¡Ya basta! AGBAD and Blue Tape

heye all –

Note: i type on behalf of me and not as AFA rep. right now but what i got to say is shared by MANY good folks on the ground so know in this – i do not STAND alone.

¡Ya basta!  AGBAD (note: ya basta means “enough is enough”)

did you know that the AG Bell Association has sent unwanted and insulting

From the letter AGBAD sent with free temporary membership card

temporary membership cards, letters and emails to folks falsely and incorrectly identifying them as “hearing specialists”? (staff from four schools have thus far reported receiving this junk mail – Rochester School for the Deaf, Kansas School for the Deaf, Indiana School for the Deaf, Fremont California School for the Deaf.  Others???)

NOTE: added 9/3/2011 – 10 confirmed schools and most likely all have received it.  link to listing of confirmed 10 scroll down

not cool on many levels not cool (u can see the blog entry on infiltration and propaganda for a big picture frame of mind)

AGBAD free temporary membership card

so what can u do about this?  how can you voice your discontent and ur objection to this misinformation and unwanted solicitation????

u can send them an email and call them (see sample below) – tweak the wording as u see fit

u can post a note in ur facebook

u can tweet and twitter

Alexander Graham (CEO) agraham@agbell.org 202-204-4671 x 107
Susan Boswell (director of communications and marketing) sboswell@agbell.org 202-204-4687 x 127

Sample letter (note you can substitute out Deaf professional for Deaf community member, Deaf survivor of Oralims, or hearing professional or ally etc) – SAMPLE letter objecting to AG Bell temporary membership card and letter mailing 

Dear AGBAD: I am a Deaf professional not a hearing specialist. Do not send me any unwanted and insulting solicitation. I do not support oppressive organizations and have no intentions of becoming a member in promoting Oralism, Linguicism and Audism.
Let Freedom Roll.

(Your name here)


Audism Free America made copies of one of these AG Bell temporary membership cards with the recipient’s name blacked out and gave to each person who was at the AFA Vigil at the Volta Laboratory and Bureau on July 22 Friday evening and after each person shared their personal experiences with audism and Oralism they were invited to burn their temporary membership card.  Every act of STANDing up against oppression counts folks.  (note: it was VERY SAFE and PEACEFUL folks.  Police rolled by and lawyer was present.  it was POWerful and good.  and for folks who dont know about how and why folks burn things during civil disobedience events pls see Gandhi’s burning of the passes Indians were forced to carry in South Africa, Alice Paul and others’ burning of Woodrow Wilson’s words in front of the White House in their effort for democracy for women too via suffrage rights, anti-war protesters burning of draft cards, feminists burning of bras and note AFA did not do any burning of an effigy of AG Bell or anyone else that evening unlike the Deaf President Now protestors who burned effigies of Spillman and Zinser and the Unity for Gallaudet protestors who burned an effigy of Jane Fernandes.  I personally oppose the burning of effigies because it is violent imagery but it is still within folks right to do so – im just saying aint it interesting how some folks get upset when other folks do things fairly and justly and rightly)

so for those of u who can not burn a card or wish not to but still feel it is objectionable – pls at the very least make a call and/or send an email and post on ur facebook etc.

AFA communicated to AG Bell Association in advance that those cards were not cool and received no reply.

AFA also asked the Convention of American Instructors for the Deaf (CAID) if they could take some action re: the mailing of these cards / letters and emails by AG Bell to unsuspecting teachers of the Deaf etc – their representative said he would bring it up at their next monthly council meeting.

Much Ballyhoo about Blue Tape

Now for the blue tape – there has been lots of ruckus over some folks putting a wee bit of blue tape over a few words on an AG Bell plaque at the Volta Bureau – u can see the info at: http://audismfreeamerica.blogspot.com/2011/07/nad-apologies-to-afa.html and NAD rep, Sean Gerlis’s tweet on July 22, 2011 “On behalf of Bobbie Beth Scoggins, Prez of NAD & myself, we NAD do not condone this behavior from @endaudism to desecrate AGB’s building.”

Facts about the tape on a plaque at the Volta Laboratory and Bureau – AG Bell Association head quarters
1. Fri July 22, 2011 temporary tape was put over the words “Deaf and Hard of” plaque on the Volta Bureau so that the TRUTH could be told
“AG Bell Association for the X X X X Hearing.”

2. Police passed by several times. No complaints.  A civil rights lawyer was present and consulted during the vigil and all was cool.

3. The blue trim tape came down easily and without disfiguring or harming the plaque at all.

4. desecration applies to holy places – AGBAD headquarters is not a temple

5. defacing requires destruction or damage – there was none.

6. NAD representative, Sean Gerlis, said that AG Bell Volta Bureau was a federal building.  A young Deaf person called AG Bell Association to ask if in fact it is a federal building to which they said it is NOT, NOT, NOT a federal building.

(knowledge is power folks – follow the example of this smart young girl and pick up ur VP and ring a ling ling AG Bell.  The plaque that a few of our leaders were so eager to protect says AG Bell Association FOR the Deaf and Hard of Hearing so since the building is FOR you – you might as well give them a call and say not cool as u see fit cuz they are e/mailing your professionals and making them members against their wishes)

7. the VIGIL at the Volta Laboratory and Bureau of AG Bell Association was POWerful folks. Truths were told – many folks have been HARMED by linguistic and cultural oppression

8. falsehoods frack, audism sucks while civil disobedience rocks, truth force and soul force soar

we be making the invisible visible folks
-STAND folks and be seen

so now here i patti d do STAND and i got a few things to say from my heart

i hope u all will heed them and if the twisters try to spin ’em no worries.  i do not go to that portal, i do not read any of their funky junk cuz they have NO as in ZER O as in nada credibility and to all the good folks who still frequent those bad places of misinformation and get all worked up about it – it is not a good use of your time.  i speak from experience.  i love them but they gotta crash.  they will do it quicker and firmer if we STOP feeding them and fanning their flames.  they gonna burn out.  it is pitiful to behold so dont – dont watch.  dont feed.  dont fan.  dont comment. dont email. dont say look look over there.  just love them from a far.

re: the NAD apology – i personally accept it and AFA has accepted it.  NAD has made it clear in this letter that:

1. they support ASL for Deaf children – from NAD letter – “It is imperative that all deaf children grow up with and benefit from American Sign Language in their education…” this is huge and continually worth repeating.  this position makes the NAD STAND firmly on behalf of Deaf children’s right to a natural and fully accessible language which is the opposite position that AG Bell takes

2. NAD President Scoggins states “I sincerely apologize for any confusion that may have resulted from the unintended use of “desecration.”   Yes this could be worded more strongly but to me it is clear that she is apologizing for what was stated on her behalf in the twitter tweet cuz wrong is wrong folks and she knows it.  So i personally appreciate this acknowledgment. Does it have wiggle room?  could it be read as a hollow apology – “sorry ya all got confused by the unintended use of the term desecration” – sure it could be my read of it (and im a hoper girl) is that Dr. Scoggins is sorry cuz that there tweet was not sweet and the top and bottom paragraphs are WHAM strong and CHA important.

