representation – Let the TRUTH be TOLD

heye all

folks have been discussing how do WE, the Deaf community – which includes hearing allies, respond to the NY Times running op-ed pieces that are ugh and how do we get our message of social justice out there? – so as folks have been discussing this we see the spectrum – folks who say:

– sell the sexiness of ASL

– show the horrors of Oralism

no, yes, no, yes etc and below is a reply i sent out and thought well it might be worthy of sharing here.  i am learning to put more and more in the public sphere cuz too much gets discussed in private and then NOTHING ever comes of it and that is not cool.

also – yes i seen the crap over at Deafecho – i wrote a nice long reply of the TRUTH illustrating that the entry item itself was an attack on AFA and the NAD and riddled with falsehoods and untruths but that long comment is awaiting moderation.  if it dont appear then ill recreate the answer from my memory as a new blog entry here- will see see on that one.

but now for my discussion of representation, soulforce / truthforce, and activism – this is the truth folks so as lovingly as i can possible say i say unto each of you>

“i love you. now wake the #uck up” – and yes i cussed – im inspired by the “children’s book” – Go the Fuck to Sleep (but in the opposite direction as i want ya to WAKE the #UCK UP) and desparate times call for the truth to be plainly stated.  and politiking gets us no where – see the economy and our two pointless and unjust and unjustifiable wars – which have lead to our shitty economy and ohhh did i mention the earth is melting but hey lets just keep pumping out pseudo science in the name of profit and cover up the truth of what we r doing to the mother… earth – OY!  humanUNkind!

