hmmmm what happens w/o lang. & culture

hmmmm what happens w/o lang. and culture

just a couple of famous psychosocial development charts for us to consider when examining the unexamined – what happens when a babe is routinely denied the right to a fully natural language and culture and the right to be… Deaf?????

None of the theories below really mention language because language is an automatic given EXCEPT in extreme neglect or abuse cases (ie Genie and the wild boy of Aveyon –  Victor and other feral children cases)  By and large LANGUAGE is an inalienable right and bare necessity afforded to all children ….except for Deaf children who are routinely denied a fully natural and accessible language under the cloak of doing what is “best” for them (dang ole mask of benevolence) – forever made to “work for their words”

yep there are actually folks out there saying – you have to deny your child the right to a fully natural and accessible language in order to HELP her/him function in society (just yesterday someone told me their parents were required to sign a form that they would raise their child oral / aural ONLY or the doctor would not give them a cochlear implant.  – ahh parental choice!)

now just a few hallmark theories in which we should be asking – what happens if language and identity formation are actively devoid or denied?

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need:
Click the image and ask yourself what happens to all the higher building blocks when an infant is routinely denied her/his physiological need of language and forever made to work for her/his words?

Erikson’s 8 Stages of Human Psychosocial Development:

You can see how each stage is set as a VS. – a this or a that – a conflict and those stages can and do affect the next and the next and the next etc. But the important notion is one of CHOICE and being equipped and free to make our OWN choices.  Unfortunately that is not always the choice for most Deaf children because they are being denied language to understand and be understood by and because they are having devices implanted in them that are stimulus / response conditioning based and now operated by remote control by others (parents, teachers, aides, speech pathologists, audiologists, – everybody but them and its THEIR body)

Erikson’s 8 Stages and Agents of Socialization that influence and interact with these stages:

And you can see from the charts below that the main agents of socialization help determine which way we go in those stages of conflict – to the light or the darkness.  don’t believe me?  just check out Harlow’s study with monkeys of the terry cloth vs. wire & milk fame  (google Harlow monkey youtube and you will get many clips demonstrating the effect of that experiment had on the wee things throughout their development)

we wont even get into the fact that parents are being pressured to put their kids under to get one implant by 1 years old then a 2nd one before 2 years old.

we wont discuss the psychological impact that has on the baby nor the possibility of placebo effect on the parents.

Nor will we discuss the FDA commissioned Mayo Clinic study that shows an alarming increase in the rate of LEARNING DISABILITIES in kids that had two or more surgerys with anethesia befor the age of 2.

Nor will we discuss the affect of remote controlled cochlear implants on infants and toddlers who might later be found to be autistic – what kind of affect is that constant barage of artificial sound, mapping, testing, proding, and prompting, stimulus-response gonna have on a child of whom auditory stimulation can be VERY disorienting and disturbing.  (note: with the universal newborn screening Deaf babies are detected quick like a bunny where as the signs of autism are usually not noted until 2 – 4 years old when many of them have already been implanted)

Cooley’s Looking Glass Self Theory:

Basically Cooley’s theory is how others see me is how i see myself and the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy theory is an extension of that – if folks tell me I’m a looser and I start to see myself as a looser then I start to set myself up for failure and fulfill that prophecy of my looserness (can go the opposite way too – if folks tell me im g-d incarnate, i start to believe im the bomb on crack and doing really bonky things.  this is why its good to have folks around u that will simply tell u the truth – you are beautiful and there is room for improvement ; ) always

There are more theories and experiments that have some bearings on our collective experience – Milgram and Zimbardo’s studies on power, obedience, learned helplessness and abuse come to mind.  Operant condition – OY!  Stereotype threats and social norming also have some application here.  But what we have here now is a pretty good start me think and yes i totally wish someone would create a chart or theory hand tailored to the Deaf experience.  We do have N. Glickman and Maxwell-McCaw examination of Deaf identity formation but that is largely borrowed from other minority group models (Cross etc) – and I’ve never seen any drawing or chart.

