The Right to be… Deaf – whose choice is it? Part V

The Right to be… Deaf – whose choice is it?  Part V

We have had a sporadic series going here examining if folks have a right to be Deaf.  See part I, II, III, IV (Note: baby Pat is fine – s/he is going bilingual-bicultural)

Is Parental Choice an illusion or delusion – or both?

You choose

“The Professional” asks the parents:  Is the magic ball in this hand?

they choose

NOPE?  Oh dang.  Lets try a different ball.

(“the professional” put hands behind back – shuffle shuffle)

Now choose

NOPE again – Dang.  Hmmm O.D.D. – lets try this remote controlled ball

(put hands behind back – shuffle shuffle)

Now choos

NOPE again – imagine that .  no worries  – we have a few more professionals that will help you with the picking and explaining of why everything thus far has had less than rosey results for ur little Romero and/or Julia

(put hands behind back – shuffle shuffle.  Never mind the fact that I have about a million hands and tentacles.  Better to suck hold of you with dear e)

Now choose

Choose carefully parents because we “respect” your right to choose.  In fact it is paramount to us the professionals, the prenatal specialist, the technician, the audiologist, the speech & language pathologist, the surgeon, the cochlear implant insurance expert, the…..

We all have your and your little one’s best interest in mind as we aim to HELP you on your way to making the best choice for your babe.

What is that you ask?  Ohh that small door there at the end of the hall.  Well, we are glad you asked (not).  That is the doorway into a sad and silent world (oh we cant say that anymore.  Its not PC – ok scratch that – back up the tape).  That is the doorway to ASL which is not really a language.  It is bad English and hurts children’s neuro-placity by stealing all the attention (oh we cant say that anymore .  its not PC – ok scratch that – back up the tape).  That is the doorway to ASL which is a language in its own right with a COMPLETELY FOREIGN grammar that is used by a proud and exclusionary and clannish and angry group of DEAF people that are coming to your home to take your child from you unless of course you choose one of these doors marked – Oral / Aural only (oh, that is right – this door didn’t work for your baby), or this door marked – Cochlear implants & AVT (oh, that is right –this door didn’t work for your baby), or this door marked cued speech (oh, that is right – this door didn’t work for your baby), or this door marked simultaneous-communication (oh, that is right – this door didn’t work for your baby), or this door mainstreaming alone with an interpreter and notetaker / cart and an aide (oh, that is right – this door didn’t work for your baby…)

ODD, eh?

To which they say ..

Well that is just because you didn’t choose properly

You didn’t try hard enuf

You didn’t implant fast enuf (x 2)

You didn’t exclude exclusively enuf

You didn’t drive far enuf

You didn’t jump high enuf

So yes NOW we agree that since your child is a teen  and can not hear nor speak goodly and can barely read or write (that aint right) you can choose that little wee door way at the end of the hall.

Thank heavens for options and parental choice, eh?

Psst parents – u have not failed.  We have failed u – meaning the systems.  The powers that be have utterly failed u because even for the “successes,” there is often a severing of bonds.  There is the inability of your child – years into adulthood to be fully who they are when they are around you.  Yes, you know this is true.  Even for the ones that talk pretty and hear-a-plenty.  They no come home so much.  And if they muster up courage to learn how to sign on the sly much later in their lives, they still will cry when you say – d”on’t come home and sign around your siblings’ children because they might pick up on that hand babble too.”

We know that was what you were told to do but decades later, why are Deaf folks still being told what to do and not to do?

Really, mom and dad?  Really?

That so ain’t cool.  It so ain’t cool that your offspring, the apple of your eye can not talk to you without having to work for their words.  That  you can not have a moment of eye-eye, hand-hand speak.  To be connected unaided or abated.

That you haven’t been given the option, the choice to say to your adult child.  I love you “as if” you are perfect because you ARE perfect “as is.”

So all this Parental Choice is really bull crap o la cuz too many parents are still being told they should NOT sign with their Deaf child.  Too many parents – still.


The Reader Family re: their Deaf son and “the professionals” and “Parental Choice”

Through the Eyes of a Deaf Child – Go to 9:10

(ADDED july 1)Dr. Larry Fleischer sharing his experiences with “the professionals” at an IEP meeting and how they had offered him everything EXCEPT… (text below if don’t know ASL)

Luke of Amazing Race express gratitude for his mom signing!!!  Go to 1:06

(if someone finds the same clip that is fully cc – let me know the link)

And Check out:

Deaf Pundit’s Is it Really About Parental Choice

Don G.’s There is No True “Choice” in Parental Choice

Deaf Jeff’s Hey AG Bell, I want to go to college too

NOTE to all:

parental choice does not really exist and even if it did – it should not supersede the rights of the child.  Think about bodily integrity folks.  Think about consent.  Think about fully informed choices.  Think about the right to be Deaf and how it does NOT exist.

And when u r done thinking about it… maybe u can do something about it.

Is Parental Choice an illusion or delusion – or both?

Oh and did ya know that four INTERNATIONAL GROUPS have declared that sign language should NOT be denied in Deaf chidren’s education?  See ICED 2010 New Era and Accord of the Future, World Health Organization, UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and the World Federation of the Deaf

GOT FEET?  See ya at the AG Bell symposium of professionals July 21-23 in DC.  and also let the governor of Indiana know that what he has proposed is NOT COOL (ie the appointing of oral / aural only supporters on a Deaf bilingual school board – duh!)

Centre Jules-Leger students you have done well




“move on” vs “on the move”

heye all

im here to briefly discuss

1. diversion vs. diversity

2. “move on” vs. “on the move”

NOTE: they are interrelated

1. diversion – some folks r throwing out smoke bombs so we loose our focus from the folks who have been harassing, defaming, attacking and campaigning against Deaf culture and American Sign Language for over 100 years

(hark what is that she can hear the clank of a toilet bowl lid?  well, praise the lord!)

no worries – our good eyes have not wavered from the main task at hand – challenging the SYSTEMS that actively oppress Deaf culture and natural signed languages

diversity – is a good thing.  bio-diversity and human diversity needs it.  start stripping away at it and bonky #hit happens

protecting diversity is a must. Homogeneity means we be marching down the road to be dust.

