Drs and do no harm – HA!

Drs do no harm – HA! ie Imperialism of the EAR era / error

There is a lot of ruckus about Dr. Dornan’s quote on Deaf folks comparing them to a scourge like polio and also saying we can consign deafness to history etc

Dr. Dornan’s claims that she was misquoted and misunderstood but her previous speeches, awards, and actions speak volumes.  She has a proven track record of ushering in a death to being Deaf. (see some links below)

Iffffffffffffffffffffff she truly just means she wants to eradicate the adverse impact of being Deaf from children’s lives as she is currently spinning then she would NOT be one of the chief propagators of Oral / Aural ONLYism in Australia.  She would NOT advocate AGAINST the use of a natural sign language and she would not push the false opiate of CI+AVT = equality because it DOES NOT.

So if she truly wanted to ensure that Deaf children did not suffer as a result of being Deaf::

1. she would ensure that they had access to a fully natural and accessible language 0 – 3 and give them English too

3. she would fight against AUDISM instead of promote it

Black folks were not denied the right to sit on the front of the bus due to their abilities

Women were not denied the right to vote due to their abilities

Gay folks are not denied the right to marry because of their abilities

Deaf folks are not denied the right to a natural sign language because of their abilities

all of these DENIALS to equality are due to prejudices and bigotry so if Dr. Dornan Really wants to HELP Deaf folks she should be combating the prejudices and falsehoods that say it is better to be hearing and/or behave as hearing folks do than to be Deaf cuz that simply is NOT true

it is not better to be White even though Whites receive better treatment

it is not better to be male even though males receive better treatment

it is not better to be heterosexual even though heterosexuals receive better treatment

it IS better to be treated equally and that is what Dr. Dornan should be advocating for and that is when she should be getting awards – not when she is doing the “do no harm” duty backwards

cuz Oralism has harmed a bad-n-plenty and Oralism and Audism are her specility.  Four major international bodies have said DO NOT deprive Deaf children of sign language – HELLO!

see afa-5 international bodies re- sl rights(1)

Deceit is not sweet Dr. Dornan

An apple of truth keeps the bad doctors away.  (yes i know i know she aint a medical doctor she just is a PhD with all that AVT stuff lapped on)  And there is the other MEGA doctor of australia (a real MD in the treatment of diseases like the scourge of the Deaf) – Dr. Graeme Clark.  Holy crud.  Just look at his stock options

dont cry for her folks (or even him – his company COCHLEAR LIMITED will just pull out the “goodwill impairment” to help them recoup and bounce back from their MEGA recall of their CI 500 range implants for failing cold)  – They got a good profit margin and stock options and government handouts to push for the 2nd wave of Oralism

NOTE: COCHLEAR LIMITED is not limited – it is WORLD wide and they have not been shy about their ambitions of making sure EVERY Deaf child has Cochlear implants and uses oral / aural only.

And im sure if we check the dots we will see stem cells and genetics and pills and shots tracing their fingertips as well.

with friends like these – who needs enemies

some quotes from the Dr. Dornan:

“A functionally deaf child needs to learn about the world through vision whereas a functionally hard of hearing child learns everything about the world through hearing and fits very nicely in a hearing society and becomes a very strong contributor to that society and therefore is very economically sound.


“Hearing loss, as we know, is the most common disability in newborn babies, worldwide, and it’s often diagnosed too late for optimal treatment. And in addition to this sad fact, there are presently only enough trained, uh, listening and speaking professionals to effectively treat 8% of all the children and adults, uh, worldwide with hearing loss. The good news is, today we stand where polio was 20 years ago. Through a combination of newborn hearing screening and most important point, the, our wonderful cochlear implants and digital hearing aids and early auditory verbal intervention we now have the potential to decimate the very serious consequences of hearing loss globally.”

http://the-rebuttal.com/?p=1475  In this transcript she talks of China and Russia etc Imperialism of the EAR era / error

they also discuss their journey for making Deaf folks into artificial people of the ears and mouths rather than the eyes and the hands


they have not been shy about it folks – its just that most of us have been averting our eyes.  its too big its too bad – we no wanna see see and we no wanna do do

and folks it is NO coincidence that they r ramping up this cultural and linguistic genocidal push just at a time when the world is saying – diversity its a good thing (diversity as in biodiversity, linguistic diversity, cultural diversity) and its no coincidence that they are ramping this up at a time when Deaf Natural signing folks are hot and sexy and cool and popular and hitting the mainstream media big time and its no coincidence they are ramping this up under the falsehood that it will save folks money down the line during a time of economic crisis – ahhhh social darwinism and eugenics.  Imperialism, nationalism, and militarism they got – and those are the CHIEF ingredients for conquest and domination and COLONIZATION.  gasp i used the C word folks

no worry – its the truth and they must be sung.  Some folks will be stung.  some folks will say – HEY i want my CI and i love to listen to music and i like to talk and u can not stop me to which i will say gently and lovingly and LOUDLY for the 15th MILLIONTH time

