistics (or maybe you or others already have; if so, I would like those numbers to incorporate in my presentations). I remember you saying that enrollment at Gally and NTID used to be 85-86% from Deaf schools and 14-15% from mainstreamed settings; now the numbers are reversed. I have seen the post by Candace, counselor at Gally, and she says there has been an increase in the numbers of clients seeking counseling (esp for suicidal ideation). I wonder if you could get the same info for NTID and see whether the numbers are leveled or increased, and what percent? Then we can make a prediction of increase in the future. Also we could get statistics from Deaf Hope, DWU and other domestic violence programs about increase need for services. So we can present at the vigil or Deaf club with these numbers.

    The testimonials by some have really touched me when they said ASL and Deaf culture saved my life….I was thinking I don’t know what would’ve happened to me if I didn’t already have ASL and Deaf culture when I was young before and after I went through the acupuncture experience.

    My hat’s off to those from Deaf families and generations who see and support us (not from Deaf family) who struggle with emotions, colonized/dysconscious audist behavior….

    We have been accused of imposing our views on parents. Actually oralists impose their views on parents every day, and the results are for the worse; why is it not okay for us to speak what we believe because it will be for the better?! So I am very happy that so many have posted the “Lies AG Bell….” to help people think about what’s going on out there and how Deaf culture and ASL has saved our lives.

    Re-inventing speech therapy methods, AVT, and other listening and speaking training offered at conferences for CEU’s needs to be halted! These are artificial certificates because they leave professionals still ignorant about the Deaf world. They have no benefit or credibility in the Deaf community, and are used as part of the scare tactics toward parents. for the $$$$$

  5. handeyes
    Feb 13, 2012 @ 12:56:38

    Heye de

    Yep the use of pseudo science to save (lives or $ or whatever else they wanna claim) is not cool

    Re ag bell and co – well thankfully sone of us r gonna be in st Louis to mark his birthday by singing the truth loud and clear so that even he in his grave and his name sake association will hear

    We making the invisible visible so that our inalienable rights will be restored


  6. handeyes
    Feb 13, 2012 @ 13:03:56

    Thank u fir all u shared

    I too am deeply moved by the survivors speaking out via the #liesagbelltoldmyparents. Campaign

    They say silence equals death andbi believe Deaf folks have been silenced by the systems that have pitted their own parents against them mostly via the pitiful mask of pitying

    Dang that mask of benevolence

    Hurts everyone even the oppressors

    Re suicides and or attempted suicides – I suspect it is very high amongst Deaf folks just as sex abuse and addictions are

    This too is true of other disenfranchised groups

    The more folks try to make us UN anything the more the hirt emptiness and hopelessness

    Resistance us the secret to possessing joy – Alice walker (not a precise quote me think but close)


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