Rochester Rocks

Rainy Rochester Rocks

I know i know im biased – its me home so i gotta sing her praise especially when she has a festival of ASL artistic expression – film, rap, performance and visual art.

The Hammer

The Hammer, the indep. film based on Deaf wrestler, Matt Hamill, is hitting movie theatres across the U.S.

A great deal of the scenes were shot in Rochester, NY and several of the actors hail from here so ya hoo.  I finally get to see it after seeing many folks tell me about the behind the scenes scene ;  ) Oct 27 – Nov 2 AMC Lowes Webster – FREE REFILLS on the popcorn and ya get to put on ur own melted butter.  [i know i know – sometimes it dont take much to make me happy]

check out the trailer and the listing for a cinema near u and make sure u think happy and thankful thoughts that the producers decided to re-cast with a Deaf actor and involve so many other Deaf actors to play Deaf characters – that came as a result of the push from our community and from the producers having a good heart and righting that wrong decision and it has paid off!  The film hits the big SCREEN – ya hoo!


Signmark presents at Rochester School for the Deaf on Oct 13, 2011.  Signmark is a Deaf rapper from Finland.  He presented and performed at NTID last spring – an inspirational fellow.

RSD flyer

Past People of the Eye entry about Signmark- scroll down for their music videos

Ruthie Jordan Show

Ruthie Jordan gave a benefit performance in support of Advocacy Services for Abused Deaf Victims (ASADV) Family Fun day where she had lots of audience participation from young to old.  I didn’t attend the event but folks shared how adorable the kids were participating in ABC stories and group performances.  Ruthie Jordan has many talents, one of which is letting and getting the wee things to shine and show of their grand ASL and their and its potential.

Nancy Rourke and Warren Miller

Nancy Rourke and Warren Miller will have their Deaf View / Image Art (De’VIA) works exhibited in the NTID Dyer Arts Center at the end of October and into November. Both of them have produced  powerful, dynamic, colorful, and informative works.  Hope you can come and see.

In addition, Sander Blondeel, of Belgium, has his photography work on exhibit now and Matt Daigle, Deaf cartoonist will have a show up soon also.

Viva artistic expressions of Deafhood whether it be via film, rap, performance, or visual art!.

Rainy Rochester Rocks


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ali
    Oct 06, 2011 @ 01:44:27

    Hi Patti, I am a teacher in Arizona and I would like to get in touch with you about showing one of the videos from to my students. There is a server that blocks a lot of things such as videos, facebook, personal email accounts, etc… so I was not able to show the video to my students. Also, I could not save the video on my laptop – I do understand the copyright reason.
    Do you think you could make an exception since I really want to show this to my students.
    I hope to hear from you soon.



  2. handeyes
    Oct 06, 2011 @ 09:56:18

    Greetings Ali

    Thank you for your interest in the website and the videos there. Very sorry that some of the materials are blocked due to server (I assume its a school policy thing) – if you can identify which video it is – I can look into mailing you a DVD of it for your class and library. The short documentaries – EXODUS and WORRY we already have on DVD and can easily mail to you once you send me your address. I will email you also so we can correspond that way. Furthermore, EXODUS and WORRY are up at the Deaf TV website in case you are able to access that website at school:


    Worry (note the WORRY doc. in the Deaf TV site has chopped off the last few minutes of the film – i have requested that they re-up load but I have no idea when they will make that correction)

    Thank you again for wanting to share information about Deaf people during World War II with your students.

    Also some features in the website work better on different web browsers – Safari has trouble playing some of the video. Firefox with the latest updates on your computer seems to work best in case some of the problems you are seeing are not solely due to campus blocking of various sites or functions.



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