Pictures – me like pictures.  Feed me Feed me – I’m hungry – smile.  Pictures and chart help us see the big picture and perhaps leap a little higher and better as we jump at da sun.  So we come up with our own theory – not adapted or measured by Dominant societies standards but rather something of, by and for US.

Truth and love always win – think of it always (loosely from Gandhi)


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  2. Antonia Lindsey
    Dec 19, 2011 @ 19:07:39

    People use mirror neurons. Messing with the brain’s mapping of the body using magnetics changes what the brain-body are doing profoundly between birth up to 6 years. Christina-Marie Virago, Ph.D., an art therapist in oncology discusses it in these words, “Presence is the most important: it builds a field of resonance, It is readily visible when both parties face each other and in a short time their breathing will synchronise; also visible if they both cross their legs: you can see the rhythm of the pulse in the movement ofthe foot, up and down, up and down. It is that space of resonance that a ‘meeting’ occurs: in “the space in between”. When technology interferes with this natural space, we stand to lose so much more than those mere specific gains we crave or measure.

  3. Stephan McLeod
    Dec 19, 2011 @ 19:46:29

    hello! there is a oral school called desert voices school program that would screw up the Maslow and Erikson among deaf children at this school! Anyway i chatted with
    the director of desert voices school, (this program do not use ASL, only teach thru oral!). Odd, she signs very well! After couple of questions about her program, i then asked her what is the stats of your school that goes to public schools verse schools for the deaf, she dont have excat nbr but said high nbr goes to public schools, that lead me to this perfect question, i asked her suppose some children at the end of the five years into your program and dont speak well? She said bright eyed, we do referred them to schools for the deaf. then i asked her thats good but with no or low exposure of ASL which means that those children that you referred to schools for the deaf would have to “start all over” at the age of five. the director said with “taking load off her shoulders” well thats parents choices. of course my tummy growls but had to remain professional, should i write articles about this school with the information of Maslow and Erikson arguement in newspaper/or similar paper to print in local, or try to gather deaf community to write a proposed law into politic to forbid the “denying anyone from their natural Language”? should we check with Ryan C for his suggestions …
    so what would your advice for us to approach the director or oral schools that dont use ASL in a professional ways. Or protest method like one in Wisconsin during the AGBell conv?

  4. handeyes
    Dec 20, 2011 @ 01:49:21

    Antonia – yeah that is what some of the research is showing – even with EARLY implantation the babies are NOT responding the same way as Hearing babies are. when i watch most of the youtube videos of activations or Deaf kids later with CIs – u can see they are still very VISUAL people

    Stephen – im really glad you pursued all those questions. so we see a bit of a run around – the parents say the doctors and the specialists told them go to oral / aural only and i believe the parents.

    When we asked a Cochlear Americas rep why the CI + AVT / oral aural only push – she said “its the professionals not the CI co. that says that”

    u are saying this Oral school rep said – its the parents who want this

    here we go round the mullberry bush with no one owning up for their role in this – wow.

    Id follow the stock options ; )

    re: what to do do? – maybe brainstorm with some local folks. what i have seen work most effectively is to communicate in writing what demands you want and then to pursue peaceful and direct action to get the MEDIA aware of the issue as well as the public – direct action can involve a demonstration, rally, march, petition, sit in etc etc.

    best wishes and pls keep me posted.

    thanks for caring about this topic



  5. ridor
    Dec 21, 2011 @ 04:11:16

    This is great — informative entry. Expect me to tweet about it as well!


  6. handeyes
    Dec 22, 2011 @ 16:04:16

    Ridor – thanks.
    By the way a couple of years ago i was looking for an image of maslow’s hierarchy of needs for a presentation i was gonna give at CSUN applying the Deaf journey the the Maslow framework and lo and behold i stumbled upon one of ur blog entries discussing it and i thought dang – who is this guy.

