New News – Schools, Rights, and Implants

New News –

Schools for the Deaf in Crisis

1. Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind

2. North Carolina School for the Deaf

Audism Free America (AFA) important documents:

1.  International documents on the Rights of Deaf Children  International Documents on Rights of Deaf Children – AFA PDF (note the PDF has color and bolded text)

This is VERY important because it has links and excerpts from World Health Organization + World Bank, United Nations’ CRPD, World Federation of the Deaf, and International Congress on the Education of the Deaf

2. Do’s and Don’ts for Parents


1. COCHLEAR Co. recall

costly $35 Million

moisture blamed for Cochlear implant failure

CEO and board of directors still earn pretty pennies

2. Viral Video – by now ya all have seen the video of the emotional 29 year old woman who has a fully implantable implant

Note: even the Today show medical expert said that the woman had some hearing BEFORE the implant.  Some of the original headlines were all HYPE and Hallelujahs! which ends up making some Deaf folks say “yawn and big deal?  What’s wrong with being Deaf?” and other Deaf folks and/or family and friends saying “why doesn’t mine or my kids work as well as that one?”

Also it seems that the implant is not for PROFOUND sensori-neural cochlea related Deaf gains.  See (states its for moderate to severe hearing losses) then click the right side bar “How Esteem Works – VIEW” button to watch an animated video of how that particular type of implant works.

And a Link about the viralness of some videos and PR propagating

Kinda wondering why the video of Moaning in Missoula didn’t get millions of clicks?  ODD, eh?

11 thoughts on “New News – Schools, Rights, and Implants

  1. Good morning Patti!

    oh brother maybe our health care insurance will
    FORCE us pay more on health care premium for cochlear implant recalls??

    I was reading the 2 news article about cochlear implant recalls:
    1. It’s too early to predict the product’s return to market and six months remains the “minimum estimate,”
    2. Late last month, Cochlear chief executive Chris Roberts told shareholders the company would provide an update at its annual meeting on October 18 and said he had been “humbled” by the support of healthcare professionals since the recall.
    3. That premium has evaporated, and while it might well be recovered once the extent of the problems are known, in markets as flighty as these the process of restoring lost faith will be long and painful.

    oh well let’s see + wait if Ellen accept my comment or maybe she will put duct tape on my hands?

    Maybe Ellen Degeneres not know about cochlear implant recalls??? Or possible she is doing that for Esteem CI Corp to pay her for the ad to tell us more fraud about the 29 yrs old born deaf and hear for the first time!!! yeah right? uh??? Maybe Ellen is doing that for money and do not care about Deaf Child rights to use sign language if needs. Or maybe she (Ellen Degeneres) is supporting to ABUSE the Deaf Child Rights in case if they are desire to learn using sign language???? Shame to see Ellen is STUCK in the middle while earning the money from bribing the Esteem CI Corp or Envoy Medical Corp to keep more hearing people to get more jobs than Deaf people???? I don’t really care if Ellen reads my msg because she NEEEDS to read on both sides of our stories!!!!! (not only one side!) I’m so sick of hearing people control too many Deaf in orally education which it is already screw up in mental health since they do NOT know how to recover from hearing parents theme!!!!

  2. deafa – i clicked ur link and muttered “oh my god”

    seriously im tearing up big time

    i have wondered about that – it is hard to wonder about it because i believe the parents who opt to implant their infants do it because they are fed lot of crap about EARLIEST intervention as soon as possible for the hardwiring of the auditory channels when in FACT the proof is that that EARLY implanting is not really gleening the starry results and that the Deaf will still be Deaf even if they have some enhanced hearing it is still artificial and routes itself in non-hearing brain ways.

    and the risks with surgery and anethesia to the wee things brains well GEEZ

    gosh – im upset

    someone told me the earliest known implantee is a 3 mo old infant in Australia
    (thank YOU Cochlear corp. now suppose the baby got one of the lemons that just up and quit – another surgery for explanting – more exposure to anethesia)

    yep these are important QUESTIONS that need to be ASKED and ANSWERED

    Thanks deafa. truth is very hard for me to look at but im grateful that u r out there finding this stuff and sharing it.

    truly breaks my heart to think of a parent in their quest to aid their child later learning that the very thing they said would be a “life saver” (for a non-terminal “condition” hmmm) turned out to create other problems and untreatable conditions


    NOTE: note how hard it is to find out how that 3 mo. implantee is doing? there is like no news about it. hmmmm And that aint right – all the fan fare and the “miracle” stuff and then later when things dont go so rosey or when results r less than peachy – where be the media?

