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Thanks & Giving

22 November 2011

heye all

our national holiday approaches.  Happy Thanksgiving to u all.

Thanksgiving = Gratitude is the memory of the heart. ~Jean Baptiste Massieu

As 2011 was about to begin – i did a vlog and blog entry re: gratitude if u wanna (re)visit that one

(NOTE: i noticed the images take a bit of time to load when viewing on the iphone so – take the time.  its worth it folks.  Pix r everything and check out the Ds over at Deafhood Discussions Facebook!  me so happy)

Facade by Warren Miller

this entry is gonna be about how sometimes we wear a facade that i hope we will all shed someday and just be truthful and loveful.  Ya see sometimes we pretend.  I still do – sometimes ill be nodding me head like a bobble head on a dashboard and then a person with me will say “what did they say?” and i’ll reply “i have no idea” smile.  Geez

We started young in the audiology booth – guessing at those spondee test prompts – “Now say the word BASE BALL.  Now say the word ICECREAM” (see Nancy Rourke, Betty G. Miller, and Chuck Baird’s works examining this common collective experiences for us People of the Eye.  They serve as visual testimonies of how we kinda learned to fake it until you make it at a wee age or dont even bother trying)

While in the bosom of my family i generally do mighty fine – why? cuz LOVE.  Love is all you need.  But thankfully i have never been from a clan that had those HUGE gatherings with tons of folks you only see once a year or less and you might not even have any relations to but for those who do – oy that is a time to feel the dinner table syndrome amplified.  So i thought id share with you one of Warren Miller‘s great pieces.  He created it after a holiday gathering with his wife’s family and felt –

Family Tradition by Warren Miller

boo disenfranchised.  Note – Warren speaks and uses a hearing aid but we all know group settings are HARD.  (See AG Bell and co.  speaking and listening is not the answer to all our troubles – ending audism is).  Warren also has the lovelest ASL that had laid dormant for nearly 30 years until his visit to NTID and with each passing day i could see a new and lovely glow return to his finger tips and his heart – i kid u not.  He was glowing.

Now back to the artwork – So after remarking to his hearing wife about that black sheep / odd-man-out-ness – she said PAINT IT.  I aint never met this woman yet but i already know i love her smile.  Any partner that says – sing those songs of freedom instead of saying “well…” ” but they mean well” “but… dont be a pain in the butt” and a partner that says – PAINT IT  – well i think we owe this person something cuz that is what u want if u r an artist – a supportive partner that knows getting the good and the bad out is what its all about.

Warren to me seems like a super cool guy.  it was my first time meeting him when he was at NTID to present and give a workshop along with Nancy Rourke.  They have an awesome show up at the Dyer Arts Center which runs until December 16, 2011.  Some of his works remind me of pop De’VIA artist, Ann Silver.  As is often the case, Warren had never seen Ann’s work before – collective conscious/conscience rocks folks.

As i was admiring all of Warren and Nancy’s works in the show, when i came to Warren’s Family Tradition, i said “ahhhh the dinner table syndrome.”  During his presentation Q and A period someone inquired about the work and he shared about his experience and wife’s challenge.  He then mentioned his inspiration for the composition was Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Want work.  Very cool.  (NOTE: Rockwell had many political pieces – the Freedom From Want is from the “Four Freedoms” also called “Four Essential Human Freedoms”  Warren’s work shows a “want for equal access”)

So folks i hope you do have a very very very happy thanksgiving.  Its true that we do have much to be thankful for – chief amongst them are to be thankful to our: 

artists and activists

Thank you all – take a bow.