3. Now the next line is a bit of a pickle and Deaf folks have been quick to pick up on that.  Geez ya all can read can’t ya!  Odd, AG Bell folks and some of those statistical studies that folks like to throw in our faces say that ya all cant read past a 4th grade level hmmmm.  So in this sentence NAD president has affirmed AFA’s right to exercise free speech while asking that AFA “respect the NAD and its position that we do not engage or participate in any activities that will affect the property of others.”  Folks have noted that NAD did participate in Deaf President Now and the Unity for Gallaudet protests which both resulted in some destruction of property.

AFA has not asked the NAD to engage in any such activities but we are hopeful that some day if the occasion presents itself to peacefully and harmlessly to lay down a bit of blue tape vs. spreading a bit more red tape – that the NAD will go with blue.

4. NAD apologized.  AG Bell Association has NOT –

  • AG Bell must apologize for the offensive Pepsi letter (NAD, AFA, DBC and some of their own members condemn that letter and AG Bell’s response was ya all didnt read it right – ha!),

  • AG Bell must apologize for making people temporary members of their organization against their wishes and for mislabeling them as “hearing specialists,”

  • and AG Bell must apologize for its role in the reign of Oralism (Oral / Aural Onlyism)

Tell them u aint a child of a lesser god – cuz u truly aint

Now i know that many folks are skeptical re: the sincerity of NAD’s apology –  it is what oppressed folks often do – have healthy skepticism and also react to things closest too them cuz the BIG BAD BOYS are too far out of reach (but they aint folks we can reach them if we STAND).  its important that we keep hope faith and love ever present.  Not blind trust, not false faith and not limited love – we say what we got to say and we WATCH as the NAD continues to re-grow its roots.

We also shall not deviate our eyes from the prize – ie showing what AG Bell Association is up to and challenging it.  do not allow this to disintegrate into a fight about what one person mistakenly tweeted and do not make this be about him.  AFA and the cherished and beloved members of our commUNITY were in the sweltering heat of DC for three days rallying, meeting with the Dept of Education, hosting a vigil, and conducting a sit-in to combat systematic and institutionalized audism.  Remember the octopus folks.  (so dont ignore NAD but dont divert ur attention from AGB – see see?  cuz if we make this be about the NAD – AG Bell wins and is slap happy chappies)

And lastly – one of the greatest things i learned last week was how little we understand about the power of direct confrontation and civil disobedience.  every oppressed group i have ever studied has already employed civil disobedience in their struggle for equality.  We may be slow to the take because our very own have been so QUICK to chastise and admonish US and not THEM.

It is interesting to note that a hearing lawyer, a hearing patrol officer, and hearing neighbors all SAW what we were doing and no one SCREAMED desecration.  But within minutes of seeing one wee pix via twitter the NAD denounced this very very very benign act.

So just something to look at folks.

it is as if some folks have internalized the myth that Deaf folks are rude – please u can not believe how polite we have all been.  what has sitting quietly with ur hands folded waiting ur turn EVER gotten u except the slow and rude awakening that your turn never does come?  Dont u think its odd that folks are holding conventions ABOUT you, giving presentations on cultural and linguistic competence but you are not at the table, have erected HUGE monstrosities of buildings and systems to “serve” you but they do not want to hear what you have to say.  and still you say “ask nicely, behave, be nice, try the back door, lets get so and so into power and then s/he will change things from the inside”  dont u see that you are still waiting?  dont u see that the “in a minute, ill tell you later, its not important…” transcends just the family room and rules the board rooms.  arent you tired of it?  cant u see how beautifully the Deaf folks and allies on the ground rose and shown and soared on July 21, 22, 23 – ahhh i guess some of you couldnt cuz u were too busy to rush to judgment over one tweet – all credibility lost by whom?

huh?  by the folks that refuse to STAND against oppression me think, by the folks who refuse to have the “spiritual audacity to assert our somebodyness,” by the folks who continue to twist and spin, project, reject, deject, etc and still have no EFFECT while the waves of the 2nd wave of Oralism crash on our shores.

It is unjust folks – it is utterly unjust for some of u to sit back and preach and not do.  It is utterly unjust for some of u to choose to scold rather than be bold.  and it is a PATTERN.

We are moving on without u but when and if u do come – ill be the first to welcome ya.  I am a forgiving and loving chap.  I just want us to do right and not diss the very folks who have lived this hell caused by A G Bell.

yep – i just got meself all emotional thinking about a few of u who r so quick to undermine any measure of progress.  The vigil was powerful and u no like it.  So u distort and contort.  No worries.  We on the move

its ok – its part of the process of waking up and STANDing up.

And just for the record folks – AFA did send out info re: our rallies and events in advance to the media repeatedly but we have been told by MANY activist groups that it is nearly impossible to get any media attention in DC unless you take over a building, lock down a campus (hmmmm destruction of property??? unlawful assembly????), or get arrested.  That is just how it works in the capitol cuz on a daily basis someone is protesting something somewhere.  So u dont need thousands cuz even if u do u might not get any fan fare and pssssst the media rarely represents things honestly these days and we were not really there to get our pictures in the newspaper – we were there to make the invisible visible to the professionals who pay big money to be trained and certified and gold starred by an exclusionary and oppressive ideology and practice and to let the general public know and see.  We were also there for US.

you should have seen us – gosh and golly Deaf folks have mighty songs to sign-sing and we be doing them even up on the steps of the place that laid out our fate.

