Ground Swell is a Rumbling! Mighty stream of truths r flowing

wow this #liesagbelltoldmyparents campaign is ROCKING and a ROLLING

NOTE: i know there are typos and spelling errors here – computer not working properly and im in a rush as usual.  OHHH the snow is so pretty here today.

truths being told is a beauty to behold

see Maisha’s blog where she is putting all the good stuff as well as the INDeafEdCoalition FB

Deaf &Ally Indiana – with you in spirit today.  We gonna rock that house of representatives.  Peacefully, Lovefully, and firmly.  YA BASTA state govt trying to save costs by actually creating more and by having deep pockets with corporations and enities that ACTIVELY deny a Deaf child the right to a fully natural and accessible language.

That is so uncool and unjust and unethical.

just cut that crap out right now – see babbidge report and COED report – we done did this dysfunctional dance before.

nobody is depriving Deaf babies the right to hear and speak – but folks THROUGHOUT history have actively deprived Deaf babies and their families the right to sign and see.

Yes we see you AG Bell Association, Hear Indiana, and company (as in corporations as in CI as in ….)

please know i have done my homework.  i do not make these assertions lightly.  I have actually met face to face with the CEO of AG Bell Association, i have actually toured a cochlear implant headquarters, i have actually talked to speech pathologists and audiologists, i have actually talked to the parents and i have actually talked and LISTENED to the survivors!

its the true folks and it is real.   They have been coming for a pair of ears near you for a mighty long time now.  And they always come for the schools cuz that is a natural habitate of the culture and the language – and we cant be having that now can we?  folks empowered by their OWN fingertips and eyes.  No surely we can not be having that

and in all my examination it has been comical and outrageously wrong to see all the finger pointing

u see the AG Bell association will preach their false gospel of PARENTAL CHOICE while actively being in cohoots with CI co. and specialists (doctors, practionares of the art of making Deaf folks undeaf – kinda sorta well not really but it looks good in a youtube clip and lets get her a 2nd one free of charge shall we – never mind that 5 years from now she will be a nobody cuz by then the stem cell experiments on the newborns will show that we didnt kill themm so there for we can do more ahhhhh and they say we r nuts!)

so ag bell points the blame at the parent while simultaneously using the parents as a shield.  no survivor is gonna sue AG Bell without having to face that their parents went along with it but the truth is the parents had NO choice under the ag bell system.  because…..

ag bell said and says salvation comes from talking and listening as ones primary modality

seriously that is so ole and that is so false

i know plenty of yakkers and hEARers that r utterly dependent on… their devices….their teachers….their parents….their looking glass self

it is not listening and speaking that sets one free it is having the choice not to have to work for your words all your waking hours

the speech pathologists and audiologists will blame the CI co and doctors or they too will hide behind the parental shield and say – “its what the parents want”

BUT i have seen the video of parents gesturing, tapping, making eye contact – only to see the specialist INTERVENE (ah early intevention) and say – NO dont do that – wittle johnny must learn to work for his words

the doctors will say – DONT use the hand babble or it will screw up my data and all my good work – “yes its all about what is best for wittle latasha here” cha ching cha ching and sign right here where u commit not to signing with your child (have seen 3 folks from separate states tell me drs r forcing them to sign agreements to raise their children oral / aural only – WTF folks)

and then we have the parents and surely most parents are truly mislead and misguided

some think they dont have the time to learn the hand language – American Sign Language ASL but they actually do and can.  many excell at it.  many do the best they can but some do NOTHING because they are told its “foreign” “its hard” “it will mess up their kids grammar” “it will make their kids go off to that bad dark world of the deafies” “it will destroy their speech” “it will make them unemployable” etc

all LIES

all LIES

Ask any Deaf person who’s parents and family members sign and u will see a happy camper.

Ask any parent or family member who signs with their Deaf family member and u will see:

1. a bond for life – unconditional love going pitter patter

2. sometimes a regret that they didnt do it sooner



ask any Deaf and Hearing person who refused or refuses to sign with their family members and u will see:

1. estrangement

2. regret

3. and u wont see ’em cuz they dont go home so much

Its the truth

wake the #uck up

ground swell i s rumbling

where u gonna be?????

– paddling up the denial river or heading to St. Louis in ONE MONTH???  (see AFA’s 5 Demands to EHDI)

the choice and OPTION is  Y O U R S (not theirs)

Truths must be told

Truth & love always win – think of it always said gandhi

And folks know this – i dont hate the AG Bell association – i never have and i hope i never will.  I love them.  I love them enuf to tell them the truth.  YA BASTA ag bell – ya basta

NOTE: kudos to Brian Bauer – who stood alone against the Hear Indiana conference a while back.  His response to getting the award was basically – Thank you but I aint done yet.

aint that sweet.  A stander who wont retreat!  STANDERS UNITE – TAKE BACK THE RIGHT TO BE …. DEAF.

All of ya truth tellers and truth seekers – take a bow.  U been working mighty hard at this.  Forward march and the mighty stream be rolling.  Nothing about us without us AG Bell and co. (yes i see u and i love u)

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