And just be thankful that Sgt. Pepper Spray probably wont be coming into your homes this thursday yet (but also remember “first they came for…”  since the 1st amendment seems to mean nothing of late (see the arresting and roughing up and pepper spraying of journalists and peaceful protesters) maybe the 3rd and 4th amendments will be beaten down to nothing soon too.  link to St. Pepper spray at Thanksgiving version 1 version 2 version 3)

A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.” ~ Gandhi 

And while we are all taking a break from our busy and hectic lives to remember to be thankful for our friends and families – i hope we will also remember that Thanksgiving is a tradition born out of our later mistreatment of the original Native Americans and that the origins of our American civil liberties are being trampled upon and dismantled as we speak (maybe drop off some warm blankets or food for ur local minute men and women at ur nearest park – or we can just focus on what we want to BUY $ on Black Friday.  But i do hope you will remember – that THIS LAND WAS MADE FOR YOU AND ME.  and that includes me and you.  Made to love and respect – not to destroy and rape – gosh i hate fracking folks!  it makes the earth quake and mucks up the water supply BIG time.  No clear water – not truth folks!

“As I went walking, I saw a sign there,

And on the sign it said “No Trespassing.”

But on the other side it didn’t say nothing,

That side was made for you and me.


In the Shadow of the steeple I saw my people,

By the relief office I seen my people;

As they stood there hungry, I stood there asking

Is this land made for you and me?


Nobody living can ever stop me,

As I go walking that freedom highway;

Nobody living can ever make me turn back,

This land was made for you and me.”

~ Woody Guthrie

thank you mother nature

peace & LOVE,

\||,/ Patti


Info re: Occupy Movements and some videos in ASL

(AP Photo/, Joshua Trujillo) Elderly Seattle woman hit with pepper spray

“I’m pretty tough, I guess.” said the 84 year old retired school teacher.

 She is the Seattle woman who hopped off the bus and joined the Occupy movement only to be sprayed with Pepper spray by police.

She said she will continue to stand for that which is just, right and good.

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

We got nothing to fear but fear itself folks. ~ kinda from FDR


Knowledge is power folks!

Basically the Occupy Movement is:

1. contesting economic inequality (1% vs the 99%) (the ultra rich get the tax breaks while the middle class and poor shoulder the burden and the fall out of corporate greed and corruption)

NOTE: even some of the 1% are advocating economic justice as they know its critical for saving this country.  (See Warren Buffet) We r triillions of dollars in debt to China folks and we are still engaging in two major wars and hopping here and there all over the globe while the folks of this nation are saying…

“HELLO – ahmmm – excuse me.  Sorry to interrupt you but can you see us now?   How about now?  What if we stand over here on this falling apart bridge?  What if we come out in droves to see the bull?  What if we bring our grandmothers and our children?  Can you see us now?”

Bascially the movement is:

2. contesting political corruption – our elected officials are more loyal to lobbyist, industries, wheelers and dealers, the banks, the military industrial complex and not the people of this country.

Our streets vs. wall street.

See how politicians are even trying to play the occupation in their favor before the big nov. election.  Geez just cuz we have been breed and feed so much crap via “soft non-nosensical news” and “unreality” TV programming does not mean we all have been numbed and stupefied.  A whole bunch of us done got our thinking caps on and have actually studied history and social change.

Basically the movement is:

3. asserting first amendment rights (speech, assembly, and press) over corporate and political WRONGS.  The government however has been cracking down on protestors and in turn is suppressing the first amendment rights by raiding peaceful encampments, assaulting and pepper spraying protestors, and arresting protestors and members of the press.

What good are our civil liberties, folks, if you will not use them and our government suppresses them if and when you do?

“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

The Occupy Movement is the stuff of social change folks from

– we, the people, have set up encampment in public places throughout U.S. history to expose economic injustices.

– we, the people, have engaged in peaceful civil disobedience to expose systematic oppression and bring about social change through out the ages.

– we, the people, have a civic duty to call for the end of unjust practices for the good of our country and our people.

“I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”~ Thomas Jefferson

So a question for ya all – where have you been and where are ya gonna be during the Occupy Movement.  Brave Americans tossed tea in the Boston harbor to protest unjust taxation, women engaged in hunger strikes in prison to ensure the constitution included them, African-Americans and allies marched to Selma, folks protested at the democratic convention to stop the killing of innocent Vietnamese, ….

