Supt Tucker et al – More Truths about Cochlear Implants

Supt Tucker –

You are wrong.  I’m sorry to contradict ya and I’m sorry if its a dang misquote by the media but the statement:

“Cochlear implants are not controversial in the Deaf community,” Tucker said. “Maybe 20 years ago — yes. But not today.”

as seen in the article Cochlear Implants Restore Quality of Life for Columbia Worker  is not TRUE, dude.

Not true at all.  Cochlear Implants are MEGA controversial within the Deaf community and at large.

The article goes on to say:

At MSD, many students, faculty members and parents have the implants, he said. They are an accepted part of the community.

Now if the “They” in that sentence refers to the PEOPLE – then that statement is TRUE.  But if
“they” refers to the cochlear implant as it does in the above sentence then it is NOT TRUE

While the folks who have and/or choose CI for their children are not the controversy – the device, the systems, the profit, the reliability, the liabilities etc are CONTROVERSIAL – STILL and more so now than 20 years ago,  Mr. Tucker.  they (the devices and the systems that promote and propagate them) are MORE controversial than ever.

See the multitudes of articles and books that have been published about the question of ethics and cochlear implants.

Note the questions about bodily integrity, language rights, cultural and linguistic genocide, notice the profit margins, notice the PRESSURE – the parents are under an INORDINATE amount of pressure  to implant their children.  They are told its safe and will work wonders.  And sometimes it is and some times IT IS NOT.

The whole truth and nothing but the truth, Mr. Tucker.

The biggest problem that may be facing our commUNITY is our collective willingness to remain IGNORant and to INGORE things we feel are too big or too bad for us to deal with.

This has been the approach of MANY disenfranchised folks – its called survival and it yields little to no gain.  And certainly no true progress or positive peace (see MLK Letter from Jail for what “positive peace” means).  All it does is put a balm on the ouchie and put folks to sleep with the lullablies of falsehoods and sugarplums of deceit dreams.

Cochlear implants have been around for 40 + years and while by and large they do turn on and off, they dont always (see the numerous recalls – some times they stop cold and some times the fail to stop) and when they do turn on and off as designed, they have ALOT of SHORTCOMINGS and they have FALLEN SHORT of all their GRANDIOSE promises.

Way short – the parents and the products of cochlear implants are owed some HEFTY refund checks.

some have sued and gotten their shhhhh money but many have not – they the co. got MIGHTY small print to go along with all the paper work for the implants.




Yes cochlear implants have increased in production, profit, and prophecies but still the results are POOR.

And, aint we been there, done that before during the Reign of Oralism (oral  /aural ONLY)?

So now we have the 2nd Wave of Oral (AVT) / Aural (CIs) ism and look what it is getting us?

some folks can speak – whipeee – folks could do that before with or without assistance.  there was usually no rhyme or reason behind who could ride the unicycle and who could not.  more audition helped but not always.  And so we see the same pattern with CIs and AVT.

The TEST SCORES ARE NOT BETTER FOLKS.  Yes more kids can speak maybe and more kids can hear a bit more maybe but…at best they are said to be “hard of hearing” which has a million pitfalls to it because these are usually the ones who can fake it but never really truly make it – they just pretend better and have more to “pass” with to be “passed by” later with. Folks with implants still prefer visual information even the wee things are hungry for the visual to the point that the SYSTEM and professionals are virtually trying to BLINDFOLD them and HANDCUFF them under the mask of benevolence – its for ur own good – its what we need to do to get those auditory nerves into full gear and doing the things they are supposed to do before they get “crowded out by the visual acuity” – REALLY – if you can SEE from all ur brain testing that the kids r naturally DRAWN to the visual – dont u get a wee bit conflicted to deny them such under the guise of “helping” them?  Dont ur conscience even rattle just a wee bit about this cruel and unusual punishment of actively and SYSTEMATICALLY depraving Deaf children of a fully natural and accessible language?  And programming and mapping and conditioning them to be dependent on artificial devices that are PRONE to breaking.  These things are NOT built for a life time as falsely advertised.

Yes, Supt. Tucker cochlear implants ARE controversial within the Deaf community.

dont believe that Deaf children in addition to being subjected to anesthesia and surgery and mapping and testing and prodding and prompting are also being denied visual acuity? – well, see the white fan they hold up during AVT lessons and see that kids are PUNISHED in oral schools when they so much at POINT at a poster in the hallway or tap a classmate for their attention or gesture during lunch.  It is STILL happening today folks all over the US of A.

It is still happening in the US of A folks – dont deny it cuz i myself tried to tell myself it was a thing of the past but folks keep dropping by to tell me – nope not the past – happened to me 2 years ago at my oral school.  OH CRUD!   dont ya all know how much i desire not to know these things cuz i dont want them to be true?!  but since im a truth seeker here they come – without me even looking for ’em.  Wham Bam – u can not go back to sleep miss mam patti.  nope u got to WAKE UP and STAND UP.  even if u is all by urself (which i aint – thank u thank u thank u people who are awake, aware, and active – i SEE you and we NEED you)

So all this NEW push for get them early early pre-dawn early before their brain gets hardwired for vision is CRUEL and UNUSUAL punishment.  Its like saying that blind folks who get an eye implant should have their hands taped up so they would NOT be tactilely oriented.  Denying folks what comes natural under the guise of HELPING them is WRONG and UNJUST.

their is NOTHING wrong with the Deaf child’s brain except for the fact that folks all over the globe systematically deny these brains of a fully natural and accessible language.  Language deprivation has actually PROVEN to stymie the brain – cause parts of it to rot and break down and go dead from having been fallow for so long.  HENCE THE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY CHARGE by many folks in the field of linguistic and human rights (Dr. Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, Dr. Lane, Dr. Cummins, Dr. Ladd, etc)

They have been saying this for a mighty long time.  Now in the case of Mr. Tucker’s students, parents and employees with CI – they are all signers so the issue is pretty moot for that population but for the MAJORITY – nope that will not be the case during the critical period of language acquisition – THEY, the babes, will not be getting ASL so it is totally a position of privilege and ELITE thinking to state CI are not controversial in the Deaf community.  I’m sorry to be so direct with you Mr. Tucker but seriously your saying that Cochlear Implants are not controversial today is REALLY misinformed and now dont you see how the media used your quote to frame the CI as the MIRACLE and LIFE SAVER.  See See.  As in read the FULL article and how they played ya.

It is not controversial to me that some folks have it and some folks dont but it it it the DEVICE, the SYSTEM, the PRESSURE, the PLAN, the AGENDA of CIs is EXTREMELY controversial.

