infuriating infiltration & pathetic propaganda ?

infuriating inflitration & pathetic propaganda ?

AG Bell “did not invent the oral method. It existed nearly one hundred years before Bell was born. Nevertheless the propaganda given this method at Bell’s instance has taught the great American public to believe that this method is a new, a very recent discovery. He founded the Volta Bureau with the purpose of subsidizing this propaganda.” ~ George W. Veditz, 1922 Obit to AG Bell

heye all

yikes!  yep there is just some very bonky crap going down.

warning – long but worth it so READ it ALL ok!

but first a voc. review:

Infiltrate = (verb with object) to move into (an organization, country, territory, or the like) surreptitiously and gradually, especially with hostile intent

note: the word pathology is also associated with inflitrate
Propaganda =the particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement.
Since propaganda and infiltration ain’t cool – we aim to give AG Bell & Co. a bit of a wake up call by hanging up on their crank calls and by busting the b.s.  Teachers of the Deaf ain’t “hearing speciailists” and many of us do NOT want ur “free” membership.
Can you h-EAR us now AGBAD? the sound of a receiver being slammed down and SILENCE!  Ya BASTA and Ya BUSTED

pix of Convo relay co. Advertisement at D.C. subway stop - ya hoo for making the invisible visible.

AG Bell Associations for the Deaf (AGBAD) has been sending “temporary membership” cards and letters to staff at Deaf schools (Rochester School for the Deaf, Indiana School for the Deaf, and Kansas School for the Deaf folks have reported getting letters / cards in the mail or emails to their personal email accounts)

Desperate times call for desperate measure i guess

We have been a busy making the invisible visible and they have been a shaking and a skating and an infiltrating and a fabricating as they go.

The mailing of unwanted and inappropriate and unjust temporary membership AGBAD cards is just their latest and greatest faux pas.

Mislabellng these professionals at Deaf schools as “hearing specialists” – that is one mighty deceitful way to give the appeArance of
– having more members than u do
– working w Deaf schools
– that the majority of their members r not ears and mouth professionals, businesses, doctors, surgeons, audiologist speech pathologists, communication disorder specialists, ci companies, hearing aid companies, sales reps, insurance reps, manufacturers etc

There’s mighty money in this INDUSTRY of making the deaf “independent” i.e. less Deaf. Hence the ears/ mouth fetish and obsession

I guess they missed the memo saying “Oralism (oral / aural only) is not cool, fools”

I guess they dont remember (as in they have forgot) because they chopped out the remember part from the ICED 2010 New Era Agreement – that AG Bell the man and the Association slaughtered Deaf teachers.  this is a fact folks.  proof?

1. he banned Deaf people from being trained at the Normal school at Gallaudet (Normal school is a term for teacher training program)

2. proclaimed Deaf teachers to be unqualified to teach under the reign of Oralsim as they would not be able to correct their students articulation

i guess AGBAD is either ignorant or arrogant re: this history and how offensive it is to mail teachers and staff (many of whom are Deaf themselves) materials designating them to be “Hearing Specialists”

geez why are they afraid of the word Deaf and forever preferring to frame us as children of a lesser gods with EARs that dont work so well:

hEARing impaired

hEARing loss

hard of hEARing

and those who work with us or things used for us?

hearing specialists

hearing devices

hearing industry

hearing aid

heaRING RING RING – AG Bell Calling – coming for a set of ears and a school or two near you (and Newfoundland, Utah, Indiana, Nevada)

why this constant framing around what folks cant do fully hmmm and why this bent toward the hEARing paradigm over the Deaf way of being hmmmm

Did u know that Clark School now goes by Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech – yep the word Deaf got chopped off.  “Better to hear you with my dear” I guess?

Maybe if we asked them why the FIXation on “hEARing” they might reply something to the effect of “no particular reason” like Catherine Murphy, previous AG Bell PR vip and now Gallaudet’s PR expert did when asked why she listed “Hearing” before Deaf in a press release re: a Diversity Day at Gallaudet (never mind the day was really about cultural diversity and not about ears.  hmmmm – no particular reason?  I think not but who knows maybe im just loca)

Push as they may to dress up what they do (no longer use the word Oral due to the dirty images u will get when u google it but rather talking or speaking or spoken language – yes yes put language there for a bit of validity) and sweep under the carpet what the child is – DEAF (no longer use that word – instead substitute out with anything that frames it around a deficit model) at the end of the day, the kids are still Deaf and sooner or later they make their way back home to being people of the Eyes and Hands – so why not give it to them from the get go – hmmmmmm – odd  they never seem to be able to satisfactorily answer that one (beyond saying that speaking and listening is a jealous mistress).  But the truth is that their ideology, practices, academy, affiliations, push, drive, value system etc is rooted in their binary set up – their either/ OR – their exclusionary frame of mind – EXTREME, eh?

even their latest in the word game LSL – Listening and Spoken Language seeks to divert away from a real, natural, just, and good language ASL (hmmm) to a system, method and modality

Also the motto on this membership card “Advocating for Independence Through Listening and Talking” – EXCUSE ME!  Huh, why would you have the nerve to send this to teachers and staff who do NOT NOT NOT subscribe to this notion that to Hear and Speak make ya all that?  Especially to folks who specialty is to teach real languages like American Sign Language and English.  Man that is soooooo incredibly RUDE!