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

STAND peacefully, folks and BE counted or stand by and be part of the problem.  The Future is Ours!

The alternative to standing is to do nothing which results in nothing changing and just sitting back and waiting for things to ka boom.

“A riot is the language of the unheard.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

“A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.” Mahatma Gandhi

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won.” ~ Gandhi

All social movements that want to bring about positive and just social change must be rooted in peaceful, civil disobedience.  The oppressing systems will get nasty and ugly.  They will try to crack down, silence, stifle, distort to make the movement abort.  See all the nasty lies the FBI spread about MLK Jr, see all the evidence the government suppressed in order to justify the unjust incarceration of Japanese-American citizens during WW 2 on U.S. soil, see the water hoses and the billy clubs against marches in the South, etc etc etc

If folks dont come together and take this STAND, next they gonna come for you buddy – there wont be no job to be found, no house payment to be made, no check in the mail, ….

And you will have to ask “where was I when first they came for…”

RIT college Reporter Mag reporter arrested at Occupy Rochester - DA refuses to dismiss charges. Freedom of press where are thou?

If crowds spook ya, if fear ensnares you, if you are unsure – LISTEN.  Take just a minute.  Get real silent and real quiet and LISTEN to your core.  What does it tell you to do?  Bash the good souls who take a stand?  Distance yourself from the ones who can and do?  Caution you to wait until they are winning and then join in or does it stir and itch and say – I want to do RIGHT.  I want to do the right thing.  I believe in the founding principles of this country.  I will stand by my convictions and stand with and for my fellow Americans.  I am one of the 99%

If you can hear that call  – find a way to support.  Attend an event, cook a nice warm meal and bring it down to your local Occupy group, donate sleeping bags, tarp, tents, whatever you have, write a letter to the editor, donate some funds, … STAND.  You can!  The only thing stopping you is fear and fear is a beast because it is not real.  Get real and follow your heart.  It knows the way.

In the digital age there is no excuse for Deaf folks being behind the times.  The only excuse we have is learned helplessness and FEAR that we will loose the little that we have but that is not much to loose at all and if you loose your spirit and your soul and your spunk in exchange – you have lost EVERYTHING.  STAND and be GRAND.

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

below are some videos in ASL at various Occupy movement events and locations.  If you know of other links that should be added – pls add in comments.

NOTE: if you like any of these videos – you might want to consider subscribing to their youtube channel and check out their other puloads which might not be Occupy related but still of interest. (click the bottom right corner to route to youtube account then click their (see top button for SUBSCRIBE)

Nativewarrior76 ASL Interview with Justin Bridges at Occupy Portland afew days before Justin was grabbed by the police and hospitalized

Nativewarrior76 joins Occupy with Portland State and protestors – (Jayson is in the Anonymous mask signing ASL)

rabidgeek channel Occupy Oakland: STRIKE (on the scene footage)

rabidgeek channel Occupy Oakland Nov 2nd General Strike (explanainton and information)

rabidgeek’s channel Bike “Tour” of Occupy Oakland (on the scene vootage via bike)

rabidgeek’s channel Occupy Ocakland OCT 25H 2011 (on the scene and some ASL interpreting)

From Sordaradical – October Occupy Wall Street in ASL

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

Just image what a LARGE group can accomplish  ; )

In the News – Things to Know, Do, Value and Commemorate

In the News – Things to Know, Do, Value and Commemorate


image of Dr. Hauser and superimposed brain via NTID articlethe Deaf brain – isn’t it lovely?  Dr. Hauser and his Deaf Studies Lab at NTID/RIT says YES IT IS.  and i agree and we already knew this but since some folks demand proof – i am so glad, thrilled, and thankful Dr. Hauser and his team is singing those truths!