Denial aint helpful Mr. Tucker. And yes im mad.  im working very hard to EXPOSE the truth about CIs and it is frustrating to see that the only time we learn about the FAILINGS of Cochlear Implants is when it affects STOCKS and not when it AFFECT L-I-V-E-S.  And it shouldnt take a PhD or a Dr. to know that when the CI fail there is a life or two attached to IT – so we should be asking why oh why can u only learn about the recalls via the BUSINESS pages and not the FRONT pages.  and why are the FRONT pages just articles about the MIRACLES of cochlear implants hmmmmmmm??????

Why are the “human interest” sections and the “health” sections filled with such unhealthy bull#hit about the great salvation called the cochlear implant and why are good folks like Mr. Tucker being quoted as if nothing is rotten in Denmark?

Havent you seen the FDA fine to Advanced Bionics and the Dept of Justice fine to Cochlear Americas – hmmm why are those not mentioned by YOU or ANYONE in that article above?  And the recalls – the recalls are bringing these companies to their monetary knees for some temporary set backs while they fiddle with their wares and figure out how to do a big ole tax write off and NONE of you know about it????

geez im appalled!

Cochlear Implants are UTTERLY controversial WHEN they come with AVT (Auditory Verbal Therapy) or whatever they wanna spin and call it this week

There is also the important matter that we all LOVE to ignore and pretend does not exist.  The #hit.

here it is – REJECTION

W/ CI (but they never show this in the glossy brochures or the splashy dvds promotional kits that they send home to folks) – with CI comes REJECTION

– folks or families who have chosen CI at times feel rejected by folks who oppose CIs

– folks or families who do not choose CI at times feel rejected by folks who choose CIs

Its divide and conquer time folks – EVEN within families this #hit is breaking down.

Yep – that there is a truth folks.  CIs split up and divide us.

IE they are CONTROVERSIAL and they are not just simply a “tool” – if they were just a “tool” they wouldnt be billed as a miracle and the select chosen Deaf folk or 2 who have CIs would not raise to the top of the propaganda chain and get tooted on lecture routes and billed as hybrid cyborgs (by their very own selves) only to be dropped once the latest and greatest new gadget comes tooting along.

Dont even get me started at how badly the parents are played and propped up and then dropped like hot potatoes when sometime fails or goes awry.

Now soon i hope to put up a bunch of links for u to come see see some truths about CIs, there are plenty more already here at the People of the Eye (POTE) blogsite – just put in cochlear implants in the search box and u will get more. (hopefully ill make a separate entry and list the massive links folks keep sending me or that keep crossing my path – the dots r there folks – ya just gotta open ur eyes and connect them but most of it is already out there – u just gotta click google instead of only using ur only frame of reference – that which is in front of u.  Gotta look at the BIG picture folks as in – AVT+CI is a global campaign against natural sign language and human rights which is wrong!)

But to summarize:  The Truths about Cochlear Implants

1. they are controversial

2. they have divided up many a families and even friendships

3. they are complicated and cause complications

– fact – they have contributed to Deaths

– fact – they have contributed to facial paralysis and disfigurements

– fact – there are complications that may be associated with CI and the surgery and anesthesia

headaches, nausea,tinnitus, dizziness, language delay, learning disability

– fact – they have failed hot and they have failed cold and they have caused NUMEROUS recalls

– fact – their companies have been fined by the FDA and by the Dept of Justice and a court in Denver, co.

– UNKNOWN – long term impact of aggressively EARLY implanting of infants ?

FDA approves implanting at 2 years 12 month old and up.  THOUSANDS of children have been implanted at 2 years 12 month and up but by middle school we are not seeing a HUGE jump in the literacy abilities of Deaf children with CIs

Infants as young as 5 month old have had bilateral implants in the US despite of the FDA 2 year old recommendation.  (note; Infant as young as 3 month old implanted in Australia in 2006 – i can not find any follow up info on this infant today 5 years later – hmmm)

– UNKNOWN impact of CIs on children who have autism.  Since the push now is for implanting EARLY and since diagnosis for autism is often later than implanting it is unclear and unknown what impact CI stimulation might have on a child with autism of which auditory stimulation is often stressful and overwhelming.

– UNKNOWN impact of remote controlled cochlear implants by parents, teachers, and specialists on child’s autonomy and bodily integrity not to mention – what if its hurting them???? (sometimes CIs do cause discomfort and shock folks)

– UNKNOWN impact of 100% implantable cochlear implants.  presently there are 2 parts – external processor and internal chip so if something goes wrong with the programming or external part it aint a huge biggie and no risk to hurting the child but for the internal part going bad – well just look at the Advanced Bionics recall for the failing hot that could lead to neural damage or the Cochlear Limited and past Advanced Bionics recall for failing cold due to moisture getting in the chip.  if its a 100% implantable – kids can not choose when to have it turned on or off and if any part of it breaks down then the kid has to go into the shop WITH IT.

– UNKNOWN – there are TONS more and we will only have the full story when more whistle blowers come forward and in the mean time the companies and NEW companies are sprouting up for the stem cell, genetics (0y people who ran to get tested at Gallaudet and various places – do u know u r now tagged and ur genes r part of a repository and up for sale to the highest bidder and the MAIN purpose in having collected ur DNA is not to propagate the race – OY u folks WAKE UP!), and the pill.  Yep they working on a pill folks.

FACT – the same day that Cochlear Limited announced its WORLD WIDE recall of its CI 500 range implants for stopping dead in their tracks, Advanced Bionics announced that the FDA had re-approved its Hi-Res 9K cochlear implant after it was recalled for failing HOT and Med-El announced the release of the SMALLEST CI to-date.  Hmmmm

And pls  know this – i am not a paranoid chappy.  I really dont want to see this – i dont like seeing all the BAD connections im seeing connecting the dots with the EHDI system and the hearing detection devices COMPANIES that actually profit and act as feeders to the system of fixing ie “step right in here to the fixer upper machine – AVT+CIs K I S S I N G – first comes listening then comes talking then comes? lousy literacy skills STILL STILL – it is not a cure folks just a racket to line their jackets with – ask any of the kids who grew up with CIs who may or may not be able to hear and/or speak.  It works… KINDA, SOMETIMES, a WEE BIT but it is NOT a cure.  They are still Deaf – we should not forget that and the government having been PUNKED is gonna say – excuse me are you saying u convinced us to cover $60,000 CI then convinced us u needed a 2nd $60,000 implant and would need the hottest and the greatest to come down the pike 4 years later X2 and again 4 years later X 2 and ud still need CART, interpreters, and notetakers etc and now you are graduated and the CI companies do not want to hire you full time as their spokesperson cuz they have a much prettier talker they are grooming so now you need SSI hmmmmm and crud.