Now aint that beautiful?

now send in those emails to AG Bell Association or…. do nothing.  the option is all yours.



NOTE: Thank you to Barb DiGi for sharing the unwanted and unasked for membership card and letter.


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  1. InsaneMisha
    Jul 30, 2011 @ 21:50:33

    Love you, Patti! I agree with everything you’ve said in there.
    AGBELL, are you listening? We’re saying to you for once and all…..


  2. Jenny Witteborg
    Jul 30, 2011 @ 22:57:05

    (Not so) Dear AGBAD,

    From all the hearing people in my life – they tell me that I speak SO well – as if I were a hearing person. That said – let me tell you how I really feel.

    I am a Deaf film maker, and not a hearing specialist. I haven’t any inclination to be a hearing specialist.

    I am a survivor of the Oralism Only method from 1959 before mainstreaming was chic. My mother who knew fingerspelling and signs from her Deaf grandmother who lived with her family, was told not to sign by the doctors and the so-called experts – the same ‘hearing specialists’.

    This I just learned from my mother’s sister last weekend.

    Do not send any unwanted nor insulting solicitation to those of us who are working in the Deaf field. I do not support oppressive organization and have no intentions of becoming a member of an organization that promotes oralism only, linguicism and audism.

    How different – and much more engaging my childhood could have been if it were not for those hearing specialists of days gone by. Thank God, I learned signs at the age of 19 and my life became full and rich with people I could actually understand.

    Thank God I didn’t succeed in killing myself at the age of 15 – how dare you to perpetuate the oralism only! I spoke, but I bluffed my way through life. No longer – never again!

    LET EVERY DEAF BABY and CHILD learn American Sign Language (ASL) FIRST – lipreading/speech skills are NOT a language – the child can learn it later WHILE learning about Math, Science, Geography and English.

    Stop misrepresenting ASL and Deaf Culture – it’s not an option – it’s the ONLY way to live a full life.

    Stop promoting Oralism Only and AVT methods (My family is aghasted at such methods!)

    APOLOGIZE for the harm your organization has done and is STILL doing by promoting oralism only, and such methods as C.I without ASL/Deaf Culture.

    I would appreciate an answer!

    Jennifer Witteborg
    Witty Productions, LLC

  3. Dianrez
    Jul 30, 2011 @ 23:57:05

    Comments and personal stories told by rally attenders of their experience growing up oral need to be in print for today’s crop of parents. Enough with the stories of CI successes that are carefully solicited and publicized by AGBell…they need to be balanced by real stories!

    The tragedy of divided families by oralism and Deaf adults becoming isolated from the families that raised them MUST STOP.

    Parents, if you are reading this and think it can’t happen to you because your kid can speak or hear reasonably well, THINK AGAIN. Your deaf child growing up and leaving you for all time is very possible especially if you stubbornly believe that there is no need for ASL in your family.

    The tragedy of children growing up to be reasonably fluent speakers yet unable to read a book meaningfully also MUST STOP.

    The loneliness of Deaf adults unable to form close friendships because they cannot communicate on deep levels with *anyone* MUST STOP. Bilingualism with spoken English and ASL offers chances for close relationships that compliment each other.

    AGBell, your lies that independence is assured by listening and speaking also MUST STOP. These lies spread like ripples and contaminate more than just the deaf child’s family…it divides d/Deaf people from each other. It also skews the perception of the community and prejudices future employers, legislators and voters regarding an independent, healthy signing community.

  4. ridor
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 01:49:21

    Patti Durr, so PROUD of you. So extremely happy to meet you in person. And like I said, I won’t say good bye mainly because I’ll see you again very soon!


  5. ridor
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 01:50:23

    However, your article is right on the target. I say to the detractors: C’mon, come clean with this!


  6. Deafa
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 02:10:10

    I apologize. I would never touch other people’s property but thats just me and I understand why it was done and it did make a statement. No damage is done (unlike other protests)

    I stand against audism. IT breaks my heart to see family divided over signing because of professionals tell them no signing. Why would any family listen to that? Would family tell the grandma that she can’t see her grandchild as often becuase she speaks Spanish and its bad for English? I just can’t understand how professionals can be cruel and coldhearted like that.

  7. patti
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 11:43:19

    insane Misha – Back at ya

    Jen – wow u made me cry. wow – here the tears come again. wow. Thank u for doing this. u r brave beyond words and i know u r saying “bravery is not required to tell the truth” but alas for many it is. it truly is – hence gandhi said ““A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.” thank u for exhibiting self-love and telling AG Bell the truth. they totally need to hear from the stakeholders and byproducts of their unholy war against American Sign Language and Deaf culture

    ohh gosh – more tears

    breathe patti breathe

    jen can i run it as a separate People of the Eye entry w/ full credit to u as some folks dont read comments

    Dianrez – wham that is pow pow. can u pls send to AG Bell’s Graham and Boswell? will ya put it up in ur blogsite so it gets more visibility? its a gem or if u want i can run it here as a new blog entry with full credit to ya

    ridor – u wrote: “I won’t say good bye mainly because I’ll see you again very soon!” – what is that some kinda threat? smile im just totally kidding cuz we know that is how some folks would play this “look look ridor is threatening durr that he will see here again SOON” or better yet someone will say “see see they are in cahoots” or best yet someone will say “see see ridor and durr are lovers” ha

    i do love ya – now if i could just get ya to harness all ur green goodness to fighting the big bad boys and systems and attacking less a bit of the folks who r misguided or misunderstood. i only nag u on this one constantly cuz i seen too many folks have said Ridor bit me bad and then they no trust all the truthful and forthright things ya got to say

    im just saying…. smile

    this is where u do the “Whatever” ASL sign using the middle fingers


    re: DETRACTORS – ahhhh hmmmmm – that might be the word for the day. im gonna think on that one

    it was GREAT to meet u and ur sister at the rally. just regret no time for a real chat. some day SOON ; )

    deafa -i love how u apologize and recognize its not something u could do but that u understand why it was done.