Can you spell AUDISM?  i know some folks can’t but many folks can cuz we are Awake, Aware, Active, and Advocatin’

ohh and also you SELL your bloody mailing list so geez and dang – i hope u did not put all those “new members” (who never asked to be a member and many r angered to be enlisted in your war against ASL and Deaf culture without their CONSENT) cuz if they start getting propaganda from all ur pals – DANG they will see just how far and wide the octopus’s tentacles reach and grab and SUCK

scroll down to see AG Bell’s rental of membership list rates

so is it ignorance or arrogance and geez BAD BAD BAD move AGBAD

Geez Alexander Graham, CEO of AGBAD,  has a background in competitive intelligence – i mean come on that was not a very intelligent move to be mailing out those unsolicited and unjust “memberships” and hey – why those THREE schools?  Each has been in the news lately.  One (ISD) because of Hear Indiana (A chapter of AGBAD -hmmmm) trying to weasel its way into the school via UNJUSTLY accepting seats on the board.  Your H-EAR Indiana reps are NOT qualified to sit on the board of a bilingual-bicultural school when everything you, AGBAD, have been about and are, is in opposition to ASL and Deaf culture.

Ya all can try to usher in this grand scheme of a Death of Deafness but ill tell ya straight up – u tried it before and it failed and ya gonna fail again.  We just trying to steer u straight for the youngin’ sakes.  Many of us have already been there, done that and say “not on our watch” no WAYYYY and not without a fight (peacefully , firmly, lovaingly)

I wouldnt mind if ur aim was to really put “deafness” the whole pathologizing of Deaf folks to rest as in rip= that would be grand but nope ur stated goal has been to make Deaf folks forget they are Deaf, make us forget our history, and make us as hearing-like as possible

yawn and dang – dont u know diversity is a good thing.  and dont u know folks r a bit ga ga over ASL – see baby signs, see UCLA summer course in ASL linguistics, (Deaf and Hearing CODAs rock) see Lady Ga Ga is gonna learn ASL.

ohh maybe u do know that – hmmmm maybe that is why u r just kinda spinning a wee bit out of control

you know how bloody offensive, rude, and unjust the AGBAD letter to Pepsi is Pepsi3ltr-1 –  dont pretend that the NAD, DBC, AFA, and your own members who objected to that letter do not  know how to read carefully.  Geez some of these folks are lawyers, have PhD and some can even hEAR – gasp.  AGAIN you insult us even when u try to defend your wrongness.

we aint children of a lesser gods darling – we have feet and we STAND.  can u see us now?  how about now?  hmmmm maybe next week u will

also, i doubt many folks want to be associated with your specialists cuz not only do they appear to have an obsessive fetish for ears&mouths, they also aint looking to knowledgeable or too slicky with that independence bit –

“Unfortunately, people who have hearing aides only, really can only get to a fourth grade reading level,” said speech language pathologist Sarah Wilson. “You can’t get very far in school with that reading level. Research has shown people with implants can go in regular classes, graduate from high school, go to college. So, the impact on education is humongous.”


“For example, the district’s speech and language pathologist kept sloppy records of Garcia’s education. Logs tracking his education often lacked information, such as dates of service, names of both the provider and student and notes on any progress he may have made, according to the findings.” see

Ahhh life in the mainstream!!!

And for the twisters – no I am NOT saying it is bad to be able to speak and a hear some.  I am saying the EXCLUSIONARY practice / demand / regime and the $$$$$$ and the deceit are wrong

“Dr. Bell’s influence upon the American deaf has been negative. They would have welcomed him with open arms and gloried in his interest in them had this interest been expressed in a manner they could approve. He did not choose this last.” ~ George W. Veditz, 1922

The same can be said of AG Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing – Its influence upon the American Deaf has been negative.  We would have welcomed AGBAD with open arms and gloried in its interest in Deaf people had this interest been expressed in a manner that we could approve of.  AGBAD has not chosen this last.”  Like father, like association.