Cake and eat it too is just gonna make ya fat folks – not happy and meanwhile…

the fix it up chappies are VERY happy cuz they in cohoots with the “specialists” and “professionals” and the CDC and the EHDI and they will push all these kids into the mainstream and then the lawyers will prowl around for lawsuits re: schools that passed Deaf kids who are functionally illiterate when they HAD normal intelligence to begin with

ahhhh this is why the GOOD drs say language deprivation is a crime against humanity and THIS, Supt. tucker, is why cochlear implants are IN FACT controversial

if u got misquoted – my apologies and let me know so we can note the correction.  If u got quoted correctly but u can see the truths in what i am singing – thank you.  We need folks to STAND for the truth because that is the best strategy for social change.  anything short of it is just band aids and delaying the inevitable – oppression.  and that ain’t cool.  Child First does not have a hope and a prayer because the SYSTEMS are pushing FULL throttle EARLY EARLY EARLY bilateral implanting + AVT.

there is more Mr. Tucker et al – there is way more

Wake up would ya?  and know i love ya.  i aint really met u but i did see u at the NAD conference a million moons ago where u gave a presentation on “COMMUNICATION ABUSE” in which you clearly and directly and boldly and truthfully named Oralism (oral / aural only) as communication abuse and it lit a fire in the room – folks were lined up around the full room to ask questions and share and one man came forward and was shaking and crying and talked of the estrangement from his family at the hands of Oralism.  It was POWerful because it is the TRUTH.

I know folks who can hear and talk a plenty with CIs who do NOT go home for the holidays Mr. Tucker

pls return to the truth

we need you!



NOTE:  My apologies for addressing Supt Tucker as a Dr.  Thank you to Sandra in the comments for correcting me and alerting me to my error.


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  1. PopeMistress
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 14:14:24

    Wow! Great truthfully open letter to Tucker! Thank you so much for taking your time to write! Hope Tucker will read your important open letter as long as we do surely still NEED him too! *smh* I appalled to read that Tucker’s quote too from Columbia Patch article! Thanks so much! I’m gonna share your post on my FB.

  2. Dianrez
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 14:40:44

    Quite a denunciation…if the ugly side of the CI were exposed by many more different people, it would balance the optimistic hype on the other side.

    Why are those people who are poorly served by the CI not coming forward?

    Why are young people with CIs yet with poor language skills not coming up to show us that AVT wasn’t the answer?

    Is there an accounting of the numbers of CI wearers on SSI today? (Does SSI exclude CI wearers anywhere?)

    Do we have data on the number of lawsuits involving CIs? (In line with some young people suing schools that failed to teach them literacy or basic skills, are people suing AVT programs for failure to hear and speak?)

    Are we seeing effects of malfunctioning CIs complicated by inappropriate AVT emphasis?

    I have some ideas why–including not knowing that one was shortchanged or parents not willing to admit that they were disappointed. People are not sure of how things went wrong or where they fell short of expectations…they are only told to “try, try again”, “be patient” and “the child (or parent) needs to work harder.” Yes, there is also the ever-present waiver of liability that one signs.

    It isn’t enough to highlight reports of failures, business malfeasance or the personal anecdotes of people having poor CI performance…we need more objective data and impartial full information agencies.

    Politics, money, lobbying, protecting business interests, covering asses, and protecting one’s income obscures the full truth. People need to demand knowledge and do so loudly–demand reliability, truthful and complete information about failures, awareness of all possible complications and their frequency of occurrence, and their rights in case of disappointment.

    (I’ve seen parents throw at me studies done by highly involved parties such as employees of the CI industry, oral schools for the deaf, speech and hearing centers, and audiology departments…folks, these are not full information and are based on highly selected, small numbers of individuals. They represent the best one can expect, not the worst.)

  3. PopeMistress
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 18:41:37

    DianeRez- why they did not come out forward? Of course, they do not know who is or are the right person to trust? They probably do not want to feel another so much emotional stress on their child or knew that the audiologists or speech pathologists will ignore them or make a brief debating to hush up the complaining parents???

    So obviously some positive or successful ci came out- the audiologists + speech pathologists did picked their own favorite ci students who speaks so well + possibly born hearing first? Who knows?

    Behind the secret plans, they wanna to keep marketing so they can keep their jobs or get more bribing $$$$$ from the stakeholders on cochlear implantations.

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  5. Don G.
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 20:02:12

    Tucker has to say what he did — he has to promote that whole CI/”bi bi” program on his campus, which has always struck me as something of a return to the bad old days of “separate but equal” Oral-manual programs at schools for the Deaf.

  6. Don G.
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 20:05:46

    Oh wow. Just read the article. Quote by a DEAFENED person who “couldn’t wait to get it” and now has “95% speech comprehension”…. yeah, but what about the PRELINGUALLY Deaf kids with the implants? Where are they? Definitely a lot of framing and spinning in that article!

  7. Sandra
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 20:23:52

    Dr. Tucker?? As far as I know, he has not earned a PhD degree. I think he should be addressed as Mr. Tucker instead.
    And thank you Patti for speaking out!!

  8. handeyes
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 20:40:26

    On me iPhone so won’t try to reply now but I do wanna say thanks Sandra for correcting re Supt tucker’s degree. I had thought to meself earlier that I better confirm the dr then I forgot to check. From a quick search looks like u r correct Sandra
    Via iPhone I can only correct the header and first section. Won’t let me scrolldown in the search box so will fix in full later. Again thanks

    For the correction and the comment


  9. Ella Mae Lentz
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 21:02:38

    here’s what I posted in my Facebook status along with link to this posting:

    “Even though it’s directed to Tucker the Supt of MD school for the Deaf because of his quote in the media – misquoted or not, it’s actually an open letter directed to us all who chose to be IGNORant and IGNORE the controversial CI marketing, ripping off, conning, twisting, profitting, exploiting, splitting, dividing up the community and turn towards each other the powerless subalterns to attack each other — those who have CIs AND those who do not have it. Wake up and Stand up, Folks!”

  10. Joseph Pietro Riolo
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 22:06:47

    You make cochlear implant look controversial because you choose to make it more controversial than what it really is. Mr. James Tucker was quite correct in assessing the controversy surrounding cochlear implant. I remember how controversial cochlear implant was during early 1990’s. There was widespread opposition coming from the members of Deaf culture and some from the deaf community against cochlear implant. Now, the controversy is very tame. Any criticism against the effectiveness of cochlear implant can be easily countered by the mounting evidence of positive outcomes.

    This is not to say that there are no bad apples. Certainly, there are few bad apples and there are some shortcomings. But, people know how to put them in proper perspective.

    Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.

  11. handeyes
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 23:28:49

    thanks all for ur comments

    popemistress – thanks and i agree with some of the possible reasons u listed as to why parents and folks who had CI dont share

    dianrez – i agree with what u r saying. id add that another reason why folks dont share is because they dont want to hurt their parents or they know that their parents meant well so they dont want to cause them any harm or because “its sticky” (as in controversial ; )

    really there is a great deal of pain behind the front page “success stories” later – after the cameras are gone and the mapping is established and the AVT has been tried and tested etc – 5 years out 10 years out 15 years out. many of those folks are not still using their CI – once they are allowed to CHOOSE – many stop using but that is not documented or measured or duly noted.

