why do we bother? cuz linguicism and audism r not cool

why do we bother – cuz Linguicism and Audism r not cool

heye all

candy is at it again wagging the dog at various folks saying they are not using ASL and claiming they are using her beloved PSE which is basically an antiquated term for contact signing.

now folks pls consider the source of all this bull carp o la (and no i am not attacking candy – im just stating truths)


1. Candy has never even demonstrated her mastery of ASL or contact signing to the folks that she is always whacking over the head with her “I’m Deaf of Deaf.. and look at how Don G, Barb DiGi, etc etc sign PSE when they are teachers of ASL etc etc”

2. Candy has no degree nor has she formally studied American Sign Language

3. Candy blogged about how ASL is NOT a real language

– u can read my debunking of that b.s. blog that said ASL was not a language if u desire https://handeyes.wordpress.com/2011/01/06/is-candy%E2%80%99s-question-valid/

(Note: added 6/16 as evidence of Candy’s statements re: ASL)

Posted by Candy on November 30, 2010


I will blog about that soon. You’ll see what I mean. There is NO concrete fact that ASL is a language. That is why it is debatable. It does not mean what I say is a fact. Neither does it mean what you believe is a fact either. It is all debatable. There is no absolute to this issue. Not yet so far. Because there are people that were able to discredit what others have theorized about this topic. You choose to believe so and so and I choose to believe so and so. Who is right? That’s debatable.

ASL has been proven to be a language many times many ways.  The earth is round.  it has been proven many times many ways.  But sure folks can debate it – everything is debatable.  But its not cool to be demanding proof here and there everywhere and then when folks bring it to u for u to “debate” it.  And its not cool to run around saying “There is NO concrete fact that ASL is a language” and then say only uneducated Deaf folks use PURE ASL and you too cuz your from Deaf parents and then go around labeling other folks as PSE.  And its not cool never to even demonstrate your own abilities in signed language.

4. Candy postulated that Dr. Stokoes et al made ASL all up – sweet.  Trying to discredit the messenger cuz the message she no likes.  hmmmm i think ive seen her do this before, eh?

added 6/16 – Soo what did Stokoes have to do with the PURE ASL folks that u know – he indoctrinated them into the non-language – huh?

5. oh and Candy always talks about some mythological PURE ASL that apparently she thinks only uneducated folks use –

how can she claim in one blog that ASL is not a language and then later say she uses ASL and knows pure ASL users but never proves or shows it or…. yep twist and spin …

so the question is – why do we bother?

well i know why u bother because…. u care

cuz u LOVE ur language ASL in all its variations

We all know that someone could say this here blog entry of mine is NOT ENGLISH but rather Pidgen Text ASL.  yes folks – folks can say ANYTHING in the blogsphere and hence we have Candy’s b.s.

“All of the different functions of language – expressing individual and cultural identity, purveying cultural norms and values, linking the present & the past-sustain an ethnic group’s love of its native language as the central symbol of its identity and fuel the minority’s resistance to replacement of its language by more powerful others.”
~ Lane, Pillard, Hedberg from People of the Eye: Deaf Ethnicity and Ancestry

No worries – i know she will just scoff at this quote because she no like to read scholarly books

“Enemies of the sign language, they are enemies of the true welfare of the deaf.”  ~ George W. Veditz

Ya Basta Candy.  Ya Basta!

English has variations – see Shakespeare see ee cummings see p durr – we vary

ASL has variations – see howard rosenblum, shoshannah stern, ella mae lentz, karen mayes, etc

go figure eh babe.  there is no PURE English and there is no PURE ASL.  and PSE as u have been calling it is really ASL

But sure sit hidden behind ur computer terminal pumping out ur b.s. and commenting here and there and all over the blogsphere dissing the Deaf and dissing their language.

The fact that u come from Deaf folks and u were reared and raised on ASL does NOT entitle u to trash it darling.  Nope it does not exempt u from being busted for what u is doing which is linguicism, audism, and paternalism.

