EHDI – What does the “I” really mean?

29 November 2011  – EHDI – What does the “I” really mean?

(Note: updated Dec 4, 2011)

EHDI stands for Early Hearing Detection & Intervention and falls under the auspice of the Center for Disease Control

[-yes, folks Deaf is a disease to be controlled.  Didn’t ya know know?]

And this entry – we are discussing EHDI the national system and not EHDI the wee conference

Some Facts a la the CDC’s own Fact Sheet on their EHDI Program:

  • FY2010 funding for EHDI services is appx. $11 million.
  • 75% of funding is distributed to state programs.
  • Appx. $8.5 million awarded to states in FY2008 and FY2009.
  • Current funding levels are needed to ensure states’ timely reporting to assist families in need.
  • Cost estimates for future enhancements to EHDI tracking & surveillance systems are an additional $2.5 million in year 1 and $8.8 million annually in years 2-5, for a total of $37.7 million.

from EHDI Fact Sheet Final pdf

How much of all that funding has gone for ASL+English intervention – i can NOT find ANY evidence of EHDI funding going for such.  HELP!  i hope im just overlooking.  So can you give me a hand or two – no need to lend me an ear or two – they, the CDC and the NIH, got the ears covered.  It’s the hand+eyes im a wondering about.  Especially since we already know that children (Deaf and/or Hearing) who are given a fully natural and accessible language as babies – do mighty fine later in life.  MIGHTY fine.

here is a link to a listing of CDC EHDI funded research:

Wanna see see where the EHDI systems be be? – check it out

see for a map of various states and the state their EHDI program is in

And check out all the side buttons at the Center for Disease Control EHDI pages re: Facts, Screening and Diagnosis, Types of Hearing Loss, Treatment and Intervention, Data and Statistics, Articles, Research and Tracking (yes, Tracking and Surveillence, folks), Recommendations and Guidelines – well that is precious because there is NO (as in nada) mention of American Sign Language – NOTHING.  yes, i really thought there would be SOMETHING.  Geez – im a hopeless hoper – aint i?

So it seems the “I” for intervention is all the medical stuffy and accessories and you have to scroll way down for the little blurb about Learning Language and when you click that you finally see mention of ASL amongst a bunch of other communication methods (which are ALL English only based).

Since knowledge is power – ya all can scope around on the internet and check out what type of studies, programs and intervention CDC IS funding

its all mighty interesting folks

Then ask yourself the hard question – aint it odd how the EHDI mandate of tag, track and surveillance the babies coincides with the resurgence of oral-aural only schools and programs.


also im not seeing any mention of Cochlear Implant recalls for failing cold and failing hot.  Nor do i see any information on the latest study out of the Mayo clinic that shows a marked increase in learning disabilities of children who had two or more surgeries and anesthesia before the age of two.   I would think that the Center for Disease Control would want to make sure that parents are aware that CI can create problems instead of cure them.  The Truth and Nothing but the Truth.

I’m also wondering how govt funded programs can be promoting and endorsing programs and methods that actively exclude a natural and fully accessible language for Deaf children – especially in light of the four international documents that say that linguistic and cultural rights are part of human rights and especially in light of all the research that shows that being bi – or multi lingual is might fine as in handy and dandy.

Nothing wrong with folks wanting their babies to speak and hear some – i know plenty of Hearing and Deaf parents that desire that for their children but it should never be at the expense of providing the child with a fully natural and accessible language (ASL) along with English

and since some folks had NO idea that Oralism was making a come back – we present to you the truth! and no it is not relative – it is a FACT.  You can face it or ya can do an about face and try to do a defamation dance.  It matters not – facts are facts and the fact is many organizations and researchers have shown that the active denial of a fully natural and accessible language is NOT COOL.

Map of Oral education Schools

Listing of Option Schools (this are Oral / aural only schools)

There is more – like connect the dots with the folks who have been behind the push for newborn hearing screening and their stock, business, foundations and investments in all the gadgets for the screening and various systems, devices, and services associated with “intervention”

but heye – we can only take so much truth in a day, eh?


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

~ The Lorax


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Andy Lange
    Dec 02, 2011 @ 00:23:12

    “There is more – like connect the dots with the folks who have been behind the push for newborn hearing screening…”

    I know that some years ago, NAD pushed for early hearing screening and intervention. Guess it didn’t go the way NAD planned it back then?

  2. handeyes
    Dec 02, 2011 @ 16:22:16

    Heye andy

    I do know that the NAD has pushed early screening and intervention etc and yes i agree with your guess – that is probably hasnt played out as the NAD had planned or hoped – meaning that their push was for the “I” part to be “Involvment” and “inhancement” even people tried to change the sign from “intervening / interrupting” but still the system by and large is a push for auditory / oral FIXation

    new video out by Rachel Benedict for ASLized might be of interest

    Early Intervention: The Missing Link

    in terms of who has stock, businesses, foundations and investments in all the gadgets for the screening and various systems, surgery and devices, and services associated with “intervention” – NAD is not it

    we keep looking to see the dots while also celebrating the good stuff and truths folks r bringing forward

    we STAND

    Deaf is GRAND



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