    Journalistic integrity would require that all these articles covering the “success” would also cover the luke warm, the so-so, the failed CIs, the recalls, the businesses and the profits. but they dont and that is ODD

    simply ODD

    re: the pulling out of studies with wee Ns and paid for by the cochlear implant companies and the AVT business – yep ODD too

    now too we see many of the new studies on cochlear implants in infants and children in the US are financed by NIDCD of the NIH but i dont see any studies paid for by the NIDCD of the NIH for bilingualism (ASL + English)

    Odd, eh?

    NOTE: AFA has called for the FDA to set up an indep and impartial investigation into the safety of CI in children (physical, social, cultural and lingusitic) but the FDA has basically said NOPE. It is notable that a recent study the FDA did institute shows an increase in learning disability of children below the age of 2 who have 2 or more surgeries with anesthesia

    don – yep they often try to TRANSFER a one size fits all with the CI successes but the Deaf child from birth – their results have not been as consistently stellar

    Re: Mr. Tucker – i am actually glad that his school provides a bilingual-bicultural program – i havent gotten the impression that its a separate but equal kinda thingy. Are you saying that the kids with CI are taught orally / aurally only there in separate classes for math, science, etc?

    ella – yeah im seeing a connection between those who keep crying out we should “ignore ignore” and the “ignorance is bliss” foolishness. in some cases sometimes ignorance is bliss but not in this case. Not for the folks who wish they knew things at the onset and never when a culture and a language are threatened is ignorance bliss and never when the MIND of a child is at risk – and here i speak of AVT+CI – oral / aural ONLYism. Not CI on their own.

    Re: how the CI are shoved upon the community as a wedge and to create a false stratification of haves and have nots. Yeah it is utterly foolish because we see as we did in days of old that folks who are oral / aural only quickly learn sign and enjoy being part of the Deaf community and WISH THEY HAD THE OPPORTUNITY earlier and at a younger age

    This is why i feel very upset when folks speak of CIs as if they are evil and as if folks who have them or choose them are bad etc etc. Especially of those folks who use ASL and cherish them. Its the systems that exclude ASL and advocate for CURES that are oppressive and should be challenged.

    joseph – The controversy about the CI in the 1990s may be different than it is now but it is no less or more of a controversy.

    There are NUMEROUS RECENT books and scholarly articles questioning the ethics of CIs. If it was a thing of the past then there would be no need for such articles or books or panels on the subject

    My understanding of the original controversy surrounding CIs still applies today but MORE so because T O D A Y there is the push of oral / aural only to accompany CI in infants and children

    Now it may be that the virtual gag order that has been placed on our collective community – the “you shouldnt express in public any concerns about cochlear implants because you will be labeled a radical extremist” – may have dampened how honest we are with each other but it has NOT LESSENED the controversy. You will see many many many Deaf folks say strong things about CIs when they feel they are in a safe place to do so – “permission to speak freely, sir….” etc. Folks are CAREFUL because they do not want to hurt the folks who have CIs and because they do not want to be misunderstood or misrepresented.

    Some are not CAREFUL – they are cruel and mean – i have seen it and object to it vehemently.

    It has kinda been a taboo subject to discuss honestly and justly because folks will whack u on the hand with all kinds of labels and mis-characterizations – kinda like you have attempted to do to me here Joseph with your “You make cochlear implant look controversial because you choose to make it more controversial than what it really is.”

    That is not true at all, my pal

    according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary controversy is defined as:
    1. a discussion marked especially by the expression of opposing views
    2. quarrel, strife

    when we have tried to have an online or in-person discussion about cochlear implants we get opposing views and strife

    That’s life. You wanna deny that fact no problem. But it is a truth Joseph. Plain and simple

    The fact that you are attempting to argue with me about whether or not CIs are controversial is well hmmmmm interesting

    Re: “the mounting evidence” – that is not really what i am seeing. I have seen tons and tons of promises but they are not panning out after 13 and up to hold true. Also, ya gotta have ur reading glasses on there. Check out who sponsored the studies, the N for all the various testing, and what they are measuring – effectiveness or efficacy etc

    Ya see the co. are kinda slicky – they have all these glossy brochures and kits and DVDs promising the WORLD and more but the fine print says its a gamble and in reality at best it improves some folks hearing to the point of being “functionally hard of hearing” instead of profoundly Deaf but it never is the miracle that they turn it on and can hearing really really really well in all situations. Its kinda like a real expensive car or two that sometimes drives really slow and sometimes drives very clunky and other time drives really smooth – its the smooth they seek and some hit the smooth more often than others and do the dog and pony show route and some can hear music but not understand any of the lyrics and get flown to stand at booths at conferences to recruit new folks and some folks get lemons and need 3 or 4 surgeries

    In the same ear. That cant be good – really. And i care about the folks who got the “bad apples” you referred to. Their songs need to be sung too Joseph – not just the happy happy “im saved” folks but the folks who are like “dang this hurts” yes sometimes the pain amplified is actually painful to folks.

    The truth and nothing but the truth.

    That is our aim

    and if this was not controversial – you wouldnt be here talking to me. I see ya Joseph.

    Thank you all for your comments and i do mean ALL



  12. Don G.
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 00:24:01

    Patti —

    I don’t know the ful details on Tucker’s version of bi/bi, but my understanding is that the kids with ci are educated orally and in a separate building/area, with interaction mainly happening at meals, recess and dorms.

  13. deafa
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 01:55:20

    Yes, they divide family, I’ve seen too many comments where parents are told depency of ASL will interfere auditory training of the brain with CI so AVT and using speech and hearing should be use all waking hours. this mean less time with deaf grandma who use ASL(yeah, some parents take it to extreme to separate their deaf family members from their deaf child.It happened in my family too)

  14. deafa
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 01:59:48

    I dont mind separate classes for English in oral for those who want it. or other subjects, but for all day, I think they can get that in mainstreamed schools

  15. deafa
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 02:17:44

    Dianez, these people are not coming forward because they believe 1) some hearing is better than none .kinda like the belief that the more hearing decibel you have, the better and CI is consider superior to hearing aids, but not superior to natural hearing.
    2) those who didn’t do as well get blame for:
    not implanted early enough
    not implanted with two CIs
    Not enough early therapy (AVT, speech,etc)
    didn’t wear CI long enough or all waking hours
    didn’t spend enough time around hearing people
    ASL or other visual communications
    bad mappings
    bad processors
    bad internal implants
    learning or physical disabilities or mental disorders
    the list goes on.

    a child have to have a PERFECT idea for a CI or life for it to work well. but I seen people who did fine despites all that

  16. Sheri Farinha
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 06:21:34

    Hi Patti, totally agree with your comment: “This is why i feel very upset when folks speak of CIs as if they are evil and as if folks who have them or choose them are bad etc etc. Especially of those folks who use ASL and cherish them. Its the systems that exclude ASL and advocate for CURES that are oppressive and should be challenged”. RIght on sista! I think we need to continue to remind people that the CI’s are simply tools that access spoken language, and comes with risks.