    my issue is with folks misrepresenting it to be something that it was NOT. it was not desecration or defacing and all the rapid fire denouncing was a form of verbal defecation on civil disobedience and free speech and that is WRONG. and for them to have done this after we made such a huge effort to bring NAD to the table etc and for them to defend AG Bell’s bldg over that which is right, just and true – well wow – slap in the face it was but heye. we all make mistakes and an apology has been issued by NAD and a commitment to ASL for Deaf kids and a commitment to AFA’s shared vision and mission etc – that is GOOD me think

    so eyes back on the prize folks and do u all see the courage of good folks like jen, diane, and deafa feeling so deeply what has been done and is still being done to Deaf kids everyday in various ways

    to this OPPRESSION – we say ya basta!

    deafa – ur comment is pow pow powerful too so can u send the message u wrote to AG Bell Graham and Boswell – “I stand against audism. IT breaks my heart to see family divided over signing because of professionals tell them no signing. Why would any family listen to that? Would family tell the grandma that she can’t see her grandchild as often becuase she speaks Spanish and its bad for English? I just can’t understand how professionals can be cruel and coldhearted like that.”

    we must make the invisible visible and STAND and u r right i met several professionals during the rallies and u can see some really feel torn – they would say “i know AG Bell’s position of being against signing but….” they gotta get those CEU points so they can teach da speech while they use sign on the sly or in programs that allow it to be used openly but they still gotta go to AG Bell to get the AVT certificate cuz it is all the rage

    and so they say “i am not brave like you all are”

    yes someone actually did say that to us

    i love honesty – that she could tell us that she agrees (many folks told us they agree with us) and she could admit she did not have the courage to let that be known to them (yes, there is a big ole vow of silence amongst the folks who patronize AG Bell – they feel they no can say it – they might be ‘allowed’ to sign to show that signing is ok but they are not allowed to say “HEY agbell what ya done to Deaf folks is wrong” there is a code of complicity – now aint that the pickle. cuz the truth is we are allowed and even obligated to say the truth – all of us. turning a blind eye and pretending or stifling ur conscience when it stirs and whirls or just whispering of ur discomforts at how AVT is at times cruel and unusual punishmentin corners aint doing nobody no good – most especially the kid who is struggling under AVT and even the most successful AVTer will most likely be struggling with some issues and that is IMPORTANT folks – dont believe me – RE-READ Jen’s comment N O W)

    and u can guess my reply to this beautiful person who said “i am not brave like you all are” – i said “yes, you are. yes you are brave. you are here chatting with us – seeing our truths and thinking of the kids you have served of whom AVT did not serve them well and u regret. you can tell AG Bell the truth. you can”

    ok i didnt say it that pretty but that was the gist of it – find within ourselves the measure of our strength and know it is always to be found in Love and truth

    its the least we can do for those who are yet to come

    otherwise we are TRULY part of the problem

    send ur emails and call AG Bell – ring ring ring that bell

    come attrition…. come hell

    this is why…. this is why we STAND



  8. Joseph Pietro Riolo
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 12:03:22

    To Deafa: You are not alone. I don’t believe in touching anyone’s property without his or her permission unless laws allow it (i.e. right-of-way or breaking into house that is on fire). I don’t think that Martin Luther King, Jr. would encourage this. Neither would George Veditz. Like what you wrote, that is just me. If a person chooses to touch other property without permission even to make a statement, he will have to accept the consequences, if any.

    Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.

  9. patti
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 12:33:05

    heye joseph –

    i respect ur preference for not touching someone’s property. u do go to the library do u not? u do go the dentist do u not? u do sit at restaurants do u not?

    this is touching property – did u stop and ask permission at each place? may i touch u?

    u see my point?

    also Joseph – why did you not shout out against the hotwiring and theft of MSSD school buses and the slashing of their tires during Deaf President Now protest

    talk about destruction of property

    talk about touching someones property without permission

    Would MLK have encouraged the blue tape – i can not speak for the man but i think he would have nodded in understanding when witnessing it. would you PLEASE read his letter from birmingham jail – PLEASE!

    if anything went further – u can bet ur butt i would have said HALT

    and i probably would not have been listened too

    smile – i spend a bit of time ushering folks in the direction i feel we should go to which most folks nod and say whatever patti just stand back and let the organic stuff do their stuff and lo and behold THE PEOPLE know what they are doing. THE PEOPLE know how to stand PEACEFULLY and LOVINGLY and TRUTHFULLY

    i will not tape their hands down

    if any laws were broken the police would have stopped us

    do u folks know what COULD have been done that wasnt

    geez – exercise a bit of common sense would u?

    these folks are to be COMMENDED for the restraint exercised

    but u wanna chastise – go for it joseph

    re: Veditz – i can not speak for veditz either joseph but he literally had our backs that night. meaning many of us had T shirts on with a painting of Veditz by Nancy Rourke on our backs.

    would he have encouraged the wee blue tape – well seeing how the man wrote several letters to AG Bell saying pretty dang strong stuff, seeing how veditz knew intimately the affects of the oral / aural onslaught, seeing how veditz TOLD us of his hope that we would “cherish and DEFEND our beautiful sign language as the noblest gift god gave to Deaf people” i kinda think he might say “is that all” smile nah i think he would say KUDOS and “im sorry it is necessary” and he might RIGHTFULLY ask “WHAT TOOK U SO LONG?”

    and he might throw in some additional questions
    do u know how long and hard i have been channeling u all from the grave?
    do u know that our precious films were almost lost to posterity?
    do u know that almost nobody knew anything we did or stood for at the beginning of the first wave?
    do u know that hardly anyone visits my and bessie’s grave?
    do u know that we cant let this happen again?

