To Be or Not To Be … Happy New Year

Heye all – happy happy new year to you all.
and yes i am happy.  i am happy cuz we STAND.  no matter what comes our way and lawd or lawd why is that crap being thrown at us on NEW YEARS DAY! crud but no matter – we STAND.
We aint going down without a fight try as they may to diminish, dismiss, eradicate, disenfranchise, undermine, etc etc etc still we stand and…
we might as well start the new year off right.  Yep genetic engineering is the new frontier folks.  CI+AVT are a done deal – they r gonna be in almost every home and we will be regulated to the familiar duty of picking up the pieces.  We will still challenge, we will still bring forth the truth, we will still advocate for the birthright to a fully natural and accessible language but we must also expand our horizons to advocating for the right to birth.
YEP folks r gonna start going FULL force to try to stop Deaf babes from being created.  I kid u not.  its been in the works for a while now.  i have NO idea why so many Deaf folks ran off to get the Connenix 26 tested thinking that they were not getting coded and tagged and marked for eradication.  Cosigning deafness to history – YEP!  that be their aim.
so its on the table – everybody STAND
so below is my comment to a not so nice new year’s editorial questioning if parents should be allowed to select a Deaf child when everyday parents are allowed, expected, encouraged, etc  NOT to select a Deaf baby and no one ever questions that – odd, eh?
to see the eidtorial
lots of other comments there to read too
(Note in copying and pasting my original formatting got lost – so if paragraphs help u process my unique writing style better – just go to the link and scroll down)
you can also see a previous People of the Eye entry about the UK bill (now law) to prevent the implanting of Deaf gametes and 3 videos re: Eugenics
part I is about the UK bill and AG bell
part II is about the Nazi Sterilization law during WW II
part III is about the Nazi abortion and lethal injection and gassing of the “unfit”
so we see “to be or not to be” Deaf rest in our hands
and so we see “to be or not to be” a Happy New Year depends upon YOU

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.~ Gandhi

happy new year folks
——–Dr. Wilkes:
Is it in humanities best interest for govt or parents or doctors to be selecting anyBODY?meaning shouldnt somethings just be?  are we using genetic screening and engineering for a brave new world – either towards breeding MORE “healthy” babies or restricting the right for Deaf genes to be the UK has already passed a law forbidding the use of Deaf gametes for implanting  – those defective ones have to be tossed.  they can not be used.Now i understand ur question about folks actively using genetic engineering to create a designer Deaf baby but really that is a falsehood – no one has done that and no one would be allowed to do that.  The doctors, the systems etc are not gonna allow it.  They wont allow u to toss all the “healthy” gametes to favor the “Deaf” ones only.  But they will allow, encourage, and in some cases legislate that you use ONLY the “healthy” ie “Hearing” ones and toss all the “defective” ie “Deaf” ones.Your worry really should be towards science and medicine pushing to do UNnatural selection.  Deaf folks r on this planet for a reason just as other variations of the human race are here too – we are all mutations – some just show it a bit better than others.  The fact that you choose to frame being Deaf as a societal burden and tragedy is really unbecoming coming from a doctor who put forth the principle of doctoring.see us as human first and as folks who contribute to society – not as disposables or as folks who are making a mad rush to reject Hearing offsprings and only aim to create Deaf ones.  That is not happening at all.  Some Deaf folks might hope for Deaf children – might look for ways to increase the likelihood of having a Deaf offspring but NO Deaf person that i know of has tried to use genetic screening to reject non-Deaf embryos.  Whereas folks (the systems – govt and medical providers) have actively tossed Deaf if u r gonna worry about the future applications of genetic engineering worry about how it is really being used and abused and that is to CREATE DESIGNER “FIT” BABIESand that is bloody eugenics and wrong why isnt their an outcry about that????it might be that doctors by the nature of your work have difficulty seeing Deaf as normal but that is truly how most Deaf people see themselves.  Women, African-Americans, Gays etc have all been saddled with outrageous accusations and falsehoods of being “lesser humans” of having medical / biological conditions that make them a liability to society but we know this is UTTERLY untrueso too we see how folks want to frame Deaf or other different folks as undesirable.  ’tis a pity we cant keep the “human” in HUMANity if we deem to medicate and re-create it in a false image of “perfection” and “normalcy” happy new year – may it be filled with no one deciding who is fit to be made and who is not because once we go down that route its not long before we see “First they came for….”peace & love patti durr

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  1. dianrez
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 16:48:51

    Genetic testing needs to be considered within a moral frame: is it for preventing a devastating condition that inevitably results in death, profound disability, financial ruin, or lifelong suffering? Conditions such as those that result in severe neurological damage resulting in death before age 2, are now being identified.

    Compared to these extreme conditions, selection against deaf babies becomes indefensible. Yet the option is actually being discussed as if it were equivalent. Rather than argue against ALL genetic selection, we need to be able to draw a line somewhere so that in the future, social attitudes and legislation does not include deafness in conditions subject to eugenic selection.

    In doing so, we can force people to conclude that being deaf is neither a biological disaster nor is it even a medical condition. Not even close. And that deaf people have tremendous contributions, including those that come from being deaf itself.

  2. dianrez
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 17:05:25

    This video by Joel Barish is beautiful…it illustrates Deaf adults the world over performing various jobs and life activities. Point made.

