Barb DiGi’s Letter to AG Bell Association

We are collecting letters that folks have sent to AG Bell Association expressing their discontent over the AGBAD’s mailing of temporary membership cards to teachers of the Deaf and labeling them as “hearing specialists” – if you haven’t received a membership card but are still upset to learn of this and/or are upset by the AG Bell Association refusal to apologize for their insulting Pepsi letter and/or for their continual promotion of audist ideology and Oralism – you can mail your ASL and/or English letter to:

Alexander Graham (CEO)        202-204-4671 x 107
Susan Boswell (director of communications and marketing) 202-204-4687 x 127

See Barb DiGi’s Bilingual letter below – this videoletter includes the actual membership card and content of the letter as well as commentary from her two Deaf bilingual youth.  “Nothing about us, AG Bell, without us”

Note: Barb has been an extraordinary advocate for bilingual-bicultural rights for Deaf children.  She has gotten a lot of crap from some folks in the blogsphere and still she stands.  I have much gratitude for the STAND she takes on behalf of the linguistic and cultural integrity of Deaf children and their families.  She does all this while many folks who work within the system say they can’t or they won’t, she says we can and we shall.  It’s a hafta do folks – the TRUTHS must be told and failure is not an option.  So thank u Barb and co.

other Letters to AG Bell Association


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