Do something!

heye all

i want to shout out a bit about the dangerous trend going on in our country and internationally

the natives r restless and the SYSTEMS are getting repressive

this is what usually happens in times of economic troubles

and there are troubles folks with a big ole capital T

dont let your banks “free love” bs of a nice ole credit line fool u

dont let the bank of a me i can backing down on the $5 charge make u think its all good now because i got my way on that one time

nope – that aint how it works.  the message now is STAND STRONGER and

See Time Mag - person of the year. if u protested any injustice this year - that is YOU on the cover. take a bow and stand up again and again.


(and yes im very aware of the flame war going on about some lack of signing in a gally video and some over abundance of signs for hearing and speech – and NO  it is not an ant hill nor a mole hill.  it is important and folks should take a stand about it.  Right now i think they doing just fine and if they need me they know where to find me so im gonna put me eyes and heart on what is troubling me right now)

NOTE: you totally want to buy an issue of Time Mag. person of the year – cuz its us.  Folks who STAND and protest injustice and the article about the street vendor, Mohamed Bouazizi, who one year ago today ignited the light of folks taking to the streets for economic and social justice by lighting himself on fire in Tunisia is very important – among many other stories of ordinary people doing out of the ordinary things.

the national defense authorization act NDAA

u dont know what it is?  well u should cuz it could be coming for u.  It is basically a new bill that Obama is likely to sign that allows for Americans to be picked up and held without trial on charges of terrorism

and who defines terrorism?

and what happened to our mighty and precious Bill of Rights – several of them of which ensure due process and fairness huh huh huh?

See NDAA Bill Aims to Suppress Internet Freedom from the International Business Times (yes i get my news from reputable sources not bloggers)

Is the NDAA virtually empowering the US govt to perform acts of terrorism on its own citizens whom they suspect of terrorism and what of the folks who get caught up in this system unjustly or accidentally? hmmm

Anonymous (the hacker network and not the folks who have no courage to use their own name when leaving stupid comments here and there)pledges to expose Senator Portman (R-Ohio) who introduced this bill and has big money (> $200,000) from various groups that support the NDAA (like all the co. that make stuff for riot control and police gear etc)

The ACLU has out a call for folks to email President Obama and sayVETO this viciousness – its a simple form letter and u just fill in some blanks.  The ACLU is a reputable system or u can scope around for some others that u might like.  Even the tea partyers are not happy with this bill so folks get Obama to remember that Declaration of Independence and US Constitution that he loved so dearly when he came into office.

Bradley Manning

the young guy who got a bunch of the truths about our unjust wars out to Wikileak is facing military trial.  His lawyer is requesting the chief investigator (judge?) to recuse himself due to conflicts with his prior role with the Dept of Justice but he said no.  Manning has suffered some VERY bad treatment while in the various military prisons.

So we see the reason why the NDAA is not sweet.  Even when u get a trial – it aint always good now imagine when u dont even get one.

And the US charging others for revealing their dirty dealings and  well – its complicated aint it?

Transcript is below the video box

Veterans: 7 Facts about our veterans that will shock you

this is a poster out from  if u feel there is nothing u can do today  – i hope at least after u click the link below and read the 7 facts – you will click the twitter and facebook buttons to help these facts get circulated

we gotta get the truth out there

Deaf folks in prison:

im worried folks – im really worried about the “justice” system and Deaf folks.  Just the wee bit of experience i have had “within” the system – be arrested, detained, imprisoned, bailed out, arraigned, pre-trialed, trial (kinda), awaiting trial – i cant help but look around and see who is the average person in the system (not folks in there for exercising their constitutional rights and engaging in civil disobedience to right the wrongs of restricking free speech and assembly) i see that the folks in the system are predominantly disenfranchised folks – usually poor (most have public defenders), from an ethnicity, race, or nationality other than whitebread US of A, some speak other languages, and we gotta ask how did they get here and how r the gonna get out of this vicious cycle cuz there is little correct about the correctional system.  and now i worry – over the top worry about Deaf folks in this system

John T. Williams mural in Seattle, WA. Photo: Creative Commons/

if Deaf folks can be shot down and killed on city streets in broad day light by police officers simply because they did not heed the call to stop cuz they couldnt HEAR IT – well i gotta worry.  Shot with bullets and now with stun guns.