  3. dianrez
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 17:06:18

  4. handeyes
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 18:07:08

    Dianrez – thank u for the link – i LOVE it. its champ. rushing to get off line right now so hopefully ill remember to grab that link later and tweet and fb it

    thank u so much for sharing it

    re: ur point about terminal EARLY debilitating / devastating illnesses – i still have problems with a govt or parents saying TOSS

    yes no one should INTENTIONALLY create such but that is not how eugenics is working it generally works as:
    1. create more of the “beautiful people”
    2. prevent more of the “defective people” from being born

    with genetic screening – if testing for various tagged “diseases” or “defections” – parent(S) should be informed – 3 gametes are regular and 1 has this condition

    or 2 gametes have this condition and 1 is regular but might not make it

    what do YOU want to do

    give the parents the choice – in those severe cases

    with the non EARLY terminal and devastating conditions – i say leave it be. dont screen for them and let nature run its course

    but no one is gonna listen to that – that is pre-implanting ETHICAL debates

    we already have prenatal (embryo to fetus growing in uterus) screening via amniocentesis for the purpose of parental choice to abort in cases of Down Syndrome

    in some countries its said people use sonograms to determine gender of child and then abort if its not the gender they want

    surely could be happening in the US

    so how screening gets used and abuses is very tricky

    and i worry about the ultimate goal of genetic screening – it is to PREVENT the creation of differences – it totally is and the more u muck with the gene pool the more complications we r gonna have down the line

    global warming meets gene pool


    re: what Deaf folks contribute to the world – i am ALL for tooting that horn – discovering, uncovering, etc the joys and wonders of ASL, natural sign language, Deaf culture, Deafhood etc etc

    im all for it

    the issue i have is how some folks THINK that proving our worth will somehow make us worthy in others eyes and NOPE folks that is not how it works

    They know we are worthy of life and it is UTTERLY disgusting that they think they can even debate whether or not we have a right to EXIST

    it is utterly disgusting

    Frederick Douglass has a kick butt speeach on Independence Day in Rochester where he says do i need to prove that the Black man is human etc (not his exact words – his words rock – pls do read that speech it is one of my all time fav)

    the point is that the Deaf Gain push rhetoric bugs me a bit only when it says – we have to prove we are worthy to be on this planet

    #uck NO

    no we do not

    nor do women

    nor do folks who have wheelchairs

    nor do Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Transgender

    nor do African-American

    nor do blind folks

    nor do Jewish people

    Prejudice SUCKS and it does not go away by proving that folks have things to contribute to the planet. Yes we must always sign/sing about what we can and do do but we must never do it to validate our existence.

    Jewish folks contributed so so so much to the world and what did Hitler do – have their books burned. he did this cuz their knowledge and skill was scary to him. he then burnt their homes, and their businesses and their temples and their torahs and their bodies – trying to get to their souls.

    Oppressors knew how much women and Black folks could contribute to the world IF they were educated and IF they had opportunities hence they denied them education and forbid them for learning to read and write or once they had those rights then they restricted them via occupation

    it is really critical that we do not prove our worthiness by saying – we r not like other folks who are defective or whose bodies work differently – they dont have a culture and a language like we do. this is true but it doesnt make them any less valuable to this society

    one for all and all for one

    this is my dream

    and dianrez – i will apologize big time to u for this outpouring as ur comment really didnt trigger it in full – its just seeing the “disability” debate. i understand why Deaf folks want to distance themselves from the term and the framing of “DISabled” its important for us to know that folks who are differently abled too dont want to be viewed as being a burden society or that their difference is a liability. they want equality of condition. much as we do and we really should never be getting a boot up by stepping on others. i know u didnt – it just seems in general that folks dont see that and i am wickedly worried about what this world has planned for folks outside of the norm cuz who decides the bloody norm and seriously the “norms” aint doing so good ; )

    peace & love


  5. antonia lindsey
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 18:44:56

    True story: the geneticist who confirmed I had Ehlers Danlos became interested by the Menieres Disease & wanted me to have the Connexin 26 testing. I met AFA around the same time, and a friend in ALDA shared the video, “The End”! I got the paperwork for the Connexin 26 research, read and SAW THE CONNECTION (Connexin 26, medical-corporate genetic control, & put it straight into my shredder. When the need to know has slipped the clutch into the need to control, Mother Nature needs our strong commitment to our own and others diversity. Live Free!

  6. handeyes
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 03:20:15

    yikes Antonia

    really yikes. glad u threaded. See u system folks – we can toss too ; ). LOVE your last lines YEP. mother nature totally needs our strong commitment

    dont know if u have read the book the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks but WOW – this is re: cells and ownership etc

    u know corporations try to OWN DNA so they can control the market for the TESTING on different “disease” DNA for profit and then they can also control the cure

    its sick. they really played some women who had breast cancer who urgently desired to be tested to because their mother had died of breast cancer etc only to find out later that their cells and data would be owned and marketed for profits etc

    i suspect that may be the same push in classifying / isolating / identifying the various Deaf genes

    there is money in them thar ears

    also Crying Hands by horst biesold might be of interest – its about the eugenics movement in Nazi germany but specific to Deaf folks



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