Chart Comparing DPN and UFG

October 29, 2006 was the 5 year anniversary of the Unity for Gallaudet protest.

This is a chart comparing DPN and UFG protests.  Please alert me to any errors or additions.

the Diamond ? symbol should read as ‘ or “.  PC to MAC conversion problem seems.

Chart created in 2006

Comparison of Deaf President Now (DPN) and

Unity for Gallaudet (UFG)


Deaf President Now

Unity For Gallaudet

When March 6-13, 1988 Spring 2006 to October 29, 2006
Where Gallaudet�s gated campus and Internationally Gallaudet�s gated campus and Internationally
Demands 1. Zinser step down and deaf president selected

2. Spillman step down from the Board

3. Board comprise 51 % of Deaf people

4. No reprisals for protestors

1. Fernandes step down as the president-designate

2. A new and impartial search process be implemented

3. No reprisals for protestors

Actions by administration
  • Initial refusal for any resignation
  • Initial refusal to recognize the protest as a civil rights movement
  • 1 week long so brief and just in the end
  • Refusal for any resignation
  • Spreading of manure on Tent City area
  • Disbanning of Tent City during Summer
  • Denial of any Crisis
  • Restriction of Freedom of Expression on Campus
  • Initial denial of interpreting services
  • Arrests of 130+ peaceful protestors
  • DPS officers stationed inside academic building as guards when campus is reopened after arrests
  • PR tool used to portray protest as anarchists and terrorists
  • DPS barred media from interviewing protestors
  • Hiring a lobbying firm to represent to Congress Gallaudet administration�s position against the protest
  • Quotes by JKF and IKJ in the media as minimizing the conflict to be about Deaf identity politics and JKF not being Deaf enough – issue of process not addressed and lack of diversity in the finalist pool not discussed
  • Student�s toe is partially cut off when DPS and PPP breaks through the MSSD gate blockade with no advance dialogue or warning
  • Refusal to recognize faculty�s vote of no confidence in JKF to lead their university and vote of no confidence in IKJ for his leadership during the crisis
  • Disregard for Hunger strikers
Actions by protestors Meetings and rallies

Take over the campus gates (6 days)

hotwired buses then gave them flat tires to block entrance

Signs, rallies, sit ins

Boycott classes

March to hotel where BoT meets

March on Capitol

Burning of effigies of Zinser and Spillman

Establishment of Tent City

Take over academic building

Take over the campus gates (3 days)

Human chain, signs, rallies, sit ins, vigils

Vigil at hotel where BoT meets

March to Capitol

Hunger Strikers

2 Votes of no confidence by fac.

Burning two effigys of Audism and Oppression; an effigy of IKJ, JKF, & PK

Action by individuals
  • Sending of harassing letters or TTY calls to key players
  • ???Damage to property and/or individuals???
  • Sending of harassing emails to key players
  • ???Damage to property and/or individuals???
  • Hostile postings on blogs and websites
Student Leaders Greg Hlibok, Tim Rarus, Jerry Covell, and Bridgette Bourne Ryan Commerson, LaToya Plummer, Leah Katz-Hernandez, Chris Corrigan, Tara Holcomb, etc
Leaders background




Deaf family

Deaf schools and mainstream

ASL first language


Hearing and Deaf Families

Deaf schools and mainstream

ASL early language & ASL first language

A variety of majors

Other groups Ducks, Alumni, Community FSSA, GU Alumni Assoc, Community
Key players

Selected new president

Board chair

Outgoing President






Zinser (h)


Spillman (h)

Jerry Lee (h)

Jordan (late deafened / sim-com)

Corson -(d and native signer)

Davila (d – Latino deaf school)



Fernandes (d – deaf mother)


Baldwin (d) then Brueggeman (d)

Dr. Jordan (d)

Weiner (d – deaf parents)

Stern (d – deaf parents)


Anderson (d – African-American)

Rosen (d – deaf parents)


Quotes Spillman – �Deaf people are not ready to function in a hearing world�Zinser – �My resignation was not in response to demonstrations � but to pave the way for the civil rights movement to progress.�IK Jordan – quote on changing his mind from supporting Zinser�s appointment to supporting the protest – I said to myself, �Sure I�m a dean and should support the Board of Trustees, but hell, I�m also deaf and will be for the rest of my life, and that�s more important.�

�DPN�s impact on hearing people was to demystify deafness for them, show them that there is no stigma to being deaf. For deaf people, DPN showed that we didn�t have to accept limitations that are put on us by others.�

Jesse Jackson – The problem is that not that the students do not hear. The problem is that the hearing world does not listen.

Senator Tom Harkin – You have succeeded in educating the world about deafness, the concerns of deaf people, and the simple truth that we all need and are entitled to dignity and respect. You communicated your message with clarity and forcefulness. Your actions will have a positive impact on future generations of hearing and deaf persons both here and abroad.

IK Jordan – �We are squabbling about what it means to be deaf.��If there is a confrontation, the dissenters will have caused it,� Jordan said in a written statement. �They must take full responsibility for their actions, including possible suspension and arrest.�Fernandes – �Although the current situation is serious, if I abandoned my commitment at this point, which I have no intention of doing, it would only become worse for the university, in general, and for future boards of trustees and presidents.�

Hurwitz – �People look up to Gallaudet University because it�s a pillar of the deaf community,� said T. Alan Hurwitz, dean of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at Rochester Institute of Technology. Hurwitz added that he thought the controversy had more to do with the selection process than a split over deaf culture.

Plummer – �Some people think we are saying that the new President isn�t deaf enough. That�s not true at all. It�s that our deaf leadership is being deaf to our concerns.

There are diverse groups within the campus community are not being heard. This is important and worth fighting for.�

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. d
    Nov 03, 2011 @ 12:09:00

    Hi pdurr, Dr. Jordan was never a finalist and jkf was never president so “resignation ” needs to be worded carefully.,

  2. handeyes
    Nov 03, 2011 @ 12:20:45

    Heye d –

    Are you reading the columns downward?
    it has Dr. Jordan as a finalist in the Deaf President Now protest – he was a finalist in 1988. He was passed over for Dr. Zinser but once she resigned he then was appointed as president of Gallaudet by the BoT and remained so for about 18 years.

    Re: JKF – if u read the column downward under Unity for Gallaudet column you will see that JKF was terminated – doesnt say resignation. She was the president-elect via the BoT

    The chart does not say that jkf resigned.

    Facts – nothing but the facts and knowledge is power



  3. PopeMistress
    Nov 05, 2011 @ 08:41:50

    that’s very interesting chart to view on-thank you

  4. handeyes
    Nov 06, 2011 @ 19:48:36

    popemistress – thank u.

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