Got D for Dandy and for Deaf?

D is fo Deaf by De'VIA artist - Nancy Rourke

Got D for Dandy and for Deaf?



Since most of us [Deaf, Deaf of Deaf, partially Deaf, late Deaf, CoDas, parents of Deaf children, spouses of Deaf folks, siblings of Deaf folks, teachers of Deaf folks, interpreters of Deaf folks, foreigners who have experienced linguisims, other cultural groups who have experienced racism, sexism, etc, and allies] KNOW, we KNOW its Dandy to be Deaf and making Deaf folks never more as in deadending being Deaf is NOT cool and the push to change Deaf to dead is not acceptable, we all r gonna let our fingers do the talking.

So give me a D if u believe its ok to be Deaf and Deaf is better than dead.

Antonia's People of the Eye - Big D

patti's D-Heart

D for Dear Destinee, our granddaughter D for Deaf D for Dandy F for DeaF not DeaD

Activist, Shawn Elfink, reflects on how being D is handy

A big ole D for the People of the handEYE

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