The War in Iraq is OVER!

The War in Iraq is officially over

More than 9 years

More than 4,400 US Soldiers killed

More than 32,000 US Soldiers seriously wounded

More than 66,0oo Iraqi civilians killed

More than 23,ooo insurgents killed

More than 15,000 Iraqi security forces killed

More than $823 billion U.S. dollars spent

0 Weapons of Mass Destruction found

Below im embedding one out of four “Best of…” Coming Home videos submitted by families of returning soldiers – powerful stuff – pls do go to the coming home blog site for the other videos.  they are important

I want to thank all the soldiers who served our country.  This war has been a huge sacrifice on the families and loved ones.  We must also remember the folks who will not be coming home.  It breaks my heart.  BREAKS IT.

I most especially think of CODA Kevin Mowl.  Always.


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  1. Antonia Lindsey
    Dec 16, 2011 @ 19:03:55

    These lovely families being reunited, the brave safely home, it is wrenching. I am so grateful to see them reunited, as it is mainly sons & daughters of the poor & middle class who fight the wars of the ultrawealthy. Those who love the soldiers and stand for Peace are blessed but often not treated so when warmongering aggressive insanity and addiction to greed lies beneath the surface of sword rattling for righteousness (the great misdirection that much of the nation reacted to). How wonderful for these who have made it home safely to loved ones! No one deserves to die for greed. No one. And no one deserves arrest for standing up for our constitution, Patti. Wonderful that your stand for Peace is also expressed in appreciation for the safety of those who serve.

  2. Shel
    Dec 17, 2011 @ 01:50:23

    This Christmas will be a wonderful one for the homecoming soldiers and their families!

  3. handeyes
    Dec 17, 2011 @ 04:18:32


    aint that some #hit – that these men and women have been called to go overseas into harms way to fight for democracy in a country that didnt want it while our democracy is being slowly eroded?

    check out the National Defense Authorization Act folks – they be coming for u soon

    thank u for all u wrote. it did make me cry – truly did. many folks dont get me so its nice to see when folks do and do do in their own ways from their own home fronts.

    got STAND – yep u do.

    Shel – yep i think it will be a very memorable Hanukah, Christmas, Diwali etc for these returning soldiers and their families

    i tell ya i was watching all those videos last night with tears streaming down my face.

    Z said to me – why r u watching these? i can barely reply – im sobbing. I finally master “cuz we should. we should all know what folks have done for us and we should all remember those who wont have those embraces”

    seriously this was too great of a cost

    im really sad our country did this

    im glad its ended

    just wish it was much much much sooner

    1 down

    1 more to go

    war sucks folks

    i aint kidding

    i aint ever been in one but i have listened to plenty of vets and survivors of war and they all say “its hell” and even though i aint been there – i know its true

    so yep – its a good gift to them and to our country cuz ya basta with that

    thank u both and hug urselves and the folks close to u extra tight this holiday and whisper a prayer of gratitude that one war concludes

    Added: Shel – i still remember one of my Canadian students teaching my class about the “friendly fire” by the US that killed 8 Canadians

    not cool – definitely not cool

    love you



  4. Sheena Glovier
    Dec 20, 2011 @ 07:14:46

    I am happy that the war in Iraq is finally over. It has been 9 long years for Americans and their families. We have lost so many soliders for a war that we never should have even been a part of. The U.S. has a thing about trying to fix everyone except their own land. Now maybe we can focus on what is really the issue here. That being our hungry, homeless, uneducated americans.

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