    do u know…
    yes george i know

    ohhh here is one more coming in – hold on while i decipher it Joseph

    “do u know i love joseph pietro riolo the third”

    and my reply “me too George – i love him too”

    psst Joseph – the sooner u learn about civil disobedience the sooner u will see the truth

    and just for the record for all the folks who are not as brave as Joseph (this is one of the things about joseph i love – he will say what he thinks rather than pull out nuggets and distort and detract etc) – just for the record for the folks who like to misrepresent me –
    i do not support the destruction of others property but i know in civil disobedience actions folks have at times chosen to do such. i dont know if and when i ever would

    i do not support violence

    i am proud of OUR PEOPLE who stood on those steps and who did really really really peaceful things and exercised restraint

    i am telling u overly judgmental folks that if Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the door of the Diet some of ya would invest more in discussing the destruction of property via that NAIL than the content of those 95 Thesis

    it was not called the PROTESTant Reformation for nothing

    some times protesting and revolutions require breaking laws and doing stuff that other folks would not do

    would that we be less rushed to condemn brave peaceful souls due to our own timidness and uncertainties

    geez how do u think MLK and Gandhi and Henry David Thoreau ended up in jail – it wasnt by obeying all the bylaws

    again if folks r not ready or they are not comfortable with the blue tape thingy – that is ok

    but to paint it as if it were a huge violation and something that MLK and Veditz would frown upon when those blokes have done bigger and braver things – well lordy lord

    spin city

    we aint even worthy of such a comparison yet – we r just beginning to muster up the courage

    so go wag ur finger at DPN pls

    the consequences we are facing for having done this simple act is that all ur masks are coming down and its really painful for patti to watch but i guess i gotta wake up too


    and yes the surest way to upset me is to diss the truth and to trample on social justice and civil disobedience

    coffee time

    and again i will say it because is is true. i do love ya JPR III.



  10. Michael Bunjer
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 15:56:46

    Oralism Only is wrong? So some of you folks want ASL alongside with Oralism? Technically that will make it a compromise? For me, I had enough, and tell you what.. AGBELL needs to get lost! That gripe, Oralism only means you would be happier if ASL is thrown in at least? Oh man! AGBELL does not deserve any forgivness, and he is long dead! Rest should be with him instead of getting lost? Quit using that word “Oralism Only”! Dysconscious Audists, and Audists would work out with AGB in my opinion! Use words, such as good riddance would be best! Sending out mixed messages, and keeping AGB around is not going to work! GRR!

  11. Larry H.
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 16:19:49

    “Alexander Graham Bell – “Friend or Foe?””

    Dear AGBad,

    I am very stronger suggest 100% support Audism Free America (AFA) Rally 2011 Protest Activities and our Deaf Civil Rights for Sign Language (ASL). I am also responsibilities protections on Deaf babies, toddle and children in any physical harm from Medical Practice Professionals as “Axis of Evil”, Autist’s False Prophets. “Bad Medical, Risky Medical, and the search for a “Fix it or Cure”. Hell, no way!

    Miss Susan Boswell, I am going ask to you a question; “Are you Friend or Foe?” Mr Alexander Graham Bell was “Father of Audism”. And His Foe’s side is very surprising, but is not usually discussed.

    AGBell believed that deafness was a horrible curse to the person who suffered from it.

    That is a pretty awful thing to think, and for someone with so much influence, a terrible thought to spread.

    I guess there are several reasons why Bell would have this thought about deafness. One is that he grew up with a value for speech, and as an educator of the deaf, he saw how difficult it is for a deaf child to acquire knowledge through spoken and written language. He also did not come in contact with those Deaf people who were part of the Deaf community and who had successfully found happiness within it. So, therefore, without this exposure, I can understand how Bell would have seen deafness as only a handicap.

    However, AGBell also saw deafness as a threat to the social order. He thought that deaf people weakened society. In the 1880s, when Bell was rather wealthy and had a lot of time on his hands, he became worried about the numbers of deaf people in America and how they were increasing. He thought this was weakening the country and was determined to find a way to stop it.

    Because deafness seemed as though it were incurable, Bell wanted to find a way to prevent the birth of deaf children. He examined data from many American schools for the deaf and wrote a paper entitled Memoir upon the Formation of a Deaf Variety of the Human Race.

    Alexander Graham Bell read his paper at the American Academy of Sciences at New Haven, Connecticut in 1883. Then, in 1884, he read it to the Conference of Principals of American Schools for the Deaf.Bell’s thought and conclusions were shocking. To justify his findings, he documented three significant facts about deaf Americans:

    1. The tendency of deaf people to marry other deaf people
    2. The numbers of deaf people marrying other deaf people increased during the nineteenth century
    3. This increase would continue into the future unless drastic steps are taken to stop it

    AGBell stated that this tendency of deaf people marrying deaf people would eventually lead to a creation of a deaf race and “would be a great calamity to the world.”His reasons for the tendency of deaf people marrying other deaf people were as follows:

    1. Residential schools for the deaf
    2. Deaf associations and organizations
    3. Deaf newspapers
    4. Education in sign language
    5. Writing in sign language
    6. Erroneous ideas about deaf people
    7. Deaf people’s desire to create a deaf state

    Numbers 5-7 were of no importance and made no sense. Sign language writing doesn’t really exist, his erroneous ideas were that deaf people could not be taught to speak well enough to carry a conversation, and a deaf state would never be established because of lack of support for the deaf community.

    His first four reasons, though, were very valid and true. If he successfully eliminated these things, the American deaf community would be non-existent. And that is what he wanted to do. Without the cultural links and socializations of deaf people, they would be isolated and more integrated into the hearing society.Bell had two ideas for keeping deaf people from marrying. One was to enact laws that would forbid the congenitally deaf people from intermarrying. This, however,

    AGBell though, would lead to immoral actions and illegitimate children. It is also difficult to tell when a deaf person became deaf.

    His second idea was to eliminate residential schools, prohibit sign language use in deaf education, and forbid deaf teachers from teaching deaf students. Bell thought these measures would encourage deaf people to use their oral skills and become more integrated into the hearing society. These measures could be “hidden” and seen as education reforms.

    Alexander Graham Bell’s thoughts and findings did not lead to the end of deaf marriage, but it did instill fear and anger in many deaf people and spark debates.

    To gain support, Bell printed his Memoir and sent it to members of Congress, the principals of schools for the deaf, and other people involved in deaf education. They were not impressed. The truth came out. Those involved in deaf education knew that most of their students had hearing parents. Deaf children are rarely born to deaf parents.

    AGBell wanted to take away everything Deaf people had-their schools, their organizations, their newspapers, and even their language. Thankfully, he was unsuccessful. Deaf people are still people. There is nothing wrong with them, and they most definitely do not pose a threat to the human race.

    I know this information may come as a shock to you, and it should. There are two sides to every story, and this is one side that most people do not know about-Bell and his fight for eugenics against the deaf.

