The Brave New Ear Era & People of the HandEye r HOT!

Ain’t it odd just as Deaf culture and ASL & other natural Signed languages, are becoming more visible and popular (see Deaf Maylasian artist, Leon Lim, on A Work of Art on Bravo and many more places and spaces where Deaf people of the handeyes are breaking through into mainstream media), while the SYSTEMS are upping the ante on their fixation on fixing Deaf folks so they is no more.  No they aint saying kill off those who exist now – that would be illegal and an overt genocide.  They are just aiming to making it so that the “scourge that is Deaf folks is eradicated.”

They aint been shy about it folks – they even get awards when they declare their manifesto of a Death to being Deaf.  Don’t believe me?  well check out

the new Business Woman of the Year down under.  (yes the ears are a business you know) – she claims ‘We can consign deafness to history’… “”It is a scourge in our world but it can be almost completely eradicated. I believe we can truly make this happen … thank you for your help.”said the winner, Dimity Dornan.

Read more:

See WFD and Deaf Australia’s update of outrage re: offensive statements against Deaf folks by this Business woman

and check out the recently renamed Hearing Health Foundation (formerly known as the Deafness Research Foundation).  An their Hearing Restoration Project has the goal “to develop a biologic cure for severe sensorineural hearing loss in the next decade.”

NOTE: This is the trend now to move away from some of the older names with the word Deaf or Deafness in the title or even Ear (like the House Ear Institute) to instead have the word HEARING ever present.  Even some schools for the Deaf now go by Hearing and Speech (See Clarke).  Deaf is a pretty dirty word ya know and “Hearing is Happiness!”

ha! (ya all interested in some stock options in my water co.?)

(yes yes – i knows plenty of folks who is hearing who r not happy and i know plenty of Deaf folks who are and vice versa.  Yes indeed i know ones character should not be judged by what their ears do or don’t but rather by the content of their character but…. in a world of prejudice the trend is towards “conformity, normality, normalcy, and fallacy” – YAWN!  They just worried cuz Deaf ASL folks r really HOT folks – as in sizzle as in popular as is yum and sweet and cool beans and RAD and wow and did ya see ASL is on its way to being the 3rd most studied language in the US of A.

Never mind that their new promise of what is to come in the new decade will probably be more of the same as the past 10 years where they were pledging the Death to Deafness and all we see in its wake:

– an astronomical increase in cochlear implanting at earlier and earlier ages – youngest being 3 month old infant

(never mind the new study from the Mayo Clinic saying more than 1 surgery and anesthesia before the age of 2 years old may contribute to learning disabilities including language acquisition problems)

(never mind the recalls of many different brands of Cochlear Implants over the past 10 years.

never mind the fines via the FDA and US dept of justice for unethical dealings and faulty products by CI companies

never mind the fact that most of the kids who were implanted very young are still not showing consistently and reliably the results that have been promised to the parents

never mind the fact that these kids grow up and even with augmented hearing and speaking abilities, they still prefer visual based information – text messaging, captioning, CART, ASL, etc)

– Never mind that all of these hearing “FOUNDATIONS” are associated with businesses and industries with profit margins out the roof and bonuses galore for the CEOs and nice tax write offs for their philanthropy

– Never mind they spend big bucks on lobbying for Early Hearing Detection and Intervention and IDEA and the push for AUDIOtory programs and ORALISM

– Never mind that they propagate false prophecies for profit

– Never mind that the kids by middle school pretty much aint so happy in mainstream