My email re: the truth and telling it


AFA has sent a letter to NYT contesting its inaccurate and unjust op-ed pieces re: Deaf schools
u will see that we have put upon the table the heart of the matter as G states it and as tove skutnabb-kangas, wfd, who, un crdp, and iced 2010 has framed things (note tove skutnabb-kangas and many other prominent leaders in the movement for bio-diversity and language rights have signed the DBC bilingual bicultural birthright petition)
Deaf children shall  NOT be denied a fully natural and accessible signed language
that is the msg we have to keep ramming home folks
and in doing so we must drag out into the light of day the ABUSES that have taken place in the name of Oralism
folks can say we gotta dress it all ups so that ASL is sexy and hot etc etc – sure fine whatever
we all know ASL rocks and is hot
we do NOT need to prove that
the reason why ASL is quickly becoming one of the most popular languages to study in this country indicates its hotness
the problem is that the SYSTEMS obstruct the learning of ASL by the veryt folks who will benefit the most from it – by the very folks to which it is an INALIENABLE right because anything short of ASL in the US is in fact an artificial system and requires the violation of bodily integrity with out consent and SUPER HUMAN means to get the child to CONFORM to the dominant societies way of being
many folks have done personal vlogs of OURstories which basically document how we have been breed and raised to be BLUFFERS, FAKERS, PASSERS, LIARS etc – we learned it inthe audiology lab.  hardly any child made it out of those spaces without ever raising their hand when in fact they did not hear something.  we lied because:
1. we wanted to please them
2. we wanted ot make them stop with the worried look
3. we wanted to be “normal”
4. we actually thought we might be hearing something smile (placebo effect)
5. we had NO CHOICE
we had a death of the spirit at a very young age
we r just beginning to crawl out from underneath this audism via oral /aural ONLY push
we will not allow this to happen to the next generation
we must tell the TRUTH
the truth is folks who may LOVE their cochlear implants STILL HATE AVT – hate the white fan the slp holds up over their mouth so they cant even lip read, hate the fact that they were not allowed to even POINT at a sign in the hall way, hat the fact that they are separated in thelunch room if they sign or gesture with friends
this is still happening in the US today
hate the fact that their parents say “never4 mind, ill tell u later, its not important, etc”
so im totally in support of this media campaign and will even go along with some that are all glitter and rah rah ASL but i will NOT tolerate us trying to play a political game and SELL ASL
we r not beggers
an injustice is being lopped upon every Deaf child in this country and their families
they are being told from the moment they come out of the womb (and somebefore they even make their exit) that they are FAILURES
this is what needs to be RE-FRAMED
the RIght to be…. Deaf needs to be reclaimed
and once we have asserted that then all will follow and flow and this is the TRUTH THEY DO NOT WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW
oppression has always been legalized and legitmaized in this country it was ONLY through the unmasking of this prejudice and discrimnation that the consience and HEART of this country was awoken and so that we could remember our CREED
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all FOLKS are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
how free can u be how complete can ur life be how much happiness can u have if from the morment u are born or the moment u become Deaf you are told u r a failure and must spend ur life trying to be undeaf
We, the PEOPLE, must let the world know among these unalienable RIGHTS – is the right to a fully natural and accessible language
this has never been written about before because NO OTHER POPULATION ON THE PLANET is systematically denied the right to a Language – EXCEPT for Deaf folks
so it is time to make the invisible VISIBLE
just as rosa parks did on the bus,  just as the bus boycotters did for over 360 DAYS folks DAYS not one week at gallaudet
just as they did when they marched and the water hoses and dogs came out
the civil rightsmovement was over 200 years in the making and 30 hard core years of civil disobedience
just as the women who burned Woodrow Wilson’s words outside of the white house did and then were arrested and then engaged in a hunger strike
without this PUSH to appeal to the conscience of the greater public nothing changes
radical oppresion (which is often subtle like sitting in the back of a bus or not being allowed to vote) requires radical and peaceful and NON-VIOLENT confrontation
STAND folks
anything short of STANDING is just gonna make ASL and Deaf culture popular for hearing folks while Deaf folks continue to drown and be flushed down the system via the mainstream
AFA’s letter to the NY Times
(note: patti adding this now – i do recognize one of the editorials “A Complicated History” was written by a VERY cool professor who is African-American and has a Deaf daughter – i appreciated her editorial.  I still wish she had referred the NYT to Dr. Laurene Simms or someone who is a byproduct of Deaf education, had children in Deaf education, and also is a professor of education and has directed programs in Deaf education as well as lead bilingualism and biculturalism at a Deaf school.  i truly do look to our allies to enable and empower rather than speak for us and i mean this as NO criticism of Dr. Jowers-Barber – of the 5 op-ed pieces hers spoke the firmest to the truth and i THANK HER.  I hope she can receive the AFA’s critique in the spirit in which it is intended – that OUR voice could join along side hers and that it is not a critique of her work but rather of the NY Times choices.  By the way i saw Dr. Jowers-Barber give an awesome presentation re: African-American Deaf struggle for equality in education and it is a piece of history we should all know of – i do hope she will post it up somewhere as her research and knowledge and good heart are to be seen, felt and honored.)

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  1. -MKB
    Aug 18, 2011 @ 19:22:03


    You should thank me, I see you used many of my words..

    Credit is due not, but pulling me down not cool!

    Diss me, I always tried to do better than pissing on AGBELL..

    You can’t depend on them hearing folk, plain and simple as that!


  2. handeyes
    Aug 18, 2011 @ 19:35:14

    Mike Bunjer – u have GOT to be kidding

    where have i quoted you and not credited u??? pls do tell

    re: dissing u – and pulling u down – where have i done that? direct quotes pls – i aint in the mood for no crap, pal.

