Nancy Rourke’s Art Letter to AG Bell Assoc.

We are collecting expressions of truth to share with the AG Bell Assoc. and the broader public. Nancy Rourke shares her truth via her De’VIA work entitled “The Hearing Test Room,” which has familiar objects that many of us who endured sitting in that setting will recall. Nancy includes images and symbols to indicate how Bell’s influence on Deaf lives and psyche was and is ever present.
NOTE: several Deaf literary and visual artists have created works around the Hearing test and many folks talk of the freaky monkey, clown, and bears used in the audiology lab (still used to today folks and i found out they are international – used in audiology labs across the globe – geez why dont they ever consult with us cuz if they did we’d say #uck no – dont put those things in that room – talk about triggering nightmares).

———–Nancy Rourke’s Art Letter to AG Bell —————

The Hearing Test room by Nancy Rourke
go to for description of this artwork
To Alexander Graham Bell, that hearing test room is yours. You see, the framed picture against the wall? That is a picture
of your house with your flock of sheep in the front yard.
Do you see a picture on the left side of the wall with a blue triangle? That is supposed to be one of your favorite shapes, triangle.
A metronome was used in a hearing test room, another favorite triangle shape of Bell’s.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jean Boutcher
    Aug 09, 2011 @ 06:34:55


    I absolutely love your painting, “The Hearing Test room”, in that I had been THERE every year during my school years at Maryland School for the Deaf. Ironic as it may sound, my hearing had never been audiologically tested during my first six years at St. Francis Xavier’s private oral school. Please do let us know if AGB is responsive to your art letter.

  2. RLM
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 00:28:17

    Always a brillant and creative artworks of yours in reply to the AGBell’s illogical approach of sending temporary AGBell membership card and identify the prospective member as “hearing specialist” to affront the deaf educator of the deaf.

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