2. “move on” is a demand that is unjust, wrong, false, ka ka, no good, and foolish

“on the move” is what is worrying alot of folks about us – the fact that we r waking up, shaking up, standing up, and making up

that there is scary to the powers-that-be cuz that means UNITY and that means finding our feet and hitting the street and:

– examining the unexamined

– making the invisible visible

– shouting out – we will not be denied

– shouting out – nothing about us without us

– shouting out – four major world organization’s decrees that denying Deaf children sign language is unjust needs to be HEARD and TOLD to the parents (stop hiding the truth AG Bell and co)

– and loving the oppressor enuf to tell them the truth

we be coming to an oppressive system near u & saying “howdy.  gig is up”

some VERY important links to looky at since we are not gonna “move on” without being “on the move”

Bullied for 100 Years the Deaf Seek Justice,_the_deaf_seek_justice.html?cid=30523834&sb=fb

Is it Really About Parental Choice by Deaf Pundit

Hey, AG Bell I Wanna Go to College Too by DeafJeff

We are on the move folks and that is what has gotten them upset.  no worries – they will come around or they wont.  our true political task is to help draw down their masks so folks can see their true colors

aint easy but someone’s gotta do it

know they will call u every name in the book

i been called a plenty – like rude, extremist, radical, militant, audist, hypocrite, liar, bully, attacker, etc

i am aiming to be an extremist of love like Martin and Mahatma and JC.  i wont ever come close to the likes of them but i aint gonna be distracted by frackers cuz we all know what fracking does to water.

and i wanna do a shout out for all the folks who are waking up and standing up and finding FACTS and CONNECTIONS and TRUTHS and bringing them forward for us all to SEE

i wanna do a shout out for all the folks who have been working so hard for so so so long – i see u and i thank u.

AG Bell & co. have been “moving on over us” for a mighty long time – dont believe me check out their Volta Review and the history of Oral Education where they talk about the revolution to get the babes as early as possible and give them aural / oral everything to the max and where they  promote auditory verbal therapy which officially prohibited the use of signing and visual acuity up until nov 2009  (it seems it is still prohibited by practitioners as many of them have stated – WE HAVE TO EXCLUDE signing and lipready as part of the THERAPY – i guess they missed the memo).  there is more folks

much much more.  they are scrambling to hide and/or alter all the evidence and transgressions but the still stand by their Pepsi letter, we still have evidence of the letters their members wrote to the Smithonian against the History Through Deaf Eyes showing the truth and nothing but the whole truth and we know their own members wrote to chastize their president for showing a few wee signs so no matter what they say – we gotta look at what they do and what they DON’T do

like they have NOT…

1. retracted the pepsi letter

2. apologized for their role in the reign of error (oral / aural ONLYism)

3. supported bi-bi programs

i also wanna tell the good state of NY – thank u for finally doing the right thing.  See there is hope.  The right to all folks in my state to marry and mate as they see fit would have never passed without the activism of many organizations (chief amongst them the Human Rights Campaign and many individuals.  took years and there will be backlash etc but …

truth and love always win – think of it always said Gandhi

so to AG Bell & co. we say – “we will not be denied”



My reply to MKM “move on” command

Heye all:

(note: this summary paragraph has been revised 6/22/2011 based on the clarifications Miss Kat’s Mom provided in the comment section below)

In the previous People of the Eye blog entry replying to Mishka Zena’s valid question re: AG Bell Association trying to destroy Deaf culture – Miss Kat’s Mom (MKM) a blogger and commenter showed up and left a comment.  MKM has a young Deaf daughter with bilaterial implants.  Her daughter, Kat, has done the hopscotch dance of getting routed through various programs and technologies to try to return her to her hearing state of being (kat has progressive Deaf gain that fluctuates).  Kat was in a bilingual-bicultural program in Utah and then in an oral / aural program, she did John Spencer Tracey clinic two summers ago and then in CID summer oral / aural only program (the nearly $3,000 tuition was reduced to $200 via a scholarship).  MKM does alot of blogging promoting CIs and oral / aural programs.  the family relocated from Utah to the east for an exclusively Oral/ Aural ONLY school.

that is just a summary so folks have some context re: MKM.  if i have any errors in the summary – pls let me know.

below is MKM comment in the previous People of the Eye thread and my reply.  (another comment from MKM came in while i was typing my reply but u can read that over in that thread if u so desire – see link above)

Me main point?  We are on the move and they no likey!   See u in DC in July folks.  If you cant make it due to timing, distance, etc – organize something locally or just share your own experiences with Oralism – YOU and YOUR experiences are VALID folks.  VERY valid.  

It is mighty hard to move on when they won’t allow u to know where you have been or where u are standing.  Got FEET folks – let’s move ’em on out!


Posted by Miss Kat’s mom on June 19, 2011 

The problem with this rant is that it is 99% focused on the past, rather than the future. For G-D sakes, MOVE ON! Parents don’t want to hear about what happened in1880 in Europe. WHat does that have to do with THEIR child born in 2011?

Second, the biggest myth that you are perpetuating is that the majority of people with a hearing loss use ASL. The fact simply do not bear that out. There are 32,000,000 people in the US with hearing loss, and between 300-500,000 ASL users (and that includes CODAs). The fact is, ASL users are a very small minority and there simply aren’t millions of dissatified oral adults “flocking” to ASL and the Deaf community.