    Re: u cant depend on hearing people – well i totally disagree with u there. i find many a hearing folks to be mighty dependable. and this is the crux of our disagreement – u like to paint things as ALL hearing folks are audist and I DO NOT because i know the truth – there are more hearing folks of good will than ill-will

    my point is that its time for US to tell OURstories and part of OURstories is indeed hearing folks sharing their experiences with the systems that told them NOT to sign with their own children or that their child was destined to be a FAILURE because ASL leads to bad english and poor speech (BS) or that certain technologies coupled with the exclusion of ASL were the cure all etc

    so it is as plain and simple as that – that you Mike continue to demonstrate a prejudice against hearing folks and i have NO tolerance for your intolerance. if you want to present me with a direct quote of how i have stolen your words – pls do so if u just want to come back here and rant and rave – good riddance

    if u want to say you are sorry – i will only believe u if it comes with a commitment not to spout the anti-hearing rhetoric any more

    re: “many of my words” – ever once and a while u have sung the truthforce song Mike – sadly it has been rare but when u have i have said ahhhh TRUTHS and ahhhhh martin and ahhhhh Gandhi so if anyone is “using” it is all of us trying to put the human back in humankind and humanity it – it is a result of some fundalmental truths and universals but if u want to take credit for it – so be it

    just note that martin and mahatma did not just TALK they WALKED and walked hard and LONG distances

    much peace


  3. -MKB
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 11:59:30

    You are speaking my language Patti.. We are on the same page but maybe you are just too trusting with them hearing folk.. Right now we are in the audistic hands of the hearing folk.. I didn’t say that all hearing are enemies or audist and only wish they all could be our friends as long none are not oppressing us.. I am only saying that being in the hands of them hearing folk, we will suffer oppression no matter how hard we fight back or not! Can’t you understand? Let me repeat this quote.. Being in the hands of them hearing folk! Oppression will go on! Until then, when we have equal rights as they do. Even if hearing like it or not, Deaf gets Equal Rights and have Deaf Minority Rule, such as Deaf Legislation etc// to protect and safeguard our ASL and Deaf Culture as long there are Deaf People on EYETH!

    Some words you used like I do.. “Represenation”, and now you using those words “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all FOLKS are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. Congratulations!

    In past I had often used similar words many times like you are using above now. You can use without giving me any due credit. Frankly I don’t care for people who pull me down and accuse me of being a hearing hater etc..

    I have used these words not exactly but often.. ETC.. Only gets better..

    Deaf hold these truths to be self-evident that all Deaf are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with equal unalienable rights, that among these are, Deaf life, Deaf Liberty, and the Deaf pursuit of Happiness for Deafkind!

    and you and I have the same rehetoric and its a lie if anyone says I hate hearing ya understand? Stop spinning lies that I am a hearing hater and a Extremist or a Militant.etc.. Its not true! You have too been accused of being one as one of these AFA Leaders….

    I have nothing to be sorry about anymore but fight oppression. Accuse me of hating hearing then you might as well diss Geoge W Veditz a hearing hater too.. So stop accusing, and don’t let the others even think of trying to spin lies about any of us like you and me!



  4. -MKB
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 12:15:34


    Let me correct beginning of paragraph.. I ought to have quoted “You speak our language”.. Not mine.. Not yours.. But ours! All of us are in the same boat!

    There are many small errors I made but my message might have gotten across or be misleading.. So, give your Deaf Rebels the benefit of doubt, and likewise back at ya.


  5. patti
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 12:35:33

    oh mike:

    re: representation and all folks are created equal…. that is the heartstone of the founding principles of this country so if its familiar we shall credit patrick henry and thomas jefferson and we can go back further and credit the Haudenosaunee people and we can go back even further and credit the torah and we can go back even further and credit ….

    my point is WE

    just as u now seem to be saying – ah and pah

    re: ur rhetoric to be anti-hearing – well at times it truly is VERY anti-hearing. i am not making this up and i am not slopping u with unjust labels. u have said it here and there and each time it has crossed my path i have told u flat out how you have framed it is unjust

    i have not labelled u as an extremist or a militant or a hater

    i have said that SOME of ur rhetoric is incorrect and intolerant and i vehemently disagree with it because it is wrong, unjust and counterproductive

    we must never become what we hate

    if u hate oppression – the just thing to do is for u to fight it with truth and love

    if u prefer other means then – get the #uck out of here

    u at the wrong place and we will never be on the same page there mike


    re: Veditz – well i had Joseph the III throwing Veditz at me in one direction and now i have u throwing him at me in the other direction