Imagine pepper-spray in the eyes of a Deaf person.  This is not cool nor funny folks.

this is SERIOUS

now imagine them handcuffed BEHIND THE BACK and not given an interpreter cuz the law doesnt require it except for interrogation.  yep it is not even REQUIRED for miranda rights and for interrogation it does not have to be a certified interpreter.

Qualified is the buzz word and is defined by “effective communication” and who determines what “effective” is?  hmmm

and gosh forbid u got a family member who wants to get rid of u

this is the 2nd time ive read of a family member falsely accusing an innocent Deaf person and sending them to prison unjustly and unendingly

so not cool (see the castration and incarceration case of junius wilson) and this article in Mother Jones

im a thinking – once my case is all done re: the standing in the park after dark issue – im gonna start pushing and a hollering at our various Deaf legal folks to get the #uck busy about Videophone upgrading in police stations and jails and about Deaf folks defining what effective communication is – NOT the “systems”

unrelated to prison but related to who defines effective communication – i just learned of a case of a teenage Deaf kid in which the school district has decided “reasonable accommodations” for his education are to have an aid sit and when he cant understand the teacher to look at the aid who will then mouth what he missed.

Yep folks yep

it is insane and inane beyond words

so Do something – would ya

i will to – i promise

note: no wonder the govt wants to crack down on the internet – look at all the things i done learned this morning and i aint even had my cup of joe yet.

knowledge IS power

psst – i know this blog has got lots of typos – ill try to come tidy up later but i spent too much time finding images and the woods call.  so off i go.

– at the very least folks – consider joining or renewing ur amnesty international membership – its a gift u can give urself and humanity

Amnesty International POWerful animated short film

much peace



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dianrez
    Dec 17, 2011 @ 15:57:55

    Bless you, Patti, for reminding us that social justice should be top priority for all of us, Deaf and Hearing alike. What affects any one can doubly affect a Deaf person, and what affects any Deaf person can happen to anyone else also.

    All of us have had experiences that *could* have turned out badly. Remember every time we were treated rudely, had an upsetting encounter with a less-than-interested cop, or been discriminated against, but just happened to be lucky enough to come through relatively unscathed. We shouldn’t forget about these events. They happen to others who fare badly as a result. Every time we uphold social justice, it WILL come back to benefit us and others close to us.

    When we send letters to politicians involved with legislation, we are acting effectively. Each signature is worth over 1,000 potential voters and they DO listen. Take five minutes and use the easy links here to add your valuable input.

  2. handeyes
    Dec 18, 2011 @ 14:02:23

    Bless YOU Dianrez – totally always appreciate ur comments and this one is pretty much the heart beat of why we r on this planet

    yesterday i joined the march with the Occupy rochester folks from the farmers market to the Military Recruiters office on main street back to the encampment in Washington Square Park with my pal. COLD COLD. it is cold these days, eh.

    but warm in spirit. they are mighty upset about the imprisonment and torture of Bradley Manning and stopped to discuss it with any one who wanted to know and it is amazing to know how much we dont know

    i myself knew of this whistleblower but didnt really recall his name or know his fate of late

    it doesnt look good folks and that shouldnt be the price he pays for truly serving his country by letting the truth be told

    thank u so much for encouraging folks to sign the ACLU link / letter to Obama re: vetoing NDAA

    on my FB yesterday i put a bunch of links re: NDAA and also a video clip of police literally throwing a guy to the ground for dancing in the Thomas Jefferson memorial in DC last may – this was pre-occupy movement so what is up with this cracking down on FREE PEACEFUL expression

    its weird and a wee bit frightening and that is how terrorism truly works so if the govt wants to pass NDAA – they might end up getting detained indefinitely themselves

    not smart wise just or cool

    thanks again dianrez



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