    As for people coming forward….they do not know we exist. Once they do know us, do we embrace them? Hope for most part most of us do. We need to continue to be clear what it is we are against –>> the propaganda that comes with the CI. IT is not a miracle cure.

    I am guessing James Tucker is doing with his program, what I have seen other schools for the Deaf do, embrace those who have CI to give them opportunities to use the benefit of ASL, bilingual program. I can’t discuss it intelligently because I have not seen his program myself, but seems his reasons may also be political. Hope James is able to respond to your open letter. It is an odd thing to say, but I am sure he has his reasons. I feel the awareness about the risks involved with CI surgery in young children, esp FDA Website showing these risks, the lawsuits and recalls of CI’s in the past 5 years, the expose’ on the $$ aspect of how much money is being made off of the deaf community, all the reasons patti listed above has raised the awareness so much more than ever before, the controversy continues with more ammunition than ever before. Patti, you have also raised a nbr of different issues here and I guess we will need to continue the dialogue further. But one last comment – I am curious to learn more about these “separate classes” I keep seeing mentioned. On the surface, this appears to defeat the purpose of bilingual program. Interesting. Is this happening in other state schools for the Deaf? if so, why? Thanks.

    p.s. Patti, we still need to pursue the issue of equal funding….lots to do out there, lots to do.

  17. handeyes
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 12:03:06

    Re: Deaf schools that have oral / aural ONLY classes for different subject matters not just for the clinical service of audition and articulation – i think we need facts on that. I dont know of any school that does that accept perhaps Lexington School (if in fact it is still doing that? – when i taught there a million years ago the elementary and middle school were oral / aural ONLY and the high school was pretty much sim-com. Reason? cuz in NYC area couple of the Deaf sim-com schools didnt have a HS (St Joseph and St Francis) so the kids were often filtered into Lex and they were already signers so Lex allowed for the high school to sign. Eventually the elementary and middle school became sim-com too. However a few years ago someone told me that they were again creating oral / aural only classes in the elementary school at Lexington – is this still in practice (if in fact it ever really was true? i know not)

    but seems to me we need to know the facts

    even several years ago when i had grad students research the languages used at various Deaf schools – they could barely get an answer – it was basically a hodgepodge of anything goes and total confusion in how the own schools were explaining and representing themselves – talking of Total Communication when that is a philosophy and not languages. Very few schools will say on their website that they are sim-com but that is basically what they are and when a program is in sim-com that means it is spoken English with some ASL and English based signs in English word order. The language of instruction is then English – spoken, signed pretty much and written and read. ASL may or may not be offered as a wee course at the high school level at times

    there is a reason why the keep the formal studying and using of ASL out of Deaf education folks and its not for fear of crowding out those neural passage ways

    re: oral / aural only programs being ok – if it is all day – nope that is not ok cuz 4 international groups have said NOT COOL

    (ah when visiting AFA blogsite ust now to grab the url to the international documents posting i see the AFA letter to the Telstra Award folks objecting to Dornan’s prejudicial statement and practices is now up –

    STAND and be counted folks. Cuz u count – u truly do and u aint no scourge or children of a lesser g-d



  18. PopeMistress
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 12:23:39

    Joseph Pietro Riolo??? what???!!!??? Are you framing or accusing patti that she has more controversial ????

    Can you please do your honor to step back and see the big pix the ask yourself who brought it up first? The truth answer is:

    reading this article down first before you jump too far in conclusion + put your sword down and kneel down + beg her for “forgiveness” pls? That will be gratefully appreciated!

  19. deafa
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 13:40:44

    The Learning Center does that, if I understand and I think there is a deaf school in Maryland does it too, but I believe it is for English. Not sure.

  20. handeyes
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 14:00:10

    oh boo i typed a long comment re: survivors and my wireless cut off – will see if i can recreate later or just give ya all some peace and quiet from me smile

    sheri – re: tool. there is a short film by a Deaf filmmaker who at that time had one CI and later got a 2nd. in the film he dangles his external CI part over a set of REAL tools and the magnet on the external part kind lifts up and collects these various tools on its dangling end. he also has another part in the film where he plays the music from the exorcist in the background and uses stop animation to film himself lying in bed and being PULLED out of bed by his cochlear implant – pulled down the hallway and then pulled down the stair case until the cochlear implant comes to rest on the metal railing of the staircase as if AHHH food!

    its powerful

    my concern with some folks (not u sheri) saying that CIs are simply a tool is that when they do this they often say that to minimize and dismiss the SYSTEMS that are behind the huge push for CIs

    we could argue that EVERYTHING is a tool and all tools come with their pros and cons

    it is how a tool is used and or abused that matters

    as u noted

    re: the equal funding for equal language rights – YA HOO this is big and important

    in my long and multiprong (smile) letter here i mention the amount of funding coming out of the NIDCD of the NIH re: cochlear implant studies and we dont see funding for bilingual-bicultural studies, services, therapies etc etc

    all the big bucks r truly going to the ears and the mouth via CDC and NIH and EHDI from the looks of it

    and i mean BIG bucks folks – check the opensecrets and the various “non-profit” groups lobbying efforts – wow and yikes

    they r totally steam rolling legislation to be all about the ear and the mouth as if physiological changes bring with it equality when we see from Waiting for Superman and many many many other studies and our own Declaration of Independence that Equal TREATMENT is what brings about equality and that folks are already created equal they just need to be treated and respected as such

    and that there is a SYSTEMS problem folks

    stop trying to tweak the individual to fit the bloody oppressive system smile

    and US of A government ya are already bankrupt – i have no idea why u wanna toss thousands of dollars X2 X many times in a life time when those products are not built for life nor do they EQUALIZE

    popemistress – re: joseph and his sword. no worries. words dont hurt me and i truly do love joseph



  21. Sheri Farinha
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 16:47:32

    Patti, understand and appreciate all that you are saying. I think for me,the “CI as a tool” is me minimizing its importance because everywhere you see in articles published almost weekly glorifying the CI as if “hallelujah praise be God there’s a cure”, and me saying its just a tool to access spoken language if – because that is how hearing aids are classified – ‘auxiliary aids/tools for auditory purposes’ IF that is what the child or Deaf adult wants as a way to access spoken language. the misnomer is that none of this equates to intelligence. I understand your frustration, sometimes when i read these glorybetohighheaventhischildgotaci article i too wanna shoutout, “it is not a language, it is not a cure, it is just a tool, get with the program people and stop this propaganda madness!”

    and by the way…where are our “yes to ASL” success stories published weekly in newspapers and etc? this is what we need to get started on asap.


