WTF AGB – wow the nerves of u!

summary of the below – as in a nutshell cuz things are nutty –  in case u is in a hurry or no likey me typy –

AG Bell is at it AGAIN and AGAIN – sending unwanted and offensive letters and membership cards to Deaf schools near u.  Latest in is that VA school for the Deaf has been hit up so …. do do?

you must create a letter / msg and send to AG Bell Association FOR the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

its a hafta do folks cuz they no listen and we need to be SEEN and HEARD


word UP!

get busy folks – do it in ASL, English, pix, whatever but do it and then send me the link if u want it here. need an example – check out the good stuff already sent – see right side bar (and note so far its been predominately XXers – as in females, as in the previously declared “weaker sex” HA. dont think it means anything – im just saying and noticing and hoping more folks will step up to the plate and some of them will be XYers. Bell worked mighty hard to emasculate the Deaf – dont let ’em. ok and psst they still at it ya know so – stand and deliver. Show ’em u got ovaries and balls to bust their b.s. Pretty please! Allies too – u know wrong is wrong. many folks chins drop when we say – well there organizations and “academies” that say no-no to sign language – Hearing folks on the street say “WTF” and “that’s horrible!” and when we say – “we think they should let Deaf kids sign” they say “I agree” so pretty please – u too allies create ur letters for AGB cuz every who in whosville gotta be making that yelp cuz right now AG Bells stubbornly playing deaf&dumb. Shame shame shame. In fact “‘Tis true, ’tis pity; Pity ’tis, ’tis true.”.. – oh, how i love George Veditz – happy early B-Day George.  so glad u were born)

now for the long version – ; ) (see below)

WTF AGB – wow the nerves of u!

holy crud batman –
another School for the Deaf is now reporting getting the AGBAD insulting and offensive letter and FREE temporary membership cards.
so far on the roster (and see if u can see a pattern folks):
1. Rochester School for the Deaf, NY
2. Kansas School for the Deaf
3. Indiana School for the Deaf
4. Fremont California School for the Deaf
5. Virginia School for the Deaf
(schools below added as confirmations come in that staff received the letter/cards)

6. Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind (ASDB)

7. Texas School for the Deaf

8. St. Rita’s (Cincinnati, Ohio)

9. St. Mary’s (Buffalo, NY)

10. MD school for the Deaf

ALL schools????

hmmmmmm… odd eh? Each of these schools has been IN the news lately.
1. RSD – re: 4201 school budget threat
2. Kansas – re: budget threat
3. Indiana – re: Governor appointing 2 unqualified and pro-Oral / Aural only folks to the board (Hear Indiana, chapter of AG Bell association)
4. Fremont CSD – re: new superintendent and previously many folks involved in the AB 2072 activism to block the infiltration of pro-oral / aural ONLY (ie anti-ASL) into legislative mandates
5. VSD – re: administration controversy and low performance

now i dont think these were the ONLY schools to get the letters and cards. I am gonna assume (and assumptions are dangerous) that they have done a mass mailing and the reporting of those 5 schools receiving is due to the fact that those schools have some enlightened staff who know when and how to give shout outs when wrongs are done to them and their profession.

but it’s curious and odd that no other schools have reported having gotten the cards and letters yet. so either they have but their staff dont care enuf to stand up and get up (ahhh indifference and apathy – the very stuff that makes the angels weep) or they are too scared (Yep lots of folks think that if u STAND ^ bad things will happen when in fact if u don’t STAND ^ bad things will happen to more folks than just u so which r u gonna choose? greater good or death of the spirit – its ur option) or AG Bell has only targeted the schools they feel need their “HELP” the most. Ah, dire straits. Who really be in them now?

im thinking the big ole bully on the Deaf education block be in dire straits and their paddle is a broken. IE – A G Bell & co. u a busted.

the more u try to paddle ur ill-gotten wares the more we r a quest-i-on and dis-covering up ur cover ups.  Yes darling Bell – ring a ding a ling – the bell tolls for ye

cuz we SEE

see what?  u ask

well we see ur lobbying via opensecrets (thanks shawn e)

and ur lobbying via the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Alliance

and ur being in bed with cochlear implant companies and various hEARing foundations that are all associated with some businesses that revolve around the ears

and ur Volta Review articles – ahhh Karl White making it painfully clear that there needs to be a Hear Hear Hear revolution.  Really karl – this is not new news cuz ya all been beating that drum for a mighty long time.

hmmm this aint really new folks – different hardware but same path via EXCLUSION of visual acuity and a fully natural and accessible language

dang that repetitious history cuz they keep trying to deny that we got any – history as in OURstories

but alas – we will NOT be denied and we will NOT be ignored

and we see u coming for a set of ears and mouth and SCHOOLS near u

ya basta with those false membership cards

ur Fixation with fixing via infiltration and propaganda is so not cool

ohhh there is more we r finding.  much more and all roads lead to ur door, ci industries’ doors (cha ching cha ching cha chong goes the little red cash register as the freaky monkey in the audiology lab goes clang clang clang.  this wont hurt a bit dear – ahhh thank gosh for pain killers), and EHDI (ahhh see ya in St. Louis March 4-5)

ya basta babe (IE AGBAD) – its time to:

1. retract the Pepsi letter and apologize for it – we Deaf, not dumb AG Bell and we read the dang thing. ring a ling ling

2. cease and desist with the mailing of the unwanted and offensive membership letters and cards – we Deaf not dumb AG Bell. ring a ling ling ding a ling

3. apologize for your role in the reign of Oralism – yep we have read all da books and the primary sources and eugenics (be it postive or negative is NOT COOL) and we have read the WHO, UN CRPD, WFD, and ICED 2010 New Era agreement and accord for the future and the truth be told – Deaf children shall NOT be denied the right to a fully natural and accessible LANGUAGE.  so ya busted pally wally

this is not the new EAR era A G B A D

we know now why u want us to forget we is Deaf and u want us to NOT remember to remember our history.  been there done that AG Bell and we didnt even get no lousy t-shirt.

can u hear us now??

just asking

folks – please let AG Bell know why Oralism (ie Oral / Aural only) is not cool cuz they is a bit well hmmm S L O W.

sorry to be blunt AG Bell but it is the Deaf way and the clock is a ticking.  as the bell is a tolling and we be rolling!  (like those mighty streams of justice)

Alexander Graham (CEO) 202-204-4671 x 107
Susan Boswell (director of communications and marketing) 202-204-4687 x 127

much peace,



6 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Marla Hatrak
    Aug 10, 2011 @ 23:49:30

    I need to leave a comment to be notified of new posts…hence this comment..

    keep up the good work.

  3. deafwizard
    Aug 11, 2011 @ 21:07:29


    Please add Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind (ASDB) that they’ve also received mails from AGB. My girlfriend works for ASDB and told me that she received it and threw it away. She wasn’t aware of what’s going on with other states. I’ve told her about it and she didn’t realize all of you sent letters back to AGB for their wrongdoing. She will type up a letter to inform AGB that she’s not a hearing specialist.

    – Henry

  4. handeyes
    Aug 11, 2011 @ 21:43:35

    Marla – welcome to the blog subscription. let me know if it doesn’t work. i really have no idea how some things work or dont work

    Henry – thanks for the info – i will add Arizona school for the Deaf and Blind. if your girlfriend wants her letter shared here – pls have her send it to me or post here and ill know its ok to copy and paste as a separate entry.

    Also ANYONE and EVERYONE can send something to AG Bell – it doesnt just have to be the folks who received the membership card.

    Re: tossing, mailing back or burning the membership card – my preference would be for folks to KEEP it as part of our history and if they want to burn or write – RETURNED to SENDER or BUGGER OFF on it – they should make a copy and burn that or mail that back etc.

    just like to keep the originals as proof and history.

    If u send anything and u want it shared – let me know too.



  5. Barb DiGi
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 19:24:14

    HI Patti,

    I tried sending my letter to AG Bell today but I got returned email from them twice. I sent to and Gene got his through but not mine so I don’t know why.

    Here is what I wrote.

    Mr. Graham and Ms. Boswell,

    Please refer to my vlog as an open letter to you @ if you haven’t seen it. Please note that I am representing myself and some teachers of the Deaf, not the school.

    I would appreciate your response to the reason why you label us teachers of the Deaf “hearing specialists”. Didn’t it occur to you that sending such label and temporary cards telling us to advocate independency through listening and speaking to more than six schools for the Deaf are distasteful and offending to us? What is the purpose of calling us hearing specialists while you all know very well that we are signing teachers and advocate bilingual approach?

    One more thing, it is misleading to give such message that in order for Deaf children to be independent, it is done through listening and speaking. As a mother of two Deaf children who don’t speak, they are already independent thanks to their high literacy skills which is the most crucial way to function in this world.

    Thank you for listening. (pun intended)


    Barbara DiGi

  6. handeyes
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 19:53:02

    heye barb – thanks

    can u try to email them again – i see u have susan’s email wrong

    let me know if the new attempt fails

    also let me know if u want me to post up ur latest letter as a new blog entry

    thanks for all u r doing to get the truth out there and for peaceful direct confrontation.

    re: the inquiry about why they mislabeled staff at Deaf schools as “hearing specialist” – no reply will be satisfactory, in my opinion.

    AFA did express our outrage at those cards/letters mailing along with our demands before going out to the AFA rally events in DC. The AG Bell Association had ample time and knowledge that those cards and letters are not cool. They have been mute on the subject. If the label of “hearing specialist” was an error – they could have and should have notified folks and issued an apology. They could and should communicate to the community their position re: this mass mailing but instead they pretend we all don’t exist. Hmmmm u r worthy enough to print your name on their temporary members cards and letterhead but not worthy enough of a reply.

    they just keep twiddling their thumbs and whistling as if you aint there – must be a faulty connection, eh?

    Can you hear us now AG Bell? Not cool. So not cool, you.

    And for the folks who say – i didnt get a card – it aint my problem – ohhh goodness. Dont u know the dangers of being a bystander and standing by? “First they came for….”

    much peace


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