“move on” vs “on the move”

heye all

im here to briefly discuss

1. diversion vs. diversity

2. “move on” vs. “on the move”

NOTE: they are interrelated

1. diversion – some folks r throwing out smoke bombs so we loose our focus from the folks who have been harassing, defaming, attacking and campaigning against Deaf culture and American Sign Language for over 100 years

(hark what is that she can hear the clank of a toilet bowl lid?  well, praise the lord!)

no worries – our good eyes have not wavered from the main task at hand – challenging the SYSTEMS that actively oppress Deaf culture and natural signed languages

diversity – is a good thing.  bio-diversity and human diversity needs it.  start stripping away at it and bonky #hit happens

protecting diversity is a must. Homogeneity means we be marching down the road to be dust.

2. “move on” is a demand that is unjust, wrong, false, ka ka, no good, and foolish

“on the move” is what is worrying alot of folks about us – the fact that we r waking up, shaking up, standing up, and making up

that there is scary to the powers-that-be cuz that means UNITY and that means finding our feet and hitting the street and:

– examining the unexamined

– making the invisible visible

– shouting out – we will not be denied

– shouting out – nothing about us without us

– shouting out – four major world organization’s decrees that denying Deaf children sign language is unjust needs to be HEARD and TOLD to the parents (stop hiding the truth AG Bell and co)

– and loving the oppressor enuf to tell them the truth

we be coming to an oppressive system near u & saying “howdy.  gig is up”

some VERY important links to looky at since we are not gonna “move on” without being “on the move”

Bullied for 100 Years the Deaf Seek Justice


Is it Really About Parental Choice by Deaf Pundit


Hey, AG Bell I Wanna Go to College Too by DeafJeff


We are on the move folks and that is what has gotten them upset.  no worries – they will come around or they wont.  our true political task is to help draw down their masks so folks can see their true colors

aint easy but someone’s gotta do it

know they will call u every name in the book

i been called a plenty – like rude, extremist, radical, militant, audist, hypocrite, liar, bully, attacker, etc

i am aiming to be an extremist of love like Martin and Mahatma and JC.  i wont ever come close to the likes of them but i aint gonna be distracted by frackers cuz we all know what fracking does to water.

and i wanna do a shout out for all the folks who are waking up and standing up and finding FACTS and CONNECTIONS and TRUTHS and bringing them forward for us all to SEE

i wanna do a shout out for all the folks who have been working so hard for so so so long – i see u and i thank u.

AG Bell & co. have been “moving on over us” for a mighty long time – dont believe me check out their Volta Review and the history of Oral Education where they talk about the revolution to get the babes as early as possible and give them aural / oral everything to the max and where they  promote auditory verbal therapy which officially prohibited the use of signing and visual acuity up until nov 2009  (it seems it is still prohibited by practitioners as many of them have stated – WE HAVE TO EXCLUDE signing and lipready as part of the THERAPY – i guess they missed the memo).  there is more folks

much much more.  they are scrambling to hide and/or alter all the evidence and transgressions but the still stand by their Pepsi letter, we still have evidence of the letters their members wrote to the Smithonian against the History Through Deaf Eyes showing the truth and nothing but the whole truth and we know their own members wrote to chastize their president for showing a few wee signs so no matter what they say – we gotta look at what they do and what they DON’T do

like they have NOT…

1. retracted the pepsi letter

2. apologized for their role in the reign of error (oral / aural ONLYism)

3. supported bi-bi programs

i also wanna tell the good state of NY – thank u for finally doing the right thing.  See there is hope.  The right to all folks in my state to marry and mate as they see fit would have never passed without the activism of many organizations (chief amongst them the Human Rights Campaign http://www.hrc.org/) and many individuals.  took years and there will be backlash etc but …

truth and love always win – think of it always said Gandhi

so to AG Bell & co. we say – “we will not be denied”




5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Don G.
    Jun 26, 2011 @ 00:07:19

    Patti, nothing to disagree with you here, except the word “brief”…. sorry, but YOU can’t ever use that word. If this was “brief”, I’d hate to see what “lengthy” was…. 😉

  2. handeyes
    Jun 26, 2011 @ 02:07:02

    smile don –

    i wrote “im here to briefly discuss” and by that i meant i was going to quickly be discussing those topics not that i would be brief smile

    but if we did a word count and a chart and analysis – this one might come up as one of my shorter entries. i have volumes more i could say re: diversity

    ill gladly remove the briefly if u feel it is misleading ; )


    PS: added 6/27 – i put a strike through the briefly at top – such a stickler for the truth – oy! smile. thanks don.

  3. Ella Mae Lentz
    Jun 27, 2011 @ 08:23:12

    on the move!
    on the move!
    on the move, we are!

    no more smokescreens! AAAAAMEN!!

    eyes on the prize…thanks for your pointing out there and constant reminders. Really need them!

  4. handeyes
    Jun 27, 2011 @ 16:26:50

    on the move and movin’ on up!

    ya hoo

    yep re: eyes on the prize

    and re: moving – well ms. ella u have been a HUGE and INSTRUMENTAL part of this movement. u have been undeterred and firm and relentless in ur pursuit of equality for Deaf ASL folks

    despite many falsehoods, attacks, injustices etc and still… u stand

    thank u

    u is a beacon and a rock!



  5. handeyes
    Jun 27, 2011 @ 21:26:08

    ha – i just saw ur vlog from APRIL re: Deaf Diversity and Diversion – awesome!

    collective consciousness rocks




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