Thanks & Giving

22 November 2011

heye all

our national holiday approaches.  Happy Thanksgiving to u all.

Thanksgiving = Gratitude is the memory of the heart. ~Jean Baptiste Massieu

As 2011 was about to begin – i did a vlog and blog entry re: gratitude if u wanna (re)visit that one

(NOTE: i noticed the images take a bit of time to load when viewing on the iphone so – take the time.  its worth it folks.  Pix r everything and check out the Ds over at Deafhood Discussions Facebook!  me so happy)

Facade by Warren Miller

this entry is gonna be about how sometimes we wear a facade that i hope we will all shed someday and just be truthful and loveful.  Ya see sometimes we pretend.  I still do – sometimes ill be nodding me head like a bobble head on a dashboard and then a person with me will say “what did they say?” and i’ll reply “i have no idea” smile.  Geez

We started young in the audiology booth – guessing at those spondee test prompts – “Now say the word BASE BALL.  Now say the word ICECREAM” (see Nancy Rourke, Betty G. Miller, and Chuck Baird’s works examining this common collective experiences for us People of the Eye.  They serve as visual testimonies of how we kinda learned to fake it until you make it at a wee age or dont even bother trying)

While in the bosom of my family i generally do mighty fine – why? cuz LOVE.  Love is all you need.  But thankfully i have never been from a clan that had those HUGE gatherings with tons of folks you only see once a year or less and you might not even have any relations to but for those who do – oy that is a time to feel the dinner table syndrome amplified.  So i thought id share with you one of Warren Miller‘s great pieces.  He created it after a holiday gathering with his wife’s family and felt –

Family Tradition by Warren Miller

boo disenfranchised.  Note – Warren speaks and uses a hearing aid but we all know group settings are HARD.  (See AG Bell and co.  speaking and listening is not the answer to all our troubles – ending audism is).  Warren also has the lovelest ASL that had laid dormant for nearly 30 years until his visit to NTID and with each passing day i could see a new and lovely glow return to his finger tips and his heart – i kid u not.  He was glowing.

Now back to the artwork – So after remarking to his hearing wife about that black sheep / odd-man-out-ness – she said PAINT IT.  I aint never met this woman yet but i already know i love her smile.  Any partner that says – sing those songs of freedom instead of saying “well…” ” but they mean well” “but… dont be a pain in the butt” and a partner that says – PAINT IT  – well i think we owe this person something cuz that is what u want if u r an artist – a supportive partner that knows getting the good and the bad out is what its all about.

Warren to me seems like a super cool guy.  it was my first time meeting him when he was at NTID to present and give a workshop along with Nancy Rourke.  They have an awesome show up at the Dyer Arts Center which runs until December 16, 2011.  Some of his works remind me of pop De’VIA artist, Ann Silver.  As is often the case, Warren had never seen Ann’s work before – collective conscious/conscience rocks folks.

As i was admiring all of Warren and Nancy’s works in the show, when i came to Warren’s Family Tradition, i said “ahhhh the dinner table syndrome.”  During his presentation Q and A period someone inquired about the work and he shared about his experience and wife’s challenge.  He then mentioned his inspiration for the composition was Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Want work.  Very cool.  (NOTE: Rockwell had many political pieces – the Freedom From Want is from the “Four Freedoms” also called “Four Essential Human Freedoms”  Warren’s work shows a “want for equal access”)

So folks i hope you do have a very very very happy thanksgiving.  Its true that we do have much to be thankful for – chief amongst them are to be thankful to our: 

artists and activists

Thank you all – take a bow.

And just be thankful that Sgt. Pepper Spray probably wont be coming into your homes this thursday yet (but also remember “first they came for…”  since the 1st amendment seems to mean nothing of late (see the arresting and roughing up and pepper spraying of journalists and peaceful protesters) maybe the 3rd and 4th amendments will be beaten down to nothing soon too.  link to St. Pepper spray at Thanksgiving version 1 version 2 version 3)

A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.” ~ Gandhi 

And while we are all taking a break from our busy and hectic lives to remember to be thankful for our friends and families – i hope we will also remember that Thanksgiving is a tradition born out of our later mistreatment of the original Native Americans and that the origins of our American civil liberties are being trampled upon and dismantled as we speak (maybe drop off some warm blankets or food for ur local minute men and women at ur nearest park – or we can just focus on what we want to BUY $ on Black Friday.  But i do hope you will remember – that THIS LAND WAS MADE FOR YOU AND ME.  and that includes me and you.  Made to love and respect – not to destroy and rape – gosh i hate fracking folks!  it makes the earth quake and mucks up the water supply BIG time.  No clear water – not truth folks!

“As I went walking, I saw a sign there,

And on the sign it said “No Trespassing.”

But on the other side it didn’t say nothing,

That side was made for you and me.


In the Shadow of the steeple I saw my people,

By the relief office I seen my people;

As they stood there hungry, I stood there asking

Is this land made for you and me?


Nobody living can ever stop me,

As I go walking that freedom highway;

Nobody living can ever make me turn back,

This land was made for you and me.”

~ Woody Guthrie

thank you mother nature

peace & LOVE,

\||,/ Patti


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