In the News – Things to Know, Do, Value and Commemorate

In the News – Things to Know, Do, Value and Commemorate


image of Dr. Hauser and superimposed brain via NTID articlethe Deaf brain – isn’t it lovely?  Dr. Hauser and his Deaf Studies Lab at NTID/RIT says YES IT IS.  and i agree and we already knew this but since some folks demand proof – i am so glad, thrilled, and thankful Dr. Hauser and his team is singing those truths!

I showed the article to some students and they are like – I want a copy.  I’m gonna show my parents.  They were like “I have a DEAF BRAIN”  so proud they were practically beaming.

See – see folks its good to be Deaf!


NAD updates its ambassador contest to be about character and commitment and not about Miss anything – ya hoo and PAH!

Mayor Richards of Rochester NY is now granting the Occupy Rochester folks the right to be in the park

Image of RIT Reporter magazine photographer getting arrested in violation of Free press (note his tshirt even identified him as a reporter)


Civil Disobedience works folks.

Still not sure if the charges against the 48 peaceful protestors will be dismissed – stay tune on that item.

added: new article about the DA’s refusal to dismiss charges against the RIT college Reporter magazine photographer who is in the pix above  Freedom of press anyone?

Ya might not think this news item has any Deaf connection but… a Deaf person was arrested (me) and some access issues did exist and we are all interconnected so if u dont think the Occupy Movement or our U.S. economy or political landscape effects you – ohhh goodness and badness – think again matey.

Also Leah Katz-Hernandez spells out the Deaf connection in her “The Canary in the Coal Mine” in the latest Deaf Echo essay.


Kristallnacht is known as the night of broken glass which took place over 73 years ago –  Nov 9-10,

still from the short doc. WORRY: A Jewish Deaf-Blind Survivor Shares Her Story. click image to route to video

1938.  last year i posted a short blog entry commemorating Kristallnacht by discussing some Deaf and CODA survivors of the Shoah and since that time INGELORE the film has been shown around the globe and also on HBO.  May we Never Forget.

you can also visit and click VIDEOS for more testimonies and/or click EUROPE and then click DEAF SURVIVORS for written summaries, articles, and videos


DPAN’s “We’re Going to be Friends” by White Stripes in ASL by Deaf Kids!

this is a cute cute VIRAL video – ya hoo a good one and truthful

Fall is here, hear the yell
back to school, ring the bell”

Heye AG BELL – ASL+English are mighty nice, eh?

“and when I wake tomorrow I’ll bet
that you and I will walk together again
cause I can tell that we’re going to be friends”

Yep ASL+English in education together AGAIN!  ya hoo


The Day of the Dead is around the beginning of November – i know i missed blogging ON the Day of the Dead but the past 2 weeks have been busy what with fall here, kids adjusting to new school year, teaching, traveling, activism, and Nancy Rourke and Warren Millers – kick butt artshow, presentation and workshop at NTID/RIT.  Oh and the main reason was my RMI was in full flare up after being in handcuffs for 3 1/2 hours so i couldnt type nothing lengthy.  (i know i know a blessing in some ways smile)

but i do love the Day of the Dead – i think any culture like the Mexicans that say – lets party with our ancestors is a good one so in honor of Nancy’s Day of the Deaf painting, ill link u to a blog entry from last year commemorating the Day of the Deaf and remembering a few of our ancestors.  Im so grateful i made that entry cuz in doing so I learned where George W. Veditz was buried and the guy totally has rocked my soul and ramped it up big time on his 150th birthday.  Yep, im still determined to see US all do something big to close off his 150ths and ring in his 151st (August 12 – 13 be in Colorado Springs or don’t the choice is yours!)

"Day of the Deaf" by Nancy Rourke

See Nancy Rourke’s description of all the Deaf ancestors she honors in this painting at: – George W. Veditz (Deaf activist), Dorothy Miles (Deaf British poet, actress, and leader), Morris Broderson (Deaf artist), and John T. Williams Deaf Native American artist who was killed by a Seattle cop.

if i get the time and some images – ill try to blog about the workshop Nancy and Warren gave as im still thrilled to reflect on the works the participants made about themselves.

And a tribute to Veditz in Spanish sign language? or is it Mexican Sign Language or is it Puerto Rican – im sorry im so ignorant – whatever it is  – its so cool especially since George thought of us as global citizens! Phew – i just found her (Margot Navas) blog and see she is from SPAIN.  If ya can’t understand her signing check out the text at her blog (which got dumped into the translator for us non-Spanish reading folks) if u wanna see the text in Spanish click here.

Art is POWerful folks and so is the Deaf Brain, ASL+English, remembering our ancestors and saying and doing so Never Again rings true

keep STANDING folks – it makes a difference!

Happy friday and fall!




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