  22. handeyes
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 17:26:50

    deafa – thanks for the info. hmmm u got me wondering if Amy Cohen Efron’s map and chart of US Deaf schools could be expanded to cover school languages?

    Sheri – awesome – i love how u wrote that all out.

    i think that is the hard place most of us are at. we r trying to minimize all the glorybetohighheaventhischildgotaci buzz bull#hit but by saying that the CI is not controversial aint the answer me think. Also by trying to minimize it to be “just a tool” when at times it is used as a “club” well i think we should start putting it on the table and start saying to the media – were is the FULL story

    cuz we all SEEN how many stories get pumped out on all the glory and none of the gory stuff (and there really is gory stuff i aint making it up)

    meanwhile if Deaf folks have ANY type of advocacy / activism the 1st or 2nd question out of the reporters mouth is gonna be – “well how do u feel about CI?” and folks r like – we r protesting this person’s leadership or we are protesting the lack of funding for Deaf schools etc

    and the media is like “yah yah fine but tell us how much u hate CIs”

    its controversial and THEY know it but they dont do the same when they cover the CURE – they should be asking the parents – “how do u feel about ASL, how do u feel about Deaf culture?”

    cuz controversies can go both ways eh?

    re: where are the stories on “yes to ASL” EXCELLENT QUESTION

    they will cover it when Hearing students are learning it or Hearing babies are gobbling it up but when Deaf babies are learning it – they hardly ever bat an eye

    for example the study that ASL actually has helped with speech – Why isnt that all over the media and the internet hmmmmmm

    interesting and odd, eh?

    bottom line – i think we gotta counterbalance all the bull#hit – with the simple truth – not by minimizing what CI are or arent

    but that is me – im all truth love and hope

    much peace


  23. PopeMistress
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 19:02:36

    fyi: love can be ok but but but I do have a right to put up my sword up then! 😛

  24. John S.
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 19:35:04

    What a wonderful discussion. For one thing, CIs are not “they” in a personal sense or context. However, CIs are “they” in a grammatical or objective sense. There is no emotion to a CI, it is not human. However, I realize that they do stir up much emotions, esp among those of us in the Deaf community. From my experiences both online and personal experiences in the Deaf community in the area in which I live they are non-human and are worthless.

    True, there is much pressure to implant children. However, this does not make it right. Yesterday I met with professors of a Deaf Studies and ASL program at a university near me. They are Deaf with PhDs. They are teaching education students (and others) how the deaf brain works and how Deaf communication works. It was very impressive and will go a long way to help educate teaqchers of Deaf students, and the whole community as well.

    Correct, the children (and/or adults) are not the issue. The REAL issue is that many just fail to recognize that Deaf can and do learn without devices. Especially without CI devices. The profit margin of the companies should not be an issue; the lives of Deaf children (and adults) is the real issue. CIs will not improve a life; they only complicate and further lesen the quality of life. the controversy of CIs within the Deaf community may be hard to guage. Not that a Deaf person with a CI is shunned; it may be that members of Deaf community reject the device.

    True, many have been disenfranchised over the years. This has happened to almost any minority group no matter what the make-up of the group is. Yet because of the iconic communication of Deaf the disenfranchisement may be worsened. Yet, this does not have to happen. Society owes it to minority groups to recognize their validity and reach out to be inclusive of them , not to try to take away the identity of the group and substitute for it a sham identity that neither fits nor is acceptable.

    Because CI companies and/or doctors do not make a promise about end results it is hard to sue them. Yet, both should be held responsible for the product and process that has brought misery to many, fear and distrust to others, and a general sense of anxiety to all. This is akin to automobile manufacturers making promises about their products. When their products fail someone other than the consumer should be held accountable. This lack of integrity is unacceptable.

    Test scores do not reflect reality. They are the product of a controlled environment, a controlled process, and objective scoring. All three are variables that need consideration. Real life is the anthesis of a controlled environment. Each human being has different interpretation of similar or the same stimuli. Yet to generalize this into a test score is a denial of human validity. The procss itself is controlled in order to give an objective end-result. Yet, our lives are subjective (thankfully!) and what a meaning is at one point-in-time may differ at another. And yet objective scores do not respect this personal integrity. The scoring is not and cannot be objective in that the meanings and sounds mean different things to different people (as noted above). Yet, the attempt is to verify the performance in an objective manner. Another issue affecting objective outcome is the mind-set of the individual. Should a person be tired and/or sick their performance will be adversely affected. This too needs to be taken into account.

    CIs may have been around 40+ years, I cannot and will not dispute that. Yet, this time frame is ample enough for society to see that the product was ill-fated from the moment of conception. Because of the business orientation of society many cannot – or will not – see that the failure of the device has been objectively verified time and again. Yet, because of the social pressures, the device will appear and re-appear. My question is, how many times does a monster have to be reborn before the monster is recognized for what it is?

    To believe that there is “something wrong” with Deaf children (individually or as a group) is another unverfiable prejudice that lacks a factual basis and lacks a solid basis of opinion. Not only do members of the Deaf community see nothing “wrong” with Deaf children, but many in Hearing community do not see the wrongful nature of deafness either. As a result, seeing “something wrong” is merely a matter of opinion, and an unverified opinion at that.

    The mere fact that the FDA has levied fines against CI manufacturers is strong evidence that the devices are not what they are sold as. The FDA is part of the Federal gov’t which in itself is pro-business. This in itself is a warning to Deaf consumers to be very careful.

    Your “Truths About CIs” are objective and should serve as a warning to potential consumers. As should the “Unknowns”. These two components need to be at least considered.

    Imformative piece that should serve as a reminder that corporations wish to SELL their products, not recall them. Should the buyer beware? Very much so.

  25. Sheri Farinha
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 21:31:26

    John S, I think what you just typed out is a response you should send to NYTimes, and other publications where they write up about CI’s. Send it to each of em. Someone should set up a so that when parents do research, this site will pop up on google as well as articles published online.