I showed the article to some students and they are like – I want a copy.  I’m gonna show my parents.  They were like “I have a DEAF BRAIN”  so proud they were practically beaming.

See – see folks its good to be Deaf!


NAD updates its ambassador contest to be about character and commitment and not about Miss anything – ya hoo and PAH!

Mayor Richards of Rochester NY is now granting the Occupy Rochester folks the right to be in the park

Image of RIT Reporter magazine photographer getting arrested in violation of Free press (note his tshirt even identified him as a reporter)


Civil Disobedience works folks.

Still not sure if the charges against the 48 peaceful protestors will be dismissed – stay tune on that item.

added: new article about the DA’s refusal to dismiss charges against the RIT college Reporter magazine photographer who is in the pix above  Freedom of press anyone?

Ya might not think this news item has any Deaf connection but… a Deaf person was arrested (me) and some access issues did exist and we are all interconnected so if u dont think the Occupy Movement or our U.S. economy or political landscape effects you – ohhh goodness and badness – think again matey.

Also Leah Katz-Hernandez spells out the Deaf connection in her “The Canary in the Coal Mine” in the latest Deaf Echo essay.


Kristallnacht is known as the night of broken glass which took place over 73 years ago –  Nov 9-10,

still from the short doc. WORRY: A Jewish Deaf-Blind Survivor Shares Her Story. click image to route to video

1938.  last year i posted a short blog entry commemorating Kristallnacht by discussing some Deaf and CODA survivors of the Shoah and since that time INGELORE the film has been shown around the globe and also on HBO.  May we Never Forget.

you can also visit and click VIDEOS for more testimonies and/or click EUROPE and then click DEAF SURVIVORS for written summaries, articles, and videos


DPAN’s “We’re Going to be Friends” by White Stripes in ASL by Deaf Kids!

this is a cute cute VIRAL video – ya hoo a good one and truthful

Fall is here, hear the yell
back to school, ring the bell”

Heye AG BELL – ASL+English are mighty nice, eh?

“and when I wake tomorrow I’ll bet
that you and I will walk together again
cause I can tell that we’re going to be friends”

Yep ASL+English in education together AGAIN!  ya hoo


The Day of the Dead is around the beginning of November – i know i missed blogging ON the Day of the Dead but the past 2 weeks have been busy what with fall here, kids adjusting to new school year, teaching, traveling, activism, and Nancy Rourke and Warren Millers – kick butt artshow, presentation and workshop at NTID/RIT.  Oh and the main reason was my RMI was in full flare up after being in handcuffs for 3 1/2 hours so i couldnt type nothing lengthy.  (i know i know a blessing in some ways smile)

but i do love the Day of the Dead – i think any culture like the Mexicans that say – lets party with our ancestors is a good one so in honor of Nancy’s Day of the Deaf painting, ill link u to a blog entry from last year commemorating the Day of the Deaf and remembering a few of our ancestors.  Im so grateful i made that entry cuz in doing so I learned where George W. Veditz was buried and the guy totally has rocked my soul and ramped it up big time on his 150th birthday.  Yep, im still determined to see US all do something big to close off his 150ths and ring in his 151st (August 12 – 13 be in Colorado Springs or don’t the choice is yours!)

"Day of the Deaf" by Nancy Rourke

See Nancy Rourke’s description of all the Deaf ancestors she honors in this painting at: – George W. Veditz (Deaf activist), Dorothy Miles (Deaf British poet, actress, and leader), Morris Broderson (Deaf artist), and John T. Williams Deaf Native American artist who was killed by a Seattle cop.

if i get the time and some images – ill try to blog about the workshop Nancy and Warren gave as im still thrilled to reflect on the works the participants made about themselves.