    Is Alexander Graham Bell a friend or foe? Or both?

    …the world may never know…

    Anyway reason why “We want tell you. We don’t want let AGBad happens do again”. Why can’t you, AGBell learn stop whine? But why you, AGBell hesitage goal on Deaf children with Sign Language? Why you, AGBell goal Oralist & Ear add Cochlear Implants on Deaf children. We don’t needed it, period! And I want also say to you, Miss Susan Boswell, AGBell. “”Hello, hello and hello, you need stop whine, just leave Deaf babies, toddle and children alone and move on please!!!””

    Thank you and Good-bye…!

    “Promote Deaf children’s right to education by recognizing linguistic rights. Deaf children should have early exposure to sign language and be educated as multilinguals in reading and writing. Train teachers in sign language and provide accessible educational material

  12. deafa
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 17:39:45

    Micheal, I think parents have every rights to raise their child deaf as long as they have a language. Raising their deaf child without ASL is risky and criticizing ASL is wrong. But some parents want to give their child a chance to speak and hear. That’s just the way it is, and I rather they do it with care, that is go with flow by respecting the child’s feelings toward speaking and hearing and make sure ASL is very important and not something to be brushed off, embarrassed, or awkward. And do NOT push their child into something they are not.

    AGBell or any LSL/AVT need to be more humanitarian when it comes to American Sign Language. And they need to remove all Bell’s name and philosophy and start over again from scrap and use appropriate research that will leave room for both method.

  13. patti
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 18:01:24

    michael bunjer –
    it is hot and humid in rochester today and i have ZERO tolerance for ur extremist rhetoric. i have told u that many times and many ways. privately in emails, publicly in facebook and other places and now i will tell u here in my place – at the People Place – you are not welcome.

    i am sorry to say this but i can not mince words any more. the clock is ticking and u refuse to GET IT

    Veditz, Clerc, Gallaudet NEVER said no development of speech, lipreading or listening if the child had an aptitude for it etc

    they did say NO to any exclusionary practice that prohibited ASL and i am in agreement with that stance and that is where i STAND

    u want to call me a dysconsious audist. u aint the first buddy. while i do have audist thinking and behavior at times i am not a dysconsious audist – to be an “ist” one must be very loyal to their supremacist thinking and i aint it

    so name-a-way bud – it diminishes u and ur cause bud. not me and my people

    u want to call all hearing folks audists – that is a HUGE problem and a falsehood and wrong

    it is not reasonable and not rational and not righteous to aim to swing the opposite extreme to be ASL only – it simply is not

    some folks can hear some and likey. some folks can speak and likey. some folks wanna wanna practice speech and listening

    to PROHIBIT them would be more of the same in the opposite direction

    and NO i am not advocating for ASL and SPOKEN / LISTENING etc

    i am advocating for ASL and ENGLISH – ie bilingualism and if the English part can include speaking and listening because they child benefits from it etc – then sure let them have it as needed but never at the expense of ASL and never have ASL at the expense of English literacy

    we dont need any more semi-literacy

    so do u see what we have here michael and ladys and gentlemen who come to watch:
    on the one side we have the Oral / Aural only proponents that no want visual acuity for Deaf kids
    Extremely wrong and unjust and inhumane

    on the other side we have a wee number of folks saying ASL and maybe English but NEVER lipreading, speech or assistive listening devices of any shape or form

    on one side we have folks saying by any means necessary we will make them as hearing like as possible

    and on the other side we have a few folks saying by any means necessary we will make them as D E A F as possible

    and then there is a group of folks who say by NO MEANS NECESSARY
    i speak of the fence sitters – who do not want to take a STAND for antyhing. who know some deep truths but r freaked out by the dogma on both ends of the rainbow rhetoric or who lack the courage of their convictions

    and then there are the folks who know the truth and STAND for the truth – truthfully peacefully and persistently

    the truth that we hold – these truths that all folks were created EQUAL… etc
    and these folks – these truth seekers get HIT from all SIDES all day long with name calling of:
    dysconcious audist

    etc etc etc

    so michael – get the heck out of here. i abhor falsehoods.

    i love u when u come from love. when u come from empty ranting rhetoric that just makes the naysayers say ‘see see there there’ u piss me off big time and buddy it is beyond annoying

    and heye – what have u been DOing for the past 4 years huh?

    i have not see u on any front lines being brave anywhere

    and the digital world is not the front line

    u too have just hit a credibility rating of -200 dB

    im sorry to be so blunt but this is way to ole pal and u have shown me, Deaf and hearing allies on the ground ZERO respect with ur bull#hit and i aint having it here

    take it else where

    true songs are being sung and im a listening and honoring them
    (yes, michael i can hear and speak some. so sue me ; and i can also see and sign a plenty aint multi-lingualism-multi-culturalism GREAT and don’t prejudice suck?)



  14. patti
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 18:16:49

    Larry H – wow

    pow pow letter. i hope that Alexander Graham CEO of AGBAD does read this letter because i think he is totally unfamiliar with what AG Bell the man did to Deaf people, ASL, the Deaf community, Deaf culture, and Deaf Education.

    re: Axis of Evil – i wouldnt choose those choice of words cuz how bush used it was wrong too so i myself just dont like that but i understand ur overall point and yes in history many folks have pointed out that AG Bell came in the guise of a friend but was more of a wolf in sheep clothing so u stand on the shoulders of other past great ancestors

    re: all the # items u shared – do these come from A Place of Their Own by Crouch and VanCleve? wondering if u can cite some of the stuff.

    Let me know if u want me to post it as a separate entry and i thank u very much for sharing this and creating it. Some folks might criticize some of ur typos – no worry. We looking at content and character here not dB and “a” vs. “the”.



  15. patti
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 18:18:48


    geez – how do i love thee? let me count the ways. u r pure gold ya know.

    thank u thank u thank u and i love ur point here: “AGBell or any LSL/AVT need to be more humanitarian when it comes to American Sign Language. And they need to remove all Bell’s name and philosophy and start over again from scrap and use appropriate research that will leave room for both method.”

    some day may our paths cross so i can say – cheers to u. im glad ur on the planet.