  26. handeyes
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 22:54:26

    Shawn – u r right – i should not deny u the right to say what u wanna say to Joseph

    im just a pacifist and don’t care for swords smile. Hood up and truth up and word up and stand up – suit me much better

    I do appreciate ur redirecting Joseph to what this blog entry is about, the big picture, and the original article.

    and i truly and totally love ya shawn

    John S – who the heck are you????

    smile – wow i love when new folks show up with wisdom and truths

    i 2nd sheri’s motion and notion – send it out brother – send it out. Truths must be told and ignite the light

    i assume the monster u speak of is AUDISM – the belief that to hear and/or behave as a hearing person is superior to being Deaf

    and that beast rears itself in many forms – via education, via cures, via families etc – the films Audism Unveiled does an excellent job of bringing forth these truths

    rivers gotta flow as does the truth

    Thanks all



  27. Joseph Pietro Riolo
    Oct 27, 2011 @ 00:42:23

    I did not come here because your post is controversial. I came here to lend some support to Mr. James Tucker’s perspective. You are entitled to your perspective on how controversial cochlear implant is. And, Mr. Tucker is entitled to his perspective as well. But, I do not think that he is wrong about his perspective.

    I don’t have problem understanding his perspective. During the early 1990’s, it could be as high as 95% of the Deaf culture that vehemently opposed cochlear implant. Nowadays, the percentage could be no more than 5% or 10% of the Deaf culture that still oppose cochlear implant. It is this big contrast between the past and present times that probably led Mr. Tucker to observe that cochlear implant is no longer controversial.

    To PopeMistress: You have the power to form your own frame. If you think that a topic is controversial, that’s your right to think that way. If you think that a topic is not controversial, that’s your right as well. Mr. Tucker made his observations and came to his own conclusions. You may disagree with him which is perfectly fine but to tell him that he is wrong is not what I would do.

    Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.

  28. handeyes
    Oct 27, 2011 @ 01:40:17

    Heye Joseph –

    are you saying “its debatable” whether or not CI are controversial?

    wow – not that old grab at “well its debatable” as a safety valve

    Denial is not sweet.

    It is within everyone’s right to say the earth is flat and ASL is not a language but that does not make it the right thing to say.

    The truth is sweet ya know. [i know i know it is toxic for some but geez i always hope for the good i truly do]

    CI are controversial.

    Why cant we admit that simple truth?

    Re: your statement that you do not come here because my blog entry is controversial… i think you misunderstood my comment – i meant – you and i would not be having this conversation about our opposing viewpoint about if CIs are controversial if they were not controversial ; ) See what i mean?

    there is even controversy about the controversial nature of CI – HA!

    re: ur wanting to lend Mr. Tucker support for his perspective? I am not sure if you have succeeded there

    re: what u would and wouldnt do – i dont envision ur and popemistress’ action plans matching up any time soon but hey – life is full of surprises and im a hoper – its what i do

    we stand for truth, justice, and POSITIVE peace.

    it can only take us forward instead of standing in the same place or even going backward to re-frame and re-write history

    at least this is what MLK, Gandhi, Alice Paul, Rosa Parks, Harvey Milks, Mandela, and others have taught me

    much peace Joseph


  29. PopeMistress
    Oct 27, 2011 @ 11:41:54

    Or maybe Tucker is desperately to get more $$$$$$$$$$$$ since the state or federal gov’t cuts the school budget???

    Who knows???? So maybe he wanna change his mind to become more like floppy down dog ears now like this video:

    What will happen if no action to make law added to the Bill or EHDI reauthorization bill: “thou shall not deprive ASL??

    If they marketing orally education by depriving ASL first, we shall have right to do both:
    1. deprive oralism back then +
    2. prosecute any oral education programs policy.

    We are tired of being slave to work hard on speech + listening for hearing people while hearing people are lazy + do nothing for us the Deaf!!

    We are slave to work hard in orally education to help many more hearing people to get more jobs than give us the Deaf no job!

    Will we wake up or just do nothing like petting on dogs ears + say boring softly woof woof woof with no action???

    Shall we pity on hearing parents for being naïve by the audism colonize our minds for so many years while they took advantage of marketing profits???

  30. handeyes
    Oct 27, 2011 @ 15:51:32

    geez popemistress

    u r mighty smart to connect that link

    re: “thou shall not deprive ASL” amen to that

    that is what four major international bodies have said – do not deprive folks of a fully natural and accessible language

    in the maslow hierarchy of need chart – physiological needs – the bottom foundation does not list LANGUAGE but it should.

    it is not listed because ALL other PEOPLE on this planet get access to language naturally. The language might be profane, it might be sparse but it is there – kids hear their folks talking, the radio, tv, folks in the store, folks out on the street, etc etc

    but Deaf kids of non-signing parents do not get language naturally and freely – nope they have to WORK for their words and that work may or may not involve physical alterations to give them inconsistent access to those words WHILE a perfectly handy and dandy language is being goobled up by the hearing mommies and daddies to use with their HEARING babies – go figure!

    odd eh?

    CI are controversial and more than just a tool because they are IMPLANTS folks

    u really should not be denying that

    ask any Deaf or Hearing person what they think of the implanting of a 3 mo old (see australia – the skull hasnt even really solidified yet folks) or a 5 mo old w/ bilateral (see US of A) or a 9 mo old and even the FDA will say – NOT RECOMMENDED

    so folks it is controversial

    i suspect that joseph’s 5% or 10% guestimate is really the opposite – u might be able to find 5 to 10% folks who say cochlear implants are NOT controversial
    and will find abut 90% who say – don’t do the babies – its too young! Even Deaf folks who have CIs and got them pretty young say – i dont support them implanting babies

    the 5-10% who are all ga ga over implanting babies (which is the newest and the HUGEST PUSH FOLKS – get ’em before they can gesture, talk, walk, and think) – the folks who are pro-implanting of infants and who do not think it is controversial usually do have TIES – big ole TIES to the industry and the systems that NEED to have the CIs be needed

    when in fact we know for a FACT that Deaf folks exist perfectly fine on this planet without ever having a CI

    we so radical in our truths


    but why should my feathers be ruffled – i have been told there is no such controversy around CI

    guess i shouldnt read all those links about how India is being over-run by corrupt doctors and CI marketers and making it pretty much an “optionless” world there

    ahhh no controversy

    popemistress – all of what u wrote is profound and just

    and folks before some of u nukkers try to twist popemistresses statement to mean she is against any oral skills or audition – dont even bother

    she is CLEAR – OralISM – ie oral / aural ONLY – is the systematic omission and exclusion of a natural sign language and ORALISM is wrong

    i will say that i do not think we should hold the position of –
    – they exclude ASL therefore we will exclude Oralism

    i think we should and MUST oppose ORALISM because it is a moral wrong and an injustice

    it is wrong to make children work for their words
    it is wrong to say independence through listening and talking

    its ok to have speech and listening abilities and it is ok NOT TO HAVE THOSE

    it is not ok to EXCLUDE a fully natural and accessible language from the life of a Deaf child cuz they are Deaf, duh! and cuz language is the BOTTOM rung of maslow – deprive a Deaf child of a fully natural and accessible language and u set them up for some mighty big problems down the road

    the EXTREME position of by any mean MEANS necessary to make Deaf folks the same as hearing is WRONG

    and LAME

    and FALSE



    and UNJUST

    and ole

    way way way ole

    our souls have grown deep like the rivers folks and we know the TRUTH

    we were created equal

    stop trying to fix us only to keep selling us more snake oil

    the latest in my inbox is some workshop where a CI doctor is gonna tell folks how to use all the special gadgets in the kit that they got sent home with after their CI surgery in which the folks have never tinkered with the gadgets

    he is gonna give this workshop to HELP them hear better

    wait a bloody minute – i was just reading this article in which mr. tucker is quoted as saying ci are not controversial and the women who has one says its PERFECT and all is well in her world

    why is it that folks need to keep returning and retraining and remapping and getting an upgrade and…..

