Misc – Gally’s Brainy Lab, EHDI, & Birthdays

heye all

an assortment of good stuff for ya

1.Gallaudet has a super new cool lab – ya hoo cuz a Deaf mind is a HORRIBLE thing to waste!


Petitto and her team will study the acquisition and neural processing of ASL, the optimal conditions for bilingual language development, the effects of early bilingual language exposure on the developing brain, and its functions. The team will also investigate the ways that the age of first bilingual language exposure can both impact and benefit the brain’s neural circuitry for language and higher cognition, and how young monolingual and bilingual children develop the capacity of reading. ~ From Gallaudet University News

2. EHDI and parental choice and the Truth

lots of good v/blogging, video making, and visual art out and about examining the unexamined of how the SYSTEM (ie EHDI) routes the parents straight to the fix it up chappies and how the denial of a fully natural and accessible language is NOT cool.  (Psst this is why ASL is still alive and rocking folks cuz it IS survival of the fittest – ASL fits Deaf folks hands like a glove so no matter how much u try to suppress and repress it – it keeps on a coming on back so ya might as well do the RIGHT JUST AND GOOD THING and give it to the kiddies while their minds are fresh and nimble.  and if u refuse to – well darlings that SPEAKS VOLUMES now dont it?)

so for the good stuff:

CSD Newsletter is FULL to the BRIM with good information for parents and also resources – Knowledge is Power – download it folks deaf-baby

Note it has a chart from an Australian Baby Hands website but the chart info is originally from a Baby Sign Shines website and if u scroll down in this link u will see a list of great publications examining the values of baby signs


VIDEO – Rachel Benedict for ASLized – Early Intervention: The Missing Link


this link has audio added -the original video which has over 23,000 hits and was FULLY accessible via ASL and text English (on the screen and as a transcript in the more information box) now also has audio so really no one can say they didnt know or they didnt have access.  All da bases be covered now.

The Newborn Hearing Screening (2011) by Nancy Rourke (c) click image to enlarge and see Nancy's text description of the work

VISUAL ART – Nancy Rourke is creating a series entitled “The Right to Be Deaf” and has just released her first installment “The Newborn Hearing Screening” – its awesome so i had to sing a bit about it meself

VLOG – my vlog Discussion of N. Rourke’s The Newborn Hearing Screening

VLOG – WHAT? by Jeffrey Roberts (Signed and Spoken) – Examining denial of the right to a fully natural and accessible language and Deaf folks and allies commitment to combating injustice


BLOG – People of the Eye – has several entries up here re: EHDI


BLOG – My Child is Deaf by Jeffrey Roberts at The Terlinguan


3. Happy birthday to u … happy birthday to u…. happy birthday dear Veditz, TH Gallaudet, and M Cogswell… happy birthday to ….

Yesterday was Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet birthday (Dec 10, 1787).

Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet 1816 (2011) by Nancy Rourke (c)

Tommy is the guy who sailed the ocean blue only to be turned off and away by the oral-aural ONLY methods of the British Braidwood family so hopped over to Paris France and ended up importing to the U.S. of A – French Sign Language and a master Deaf teacher with a healthy dose of D – Laurent Clerc.

It is also the 250th birth anniversary of Dr. Mason Cogswell (Alice Cogswell’s dad who helped to finance Thomas’ trip to Europe and the founding of the American School for the Deaf for the love of his Deaf daughter, Alice).

And the 150th birth anniversary of Deaf activist, leader, and all around great guy – George W. Veditz (see ya in colorado springs come Aug 13 folks when we welcome his 151 year in)

Next year will be Abbe Charles-Michel de L’Epee 300 year birth anniversary.  Who says we are one generation thick ;  ).  L’Epee is the ally who founded the first public school that used sign language for Deaf children.

Also Alice Hagemeyer – one of the most active and loyal Deaf librarians we (Library for Deaf Action and FOLDA) got organized a very special event on Dec 3 at the MLK Jr memorial Library in DC to kick off the Clerc-Gallaudet week

go to http://dcdeaf.org/wp/?p=2425 to see the details (hope video will go up some day) featured speakers were: Diana Moore Re: Alice Cogswell’s first teacher (Sigourney), Dr. Barbara Kannapell re: Deaf Experience at School, Jack and Rosalyn Gannon re: A World of Deaf Leaders, and NAD CEO Howard Rosenblum and Gallaudet’s Provost Dr. Stephen Weiner discussed Deaf Education and American Sign Language Today.

Lots of Great Local sponsors for the event.

so biggest thanks to all the folks who are combating the bad stuff by bringing forth the good stuff

thank u big picture people


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. D
    Dec 11, 2011 @ 19:24:25

    Petitto is brilliant. I wonder if the NSF would have funded GU if it was not for her reputation. I am thrilled that she is a part of this project and know she will bring great things to the research.

    EHDI…such a double edged sword, eh? It seems that there is one thing that both oral/aural/avt camp and asl/sign-based camp agree on…early detection! Now, of course, the journey and outcome once detecting deafness highly contrasts. I ain’t worried because I do believe in the spirit of Veditz, as long as there are deaf people on Earth, there will always be sign language…unless the c-26/dna engineering becomes the norm (as is with “mental retardation”) then I think we deaf community have a true biz challenge here. As you know, pregnant mothers now can “detect” mental retardation and have the approval of the doctor to abort the baby (insurance would pay for it)….could this happen the same with the c-26? Definitely scary.

    Is it ironic that the EHDI conference is at St. Louis? It has three premier oral schools (arguably all three in the top 5 best oral schools in the world in CID, St. Joesph and Moog School for the deaf). The drum beats on for change….


  2. Me
    Dec 11, 2011 @ 19:53:33

    Petitto’s lab is part of VL2, funded by NSF. The lab was funded before they even had the idea that she would come.

  3. deafchipmunk
    Dec 11, 2011 @ 19:57:24

    Oh yes, Laura Ann Petitto is one of the best scientists who proves the practice of Oralism does not work. We need many scientists like her. I met with her several times and at her lab in the University of Toronto before she moved to Gallaudet. She is awesome. University of Toronto’s loss is Gallaudet’s gain! But overall, it is ASL and Deaf’s gain!

  4. Patti
    Dec 11, 2011 @ 20:29:21

    Yep petitto’s work is grand. Seems from the link she helped nab the brain money which is your point so yahoo to gally for getting her. As Deafchip notes – its gally and all of our gain for folks to be exploring this stuff. Ah what the Deaf brain has to offer – additive model over a deficit model. Ya hoo and pah
    Re st Louis and coincidence – what is it that V has to say about coincidence q
    Re genetic engineering yep that is the next wave we gotta watch out for and as Veditz besieged upon us – don’t just love ASL – we gotta defend it too

    Thank ya all and see u in st Louis ; )


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