The Right to be…. Deaf part VI

NOTE: – i wrote up this entry a couple of month ago but didnt have the heart to publish it. In light of the 2nd wave encompassing genetics – i figure i gotta go ahead and click publish.  wish i didnt have to.  would much prefer my paddle in the denial river and me rosy glasses.

We have had a sporadic series going here examining if folks have a right to be Deaf.  See part III,III, IV, V if u want to check those earlier ones out.


The Right to be… Deaf part VI

yes yes i know i aint touched this series in a long long long time.

there is a reason for it – i do not like the conclusion that is self-evidence so hence i have been avoiding.

ya see – i began this series with a question…

Do we have the right to be Deaf?

and the answer has come back with a resounding NO

The answer is NO folks

– when they have cochlear implants implanted in babies and controlled by REMOTE – by others

others being specialists, professionals, assistance and parents – not by the person with the implant themselves then no the RIGHT to be DEAF no longer exists.

Yes yes i know folks r still Deaf who have cochlear implants but the right to be as is, as created, or as u might want to be of ur own free accord – nope there is no bodily integrity and there is no autonomy and EVERYBODY i know of who learns of remote controlling kids with cochlear implants goes…


they all do – even the folks who got their cochlear implants as little kids – they all go EW.  and some even say – well that is like treating them like a robot.  (folks with CI say this  – some of them even refer to themselves as cyborgs but we should not use the robot word cuz it has been used to hurt but when folks who have CI use the R word we gotta take notice folks.  its important and it means something)

so the verdict is in and NO we do not have the right to be Deaf.  We do but we don’t cuz the systems DENY this right.  They are sneetching up the babes and chopping down those trulump trees – quicker than u can sigh&sign UNLESS…

Yes – we know that its alright to be Deaf and yes we know we do have the inalienable right to be Deaf  but we also know that folks r denied their inalienable right by the power that be

and we know that a baby really has NO rights when a system is set up nation wide to test their ears fresh out of the oven and condemn them to a life of “Passed” or “Referred” (ie Failed)

and pls dont tell me the whole early detection racket is actually serving the kids – i can totally SEE who it is serving – cha ching cha ching cha ching

hello Center for DISEASE CONTROL (CDC) – geez why dont u just call us a scourge

hello National Institute of Health (NIH) – National Institute on DeafNESS and other Communication DISORDERS (NIDCD)

hello National Center for ASSESSment and MANagement (NCAM)


i know i know – u say “its for ur own good”

hmmmmm – what good is it really getting Deaf folks except for the 2nd wave of ORALISM/AUDISM getting institutionalized

geez have u noticed how much money the CDC and NIH give out for research re: CI and ear cures and genetics???  and have u noticed how much money the CDC and NIH does NOT give out for ASL+English testing, assessment, intervention, materials, mentoring, services, training etc?

ODD, eh?

in pursuing this question of Do we have the right to be … Deaf – i have made some heartbreaking discoveries that we don’t

that in fact this right is being suppressed, trampled upon, and obliterated by any MEAN means necessary and that there is a depressing discovery

so my friends and my foes (as some of u might wanna see me but i just SEE ya and love ya from afar)

so my friends and neighbors on this planet earth (which we, humanUNkind, are killing mighty fast – see how fracking and earth quacks go hand and hand) i must be honest and tell u – i dont have the heart to imagine any more babes and walk us all through the process of how they are tagged, labeled, drugged, tested, molested, invaded, inoculated, marketed, tooted, etc etc etc cuz we ALL already know these things and if we dont by now its cuz we like eating sand and we “think” if we ignore something we can then pretend that INGORance is bliss and absolves us of any responsibility or complicity

but it dont folks

it certainly does NOT in times of moral crisis and this is what we got so as ive said before – i will say it again Wake the #uck up – and if u continue to do nothing, say nothing, contribute nothing – then u are officially part of the problem and that is not cool

and i am not speaking of poliTICKING – we do not need any more folks telling us how to make ASL pretty so its more attractive.  the language is bloody beautiful and hearing folks all over the planet are gobbling it up.  Meanwhile…. it is forbidden fruit to the very folks who will benefit the most

so you may say – i have survived childhood and my children are hearing so i care not so much for the others.

or you may say – i believe the dog and pony shows –  “look i can hear and speak for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE” (kinda, not really, sorta, well… what i mean is… says Sarah in her near perfect pronunciations)

or you may say – i believe rachel’s rants about how if u all just played nice ud have a job and be off of SSI but because u “DEMAND” so much – u r just a worthless and hopeless people

or you may say – i believe one of those studies with an N of 7 that was financed by MAJOR cochlear implant CORPORATION (ahhh the 1%) espousing the falsehoods that CI babies x 2 will make them on par with their hearing peers.