And a tribute to Veditz in Spanish sign language? or is it Mexican Sign Language or is it Puerto Rican – im sorry im so ignorant – whatever it is  – its so cool especially since George thought of us as global citizens! Phew – i just found her (Margot Navas) blog and see she is from SPAIN.  If ya can’t understand her signing check out the text at her blog (which got dumped into the translator for us non-Spanish reading folks) if u wanna see the text in Spanish click here.

Art is POWerful folks and so is the Deaf Brain, ASL+English, remembering our ancestors and saying and doing so Never Again rings true

keep STANDING folks – it makes a difference!

Happy friday and fall!



vote or don’t – it’s your choice but it might not be for long

Today is election day folks.  i know some folks dont bother with local or state voting and some dont even bother with national but ya should cuz the right to vote was a hard won one – especially for African-Americans and women so it aint something we should neglect.  And especially at a time when there is such a huge disparity between the have-a-lotta (ie the 1%) and the have-a-little to none folks (ie the 99%)

A riot is the language of the unheard. Martin Luther King, Jr.

We dont need no riots folks.  Yes, i read about some of the bad boys and girls in Oakland but by and large ya know folks have been VERY peaceful and civil.

We vote as an act of faith in democracy and progress and to exercise one of our basic inalienable rights.  Many folks never thought they would see an African-American in the white house in their lifetime but they voted on good faith that it was possible and they voted on the hope that it was doable and here we have President Barack Obama and next November will be another presidential election.

The country is in turmoil – two major wars that have left nothing but trouble and economic ruins in their wake have worn us thin.  Bankruptcies, bailouts, backroom bargains have left us cynical, jaded, and disenfranchised.  Unemployment soaring while CEOs keep scoring.  Folks are saying enuf is enuf with their feet in Occupy Together movements from sea to shining sea.

vote folks – its the least u can do

See clips from the film Iron Jawed Angels – that shows just how hard women fought for the right to vote

An account of Susan B. Anthony’s voting in Rochester, NY before women suffrage had been granted and the subsequent trial.  Scroll down to all Susan B’s pow pow points to the judge

Vlog in ASL from last nov explaining about Alice Paul and Lucy Burns and their civil disobedience and hunger strike in advocating for women suffrage rights.

Chart Comparing DPN and UFG

October 29, 2006 was the 5 year anniversary of the Unity for Gallaudet protest.

This is a chart comparing DPN and UFG protests.  Please alert me to any errors or additions.

the Diamond ? symbol should read as ‘ or “.  PC to MAC conversion problem seems.

Chart created in 2006

Comparison of Deaf President Now (DPN) and

Unity for Gallaudet (UFG)


Deaf President Now

Unity For Gallaudet

When March 6-13, 1988 Spring 2006 to October 29, 2006
Where Gallaudet�s gated campus and Internationally Gallaudet�s gated campus and Internationally
Demands 1. Zinser step down and deaf president selected

2. Spillman step down from the Board

3. Board comprise 51 % of Deaf people

4. No reprisals for protestors

1. Fernandes step down as the president-designate

2. A new and impartial search process be implemented

3. No reprisals for protestors

Actions by administration
  • Initial refusal for any resignation
  • Initial refusal to recognize the protest as a civil rights movement
  • 1 week long so brief and just in the end
  • Refusal for any resignation
  • Spreading of manure on Tent City area
  • Disbanning of Tent City during Summer
  • Denial of any Crisis
  • Restriction of Freedom of Expression on Campus
  • Initial denial of interpreting services
  • Arrests of 130+ peaceful protestors
  • DPS officers stationed inside academic building as guards when campus is reopened after arrests
  • PR tool used to portray protest as anarchists and terrorists
  • DPS barred media from interviewing protestors
  • Hiring a lobbying firm to represent to Congress Gallaudet administration�s position against the protest
  • Quotes by JKF and IKJ in the media as minimizing the conflict to be about Deaf identity politics and JKF not being Deaf enough – issue of process not addressed and lack of diversity in the finalist pool not discussed
  • Student�s toe is partially cut off when DPS and PPP breaks through the MSSD gate blockade with no advance dialogue or warning
  • Refusal to recognize faculty�s vote of no confidence in JKF to lead their university and vote of no confidence in IKJ for his leadership during the crisis
  • Disregard for Hunger strikers
Actions by protestors Meetings and rallies

