DBC’s letter to AG Bell Association Board

Heye all –

as u know or SHOULD know – the AG Bell Association has been sending out unwanted and insulting temporary “free” membership cards/letters to staff at Deaf schools (see past entries for pix and info by clicking the links below)

¡Ya basta! AGBell and Blue Tape

WTF AGB – wow the nerves of u!

To see other letters to AG Bell Association’s CEO Alexander Graham and Communications director Susan Boswell – click the side bar or key in the names in the search box in this blog site (thank you Jenny Witteborg, Karen Christie, Ruthie Jordan, Michele Westfall, Barb DiGi, Dianrez, Paul Kiel, Dr. Kannapell, Nancy  Rourke, Karen Kingrey, Antonia Rathbun, Gene DiVincenzo, and Dr. Grushkin)

Hoping the CAID (Convention of American Instructors of the Deaf) and NAD (National Association of the Deaf) will send something too.

The Deaf Bilingual  Coalition has just released its letter to AG Bell and can be seen at their website or below

Just FYI – The Deaf Bilingual  Coalition has a great petition up re: the bilingual-bicultural birthrights of Deaf children

Big thanks to the DBC for its unending STAND for justice and equality.

——————-DBC letter to the AG Bell Association Board ————-

August 13, 2011

The Board of AGBell Association,

Recently your organization sent out solicitation letters to teachers of the Deaf at Deaf Schools across the country. The letters contained a “temporary” free membership card to staff at these schools. These letters were not only unwanted they were offensive and mis-labeled teachers as “hearing specialists”. They are, in fact, highly trained professionals. Their job has nothing to do with hearing but has everything to do with educating the mind and the whole child.

Many of these very same teachers who you sent letters to were actually victims of your listening and speaking/oral ONLY propaganda tactics used on their parents. Many may not have found ASL or their identity as a Deaf person until much later in their lives after much personal damage had been done.

The havoc that your organization continues to maintain in the lives of Deaf children by limiting their exposure to the visual language of ASL through misleading propaganda is unacceptable. Deaf children have the right to fluency in language and to be bilingual in both ASL and English.

Stop promoting exclusive oral-only approaches to language acquisition for Deaf children and include ASL equally in the education of all Deaf children, including those who have cochlear implants or residual hearing. This might be your better bet to recruiting Teachers of the Deaf.

The Deaf Bilingual Coalition


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