Posted by patti on June 20, 2011 at 12:26 pm

MKM – you have incorrect info in your comment
1. 99% of this post is not about the past. a great deal of it is about current times and as MZ noted if we do not study history we are doomed to repeat it

WE DO NOT WANT A REPEAT OF reign of ORALISM (oral / aural ONLYism) – it failed then and it will fail again

2. Many parents DO want to understand the historical context and the TRUTH of what Deaf folks have been experiencing in CURRENT times as a result of Oralism
(note that in my post i did NOT focus on Milan 1880 at all – nice spinning there MKM)

3. No where did i say that the majority of folks with a hearing loss use ASL

my goodness MKM – what are u playing at?

smoke and mirrors skills – u have not. – we have our reading glasses on, our eyes and our hearts open

now re: “MOVE ON” – MKM we have every right to be outraged by that command of yours. i myself am not outraged because it saddens me more than outrages me and i also know its just a deflection technique and i am hopefully u dont sincerely mean to be telling Deaf folks not to care about their past, present or future even though it sounds like that is what u r saying.

i have seen MANY people say MOVE ON to Jewish people re: the Shoah – they say the Holocaust never happened or it never happened at the extent that folks try to say or they say other groups were persecuted and targeted too or…. and when folks bring out all the truths – the testimonies, the photos, the footage, the shoes, the tattoos, the gas chambers, etc etc then they resort to saying:

“Well, it happened a long time ago and Jewish people need to MOVE ON.”

Oh my heavens – that hurts me so much. I have had folks say this to my face and I am not Jewish – i am committed to sharing the true stories of survivors and those who perished (most especially of Deaf people because their stories are often lost or overlooked) and sometimes after i have shared – i will come face to face with someone who says – the Holocaust was a long time ago. Jewish people need to move on. The war ended 66 Years ago is considered a long time ago??????

not really

130 years ago is a long time ago?????

not really

the arrogance of humans on this planet that we measure things by our own life-time solely and not on the whole continuum of life on this planet

66 years, 130 years, 200 years – this is RECENT history in the grand scope of things

and the fact that these atrocities and injustices happened in modern / recent times is appalling and flabbergasting and that u, MKM, would suggest that we do not care about the fact that children were put into little black isolation rooms in their SCHOOLS, that children are CURRENTLY being isolated if they sign during lunch, that children sometime get shocks from their cochlear implants is….


we are talking about TRUE history

it is OURstory

and one is too many – and it is more than just one MKM

and we will not be denied the right to sing it

we will not be denied the right to sign

the two are interconnected and i see and i understand why u r trying to deny us this right just as the little girl in the 2nd video at kat’s school kept trying to deny the little boy in red from gesturing and signing during the concert

we will not be DENIED MKM

so yep we are not a majority but there are some folks who want to sign and they should have the right to (see little boy in red for a CURRENT example) and there are some folks who dont know they want it because they have never been afforded the opportunity and because the stigma associated with it may make them shun it

like when Jay Wyant, former board president of AG Bell Association, signed a few signs with Ruthie Jordan on a video and a member of AG Bell associate wrote in to criticize him for using signing.

Yep Mr Wyant too got his hands slapped for showing a wee few signs – an adult Deaf man with cochlear implants and the president of an association for Deaf And Hard of Hearing people was being criticized and chastising simply for demonstrating his wee knowledge of another language

what is up with that MKM?

how can we MOVE ON from that if u r all so busy denying that language bigotry – linguicism, phonocentrism, audism, and paternalism still exist TODAY?

u are welcome here at People of the Eye. just know it is a place of truths – not myth making or attacking or wagging the dog or the finger at us as if we are children of a lesser god – cuz we aint

i am being firm with love here cuz time is a wasting and breaking through some folks DENIAL requires being forthright and “speaking their language.”

MKM – we are moving on and we are on the move and that is REALLY what is upsetting you.

I gotcha (meaning i understand u) and i love u and Kat

waking up is hard to do.

ya basta – folks




NOTE: – i really do care for Miss Kat’s Mom so no attacking her or bringing in other crap about other folks.  Come from love.  Truth Force and Soul Force all the way.

See u in DC in July folks.   – if u cant go to DC – vlog/blog/fb tweet on july 21-23 – be part of the river of righteousness – would ya, could ya, shoulda ya?

yes indeedy

we be making the invisible visible



An Answer to Mishka Zena’s Noble and Just Question

this here is a long one and i have trimmed it several times (imagine!!!!! geez big picture thinking never affords for less-is-more at least not with me.  so i apologize for the lengthiness but i been thinking and when im thinking lots of things come clear)

Mishka Zena has brought forth some evidence on the connection between the AG Bell Association and the Deafness Research Center, which aim is for a Death of Deafness – see

and Hear Indiana is a chapter of AG Bell Association and they are being forced upon the Indiana School for the Deaf by the governor.  (yes, its not cool to appoint UNqualified and BIASED board members onto a bilingual-bicultural school. – Monolingual oral / aural advocates are NOT qualified to guide a bilingual-bicultural school – common sense dude!)

In Mishka Zena’s blog she poses a Noble and Just Question – Is AGBell Assc. Destroying Deaf Culture?

and the answer is …. drum roll

YES AG Bell, da man, and the Association have been trying to destroy Deaf Culture

AG Bell the man and agency have NOT been shy (but they have been sly at times) about their ambition, values, and efforts

the good news is despite of all their efforts and arrogance – they have thus far FAILED.

Yep AG Bell association – u get a big Fat Red-hot F.

But the bad news is that all there efforts have made an adverse impact on Deaf folks, ASL, and Deaf culture

soooo……. Welcome to the War of Attrition, folks.

AG Bell and Assoc have been leading the campaign against American Sign Language for a MIGHTY lllllllooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg time!