    See ridor – i know u got good noodles and a good heart – u just hid it sometimes. The heart! i seriously dont like the bashing u do to folks nor the mocking of folks who have less education or English fluency. The charts in this entry kinda exemplify that MUCH has been denied to the Deaf child that Hearing babies automatically get.

    u were born into a family that gave u ASL and also gave u a good sense of what it means to be a Deaf person and how that is dandy to be Deaf and handy to have ASL. Not everyone got that.

    And even the folks who do get that – they then move out for the bossom of family (which even if Deaf still have their own baggage about ASL and Deaf identity due to their own upbringing) and wham they meet the doctor, the specialist, the teacher, the teachers aid, the TV program that never shows anyone like them on it EVER (today that is changing ya hoo) but when most of us grew up that was the case

    im just trying to illustrate how:
    1. folks need more love and less beating up
    2. yes we are obligated to challenge and examine the unexamined
    3. we gotta come from love when we do it

    folks may watch u but they also watch out for u. that is no way to live

    an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

    u r a good man – use your super powers to challenge OPPRESSION and EXAMINE the UNEXAMINED. please stop the bashing. it doesnt serve u, the greater good, or the targets of your disaffection.

    it makes your credibility plummet and ur message untrustworthy.

    yes this is all my opinion and not facts and u can argue that u have to do it this way but i do KNOW there is a better way and so do u. it just will require that u stretch a bit.

    set up a borowitz type channel / blog to get the sarcasm out and the piss and vinegar and keep ridor9th for green laterns and also for all ur political and cultural commentaries

    they are important but i cant watch them cuz sometimes u are awful mean and unjust.

    im sorry to put that out here. i have told u such many times privately and i know u dont even know me but i do love ya ridor. come to the light – u will shine.

    and im sure u r saying “#ucking #ucktard – why did i even leave a #ucking comment at her lame a## holier than thou blog that wench….”

    its ok – i just cant not say nothing cuz i suck at pretending everything is fine. blame it on the menopause its like a bloody truth serum ramped up to the max.



  7. David Jonsson
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 19:48:59

    I like what you said about learned helplessness. We become dependent on hearing culture and hearing aids when we are colonized and denied sign language. Then the capitalist device manufacturers step in to make profits. AGBell started his whole mess, but thanks to blogs like this, we are becoming aware and empowered. Thank you!

  8. handeyes
    Dec 24, 2011 @ 18:21:08

    Heye David –

    learned helplessness is a big beast to slay – no doubt. And yep that is how they work it – claim our independence is via our dependence on their artificial aids which get them CA CHING A RING A LING $$$ profits but get Deaf folks feeling incomplete and always chasing that holy grail when in fact it was inside us all along.

    thank u for all ur good blogging. keep singing our songs of freedom.

    may ur new years be filled with self-love via self-acceptance and peaceful ACTivism.



  9. D
    Jan 28, 2012 @ 20:10:52

    Hi PDurr,

    Good blog.

    There is one major component of Cooley’s looking glass self that you did not mention; how the self wants to perceive one to others as a social identity. You mention the confluence of others toward the self and how the self adapts one’s identity based on external influences, but simultaneously, the self negotiates with what they want to portray to society.

    Goffman’s spoiled identity and identity management is also very relevant to your discussions. Keep it up!


  10. handeyes
    Jan 28, 2012 @ 22:02:35

    heye D – who the heck r u? HUH HUH? smile

    inquiring minds wanna know. alwighty u dont gotta tell me but if ever we meet up pls do introduce urself and explain that u is the person who brings facts, truths and wisdom and go by “D” – alwighty? pretty please

    re: Cooley’s – u r right – i only show a bit of it. do u got an illustration or chart that could go along with this other part?

    re: Goffman – id love to talk Goffman, Gilbert, Barth re: identity formation, culture, and community etc and also Glickman and Maxwell-McCaw re: Deaf identity formation but i was looking for charts / images / visuals to make all that big stuff come down to the practical where its priceless

    any tips of where to find such???

    and u can call me Patti – even if i dont know who u is – no need to call me pdurr



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