The Missing Link is YOU – ASLized video

ahhh goodness to hit me inbox.  Thank you ASLized (ya all definitely want to bookmark their website and visit it often as well as subscribe to their youtube account

Their latest video just released today relates to Intervention (see my past post re: the search for the “I” in Intervention if ur not familiar with the whole EHDI thingy).  In this ASLized video researched and ASLized by Rachel Benedict – she is proposing that the “I” not be intervention but rather “Involvement” and by involvement she means – Deaf folks, ASL, and the radical notion that Deaf folks are normal.  SWEET!

Nothing about us without us, eh?

The missing link is you – its true!

Yep we gotta tell the parents the truth.  it is OK and Dandy to be Deaf and ASL is handy.  Word UP!

Thank u ASLized and Rachel Benedict for their early holiday present.

Pass it on folks – we gotta share the good stuff to combat the bad and bogus.


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  1. dianrez
    Dec 02, 2011 @ 16:13:12

    It’s being shared on my facebook page already…
    This video has another important function: to show how completely the auditory-medical complex has taken over what should be a social and educational area. It shows very clearly how oppressive the current attitudes about deaf children have become.

    A paradigm shift is badly needed to shake up old and tired notions about fixing deaf children and treating them as special education problems.

  2. handeyes
    Dec 02, 2011 @ 18:23:00

    thanks for passing it on dianrez and also for mentioning the meat of the video is an examination of the often “un”examined – how the SYSTEM (the auditory-medical complex) has taken over the process etc

    and u r right – it is MIGHTY old and needs to be shaken up – the Fixation on fixings is NOT COOL.

    i especially appreciate how clearly rachel states that is is NOT the parents fault. Yes sure there are a few parents who are dogmatic and stringent and unyielding and unaccepting of their Deaf child but by and large most of the parents are just eager to get busy learning the hand-talk so they can communicate with their darlings and to ensure that their child can read the world so they can in turn read the word



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