Nope.  U were given a birthright when u got ASL and English as a babe.  It hurts my heart to see u all over the blogsphere constantly defending the PROFESSIONALS, INDUSTRY, ORGANIZATIONS and PARENTS rights to DENY their children that which u were afford (ASL and English – bilingualism)

in doing so u r ENABLING oppression and i for one aint havent it

i love ya.  i dont care if u never ever make a vlog to bring forth PROOF of ur ASL slickiness – it is contradictory and hypocritical and self-evident of ya but it is ur option

u pull out the PSE slandering on folks to discredit and distract their M E S S A G E.  Cuz u no likey what they got to say so u r trying to assault the messenger to distract folks away from the message and u r trying to build urself up a bit.  That is a pity.

a big ole pity.  and it is WICKEDLY old by this point.  Lame and Old – everything u have accused me and others of – wow u got about 15 fingers pointing back at ya.

again no worries – i am now convinced u r in my life to keep me moving forward.  u are an indicator that we r on the right path.  the more desperate u become the more love and compassion i have for the misguided.

U is busted, my friend.  U now either have to put ur money where u mouth is and be brave enuf to raise to Michelle aka insane mishna’s challenge or u have to stop wagging that dog about who is PSE and who is not.

I know you LOVE sim-com.

We who are we LOVE ASL.

and I love u so much that i actually make an effort to confront you with the truth.  Firm with love.

oh and for the folks who care – my theory is

why we have so much ASL variation is the same reason we have so much English variation and more so BECAUSE there has been a bloody and relentless and UNJUST campaign against American Sign Language and the fact that most folks dont even get introduced to ASL until LATE in life.  It is actually AMAZING that so many of us are pretty dang good at the language considering we didnt get it from our mamas and our papas like Candy did and like all the English speaking and writing at the 6th grade hearing Americans got their English

also why some folks go more English order like in vlogging is largely because some work from English text first and that influences the structure and though process and/or its bloodly lonely to be talking to a wee dot on ur computer and not another living person.  ASL is a VERY interactive language – it begs an audience.  it aint impossible to do ASL (or any other natural signed language) into nothingness but it is much harder than with a spoken / written language – hence the shift into a more English like structure.

its still ASL – it might not be the bestest or the prettiest but considering we have all been reared under the age of audism and linguicism well – we r looking prettier every day and ohh did i mention that ASL is on the rise ?

and thats the deal my dear

oh and as always no attacking of Candy here or any body else for that matter.  Truths, feelings, and coming from love always welcome.



12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Don G.
    Jun 16, 2011 @ 00:31:03

    Most of us don’t have mastery of ASL because:

    1) Most of us never got introduced to good ASL models, because ASL has been banned and discredited for lo over a century

    2) Most of us never got TAUGHT ASL as children or even adults

    3) ALL of us have had an emphasis on English over ASL in our education and upbringing

    4) Too many of us never developed a solid language foundation in ANY language, English or ASL.

    5) Too many of us accept contact signing as “good ASL”

    6) Too many of us think it’s ok to speak one language (English) while signing another (ASL), leading to a poor expression of the minority language (ASL)

    For those who are interested or want to LEARN, see:

  2. Ricky Taylor
    Jun 16, 2011 @ 03:48:01

    Well said, Patti — ASL has been distorted mainly because not all people were able to learn it during the early stages.

    That’s one thing she will never get. Hopefully she will, but that is unlikely.


  3. Misha
    Jun 16, 2011 @ 04:43:51

    Awesome, Patti….exactly! I just made another new vlog to implore Candy to make a vlog to tell us what is Pure ASL, heh. I had made one last night….she replied, hence my new vlog to move away from my previous vlog due to one problematic person causing havoc in comment section, hah.

  4. patti
    Jun 16, 2011 @ 13:08:57

    thanks don, r, and misha

    i think that she probably does “get it” but other factors are at work that prevent her from acknowledging the TRUTH (truth be toxic for some folks)

    i am hoping (ha – im forever a hoper) she will see the light that:
    1. she should vlog – if she accepts signing so much, if she is so Deaf of Deaf, she should make a vlog talking to folks in our own language. otherwise – monolingual city!!! hmmmm bit contradictory eh?

    2. to not vlog DISCREDITS everything she has said and has to say on the matter

    3. linguicism and audism are not cool. since she has an aversion to big words – ill break it down – Oppressing folks’ language is not cool

    4. at the very least candy needs to admit that:
    a. ASL is a VALID language
    b. ASL is not BAD English

    i wont push for all that other stuff re: It’s dandy to be Deaf or that one death as a result of audism is too many – nope i know those are grey areas of opinions and values but the 2 items above are FACTS

    and she must face the facts or continue to spin and then the Ya Basta babe will be back when its bust worthy

    i do this cuz i love ya candy and i love Deaf culture and i love ASL and i love justice and i love truth and i love equality and i love liberation and i love love, hope and faith

    ya basta



  5. MZ
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 01:30:22

    what is basta?