Take over the campus gates (6 days)

hotwired buses then gave them flat tires to block entrance

Signs, rallies, sit ins

Boycott classes

March to hotel where BoT meets

March on Capitol

Burning of effigies of Zinser and Spillman

Establishment of Tent City

Take over academic building

Take over the campus gates (3 days)

Human chain, signs, rallies, sit ins, vigils

Vigil at hotel where BoT meets

March to Capitol

Hunger Strikers

2 Votes of no confidence by fac.

Burning two effigys of Audism and Oppression; an effigy of IKJ, JKF, & PK

Action by individuals
  • Sending of harassing letters or TTY calls to key players
  • ???Damage to property and/or individuals???
  • Sending of harassing emails to key players
  • ???Damage to property and/or individuals???
  • Hostile postings on blogs and websites
Student Leaders Greg Hlibok, Tim Rarus, Jerry Covell, and Bridgette Bourne Ryan Commerson, LaToya Plummer, Leah Katz-Hernandez, Chris Corrigan, Tara Holcomb, etc
Leaders background




Deaf family

Deaf schools and mainstream

ASL first language


Hearing and Deaf Families

Deaf schools and mainstream

ASL early language & ASL first language

A variety of majors

Other groups Ducks, Alumni, Community FSSA, GU Alumni Assoc, Community
Key players

Selected new president

Board chair

Outgoing President






Zinser (h)


Spillman (h)

Jerry Lee (h)

Jordan (late deafened / sim-com)

Corson -(d and native signer)

Davila (d – Latino deaf school)



Fernandes (d – deaf mother)


Baldwin (d) then Brueggeman (d)

Dr. Jordan (d)

Weiner (d – deaf parents)

Stern (d – deaf parents)


Anderson (d – African-American)

Rosen (d – deaf parents)


Quotes Spillman – �Deaf people are not ready to function in a hearing world�Zinser – �My resignation was not in response to demonstrations � but to pave the way for the civil rights movement to progress.�IK Jordan – quote on changing his mind from supporting Zinser�s appointment to supporting the protest – I said to myself, �Sure I�m a dean and should support the Board of Trustees, but hell, I�m also deaf and will be for the rest of my life, and that�s more important.�

�DPN�s impact on hearing people was to demystify deafness for them, show them that there is no stigma to being deaf. For deaf people, DPN showed that we didn�t have to accept limitations that are put on us by others.�

Jesse Jackson – The problem is that not that the students do not hear. The problem is that the hearing world does not listen.

Senator Tom Harkin – You have succeeded in educating the world about deafness, the concerns of deaf people, and the simple truth that we all need and are entitled to dignity and respect. You communicated your message with clarity and forcefulness. Your actions will have a positive impact on future generations of hearing and deaf persons both here and abroad.

IK Jordan – �We are squabbling about what it means to be deaf.��If there is a confrontation, the dissenters will have caused it,� Jordan said in a written statement. �They must take full responsibility for their actions, including possible suspension and arrest.�Fernandes – �Although the current situation is serious, if I abandoned my commitment at this point, which I have no intention of doing, it would only become worse for the university, in general, and for future boards of trustees and presidents.�

Hurwitz – �People look up to Gallaudet University because it�s a pillar of the deaf community,� said T. Alan Hurwitz, dean of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at Rochester Institute of Technology. Hurwitz added that he thought the controversy had more to do with the selection process than a split over deaf culture.

Plummer – �Some people think we are saying that the new President isn�t deaf enough. That�s not true at all. It�s that our deaf leadership is being deaf to our concerns.

There are diverse groups within the campus community are not being heard. This is important and worth fighting for.