Antonia Rathbun’s Letter to AG Bell Association

Latest letter to come in in the “sending u a msg, AGBAD.”  Campaign.  To see other entries – click right side bar – go to the last one listed there and then click the bottom arrow to go back even further as the list is growing.  YA HOO.

Making the invisible VISIBLE as we are VIABLE.  Thanks folks!

Antonia thank u for creating this POWerful letter of truth.  its rocks.  Thanks for allowing us to reproduce it here.  Cheers!

————– Antonia Rathbun’s Letter to AG Bell Association———————–

Ms. Boswell,


As you represent marketing for AGBAD, I am writing to draw your attention to the false and misleading propaganda campaign that AGBAD is  visiting upon professionals in the Deaf Community.  Consider this part of a public appeal that you and your organization’s marketing staff stop this insulting and offensive barrage of unsolicited “membership” cards being sent to educators in Deaf schools across the nation.  The guise of  a “helping”,  “professional expert” and “listening and speaking” agenda is nothing more than the arrogant espousal of decade after decade of control, discrimination, and oppression upon a culture that wants no part of your interference.


Your propaganda is misleading, manipulative and destructive.


Relabeling people’s jobs in Deaf education as “hearing specialists” is doublespeak of the worst kind.  Your “listening and speaking” tactics are blatantly harmful to Deaf people.  What you do amounts to the same thing as trying to impose skin-bleaching upon non-white Americans; as unthinkably racist as that is, so is your oral education nothing more than a systematized prescription for eradication of Deaf identity, experience, culture and history.


Instead of repacking these tired lies again, your organization’s  energies would be better spent in the following activities:


1.       Issuing a formal letter of apology to the hundreds of Deaf children whose psychological and linguistic well-being your methods harmed.


2.       Extending a further apology to their Deaf families whose heritage and history you callously and continually denigrate and dismiss.


3.       Correcting your misinformation and coming clean:  AG Bell did not invent the oral method, rather he repackaged it for his own aggrandizement through the creation of the Volta Bureau, the sole purpose of which was to promote this propaganda for profit and franchise widespread social, economic and educational discrimination against the entire Deaf community in the Northern Hemisphere.


The Deaf community and allies are fully cognizant of these devious marketing ploys and expose your tactics for what they are: manipulative efforts to play to professionals hopes of further credentialing through yet another “special” endorsement.  Your system merely proliferates brain washing tactics and wants to entice people to “join” then continue to charge them for subscription to the propaganda your organization distributes in the name of pedagogy.  You behave as predators, not educators.  No one is fooled.  For Shame!


It would behoove your organization to apologize publicly and recall this offensive campaign immediately.


Antonia Rathbun


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