  16. Don G.
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 20:50:21

    Patti — that was a POW comment about Martin Luther NAILING his Theses to the door of the church! THAT!

  17. patti
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 21:53:40

    heye don – thanks. i only thought of it because the vision of nailing a list of our simple demands and/or a Declaration of Deaf Independence and Sentiments to their SUPERsized barricade like wooden doors crossed my mind more than a few times before heading out to DC but i thought – hmmmm “one nail hole” that would make some folks freak and loose site of the whole point. martin luther, martin luther king, jr, gandhi, rosa parks, alice paul, george veditz, harvey milk etc etc have been on me mind lately

    oh and john t williams – he is always on my mind

    little did i anticipate folks would freak over temporary blue (as in blue ribbon folks) painters trim tape

    and geez our demands r a lot simpler and just than those 95 theses

    pssst folks this is the stuff of social change – ie folks STANDing up for social justice.
    be part of the progress or part of the obstruction or just sit and watch. ur option.

    thanks again don cuz it shows that even if im lengthy – some folks do find the gems.



  18. Michael Bunjer
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 22:32:06

    Dear Patti, If you wanna be AFA, tell AGBell to KMA instead!

    Patti, AGB is extreme and have no place in this world even to apologize for what they have done! Cunning AGB will regret how you feel, and still happily be able to do it again in many sneaky clever ways. AGB has no business anymore to deal with us. Why let AGBELL add ASL and keep his old ways. I will never trust AGBELL and his foundation, and no one will them bear his name for another day even in disguise. I would not beg to have AGBELL add ASL to Oralism. Only people who will beg are probably D.A., or Audist themselves. Do I trust some Oral Deaf Rochester folks? Nope, not even you! Kissing up to AGBELL is a big no in my book. Like it or not! Heck with this EXTREMIST AGBELL FOUNDATION! ASL will not honor AGBELL FOUNDATION, or even let them use Laurent Clerc’s name!

    Some Deaf, HOH, and Hearing can read lips, talk, hear some but we embrace ASL, the Deaf Community, and Culture. Where was AGBELL?

    It is time to say good bye AGBELL, we do not need that racist man against Deafkind to use his foundation anymore! Hate me all you want Patti, I hate AGBELL more than you do! I would tell AGBELL to KMA, instead of addding ASL to his Oral Only Aproach!

    No Comprehende?

    P.S. I could protest better than you do because I wouldn’t kiss AGB’s ass!!

    I can end AGBELL reign, while you run around saying Oral Approach is wrong, and send mixed messages to AGBELL, like u want to ever last his legacy!

    Diss me, I piss on AGBELL anyway!

    AGBELL is not good! Its a bad news Organization and always been terrorizing our Deaf Wold Communities, and so is ICED and EDHI! It’s a Deaf Communities’ nightmare!

    AFA is in my heart, Patti.. Diss me all you want! Extremist AGBELL needs to be gone, and that includes his foundation!

    Comprehende Not?

    Brother Bunjer!

  19. patti
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 23:39:32

    Brother Bunjer

    u come back here again i will boot ur IP – that is a promise

    i am clear that i LOVE ya not hate ya. if u cant understand that then we will NEVER see eye to eye.

    I have not dissed u

    i have simply spoken the truth.

    Take care.

    Feel free to open ur own blog or vlog etc. Action, Love, Peace and Truth are welcome here. Not falsehoods and farce.

    Be well



  20. Joseph Pietro Riolo
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 23:52:08

    I read your comment in response to my comment carefully and thoughtfully. There are some points in your comment that I wholly agree with and then, there are some points that require some further discussion that may consume too much of our time. I am beginning to regret that I mentioned Martin Luther King, Jr. (yes, I read the whole letter as you suggested) and George Veditz in my comment. I don’t think that the issue with the blue tapes over the plaque should overshadow the whole picture but unfortunately, cannot be swept away under the rug which is why I got involved at first place. Hopefully with your understanding, I wish to bow out of this discussion.

    Still, thanks for your comment.

    Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.

  21. patti
    Aug 01, 2011 @ 00:11:53


    gosh sometimes u r so gentlemanly. it is so fine with me if u prefer to close this discussion. im very grateful that u came back to let me know. u got courage and good heart.

    glad u read the MLK letter – its one of my favorite of his and many folks have not read it in FULL but it is sooooo full of good stuff – im constantly re-reading it

    in re-reading the long letter this afternoon – i got to thinking about the Deaf theologian who is said to have influenced a great deal of MLK Jrs thinking but curse me now i can not recall his name for the life of me. just did a google search with various key words but no luck so ill have to email a few of my pals who have told me of this bloke. had i ever read HIS primary documents -im sure id have more to go on for a google search. if u happen to know who im talking of – let me know. if i do get a reply back from for my inquiries – ill post it here in case u come back and r curious to know more about this man. i was thinking today – id like to read more about HIM and HIS work cuz its cool that some of MLK jrs stuff is rooted in his writings.

    HIS – who was he??? boo me smile

    will get back to u on it unless u beat me to it ; 0

    again i thank u joseph



  22. Joseph Pietro Riolo
    Aug 01, 2011 @ 00:42:21

    I am taking the risk of feeling stupid if I turn out to be wrong. Could he be Walter Rauschenbusch?

    Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.

  23. patti
    Aug 01, 2011 @ 00:55:48

    well joseph – i do declare

    i think ya pegged him. all the specs match up – i just had been keying in the wrong name for the divinity program in rochy

    bless ur soul man

    thank u kindly!!!!!

    im a gonna study on that chap, Walter Rauschenbusch, soon

    quiz me later

    GOLD STAR for u Joseph

    thank u again



  24. deafwizard
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 17:35:39


    Just want to say that it was very brave of you for posting your blog of how we are disgusted by their wrongful action to mail to all of the ‘Hearing Specialists’ which I cannot comprehend them at all. First of all, AGBell has perceived each and every one of you as ‘Hearing Specialists’ because you’ve all been raised through ‘Oralism’ and so on. I was going to say, ‘HUH?’ How can you all be ‘Hearing Specialists’ when all and some of you were born Deaf or lose hearing capability at early age? I was born Deaf and knowingly full well of what’s going on in Hearing world that I was raised in Hearing family as myself alone as Deaf. Can they focus me as being ‘Deaf’? No, they were hoping that I would be raised in a wonderful Hearing world which would be just fine by me, but they missed the point that it was my choice, my decision, my own mind that I’ve always and will be Deaf individual, no matter what they say. Whether they forced me to wear hearing aid as I can throw it in the toilet. I’m too old for this to be oppressed by their own belief as they were manipulated by AGBell propagandas. We’ve have enough hurts by them and no, I’m not trying to be like Michael Bunjer as he stated so above. I agreed with you about advocating for ASL and English as Bilingual/Bicultural.