  6. PopeMistress
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 02:30:35

    I googled “define basta” + found out that ba·sta
    –interjection Italian :
    enough; stop.

  7. patti
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 12:21:46

    MZ thanks for the question and PopeMistress thanks for the answer

    ¡Ya basta! – is also Spanish and basically translates as Enough is Enough

    and when i say ¡Ya basta! its to the bull carp not to the honest and good and just dialogue and discourse

    im way cool with folks disagreeing with me – heck i disagree with myself a plenty. i am not cool with folks twisting, spinning, distorting, discrediting, dismissing, dismaying, detracting, distracting, etc etc

    ie very poor use of Freud’s defense mechanism

    eyes see, eyes see



  8. Misha
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 14:58:19

    Did you know “basta” in Italian means “shut up”? Hahaha! Just FYI! *grin*

  9. patti
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 15:07:11

    heye misha –

    i get “enough” for Italian translator like Popemistress did

    for “shut up” i get “chiudere” and “Stai zitto”

    maybe its a Colloquialism thingy?

    regardless – when i type ya basta – it means “enuf is enuf”



  10. Misha
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 16:03:31

    Probably dialect…I don’t know. Never hear of chiudere but know stai zitto which is pretty much same as basta. You try to google “beautiful” in Italian…it comes up with varieties of words, too. Go figure. :/

  11. MZ
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 19:34:31

    thanks for the clarification.

    i’m starting to understand. it had become personal due to the invalidation of people’s personal experiences. nobody likes being automatically discredited for whatever reason. it’s like someone demands proof from a rape victim and when the proof is tendered, it was never enough. how is the rape victim going to feel upon not being believed? nobody likes being treated as a liar, especially if the person had been significantly harmed. Invalidation is telling this person: your experiences don’t count. the experiences of the other person i value more count.

    thinking more on this area: i understand why the system is invested in promoting the myths. but what about some of the other oral deaf people? why do some deaf people invalidate others? they’ve been told repeatedly that there are no such thing as successful oralists. i know for a fact that’s not true. when they feel discounted, people attack back. a vicious cycle begins. it becomes a more difficult fight when people’s emotions become involved, but i think emotions is unavoidable when they are personally affected and/or their personal experiences are dismissed.

    but who started the deception in the first place? the oral system. is there a way we can break the cycle? imho, personal attacks only worsen the atmosphere, but what do i know? i’m still learning everyday, like everybody else.

  12. patti
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 22:14:50

    misha – yep maybe dialect thingy – i know google goof but several searches and translators drew up “enough” and “stop” for Basta in Italian

    that ur dialect it would mean “shut up” well that is totally u, eh? just fits ya and how u is.

    My grand parents spoke a very rare Italian dialect so i do believe ya hence im taking the Spanish meaning of it Ya Basta – enuf is enuf

    MZ –
    im not really following u re: some folks r being told there is no such thing as a successful oral person? (oralist to me means someone actively forbids signing and advocates for pure Oralism – i dont call folks who grew up oral and may still be practicing oral as oralist. i just say they are oral – as in what mode they use not WHO they are as a person)

    so u r saying that some folks say no one can be successful as an oral person? or no one can acquire oral skills?

    i havent really seen anyone say that – seems to me we have all seen that some Deaf folks do master the ability to speak in varying degrees.

    maybe if folks r questioning the “success” maybe they are defining and meaning it differently than u are – maybe the mean no one who is Deaf can be fully functioning as a hearing person – they will still miss some things, they will still have some wee speech difference – maybe that is what they mean???
    again i have no idea cuz i dont know the context etc

    re: the vicious cylce and stopping that – amen to that sister

    re: challenging the Oral systems and not making this personal about folks who are or were oral and folks who are or were ASL etc – definitely

    in my latest blog entry answering ur valid question re: is AG Bell Association trying to destroy Deaf culture – i have a quote from Gina Oliva that mentions one of the worse things AG Bell (and his organization and the system he propagated, perpetuated and promoted Oralism) has done was to separate us from each other

    that there is a huge SHAME and does contribute to alot of tension within the community

    if we can agree that Oralism (meaning the system of requiring oral / aural ONLY) is not cool – i think we will go far towards commUNITY and COMMUNity and that will be the scariest thing for AG Bell et al



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