#Lies AG Bell … Truths being told!

heye all

im over joyed

im just WOW so happy that ya all are STANDING and DEMANDING that our TRUTHS BE TOLD

Julie Rems-Smario has launched a Lies AG Bell Told My Parents campaign

you can see the pictures / text / truths and info in the twitter and facebook accounts – please add yours and when you do in twitter add the hashtag of #liesagbelltoldmyparents and #HB1367  this way none of the good stuff goes missing

INDeafEdCoaltion Facebook http://www.facebook.com/INDeafEdCoalition to upload pix and read / see other text, pix, and video – dont miss wee baby Erika

Thank you Julie for finding a positive and creative solution to the suppression and burying of the truth about the reign of error (oral / aural only) and the 2nd wave tsunami that is trying to hit us all via CI+AVT, LRE mainstreaming mandate and Oral ONLY schools resurgence

Thank you Bert Pickell for starting the Deaf Education Coalition Oppose  HB 1367 Petition http://www.change.org/petitions/oppose-hb-1367

KUDOS and THANK YOU to all the folks in Indiana who are saying NOPE – nothing ABOUT us withOUT us – no way.  and also they be saying YA BASTA to AG Bell and Co (see Hear Indiana and Karl White and Lisa Kovacs and…. we see u)

We aint gonna stand for this again – no way.  And big thanks to Karen Kingrey who is making the trip from Austin, Texas to Houston, Texas today to hand deliver over 2,000 signatures to the hospital that will be experimenting on Deaf newborns and infants.  You go girl!  Pls sign the petition folks and get your family to too.  Karen K aims to send the petition to the US Legislature and Senate and President Obama after February 5th so hurry and sign and circulate.  Say no to eugenics.

Karen we are with you in spirit and indebted to you big time.


im in a rush so im just gonna feed ya some important links below but there are MANY more good stuff out there.  many folks have been singing our songs of freedom – THE TRUTH – for a mighty long time folks and now we see a might stream flowing.  this is good and important.  – hopefully soon i can do a blog entry re: some of the important ART that has come out of the movement cuz a picture is worth a thousand words and the role of the artist is to disturb the peace ~ james baldwin (negative peace that is not positive peace – the telling of the truths gets us one step closer to a TRUE and POSITIVE PEACE of which MLK Jr Dreamed and STOOD and WORKED for)

we be jumping at the sun folks.  You are BEAUTIFUL.  keep shining and know you are LOVED!

and oh – AG Bell – yes i know you read me ; )  YA BASTA!

AGBell: The Elephant in the Room by Ella Mae Lentz

Shawn Elfink tells the truth about St Joseph outreach trying to upsurge ISD outreach as she is a survivor of the St Joseph system

Jay Kieger – Geese know something that we dont?

Jeffrey Robert’s AG Bell the Man and the Association


(cuz some folks like to pretend that AG Bell and co. have reformed their ways when they AIN’T.  Just see the Pepsi letter they wont retract and the membership cards insulting teachers of the Deaf by calling them Hearing specialists and their FALSE PROPHECY motto of “Independence through listening and talking” – the Association was born on the bedrock of AUDISM – the belief that to hear and/or behave as a hearing person is superior to being Deaf and they have maintained that stance up to this VERY day.  just see AG Bell’s components of quality auditory/oral program and their mandate to infiltrate public schools and how Hear Indiana an offspring of AG Bell Association and a devoted disciple of the oral / aural only  any mean means necessary doctrine’s components of a quality auditory/oral program CHECKLIST.  they aint been shy or quiet about it folks.  u can spin, deny, detract, distract, minimize, falsely testify and “debate” all ya want but YA BASTA.  Truths being told and the river is gonna flow.  See ya all in st. louis)

Maisha blog with pix of the truth and Maureen Klusza awesome and famous Greatest Irony cartoon and our ancestor – George W. Veditz famous Preservation of Sign Language film with Dr. Carol Padden’s translation.  I weeped!



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