    Much peace,


  3. heye shawn –

    thanks for pulling out some of the quotes from the article.

    i also find it astounding re: the bonus and Cha Ching they are all getting STILL. its just flabbergasting how profit driven these ear things are

    Re: govt – yep well Wisc already pretty much mandated insurance co. cover CI automatically – no questions asked etc. and medicaid and medicare are already often covering. The CI industry has cublicle farms with many workers taking calls from parents, doctors, insurance co etc to make sure that these things are COVERED and often its covered by the govt and that means by US.

    The govt has been covering CI largely because they are being “SOLD” as if a cure – as if the great tool and equalizer to the deaf condition.

    when in actuality we see:
    1. they do not always work (see the numerous recalls)
    2. they do not always help (see the fact that most Deaf children make there way to ASL later in life because working for your words 24/7 is EXHAUSTING and unjust)
    3. the Deaf folks with CIs might get a 2nd implant and show lots of charts of what they can hear and do but STILL they will want CART, close captions, text messages
    STILL they are people of the eye and visually driven and CI do not fix nor fully remediate
    4. crap that is alot MORE money the govt has to shell out instead of less – boo and grr says the govt let’s look into genetics to end this dang “problem” – hello Center for DISEASE C-O-N-T-R-O-L

    its odd how much revenue “deafness” produces when Deaf folks are under employed

    Like Lane said in mask of benevolence – “they” the system needs us to be deaf and some deaf folks need to be needed in that way

    yuck – vicious cycle

    re: Ellen and Sarah the miracle girl – well its gonna back fire on that family so i feel badly i truly do. its just how folks get swept up in lies – it grows.

    its not as bad as the father who claimed his son flew off in the white bubble while he hid him the rafters of the garage – its not a full blown hoax. She could hear before and she can hear now more with that implant but she is not hearing and ones fame should not be tied to what a device can or can not do for u – it should be tied to the content of your character

    selling false hopes and the illusion that to be Deaf is a tragedy and to be hearing is heaven on earth is untrue and unjust

    thankfully most of the professionals in the field will be watching that and thinking OY boo – not true. do do?

    Implant companies do really try to bill their product as RAH RAH all nice and shinny but the recalls, failing hot and cold, and less than rosey results in understanding speech in various settings, and language acquisition will work against them

    so they gonna flip this to be more cautious soon

    re: envoy esteem etc – i dont think they expected this nor wanted it

    i think her type of “hearing loss” is very different than most folks and misrepresents things a great deal but the iimportant thing to see is how SENSATIONALIZED it becomes and how folks lap it up so quickly

    one reason may be because folks really dread the idea that it might happen to them and/or their own some day so to see it so easily fixed – ya hoo and phew they think

    and who doesnt like to watch folks cry?

    its odd – i so dont understand popular culture

    meanwhile ASL and Deaf folks r actually very cool and hot and making their way into TV, commercials and films so…. this flash in the pan misrepresentation of miracles will not hold up at the end of the day

    we seen this before, we will see it again

    no worries

    Deaf ASL folks on the rise and we shine

    chances are if the media goes and re-visits sarah 5 years from now she might have a new gadget or two but she will still be hunting and gathering information via the good ole fashion way – via the eyes as well cuz… it works!

