Additional items re: HB 1367

Additional video and letters re: HB 1367

Jon Lenois clear Infographic: Deaf Baby

Jen Dans Willey powerful story

My reply to one of the Indiana Senators who replied to my letter.

Greetings Senator Buck:

Thank you so much for your prompt reply and for your diligence in examining this issue and proposed legislation.
In general many Deaf people are not comfortable with the term hearing impaired because it implies they are broken or incomplete or impaired when in fact we see ourselves as a linguistic and cultural minority that has a physical difference.
Most people use the term Deaf and Hard of Hearing which is more accurate and respectful.  I understand that your usage below was a result of the original proposed legislation’s language for the new center.  That error on of the bill’s drafter indicates just who how ill-informed they are and how ill-conceived this piece of legislation is.  While I am glad to see the revised bill has now rectified the title, it is still very telling that they made this initial error.
It’s not good to be drafting bills that actually offend the people you aim to serve by calling them impaired.  Even if the term were to be acceptable – it is redundant to say Deaf and Hearing Impaired. Furthermore, this bill was initiated by Representative Noe who was appointed by the governor to serve on the Indiana School for the Deaf Board.  Why is she proposing a bill that unjustly and inaccurately represents Deaf and Hard of Hearing people as impaired, that states that a neutral center for services needs to be created when no proven need has been provided, and that is sponsored by organizations and affiliations that are biased and not neutral in that they support an exclusionary, outdated and unjust system of serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing children – Oral / Aural ONLYism – methods that forbid the use of Sign Language?
ISD does not forbid the use of cochlear implants, hearing aids,and/or speech therapy.  Yet, the supposed “experts” that would provide a “neutral and unbiased center” DO ACTIVELY forbid the use of lipreading, visual acuity, gesturing and sign language by Deaf and Hard of Hearing children.
The creation of a new center will also be VERY costly.  In California there was a proposed bill called AB 2072 which was sponsored by oral / aural ONLY proponents and went through NUMEROUS amendments through the CA. house and the senate only to reach the governor who vetoed it based on the fact that there was no proven need for a new system since the early start program was effective.  There are also four international documents that declare Deaf children should not be deprived of the right to access natural sign language and Deaf culture.  Several of these documents also call for Deaf participation in decision making processes that impact them (ie Stakeholders self-determination and governance).  See attached.
I am truly hoping this bad bill can be nipped in the bud.  I can see that the Senate has far more important and legitimate bills and work to pursue and as we all must and should know – children – most especially Deaf and Hearing children are not to be pawns in partisan politics.  A Deaf mind is a terrible thing to waste.
Patti Durr

Shawn Elfrink’s letter to Indiana Senators

Dear Your Honorable Indiana State Senators,
Please do your honor take your moment to view on this  shows “HB 1367 is ID Theft” powerful perfect example on this link:

This painting shows how CI Online Corps from Boulder did learn from “AG Bell Stole the telephone”:
1. stealing us the taxpayers to pay off their $5.9 million fines for stealing French CI designs and pay off the cochlear implant recall.
2. forces us to pay more on our own monthly or bi weekly health care insurance  premium as like “hurry” Gold Rush pay off their lawsuit fines.
3.  afraid to see how ISD Outreach Program job growth which it is obviously that it not very Indiana’s Right to Work.
with this evidence resource link: Otologics is a Colorado based cochlear implant company that was sued for trade secret theft and stealing talent away from a French cochlear implant company in its zest to try to produce the first 100% implantable cochlear implant. It was fined $5.9 Million dollars.
Please do VOTE no NO NO on HB 1367.     That HB 1367 is NOT safe.
Please do your honor to impeach State House Rep Noe out of ISD Board.  I would like to make plan endorsing another Republican who will plan running against State Rep Noe in the next primary Indiana election on District 87.  Please do let me know who will be the next Republican running against State Rep Cindy Noe.   State Rep Noe will not and is still not cooperating with us the Deaf community before she had her own nerve to write the HB 1367.
Thank you for your time to read my email.
Respectfully yours,
Mrs. Shawn Elfrink

Strong Republican Missouri Registered Voter


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