u may say any and all of the above and to which i will say – NOT COOL

it is not cool to only care about yourself and your won

it is not cool to swallow b.s. and deny the truth when wee lives are attached to those truths

it is not cool to tell folks that they have caused their own misery because they have not worked hard enough to be what they are not

it is not cool to sell the notion that if you play along you will not get played and you will be able to get into positions of power to help those down trodden because its untrue – when u play that game u end up being a token and or banging ur head against a wall trying to make a change

its not cool to protect the corporations over the right to be Deaf

Deaf infants, toddlers, children, youth and adults deserve the right to be Deaf and have access to a fully natural and accessible language in addition to English and u can throw in all those other accessories later if u like but the first and foremost fundalmental right is and shall be – the right to FREE speech – to understand and be understood in a FREE language – not one that comes at an astronomical and unjust price with iffy results except for the CEOs and stock holders (until a recall rolls around then they be singing the blues with you too)

so NOPE the babies do not have right to be Deaf because…

they are DENIED this right and that is not cool!

it is alRIGHT to be Deaf – in fact it is dandy – and that is what the manufacturers, specialists, and educators are bloody petrified of – that u all will realize that its cool and good to be Deaf cuz when we and the greater public discovers that (which they are on the threshold of doing so) the companies, and professionals are not looking so slicky and out of commission as in cha ching – ring a ling ling

(maybe this is why when i asked the director of the cochlear implant program at Gallaudet’s Clerc Center why there was no info on their website about any of the CI recalls the reply i got was – well it would be sticky to share that.  really the truth is sticky?  for whom?  hmmmm – to me the truth would be MIGHTY handy for the parents to hand and most especially for the children but hey what do i know – im just a child of a lesser god (no i aint really – i am woman hear me roar  – i dont care what ur bloody dB is ; )

so if anyone else wants to take us through some walks of life of what happens when a baby is DETECTED to be Deaf and the various INTERVENTIONS – please ohhh please do

me – i aint got the heart to keep doing this cuz the answer is way to clear

2nd wave is hEAR folks

so grateful most of u r waking up and shaking up and creating stuff and ROARING!

say it Loud im Big D and Proud

and audism #uck and mucks things up real bad

and meet me in St. Louis … (or don’t the “option” is all yours)




5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. handeyes
    Jan 05, 2012 @ 02:37:37

    ohhh despair – tons of hits today and not one person has argued with me. not one person has said – “you are wrong patti. it is not only alright for us to be Deaf but we have a right to be Deaf. you are just misinformed. it is all good. no worries girl. go back to sleep.”

    boo – its true. we are doomed but…
    thankfully some folks are STANDING and testifying

    we will NOT be denied the right to be Deaf – nuh uh!

    yes i am now commenting to myself. I am a prisoner of hope.



  2. Tim V
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 14:45:37

    You are wrong, patti!

    Happy now? I just said that cuz you wanted somebody to come in to argue with you. Oh, not really, I think this conclusion — although it is sad, is pretty much true today. I guess it is an interesting discussion about the difference between inalienable/innate rights that all humans should have versus rights that the system is giving us.

  3. handeyes
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 23:45:45

    Aw tim i got all excited there for a minute. i thought, “ah someone to come convince me i am wrong – that it aint what is is becoming more evident to be – a SYSTEMATIC attempt to do away with a cultural and linguistic minority.” but alas u too are a truthful fellow and have succumb to the same truth. boo and poo! and thank u

    its a good discussion but its even better when folks let their feet do the talking and walking and SHOW that it is totally not cool to aim to make the demise of a people inevitable especially when it violates their inalienable right to…. BE

    i do thank u for commenting. makes me feel less lonely to know that someone can SEE and bear witness and stand.

    much peace


  4. Matt Llewellyn
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 00:54:30

    Both of my children are deaf and I’m also deaf. Also, both of them have cochlear implants and are doing very well in a hearing school. They don’t need an interpreter and they get along great with the neighborhood kids. I am very grateful there is technology to help them live out in the real world instead of the institution I was raised in.

    Children should not be denied the technology. If they were blind, I’d opt for eyeball implants or whatever would work. Clearly, the blogger is happy being in that little world of hers but she should not expect others to go through that too. The world is much bigger.

  5. handeyes
    Jul 23, 2012 @ 15:18:00

    Matt –

    sorry for the delay in ur comment getting up. i often forget to check pending and first time commentors go to the pending bin.

    I’m happy your children are doing well in school. Pls note the blog is not against technology it is against the ever present push for technology and the push against ASL and being Deaf. Lots of folks have been through hearing schools with and without cochlear implants. I aint advocating for you and your children to be denied technology. i am advocating that folks have the full information and they not be whacked over the head with audism from start to finish. If i was trying to deny you technology – i would be calling for a moratorium on cochlear implants. Instead im just calling for answers and justice. oh and love

    love is good

    re: that Happy little world of mine – it is pretty dang good so thank u for noticing and pls also note that ur assumptions about me, the blogger, are incorrect. I do live in the big ole world and im actually hoping that parents and others will see just how beautifully Deaf folks shine when they are out and about lovin’ and a learnin’. While i have not traveled the globe – i do get around so no worries about me and my wittle wee world – we good. Got passport – will travel

    much peace


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