– Never mind that they are trying to come for a pair of ears near you

Cuz Deaf ASL folks are still hitting the mainstream – as in the PUBLIC as in the media as in they are being seen as an ETHNICITY and as a LINGUISTIC and CULTURAL MINORITY and that Deafhood is simply the notion that Audism should be challenged and Deaf gain should be celebrated

they are scrambling – they r gonna try to make it mandatory that all babes be tested, tracked, tested again and sent down the auditory track cuz that is where the big bucks are and they will sell it all under the guise that it will be CHEAPER to make them as hearing as possible as young as possible in the long run – when in the long run that really aint how its playing out and if it were – well lawdy lawdy that would mean an intentional and systematic linguistic and cultural genocide and that is not COOL fools

not at all

don’t believe me?  check out the Center for Disease Control and their keen interest in genetics and tracking

don’t believe me? check out the National Institute of Health‘s National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders

don’t believe me? Check out the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management

don’t believe me? check out how much GOVERNMENT MONEY goes for H EARing push – when the results are still not great for the greater good

don’t believe me? check out how much GOVERNMENT MONEY does NOT go for ASL+English early intervention – the developing of DVDs, Websites, videos for parents and toddlers, the development of lessons, curriculum, mentoring training and network, and ASSESSMENT and EVALUATION in a Deaf child’s visual language development

Or just go back to sleep folks.  Eyes know u is tired and i know its mighty hard to have your eyes open cuz that would require actually asking questions, seeking answers and TAKING A STAND

or u could just make a huge drama fest over Deaf folks asserting their somebodyness when their are HUGE systems at work that are trying to eradicate a linguistic and cultural group

You might want to check out the British film The End (did i mention Deaf filmmaking is on the rise – just as George W. Veditz said we should be – afixing a literature via the motion picture – im sorry we so slow George – we took a mighty beating during the reign of oral error but we catching up – certainly the UK is where they have been raised on Deaf BSL TV programming for several decades while the US still can only muster up complaints about captioning for one bloody day out of the year and if hearing folks play Deaf roles – geez folks jump at da sun a bit would ya – we totally need a kiddies program with ASL+English.  That will scare the crap out of auditory/oral PUSH chappies)

Oh and did i mention that afa-5-international-bodies-re-sl-rights11(1) that proclaim the rights of Deaf children to natural sign language and cultural integrity?

There’s more folks – lots and lots more

You should see all the glorious articles and reports about the VALUE of bilingualism for children (Hearing and Deaf alike)

Added March 20, 2012 – new NYT article on how being bilingual makes you smarter

but hopefully u get the pix and if you don’t well that speaks volumes don’t it?

(no amount of pills or stem cells or electrodes is gonna help ya get it any time soon)

Yes they really are working on a pill folks

Oh and never mind the articles ive read where folks have disavowed cochlear implants cuz possible damage to their hair cells that they will need later if stem cells ever get perfected enuf that they don’t keep multiplying cells that u dont want more multiplication of while trying to repair the damaged ones.

oh and never mind about the viral video – the Deaf since birth woman has a moderate to severe hearing loss and with the 100 % implantable implant Envoy Esteem she was able to hear her own voice differently than use but it was not the first time.

I aint saying she lied – she never said it was the first time she ever heard herself – its just how someone entitled her video and the fact that she was crying over the oddness of the sounds she could hear so differently than in the past.  Folks she has her eyes covered and was able to understand someone off camera ask her a question without any lipreading or adjustment to “listening / hearing for the first time” and moderate to severe hearing losses are not PROFOUNDLY DEAF

so no she wasnt lying and it aint a hoax – it just is VERY telling who gets all slap happy over the false represenation and who gets all crazy angry over it and who knows the truth

and the truth is:

“its ok to be Deaf”

it is not ok to be oppressed

Hood up ; )

(or don’t the choice and option are forever yours.  just know we be on the move and cultural, linguistic, and biodiversity are a must – otherwise the whole tune goes bonky folks)

oh and it goes without saying but i say it cuz i know some folks like to pop up and twist and spin – i dont got a problem with folks using listening skills and speech etc.  The problem comes when folks insist this is ALL they do – ie exclude Deaf folks from the right to a natural and fully accessible language

All of ya who are making a drama fest over a word or an individual while THESE systems are doing their reek of bones dance – well, ’tis a pity and its a waste of ur time cuz it always backfires.  All ur naysaying and false accusations end up doing is emboldening folks to examine more indepth what it means to be Deaf and why its a good thing and why we sing these songs of freedom – with or without ya

float the clean streams folks and spread a light on the truth

truth and love always win – think of it always said gandhi



12 thoughts on “The Brave New Ear Era & People of the HandEye r HOT!