“Enemies of the sign language, they are enemies of the true welfare of the deaf.”   ~ George W. Veditz, 1913

I too was like Mishka Zena – not really wanting to SEE and BELIEVE a lot of the stuff that was out there but then whenever I kept pulling up and SEEING truths and facts and attempted to bring them into the light of day I was slapped in the face in return with…






By the very folks who were DEMANDING proof.  That right there is very telling – that folks would say PROVE IT and when u do they would say “well no not really” and “that is debatable” or “look look look over here at this Mayan prophecy – ya better get busy stockpiling ur bunker” –

ohhh did I mention detraction, distraction, and drama triangle too

and did i mention to u all that the world is in fact ROUND?  i know some folks will debate that but it is.  They can just sail away off the edge of the earth with their bogus b.s. or they can WAKE UP.  The option is all theirs.

and i do know that waking up is hard to do.  i know this because i been-there-done that and i still dont like seeing the full truth – for example when folks who have cochlear implants tell me some things, often my first response is “No, that can not be” but then they demonstrate what IS and im like DANG!

(latest example is the person who told me they havent used their CI in about 3 years because the internal implant is broken and recently someone else with a CI told them – u know if u dont use it the magnet looses its magnetic powers over time – kind de-magnetizes.  To which i said – that doesnt make sense – so he took a magnet that was there and ran it over his head and it would not catch.  I said well did the magnet move – so he rubs it further and further away from the area of the incision – all over the area back and forth and says – NOPE NOTHING!   and i was like hmmmmmm.  I dont know the cause of it and when i asked someone at Cochlear Americas about it they said well maybe the magnet moved and i explained well how doe it get out of that little case and move and how far would it have had to move to not catch anything and GEEZ that is not good either.  so either it went dead like the internal cochlear chip has gone dead or its wandering – yikes!  See i do NOT want to learn these things but they keep falling into my lap!)

yep waking up is hard to do.

This is why…

This is why
Why we fight
Why we lie awake
And this is why
This is why we fight

(see the video with images from Deaf US history set to the lyrics of This is Why We Fight

Grrr the war of attrition

(see the Right to be Deaf part I, II, III, IV in this blogsite and see how Deaf schools are under attack – put in Deaf schools and Institutions in the search box of this blogsite or just go see NAD’s latest vlog on the subject)

Yes AG Bell, da man, and the association have had its eyes on Deaf folks ears and mouths and their hands and eyes for a mighty long time

There chief aim, aspiration, and goal?  “independence through listening and talking”

Problem: this implies / connotes / conveys that folks who do not speak or listen are not independent

Really?  that is a major falsehood right there.  Our declaration of Independence spells out that we r all created equal and must be treated as such.

boo – false advertising by AG Bell Association

AG Bell’s bread and butter is making the Deaf speak and hear.  Wow is that not just so old and passé given the fact that ASL is quickly becoming the third most studied language in the US of A.  Isnt that just so passé in a time when this country is becoming more and more diverse and where DIVERSITY is all the buzz and where we finally have an African-American president and soon someday may have a woman one.  Isnt that just so old and passe when they still have not figured out why some Deaf folks can learn to speak and hear better than others – that it basically takes heroic means or the luck of the draw but there is no consistent and reliable magic wand for their “independence” illusion.

Now again I don’t begrudge anyone the ability to speak and listen – that is no biggie.

it is the EXCLUDING / EXTREMINATING /DENYING / VILIFYING of a Deaf child’s right to a natural and fully accessible language

that there is a PROBLEM and that there has been AG Bell’s specialty

Just see the mounting international documents that affirm this fundamental human right for Deaf children to sign language and the declarations of UNCOOL – the denying of natural signed languages – UNCOOL:

World Health Organization

UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

ICED 2010 New Era and Accord for the Future

World Federation of the Deaf

¡Ya basta! AG Bell Association – ¡Ya basta!  (¡Ya basta! means enough is enough)

AG Bell, the MAN, and the ORGANIZATION are rooted in social darwinist, eugenicist, and extremist practices and philosophies

I don’t care if u want to spin it as “positive” eugenics vs. “negative” eugenics – it makes no never mind to me.

Eugenics is eugenics.  oppression is oppression.  wrong is wrong.  – and we can dress up stuff with a bunch of euphemisms all u like – “a dept of hygiene” that collects babies’ blood at birth and sedating babes to do HEARING tests so that they can strap them up as early as possible, and “options.”  (that there to me is one of the most ridiculous euphemisms to come down the pike of Deaf education – “options” and “option schools” that actively PROHIBIT sign language and visual acuity)

Wow wee

But back to AG B and co.

Folks want proof – well all ya’ll got to do is open ur eyes

Yes yes I’s know they r deep sixing a lot of the proof but its all still there – what is THERE

and what has gone missing and the sin of omission – it is ALL very telling for those who are awake and aware

Lets start at the beginning (and yes folks I know audism, Oralism, paternalism, phonocentrism, etc were around long before AG Bell but we r applying a wee bit of FOCUS right now as they are the biggest bullies on the block and they have been weaving a very tangled web of which too many parents and Deaf children have been caught up in.  We do this Ya Basta shout out for them and the new ones)

AG Bell da man – The Father of Audism

AG Bell:

– the chief architect & advocate of the oral / aural ONLY exclusive method in Deaf Education in the US

– Banned ASL from the classroom

– Banned Deaf people from becoming teachers

– Tried to prevent Deaf to Deaf marraiges

– Aimed to close down Deaf publications, organizations and conventions

– Supported Eugenics

Children were regulated to forever more have to “WORK FOR THEIR WORDS”

Also under AG Bell’s reign of error – pure Oralism – came physical abuse.  En masse – I have not found one Oral / Aural ONLY program that did not resort to some type of excessive punishment to coerce the children into compliance.  Even RSD which allowed fingerspelling only (the Rochester method) had a small black isolation room to punish the signers in.

And here we mean much worse than the typical paddle to the bum that was allowed in all public schools back in the days of corporal punishment.  Here we mean EXTREME #hit.  Psychological, physical, social, cultural, and spiritual abuse.