‘Tis true, ’tis pity; Pity ’tis, ’tis true.” (Shakespeare, George V and u and me)

^ 4 V (we STAND for Peace),

PS: somebody the other day said to me ‘why is the ‘independence through listening and talking’ starting to sound more and more like the slogan “the spoken word will set you free.”

not cool – propaganda is not cool.  AG Bell fly straight.  While your attempts at infiltration may be infuriating at times (i havent even discussed EHDI yet ; ), your propaganda is so pathetic, ya is busted.  as in ¡Ya basta! busted

Major thanks to Barb DiGi and others for sharing the info and proof about these mailings and Robert Mason for info on the membership mailing list money maker

re: Deaf schools – Amy Cohen Efron has been working on a map of Deaf school enrollments – important visual info there

NOTE: yes i totally know i am using the AGBAD acronym but this is their own bloody acronym and i am infuriated by their having mailed out those cards, emails and letters calling folks “hearing speciailists” many of whom are Deaf people who do not HEAR at all and so im calling AG Bell  & Assoc. for what it is – that was really BAD of ya!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ashley Watson
    Jul 17, 2011 @ 13:26:34

    Patti, those recent actions by AGBAD may seemed to be highly inappropriate but think about this, it is a good sign because it signals the weakening power of that organization in the wake of all the positive research results of bi-bi studies for both Deafs and hearing as well like you mentioned Lady Gaga’s desire to learn ASL because of her Deaf fans. It is the increasing amount of recognition of our beautiful league that is making AGBAD real DESPERATE right now. And we, the Deafs, are fighting back harder than ever. The Ionic columns of that Volta building are already cracking even more so. Keep blogging on, Patti! 😉

    Ashley Watson

  2. handeyes
    Jul 17, 2011 @ 17:21:29

    Note – Kentucky should read as Kansas. Don’t know how I typed that up wrong. Big thanks to the person who alerted me to the typo error. Will correct in the blog entry when I get on computer.


  3. Barb DiGi
    Jul 17, 2011 @ 17:26:16

    Excellent post! You have listed many examples of how AGBell has continued to affect each one of us today based on AG Bell’s historical and recent actions that reflect arrogance and audism. It is all factual based on the evidence of the documents and actions.

    AG Bell’s disrespectful tactics by infiltrating educational institutes where the people of the hands and eyes who work with Deaf children using bilingual approach by shoving their propaganda when declaring a dragon’s tale how we should advocate independence through listening and talking. We all know very well through empirical research documents that all babies, even hearing babies, thrive in their intellectual, emotional and mental growth when they sign early. What AG Bell is doing is deprivation and removing the rights of Deaf children of their natural language.

    It is so wicked for AG Bell to sell their membership list to these advertisers. I wonder if it stated clearly that their names and addresses are to be shared with these advertisers when signing up or that there is a choice to decline their names to be on the list. This is what a further investigation needs to happen. Also does it include those who receive temporary memberships? Joining AG Bell is like selling your soul to the devil that they sell your name to these advertisers who will try to make profits by selling their hearing devices.

    Keep it up Patti! I admire your determination and spirit to continue to expose for what AG Bell is really is.

  4. deafa
    Jul 17, 2011 @ 18:31:01

    I like your blog 🙂
    i think it’s interesting how LSL looks so similar to ASL/BSL/etc.

    I like to ask them is listening and Spoken Language term really necessary? you either hear and use English (or whatever spoken language you use) or you don’t. And if you are learning to listen and use speech using hearing devices, it would be a type of therapy, right? AVT, oralism, speech therapy, etc. Those type of therapy. The rest, well, they say they didn’t want to deaf (and anything related to deaf) to define them, and I feel the term LSL is just doing that. Can’t explain it, but let’s put it this way, hearing people do not use the term LSL just because they use hearing and spoken language to communicate. The term LSL would be too alienating, wouldn’t it? IMHO, anyway.

  5. dianrez
    Jul 18, 2011 @ 00:03:00

    What would be revealing of AGBAD’s methods–HOW they obtained the names and addresses of these teachers. Was it by arrangement with the schools? Or was it by fishing through their websites? Or harvesting another membership, such as CAID? This could expose underhanded methods or outright purchase.

    Another thought: were they aware that these names were teachers of the deaf, and calling them generically “hearing specialists” without knowing that it would offend those who are not clinical therapists? This seems to point to abysmal ignorance or inexcusable insensitivity despite being in the business of treating d/Deaf people. An organization faux pas that deserves embarrassment.

    The more exposure of AGBAD’s methods, the more apparent their financial motives and survival tactics are entwined with politics. As a slick charity where more and more of their income goes to upholding a philosophy, an industry, and less to service.

  6. Deafa
    Jul 18, 2011 @ 12:20:01

    i can see it now “did you know Barb Digi was a hearing specialist! what? you dont believe me? I got proof! (showing a source: AGBell list temporary membership)”

    Actually, I do wonder there is a bi-bi friendly organization who will not have anything to with the name or assocation of AGBELL that would teach teacher of the deaf the proper use of hearing aids or cochlear,implants since some children cant really handle it themselves. I am sure barb have help some of her students with their HAs before

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