    ohhhh and why did someone tell me at their oral school the teacher would write the word the student was struggling with on an index card and affix it to the child and then when the child went to lunch s/he would have to pronounce that word correctly in order to get their food

    wow wee that is a new one for me – not only do we have to work for our words – we also have to work for our food


    u oppressors are so creative and UNJUST

    and why oh why does the media keep painting ci as perfect happy happy but the folks living with them r a bit wary of wearing them ALL the time

    i can not tell u how many Deaf adults with ci tell me they wish they had learned sign language growing up

    it is mighty handy to be able to sit back and get language just the way hearing folks do – NATURALLY

    hmmmm so why is it that the systems keep trying to deprive Deaf infants and children of that


    gig is up

    and yes CI are controversial

    thanks popemistress

    u sung the truth there mighty fine



  31. handeyes
    Oct 27, 2011 @ 19:20:33

    John Lee’s essay re: Cochlear implants



  32. PopeMistress
    Oct 28, 2011 @ 16:58:28

    Do you think it is really worth to spen $1.3 million grant on that ResEARch on Education and Employment Outcomes for Deaf and Hard of Hearing to be Funded by $1.3 Million Grant | News???

    Do you TRUST on that resEARch in the messy State of Teaxas?

  33. PopeMistress
    Oct 29, 2011 @ 11:00:20

    oh patti- thank you for the long comments – I even enjoy reading it again! Oh by the way thank you for sharing John Lee Clark’s essays- Wow! he wrote very good long essay!!! I agreed with his points: “It financially benefits hearing teachers, hearing doctors, hearing speech therapists, and hearing businesses in the industry. It is only at the bottom of the industry that we find the token deaf person.”

  34. deafa
    Oct 29, 2011 @ 15:34:29

    I totally agree with John’s story. I have an oral deaf older sister like myself. she too can’t hear anything without hearing aids. 85 to 90 db sounds near our ears without hearing aids sound more like a distorted,muffled whisper (if it is distance, forget it, we dont hear it) but our hearing aids is powerful enough for us to access some speech although we rely lipreading heavily to go with it. We dont even like talking to each other because it is too much work and our conversation goes nowhere because of too many “huhs” and “whats” back and forth. same thing happened to me with other oral deaf people (I met about 5 or 6 of them in my life in random settings like college, or someone came to work on my house -he signs, but he use oralism with me since I am not fluent)

  35. handeyes
    Nov 01, 2011 @ 02:13:13

    popemistress – i love john lee’s writing so im glad u like it too also for u to pull out such a meaningful quote. u aint such a bad writer urself ms. popemistress!

    deafa – big thanks for sharing about u and ur sister’s experiences. it is painful to consider that sisters dont want to communicate with each other cuz it is labor intensive while we know that if u both signed ud be living and loving it up in ASL

    when i was handcuffed behind the back (so so so wrong Rochester PD) i was sitting on the hard wooden bench next to an African American older protester who was also handcuffed behind the back just like we ALL were and she said something like my name is xeRL and i said – im partially Deaf and she turned her head and said I cant hear so good (as if to say talk to my good ear) and i almost burst out laughing at the irony of it

    two partially Deaf women who speak but can not speak FREELY cuz they are in bloody handcuffs behind their backs


    the next day at the arraignment when i was sitting behind her i noticed she had one of those conductive implants – like a little box that gets clipped on and i thought – well geez at least i have an interpreter for the proceedings so i can be fairly sure ill know what is what and i hope she will understand fully when she gets called up too.

    She is super cool and strong as are most Deaf women dont matter how big the D of the dB be or how small.

    but just a bit of that irony u sing of above deafa – that we are similar and have similar experience but we dont share the great equalizer – ASL.

    much peace


  36. PopeMistress
    Nov 01, 2011 @ 11:28:43


    OMG- patti – first I’m glad that you are ok now but I’m not impressed with Rochy cops!!

    You guys were put in hand cuffs behind your back for probably over 2 hours – it is REALLY uncomfortable and painful??

    WTF!!!??? What’s wrong with Rochy cops??? Were they being paid by Locally Deaf Rochy taxpayers??? Were they the Rochy cops being train by the locally Deaf Rochy community???

    Hope to see you on the Nat’l Court TV on Nov something so I can make sure you are okay and show your hands + wrists with no bruise!!! Or take photos of and hands + wrists now! Don’t wait too long!!!

    So we need to know the full truth from Court TV if you have the luck to approve to press in public! We deserve to learn the whole truth + make plan before we may occupy on wealthy medical center who took advantage of our health care insurance premium + plus we the middle class income may have to pay more on prescriptions which that is sux!!!

    Who owns health care insurance + their CEOs are wealthy!!! Wait + see the nearest end of Nov or Dec 12, 2011 the end of health care session day!

    Ok now I gotta go work today!

  37. Arlee
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 02:28:21

    Cochlear implants are being used by judges to take away deaf parents rights in custody battles and give all custody to the hearing parent. That way the deaf parent can’t fight for the right services for their deaf child in the mainstream! This is unethical and wrong. There will be backlash from these children when they find out how they are only accepted as hearing and not seen as a deaf person who can hear (H of H). This is so sad.

  38. handeyes
    Nov 06, 2011 @ 19:53:23

    Popemistress –

    yep health care is very uncaring when its profit driven and not interested in the well-being of people but rather in the interest rates

    Arlee –

    yep, that is another serious controversy – all the clamor and claims of parental rights but does a parent truly have the right to say no to CI if the other parent says yes etc and what of the child who is made “functionally” hard of hearing only to be denied full access later because of it

    CI are controversial



  39. Arlee
    Nov 13, 2011 @ 04:36:42 Here is a song someone has written that makes you KNOW CIs are controversial when they can be used against a deaf parent!

  40. handeyes
    Nov 13, 2011 @ 10:36:59

    Arlee –

    thanks for the link. i did share it last week via twitter but its great that u put it up here too.

    Yep CIs are controversial. We r making the invisible more and more visible and its interesting to see how some folks keep trying to suppress the truths while others are finding their feet and standing



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