It was rampant and AG Bell must have known of it – he visited schools, he worked in some schools, he spearheaded an association of “professionals” for the promotion of Oralism (along with being the Chairman of an Eugenics Society)

I aint saying he encouraged the abuse in the name of Oralism but I can not find ANYTHING that came from him or his organization or his publication (the Volta Review out of the Volta Bureau) that DISCOURAGED this.  ODD, eh?

Now if he was such a benevolent chap and a leader in the field – why didn’t he call for an end to this abuse?  Why didn’t he disavow it publicly?  He was not shy about making public statements – not at all (except when he was about to be busted).  Well, my guess is IF he did then in doing so he would have to admit and acknowledge that it was happening and he did not want his method and his crusade tarnished.  At worse maybe he never spoke out against it because he saw it as a necessary evil in the effort to “restore the Deaf to society.”  I know not.  All I know is that he SAID NOTHING.  Bystanding while grandstandings the wonders of Oralism is NOT COOL.

And everybody should have been screaming about the abuses that were taking place in Deaf education under the banner of Oral / Aural ONLYISM.

Given the fact that Bell is pretty much proven to be a master of deceit – see the Telephone Gambit by Seth Shulman, A Place of Their Own by Drs. Van Cleve and Crouch, Forbidden Signs by Dr. Douglas Baynton, When the Mind Hears and Mask of Benevolence by Dr. Lane – he has not proven himself to be very trustworthy and noble and good.

By any means necessary seemed ok with him – deep sixing and covering up truths seemed par for the course – he done it big time with the telephone plagiarism and theft and with Mabel’s age of onset for her “deafness”, with breaking his promise to EMG and going behind his back to Congress to demand that the Normal School (Deaf Ed. Teacher training program) at Gallaudet would only be funded if it only admit HEARING students (not Deaf – he did not like Deaf teaching Deaf), and by his dying words to his “Oral only” wife being on his FINGERTIPS and not on his lips.

There is more – there is more but u get the picture.

AG Bell was an extremist and his legacy is a BLACK mark on Deaf U.S. history.  He imprinted the scarlet letter of A for audism upon the hearts, heads and souls of many a Deaf children.  “you are children of a lesser god my darling but if u talk like me and walk like me, u shall inherit the earth”

another crock of crap cuz we all know that Deaf folks who can hear a plenty and speak a plenty still experience audism a bad-n-plenty.

Thankfully the truth always prevails and ASL and Deaf culture has SURVIVED despite and inspite of the war of attrition

(did u know that every 14 days a language goes extinct? – excellent link but…

note this map and site does not acknowledge signed languages – grr phonocentrism, linguicism and audism by National Geographics and how ODD considering that AG Bell and his son-in-law took over this scientific society hmmm)

Now for the Association that bears AG Bell’s name:

AG Bell the Association has worked long and HARD to undermine Deaf culture and ASL.

Don’t believe me – read a bloody book would ya.

Of late what has AG Bell Association done to show it’s Anti-ASL and Deaf culture?

–       Pepsi letter where it refers to Deaf folks who sign as isolated and dependent

–       Pressuring the Smithsonian History Through Deaf Eyes exhibit not to show the black mark of Oralism on Deaf culture and ASL (i.e. trying to bury the truth)

–       Denouncing Deaf ASL folks right to their first amendment (Free speech and assembly)

–       AG Bell has advocated for AVT&CIs

–       Pulling out Deaf oral folks for dog and pony shows

–       AG Bell Association had a long running Circle Alliance Founders Partnership with two cochlear implant companies that have both been fined – Advanced Bionics fined for its faulty CIs that leaked and zapped and Cochlear Americas fined for kick backs with professionals (Dr, Audilologists, and speech and language pathologists) and insurance fraud)

–       Has the Deafness Research Foundation as a sponsor for its conference – the Deafness Research Foundation has proclaimed its mission of eradicating deafness – “A Death to Deafness” and AG Bell accepts their money, their patronage, and their research

–       Option Schools – AG Bell works closely with a lot of option schools – which actively prohibit ASL

–       AG Bell Academy certifies folks all over the country in Auditory Verbal Therapy which while they recently chopped off the part in principle 3 that said no signing and lipreading in practice they are still training folks to use the fan thingy to cover up the lips and to discourage signing and visual acuity – thank gosh AG Bell does not work with blind folks.  Who knows – they might make them wear ear guards and take away their white canes so they could be “independent” and “function” in a seeing world BETTER.

–       AG Bell runs an Oral / Aural only camp – I could tell u stories of some students who attended and cried because they were picked on due to the fact that their speech and listening skills were not all that slicky and they were made to feel inferior.

–       AG Bell association did not acknowledge ASL as a language in and off itself until very recently and still frames it as if it is some type of deviation to the natural order of things.  Are they slow or what, huh???? – its just smoke and mirrors folks – they r trying to give themselves a bit of a facelift now that ASL is popular, baby signs are spreading, and world organizations are saying HEY NO BANNING SIGN LANGUAGE

–       AG Bell association has not formally signed the ICED 2010 New Era Agreement and Accord for the Future and only takes out ONE sentence from the whole document and chops out the “remember history” part hmmmm – wow LAME and OBVIOUS.  we can READ ya know.  The WHOLE thing as in holistic

–       Really it is endless  – there is more and SOME DAY someone or two with a conscience will drag more stuff out into the sun for all to see but in the meantime we know this: – AG Bell Association does support oral / aural only programs and practices.

at the beginning of the new millennium – after the 2YK scare had gone and past – i was continually besieged by town criers saying a new era, a new world order, a new type of Deaf people were gonna be coming forward from the bowels of cochlear implantation, mainstreaming, and a decline of the Deaf schools by the year of 20-10

Odd – this is 2011 and while CI have INCREASED (wow and yikes) Deaf folks are still largely signing people and Deaf schools are still needed and wanted and Deaf are still Deaf.  ODD, eh?