    I’m proud of you for what you stand up on that mail. I support all of you all the way that there is no way in ‘hell’ we would accept this as ‘Hearing Specialist’ via mail. I will find out from my girlfriend to see if she receive a mail as you’ve mentioned above as she works for ASDB (Arizona).

    Patti, I want to applaud you for your vision as you’ve mentioned above in Don’s comment. The vision you’ve brought up about nailing a list of simple demands and/or a Declaration of Deaf Independence and Sentiments is a wonderful and great idea for all of us among the Deaf community in the U.S. as well as around the world. Love how you brought up all of the famous speakers who’ve stand up for our right. Let this be brought up as a progress for a social change and social justice. As I’m very proud of those in AFA rally at AGBell’s Volta Bureau building for putting up blue tape across the plague. Seriously, I would love to be around them as standing up against audism in America.

    Again, still proud of you and AFA, DBC and other organizations to believe to stand up for what’s right among all Deaf people!!

    – Henry Sanders

    P.S. Oh, did you by chance get to visit in Colorado to view Veditz’s grave? I might go up there someday and to remember them by as to show my appreciation for himself as president of NAD.

  25. Michael Bunjer
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 18:23:17


    My apologies once again, and to anyone..

    Keep doing what you do, and I trust your judgement. and hope AGBELL cease and desist as a result, you bet I will be all good. I am just afraid of another soft or a weak approach like we had with ICED, and ending up with a “New Era” agreement. It’s still the terms of the oppressor ICED partially in denial, despite the impact of the wrongs they had done against us. I rather see ICED cease and desist too but unfortunately didn’t. I don’t even want to hijack either organizations, but bury them both forever gone! AGBELL is dead, and his sick ideals are all oppressive and insulting even our own intelligence as well. His arcane pitful quack ideas should have long gone with him to that grave as well!

    My strong opinions, and again my apologies, please dont let them stop you Patti, or anyone, and please keep up your fighting standing up to AGBELL and I am rooting for you all the way!

    Peace be with you all and keep up the Deaf Centered fighting spirit, and see you around as an friend not foe!


  26. patti
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 18:42:14


    thank u for all ur wrote. my guess if what AGBAD means by “hearing specialist” is that all folks who work with the Deaf should be working to help the children be as hearing like as possible which is disrespectful and AUDSIM personified so…. i hope everyBODY will send a letter to AGBAD sharing ur point of view. u do not have to wait to get any letter or card from them. u have things to share about your experiences under Oralism and they should be shared but pls send to me also cuz we know that its unlikely that AG Bell Association will let anyone see your letters.

    re: all the great folks who have come before us – we have GREAT role models for social justice so we just gotta get busy finding our feet and taking a STAND>

    re: AFA – oh henry i hope some day i do meet u in person. i feel u r kin cuz u were the one who answered my question where is George Veditz buried and as a result of ur answer my friend Dorothy Wilkins went out to the grave site (see my pdurr youtube for her vlog about the visit) and then ruthie and i went out there last month – see ruthie’s two vlogs about it – under AFA and eyepoeticly youtube) it was wow truly

    ruthie is planning a visit to his grave on aug 13 his 150th birthday so maybe u can join her? not sure where u live but contact her.

    for the AFA activism – it was wow Henry. i just watched some footage of the fri night vigil and i cried. it is wow

    i did post a note to ur FB once thank u again for the info on Veditz’s burial plot but i guess u didnt see it. pls know i am indebted to u

    saw ur note in the other older People of the eye thread and will check out ur vlogs soon

    im still a wee bit swamped here

    w/ much gratitude and peace


  27. patti
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 18:50:33

    ahhh now that is more brotherly brother bunjer

    i thank u and i want to caution u about that tendency to roar at others about what they “should do or should not do” while not doing anything urself beyond the roaring

    it is not helpful or constructive

    folks have NO idea how difficult it is to muster even the wee-est bit of progress. they have no idea what sweat and tears reside behind the scenes and i will not waste any more time with word-wasters

    empty rhetoric ranters and your position on being anti-Hearing is abhorrent to me

    i speak firmly and strongly here because i want u to know while im willing to do a virtual handshake and make up – if i see u tossing that #hit out there or here again – u r totally cut off to me

    fly straight and firm and steady and come from love – we r friends. paint all hearing folks as the blue eyed devil and all progress as lame and a sell out – we r foes.

    and i will tell u now – folks have implied that maybe u r just a plant and a decoy to get folks all upset and give Deafhood discussions a bad name and to lead for us to be misjudged as hearing haters and such and if this is truly who u r – that is wrong and bad of ya. if this is not who u are – it is the impression some are starting to believe

    me – i know nothing except what i see and i need to see more good than bad coming out of u before i can trust

    ur note above is a good start

    thanks u



  28. patti
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 18:58:33

    bunjer – one more item. U wrote “im just afraid…”

    i have learned that when im in fear i do not exercise love. when i am afraid – i often have to “time out” myself and think, meditate, take walks, commune, reflect, whatever and channel LOVE and then return to the thing that is making me feel afraid so i can have clarity and wisdom and not REACT

    reacting leads to detracting and distracting and that gets us NO WHERE

    just a thought

    peace and love and all that groovy stuff,


  29. Michael Bunjer
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 19:33:11

    Yes Patti.

    Exactly is what was happening, and foes took advantage of it!

    Good intentions but on emotion and detracting and distracting getting no where!

    We are not finished, and getting there and victorious against all odds!

    The battles and falling short, and foe thinks we are done, we ain’t!

    Look at the 1988 DPN Protest at Gally, Deaf are not done, yet surfaced again in another.

    We must be clear eyed, find and protect our Deaf Center to let freedom roll!


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