George W. Veditz’ Obit

Thanks to Nancy Rourke for hunting down the obit for George W. Veditz
[did i tell ya all i love primary sources?]

if u dont know who Veditz was – ohhh goodness.  They tried to make us forget we are Deaf and it almost worked – put in his name in the search box here at the People of the Eye and you will get an eye full or just google him now – he is HOT!  smile ya hoo – happy birthday George.  Yep we gonna celebrate his 150th for the full year!  And yep we r beginning to REMEMBER and RECLAIM.  Aint that GRAND and aint it a shame what they done tried to take from us – the people of they handeye and even the people of the earmouth – we all deserve to know about grand souls – just like i hang my heart on the words and good deeds of Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Alice Paul, Mahatma Gandhi, ML King, Jr, Anne Frank etc so too can hearing folks hang their hearts on the good deeds and words of our Veditz.

Just as they say “Every time we liberate a woman, we liberate a man.” shall we say “everytime we liberate a Deaf person, we liberate a hearing person.”  (the wo/man quote is from  ~Margaret Mead [who happened to be lovers with a Deaf woman, Ruth Benedicts – yep, discovering our history we be]

To see George W. Veditz’ obit of AG Bell 

Viva Veditz!

thanks again Nancy.  click image to enlarge or zoom in

From Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph March 13, 1937


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