    Veditz was neither a dont engage in direct confrontation kinda guy nor was he a hearing folks suck kinda guy

    as far as i can tell – he was a truth seeker

    he acknolwedge the good in hearing folks and what they had to offer etc etc

    what i have been telling u and others mike is – we fight OPPRESSION and OPPRESSIVE SYSTEMS

    this has never been about Deaf vs. Hearing

    it is about justice vs. injustice

    the sooner u can frame it as such the better things will go for u

    and until u do – don’t bring any hearing people this / hearing people that here

    u can say the “hearing industry” meaning the corporations and SYSTEMS that promote and profit over the belief that to hear and/or act as a hearing person is superior to being Deaf

    but u can not say “HEARING PEOPLE” with disdain and disrespect dripping from ur fingers here

    i simply will not have it


    peace + stand V + ^


  6. -MKB
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 20:30:40

    So hearing represenation by hearing and for hearing oppressing Deaf is equality? Patti, this will never work that way, because hearing people simply will always get it wrong and end up superior over us Deafies one way or the other. Hearing people do not, and never should represent Deaf people period. No way they can do it for us. They will forever fail to understand our needs.

    Decolonization goes a long way and especially deprogramming the dysconscious audists to be to be Deaf is because of oppressive hearing people being supreme over us. The dependence on hearing is a no go! Being in the hands of hearing, not an option!

    If you let hearing do for you, I would basically say tough luck to you my friend, We suffer together and are oppressing each other because we can’t see what we are doing being in the dark! Wake up, snap out of the darkness, get into the light of this deal!

    Want a break and stop blaming the hearing? Allow Deaf Centered Legislation to surface, and this would mean Deaf representation of our people. No one is superior over one another, and Deaf forever do know their own needs working with the hearing society as equals. It means respecting each other’s language and culture and living it. Deaf Issues and Deaf Policies belongs to DEAF SPACE period!

    Technology, stem cell or transplants would get far advanced and enable Deaf to hear normally, Hearinng to speak naturally maybe 10 to 20 30 or 40 years from now. I want Deaf parents to have the right to have a Deaf child without oppression! Hearing are not allowed even to oppress their own Deaf offspring or their own being Deaf late. Hearing are not representing the Deaf, and never will be superior over us. Deaf amd Hearing must pass on the Deaf Race, and especially pass on the Deaf Gene. No Eugenics are allowed, no act of genocide will be allowed in one form or another. Enroaching Deafhood must not be allowed, even being deaf by natural causes, (not biological) still entitles the human being in this world the exclusive right to be Deaf and use Natural Sign Language and live the Deafhood Culture..

    Otherwise Deafhood is a goner and hearinghood maybe in the very next generation for all by all.. Thats not EQUALITY!..

    Call me a fool..

    I am standing up for Deaf Space!


  7. -MKB
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 20:55:19

    Deaf Politics not Heaing Politicans’ Job!


  8. handeyes
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 21:17:40

    adios mike

    even in south africa where Africans experienced some of the worst systematic and legalized brutalities known to humans via aparthied – they did not advocate for separate legislative systems and a separate nation. They advocated for equal treatment, respect and justice. It has not fully materialized as power, land, resources, and economics are huge but there has been some progress and Nelson Mandela’s leadership was instrumental in pursuing justice, love and truth.

    Deaf and hearing folks can co-exist. I have encountered some hearing folks whose thinking and actions are more evolved and just and forward thinking than my own, i have encountered some Deaf folks whose thinking and actions are more evolved and just and forward thinking than my own and i have encountered the opposite for both.

    The sooner u learn to judge a wo/man not by their dB status and more on the content of the character – the further we will go.

    Until then – i bid u good day.

    U may rage all u like at my choice to cut u off here but most likely folks reaction will be – well what took patti so bloody long – to which the answer will be HOPE.

    i had hoped for better.

    Much peace and be well.


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