    Note added now – Shawn i assume ur use of the word “abuse” relates to CI+oral/aural ONLY

    from the international documents re: the Rights of the Deaf child – yes the denial / deprivation of a fully natural and accessible language is declared to be uncool and that is abusive. Re: CI in and of themselves – implanting them or refusing to do so – i dont think we can declare to be abusive. I have seen folks say “refusing to implant is abusive or neglect” and i ahve seen folks say “implanting is abusive and destructive” I do not hold either position. it is the coupling of CI w/ the auditory / oral mandate (See AG Bell’s manifesto and AVT / LSL principles etc) that is abusive because it actively denies the child the right to a fully natural and accessible language and destines them to have to “work for their words”

    I have questions about CI safety, ethics, and effectiveness but i do not label parents or Deaf adults who use CI as audists or abusers.
    We should examine the SYSTEMS
    -Cochlear implant corportions – profits, ethics, recalls, reliability, lobbbying, propoganda
    – AVT / LSL – exclusionary approach
    – ASHA, AMA, AG Bell etc lobbying re: EHDI and IDEA – it is huge and u shawn have uncovered a great deal of this via – thank u for doing that
    – research – who is funding and fueling the research and how reliable are the results?
    – Center for Disease Control – EHDI is clearly a push for EARLY implanting and AVT – that is not cool in light of the international documents on language and cultural rights and bodily integrity
    – NIH NIDCD – wow Deaf folks have no where to go but feel unwanted and unloved if u hang out in the CDC and NIDCD webpages
    – next stop – genetics and stem cells folks

    i believe MOST of the parents are just trying to do right by their kids – to the best of their abilities while facing SYSTEMS that employ a “by any means necessary” pov and approach and solutions to the “problem” of deafness.

    it is my hope that they will ensure that their child(ren) a fully natural and accessible sign language first and foremost and that they are able to get all the FACTS re: the safety and effectiveness of surgery and CI before choosing to implant. See deafa link above re: some recent findings of how anestheia and surgery can contribute to learning disabilities in children.

    knowledge is power

    much peace


  4. PopeMistress, It is common to lose your sense of taste after the surgery but it usually come back. I think I did lose some my sense of taste as I used to love certain food but now things taste bland to me, except anything vingar, salt, and sugar (not very healthy for me) . Nowadays they put some kind of monitor on the facial nerves to make sure they don’t damage any of it including taste as they do the surgery.

  5. Good morning deafa!

    Golly, I forgot to tell you thank you for the link which I learned something! To admit you that I did cried + felt hurt to see that truth! I did opened it at first + all of sudden, I cried and no wonder so many or some kids have to take medication. That’s why I don’t trust medication + I felt bad for kids! It is really so hard for me yesterday for thinking about it once in a while. Anyway, thank you deafa for that link! Bless your heart!

  6. deafa again- I’m sorry that I forgot to add this! My thoughts:

    What if I’m a parent of learning disablilty child + happen to get wrong kinds of drugs after I did watched my local news about:

    A St. Louis man received the wrong medicine from a pharmacy and took that wrong medicine for several days. He says it nearly killed him, now he’s suing for millions. Ron Apenbrinck says he now has to take 11 medications a day because he got the wrong medicine at the Walgreens on South Kingshighway. Walgreens did issue an apology, and said it would take care of medical bills. Apenbrinck says they takeaway here is to look at your medicine before you take it, and if you have questions, ask the pharmacist. —

     via Prescription problem leads to lawsuit against Walgreens.

    From my local news published on Oct 3 at that link:

    That’s why I felt mixed feelings yesterday! Thank you for allowing to express my thoughts!

  7. just remember, it is when a child before age 2 with MULTIPLE surgeries have more risks. One or two surgeries should be fine for the child without much risks, unfortunately, things do go wrong (life-threatening or pain issues) and some kids end up needing lot of surgeries. Which is why I am glad I delayed my son’s hernia surgery (doctor says he will be fine without the surgery) when they wanted to have it done when he was 1 years old or so. I rather put the life threatening/pain issues surgeries first than any other type of surgeries.

    I just hope cochlear implants take extra steps in making sure these implants is safe for kids under age 2 so they don’t risk them of multiple surgeries- rather these surgeries are CI related or not. These kids may have other serious issues that need surgeries and the last thing they need is a CI failing on him, risking them more exposure to anesthesia.

  8. Courts are powerful deterrents to free speech! A certain video didn’t get a million hits because a certain judge put a gag order on letting people see how CIs can negatively affect a child. More and more Deaf parents are losing parenting rights because of CIs. Sad. Outraged. Are we powerless?

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