U can remote control them and they are still gonna be Deaf and they are still gonna be ENTITLED to a fully natural and accessible language and not having to WORK for their WORLDS all their waking hours.

Aint it ODD how Deaf folks actually want to stay in this Deaf-world while simultaneously enjoying the hearing world too – ie being bilingual-bicultural and aint it ODD how so many folks who were raised oral / aural ONLY come to the Deaf-world late in life and are like #hit and dang why wasn’t I given this a long time ago and despite having “independence through listening and talking” don’t want to go home for Thanksgiving cuz it’s a lot of work all that listening and talking.

Not only is the result that many of them are still estranged from their families but they are often estranged from Deaf ASL culture too.  As Gina Olivia said in the documentary film “Through Deaf Eyes”

“I think Alexander Graham Bell’s greatest crime was keeping deaf people apart from each other.  It wasn’t so much that he thought speech was important.  Worse than that was that he didn’t want deaf people to marry each other.  He didn’t want them to be near each other.  He wanted them to be apart.”

so what do we get for all this Oral / Aural only independence BS:  severed family relations, low literacy rates, employment discrimination, and a torn and tattered and tension riddled landscape

despite all the kings horse and all the kings men (even got a summer camp with horses to help Deaf kids learn to talk and listen – what geez colorado u r a beautiful state but my heavens Cochlears Americas, Otologics, and horses to make u work for ur words) – despite all these bells and whistles and accessories and mainstreaming mandate and ….. Deaf kids r still reading & a writing at low levels (so are hearing kids too – this is monolingual America where we cant even get our dominant language right)

So as the 2nd wave of Oralism has been roaring across the ocean and headed towards a Deaf school near you – the FACTS of the matter are:

AG Bell association has been aiding and abating this tsunami – it has been ACTIVE in trying to destroy Deaf culture and one of its main pillars – American Sign Language.  Yes indeedy it has

Oralism, AVT+CIs, mainstreaming FAIL – by and large for the greatest number – they FAIL.  They don’t fail everybody – some folks survive and succeed in conjunction with or inspite of but never BECAUSE of anyone of those 1 or the cocktail of those false prophets.

So now I bring u to Tove Skutnabb-Kangas point

–      she said CI in and of themselves are not a crime against humanity

–      she said developing oral skills in and of themselves is not a crime against humanity

BUT the coupling of CIs and oral / aural ONLYism is

It is a crime against humanity

It is a form of cultural and linguistic genocide

And that is not cool, fools

Plain and simple

See United Nations Convention on Genocide

There is a war of attrition going on

They will loose

Hatred, bigotry and injustice NEVER win when we have freedom fighters on the move

But we must move folks

We must move out of text boxes and the blogsphere and push our feet to the pavement – see Jeannette Johnson’s call for a march on Washington for
Spring 2012

and in DC this July 21-23 is AG Bell Listening and Spoken Symposium where the PROFESSIONALS will be gathering

(NOTE: the title “Listening and Spoken Language” – isn’t that bad English?  or is it bad ASL?  or is it PSE?  whatever it is – it seems a bit ODD – like bad grammar, no? – i mean verb agreement anybody? – but i aint no grammar professional and i certainly aint one to talk about bad grammar – just saying…. that there is an ODD title – AG Bell Listening and Spoken Language Symposium – huh?)

We must stand and stand again because ONE is TOO MANY

One person being told “u r not enuf “and” u r not ok unless u can speak and hear and act like they do” – that there is audism and that is one too many

Genocides have been perpetrated against disenfranchised groups throughout history – cultures and languages and PEOPLES have been literally wiped off the face of this planet

That is NOT cool

Yes we will always have Deaf folks on this planet – but Deaf folks as a PEOPLE – people of the handeye (a cultural and linguistic minority) ARE at risk in the…

war of attrition

The only thing that has ever SAVED the disenfranchised from oppression has been themselves – standing up, speaking up, acting up

They have NOT been saved by depending on the kindness of others

They have NOT been saved by resorting to exhortation or returned violence

They have NOT been saved by keeping their heads buried in the sand

They have NOT been saved by hyperboles and over dramatizing things

They have NOT been saved by denial and chastising

They HAVE been saved by the truth –

By seeking it and sharing it and standing by it

And by LOVE

Eyes of my Eyes are Open

_~ ee Cummings

SO AG Bell Assoc….

the clock is a ticking

and the bell is a tolling

can you hear us now?

How about now?

will u choose to be part of the “final solution” or part of justice and positive peace.  it is time for u to undue ur shameful legacy and time for you to promote Deaf children’s right to a natural and fully accessible sign language (not just give lipservice).  we see you AG Bell & co.


(True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice. ~ MLK Jr)

Patti Durr

“Promote Deaf children’s right to education by recognizing linguistic rights. Deaf children should have early exposure to sign language and be educated as multilinguals in reading and writing. Train teachers in sign language and provide accessible educational material.” World Health Organization, World Report on Disability, 2011  (page 227).

why do we bother? cuz linguicism and audism r not cool

why do we bother – cuz Linguicism and Audism r not cool

heye all

candy is at it again wagging the dog at various folks saying they are not using ASL and claiming they are using her beloved PSE which is basically an antiquated term for contact signing.

now folks pls consider the source of all this bull carp o la (and no i am not attacking candy – im just stating truths)


1. Candy has never even demonstrated her mastery of ASL or contact signing to the folks that she is always whacking over the head with her “I’m Deaf of Deaf.. and look at how Don G, Barb DiGi, etc etc sign PSE when they are teachers of ASL etc etc”

2. Candy has no degree nor has she formally studied American Sign Language

3. Candy blogged about how ASL is NOT a real language

– u can read my debunking of that b.s. blog that said ASL was not a language if u desire

(Note: added 6/16 as evidence of Candy’s statements re: ASL)

Posted by Candy on November 30, 2010


I will blog about that soon. You’ll see what I mean. There is NO concrete fact that ASL is a language. That is why it is debatable. It does not mean what I say is a fact. Neither does it mean what you believe is a fact either. It is all debatable. There is no absolute to this issue. Not yet so far. Because there are people that were able to discredit what others have theorized about this topic. You choose to believe so and so and I choose to believe so and so. Who is right? That’s debatable.