  1. one of her youtube comment, she wrote she is severe-to-profound. Since she talk the way she does, I do wonder if she can hear herself as most severe, severe-to-profound, and profound, uses pitches to feel or hear themselves hence the deaf accent. Anyway, envoy as it is just an internal hearing aids. It is like getting a more powerful, upgraded hearing aids except instead of using a microphone to ampify, it uses the natural eardrum to pick up sounds. Since she can speak, read,and read lips, I am sure she recognize English when she hear it, although “can you hear me” is one of those repetitive questions that people ask HOH all the time. i think I get asked that all the time.

  2. Heye Don thanks for the comment

    Truths must be told

    Deafa – thanks for the FACT about Sarah. Everything i have read about the Envoy Esteem – including their report to FDA says the devices is for folks “with moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss”

    i dont see PROFOUND mentioned at all

    MY point about here being able to understand the off camera question (while it may be a commonly asked one), is that there is NO way she would be able to HEAR and UNDERSTAND at the first turn on of her implant if she was born profoundly Deaf since birth. Her ability to UNDERSTAND, RECOGNIZE and DECIPHER speech prior to the video being shot of the “first time she heard” indicates that in FACT it was NOT the first time she had ever heard but rather was the first time she had heard via the Envoy Esteem device. Im just pointing that out cuz folks make alot about her speaking abilities as proof that she had a handsome amount of hearing before the video / implant turn on but i think the fact that she could hear and understand and answer questions with eyes covered also indicates that she had a good dose of hearing prior to the video / implant turn on.

    again i aint sharing all this to say see see she is not Deaf – im sharing it to say SEE SEE the implant is not the MIRACLE that it is presented to be – simply meaning:
    She had and has alot of hearing before and after the implant
    her response is to the difference in the nature of what she is hearing and not to the falsehood that she was HEARING herself for the first time

    the truth and nuttin’ but the truth is what we seek

    Someone said they read that Envoy the co recently decided to give Sarah $30,000 to pay off her mother-in-law for the implant and also Envoy will give her another Esteem implant free of charge. Not sure if they plan to cover the cost of surgery and rehabilitation / clinical services too.

    Deafa – u r right that the Esteem works very differently than the cochlear implants do – Envoy has an animation up illustrating how the device works

    it just recently got approved by FDA so we will see see as time goes by just how well the Esteem fares



  3. She wore hearing aids since she was two, she had some auditory benefits (many deaf do if they wear hearing aids, even for environmental sounds). Just not sure how much benefits she had. It’s possible she had a lot of benefits. Anyway, here is a link on severe-to-profound: I would not be surprising if they decided to do her anyway even if she really is severe-to-profound. (and audiograms have different results anyway)

  4. btw, I think envoy esteem will be alot of hassle to deal with. Replacing battery every 5 years is not going to be fun, and since it is mechanical that have moving gears which FDA required engineer to be in the surgery room, I think it will have wear and tear over time. (cochlear implants just use electrical pulses)

  5. deafa – thank u for the link and also for the concerns u raised re: the battery and gears – seems only time will tell, eh?

    Again many thanks



  6. ah good morning to u PopeMistress
    its a beauty this a.m. just a wee bit nippy here and blue blue skys dotted with orange reds and golds

    i love the fall

    heye deafa – someone sent me the link to sarah’s blog of viral video fame and things r not syncing up over there. hmmm



  7. 🙂 yeah true very important.

    oh by the way i was on the other FB group from Austrailia too. Interesting to learn about “the Queensland State Government to award over four million dollars to the “Hear and Say” Centre in Brisbane perpetuates and reinforces the view that deaf children should be educated in a manner that has proven to be unsuccessful and denies deaf children the opportunity to acquire Auslan (Australian Sign Language).” it was on the youtube video link:

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