1. it is not about u – it is perfectly fine with me if you want CIs, music and talking

2. it is about THEM saying folks MUST have those things to FUNCTION and CONTRIBUTE to society because:

a. it is false

b. it is cruel

3. it is about THEM saying that folks can not have ASL or AUSLAN or eye-music or signing (see Hear and Say and AVT/LSL Extremism)

That there is the problem – that THEY, the systems, exclude

Now to all my important and beloved friends – if you can not stand up against folks and systems who are doing this CRAP all over the planet do not ever dare to complain to me about the use of blue tape, about the wording of a petition, the height of a letter, the spelling of a word, about cost of batteries, about the lack of captioning

This is huge folks and you NO LONGER HAVE ANY EXCUSE TO DO NOTHING!

and yes, i am mad at you my beloved community.  I am mad at how quick u all are to engage in the most degrading and disgusting cesspool blogsphere bull#hit when i personally know children who have had THREE ci surgeries cuz the things did not WORK!

yes i am mad at u folks for vlogging more about a bloody football game than u do about the TRUTH

yes i am mad at u for yakking and wagging the dog here there and EVERYWHERE

yes i am mad at u for continually reaching out and grabbing the closest thing near u to pull down and pick apart and dissect while Dr. Dornan has been laying the ground works for a death to the Deaf dance

yes i dont understand how i can have so many readers who do not appear to be doers

yes i am appalled to see folks DEFEND her

yes i am also dreading finding out about this FLA woman that someone has put a bunch of links to in my previous blog entry because when i SEE then i must do- boo.  just when i wanted a rest.  Thankfully i got me boots on.

so to all my pals and acquaintances – Wake the #uck up!

And pls know i aint mad at everybody.  Some of you are mighty fine and brave – u go places i no wanna go and u take me there too.  Thank u

Pls also know that i LOVE ya all.  I truly do.  I know know know waking up is hard to do.  this is true but wake we must.  and STAND for which is right, good, true and just is a must too.

For all of those of you who do DO- i thank you.  for all of those of you who are blind and married to b.s., i will love ya from afar.  For all for you with stars upon thars and those without, you are wonderful.  for all of those of you who are fence sitting – i beseech upon you to do the right thing.

The time is now

“won’t you help me sing, these songs of freedom….”

other important links below

1. link to CODA Australia 2010 video (Auslan & English) contending Dimity Dornan “Hear and Say” organization being granted $4 million dollars from the Australia govt when it practice and promotes language bigotry and human rights violations (thanks shawn for the link)


2. link to the Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC) Letter to the Telstra Award organizers calling for Dornan’s award to be rescinded

3. World Federation of the Deaf and Deaf Australia’s letter calling for a public apology from Dornan for her inflamatory remarks


ADDED: the greatest forms of discrimination / oppression facing Deaf folks world wide all start with E

Ethnicity (this includes language rights)



We r not alone folks – many other groups (races, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, differently abled, etc groups have also faced discrimination but as far as i know Deaf folks are the ONLY group on the planet that is REGULARLY and SYSTEMATICALLY deprived of a fully natural and accessible language. 

And that is the plague we should be ushering in a death of

Boot up folks!
petition http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/saynotodeafgenocide

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ASLElla
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 23:27:07

    Wow! A huge huge AMEN!!! thanks patti!

  2. PopeMistress
    Oct 22, 2011 @ 09:53:45

    yep, I already signed on the petition because I respect Deaf Australian community that they deserve more peaceful deaf education without having the ugly abusive (including both physically and verbally) audism colonizing interupted in Australia. Seems so sad to see so many Americans are very uncaring + unfriendly people from the audism education.

    Thank you, Patti for wonderful talking points on this blog!

  3. PopeMistress
    Oct 22, 2011 @ 10:39:16

    Cochlear shares closed down 96¢, or 1.8 per cent, at $53.54 after early sales as low as $51.52.

    Some shareholders at the meeting expressed concern about the damage inflicted on Cochlear’s reputation as a reliable supplier of hearing implants, but Dr Roberts, who admitted to having lost sleep over the recall, said there had been ”minimal loss of market share”.

    Read more:


  4. PopeMistress
    Oct 22, 2011 @ 10:46:05

    For anyone who needs to learn about Graeme Clark the pioneer of ci history + go read that link:

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  6. handeyes
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 20:46:11

    Ella – keep standing

    Popemistress – thanks for ur comment and the links

    eyes wide open and 1 2 3 jump



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