ASL has been proven to be a language many times many ways.  The earth is round.  it has been proven many times many ways.  But sure folks can debate it – everything is debatable.  But its not cool to be demanding proof here and there everywhere and then when folks bring it to u for u to “debate” it.  And its not cool to run around saying “There is NO concrete fact that ASL is a language” and then say only uneducated Deaf folks use PURE ASL and you too cuz your from Deaf parents and then go around labeling other folks as PSE.  And its not cool never to even demonstrate your own abilities in signed language.

4. Candy postulated that Dr. Stokoes et al made ASL all up – sweet.  Trying to discredit the messenger cuz the message she no likes.  hmmmm i think ive seen her do this before, eh?

added 6/16 – Soo what did Stokoes have to do with the PURE ASL folks that u know – he indoctrinated them into the non-language – huh?

5. oh and Candy always talks about some mythological PURE ASL that apparently she thinks only uneducated folks use –

how can she claim in one blog that ASL is not a language and then later say she uses ASL and knows pure ASL users but never proves or shows it or…. yep twist and spin …

so the question is – why do we bother?

well i know why u bother because…. u care

cuz u LOVE ur language ASL in all its variations

We all know that someone could say this here blog entry of mine is NOT ENGLISH but rather Pidgen Text ASL.  yes folks – folks can say ANYTHING in the blogsphere and hence we have Candy’s b.s.

“All of the different functions of language – expressing individual and cultural identity, purveying cultural norms and values, linking the present & the past-sustain an ethnic group’s love of its native language as the central symbol of its identity and fuel the minority’s resistance to replacement of its language by more powerful others.”
~ Lane, Pillard, Hedberg from People of the Eye: Deaf Ethnicity and Ancestry

No worries – i know she will just scoff at this quote because she no like to read scholarly books

“Enemies of the sign language, they are enemies of the true welfare of the deaf.”  ~ George W. Veditz

Ya Basta Candy.  Ya Basta!

English has variations – see Shakespeare see ee cummings see p durr – we vary

ASL has variations – see howard rosenblum, shoshannah stern, ella mae lentz, karen mayes, etc

go figure eh babe.  there is no PURE English and there is no PURE ASL.  and PSE as u have been calling it is really ASL

But sure sit hidden behind ur computer terminal pumping out ur b.s. and commenting here and there and all over the blogsphere dissing the Deaf and dissing their language.

The fact that u come from Deaf folks and u were reared and raised on ASL does NOT entitle u to trash it darling.  Nope it does not exempt u from being busted for what u is doing which is linguicism, audism, and paternalism.

Nope.  U were given a birthright when u got ASL and English as a babe.  It hurts my heart to see u all over the blogsphere constantly defending the PROFESSIONALS, INDUSTRY, ORGANIZATIONS and PARENTS rights to DENY their children that which u were afford (ASL and English – bilingualism)

in doing so u r ENABLING oppression and i for one aint havent it

i love ya.  i dont care if u never ever make a vlog to bring forth PROOF of ur ASL slickiness – it is contradictory and hypocritical and self-evident of ya but it is ur option

u pull out the PSE slandering on folks to discredit and distract their M E S S A G E.  Cuz u no likey what they got to say so u r trying to assault the messenger to distract folks away from the message and u r trying to build urself up a bit.  That is a pity.

a big ole pity.  and it is WICKEDLY old by this point.  Lame and Old – everything u have accused me and others of – wow u got about 15 fingers pointing back at ya.

again no worries – i am now convinced u r in my life to keep me moving forward.  u are an indicator that we r on the right path.  the more desperate u become the more love and compassion i have for the misguided.

U is busted, my friend.  U now either have to put ur money where u mouth is and be brave enuf to raise to Michelle aka insane mishna’s challenge or u have to stop wagging that dog about who is PSE and who is not.

I know you LOVE sim-com.

We who are we LOVE ASL.

and I love u so much that i actually make an effort to confront you with the truth.  Firm with love.

oh and for the folks who care – my theory is

why we have so much ASL variation is the same reason we have so much English variation and more so BECAUSE there has been a bloody and relentless and UNJUST campaign against American Sign Language and the fact that most folks dont even get introduced to ASL until LATE in life.  It is actually AMAZING that so many of us are pretty dang good at the language considering we didnt get it from our mamas and our papas like Candy did and like all the English speaking and writing at the 6th grade hearing Americans got their English

also why some folks go more English order like in vlogging is largely because some work from English text first and that influences the structure and though process and/or its bloodly lonely to be talking to a wee dot on ur computer and not another living person.  ASL is a VERY interactive language – it begs an audience.  it aint impossible to do ASL (or any other natural signed language) into nothingness but it is much harder than with a spoken / written language – hence the shift into a more English like structure.

its still ASL – it might not be the bestest or the prettiest but considering we have all been reared under the age of audism and linguicism well – we r looking prettier every day and ohh did i mention that ASL is on the rise ?

and thats the deal my dear

oh and as always no attacking of Candy here or any body else for that matter.  Truths, feelings, and coming from love always welcome.



“The Professionals” FIXation and WAKING UP

“The Professionals” FIXation and WAKING UP

heye all

have u ever noticed how many folks have a FIXation on FIXING Deaf folks?

and have u noticed how just when they r upping the ante on the quest for the holy grail to make Deaf folks undeaf – Deaf folks r WAKING UP?  the mask of benevolence coming down by the professionals to reveal paternalism, audism, phonocentrism, Oralism, linguicism and Deaf & Ally folks r starting to see see what we mean mean.

It IS mean and wrong and unjust and inhumane to actively, systematically, relentlessly deny a Deaf child the right to a fully natural and accessible language.  They should not be doomed to forever and ever more have to “WORK FOR THEIR WORDS” – they should be afforded a measure of equality of condition at a very young age cuz that is when they NEED and DESERVE it most.  Its a truth folks – dont matter how u try to spin it.  This is what the ICED Vancouver 2010 New Era Accord of the Future agreement is all about folks!  Don’t deny them a natural Signed Language – NOPE.  DON’T cuz that there is a s crime against humanity.

Oral / Aural ONLY – bye bye. 

see the full ICED Vancouver 2010 New Era Agreement and Accord of the Future.  Read ALL of it carefully.

sure respect the folks who were reared that way.  Respect the folks who use other systems (cuing, sim-coming, SEEing, etc) but NEVER accept a program that is oral / aural ONLY.  Just as we should never accept a program that prohibits the learning of English.

sure let them learn to talk etc but DONT EXCLUDE ASL.  that is just EXTREMEly wrong and unjust.

Indiana – i salute ya.  wow u make me so happy.  That there rally for QUALIFED board members and equal representation – my goodness u shine.

Yep i see Governor Daniels is being mighty stubborn.  Some folks dont like to admit when they done wrong.  It’s saddens me truly.  I always admire when a person can admit when they have erred and works to correct the wrong done.

No worries – he will come around and see the light.  Or he wont  and we just keep pushing that elephant out of the room.  the Truth always wins if u keep standing tall and firm.

aint no way he is gonna be able to run for president of the US of A if he is determined to support folks who support programs that deny Deaf children the right to ASL =YIKES dude so cruel and unusual of ya.

so take a bow all Orange T-shirt folks – do a subaltern rebel howl – and jump at da sun.  u be shining folks!

oh and dont worry about candy’s blog – its all yawn and twisting and cherry picking a here and there.  no matters and no worries.  she actually aided the oppose 2072 movement a great deal because of all her BSing prompted many folks to take a good and hard look at things and piece together some important stuff and in the end the Oppose 2072 folks WON!  so now that she has turned her myth-making attention your way – ya hoo – it means u r likely to win too.  NOTE: im gonna copy and paste a comment from her place by Joseph the III cuz it is public domain and really it has some mighty fine stuff there.  And some folks dont care to have to weed past her BS to get to the good stuff so ill spare ya – OH Joseph geez u keep winning my heart with ur truth trumpeting)

Back to the folks on the ground – Folks coming alive and waking up!  mighty fine, mighty fine.

Awake and Alive and Abuzz and… BUSY

this is why we fight folks – for the wee ones who dont have no say in the matter

who’s yelp in whosville is MIGHTY important but often overlooked and unheard cuz it aint in the tune THE PROFESSIONALS want to hear

no matters – the good folks on the ground r waking up and connecting the dots.  All roads lead to ……THE PROFESSIONALS

(see Deaf Pundit’s awesome two blog entries re: Hear Indiana, which is a state chapter of AG Bell Assoc.)

PROFESSIONALS – individuals and organizations

now why have i zoned in on the PROFESSIONALS well we would have to thank the folks at Cochlear Americas for that tip.  When we visited the headquarters in Colorado and i asked about the Oral / Aural ONLY push – they said “we at Cochlear Americas don’t take a position on that” – you knows pleas of neutrality.  So i asked well who then is pushing for the oral / aural ONLYism – where is that coming from – they answered THE PROFESSIONALS.

meaning – Doctors, audiologists, speech & language pathologists – oh no!

(yes i know these are the same folks who got busted for kickbacks with the professionals by the Dept of Justice and a CA whistle blower but im hoping they r done with that trick now that Advanced Bionics is off the market in the U.S. until it can get the FDA to approve its cochlear implants again after the FAILING HOT fiasco – ODD how AB can manufacture their revised cochlear implants in the US but can only market them oversees now until the FDA says ok for US sales.  so while CA has been enjoying a market monopoly in AB’s absence and Med-El being a lower end CI and more popular in Europe than in the US where everybody wants the latest and greatest gadget – im hoping CA is no longer doing corporate deviance tricks with THE PROFESSIONALS.  Especially since they (CA) tell us that its THE PROFESSIONALS who are promoting oral / aural ONLYism.)

 and dont worry we did ask CA how they could sponsor Oral / Aural only organizations – we can chat about that later.  right now we only have eyes for….


they are circling folks – closing in.  been doing it for a mighty long time.  don’t believe me?  Well, just check out how there ever present FIXation on a death of deafness and excluding ASL is resulting in peaceful, direct confrontation by the byproducts of their dis-affection:

1. Unity for Gallaudet – I King Jordan and Jane Fernandes were married to the idea that JKF was the only one who could lead Gallaudet toward the 2010 vision – the Death of deafness vision but other folks had other visions (remember the brave new order that JKF preached about) and…

result: JKF is no longer the leader at Gallaudet and Gallaudet is still alive and well !  wow!

2. Deaf folks engaging in direct peaceful confrontation at AG Bell Conferences (VA, CA, Wisc, Indiana, etc) Thank you Deaf Bilingual Coalition

Result: Parents talked directly to Deaf folks

3. Meeting and rallying at AG Bell Assoc Headquarters Thank you Audism Free America and all the good folks who came out

Result: First time in history that Deaf folks demonstrated at AG Bell Headquarters

4. Orange & Brown Coalition and the Deaf community lobbies for the removal of plaque and dorm name honoring AG Bell, the man, at NTID/RIT

Result: the plaque comes down and is destroyed.  The dorm is no longer called Bell Hall.

5. AB 2072 – remember the list of PROFESSIONAL organizations that pushed for the bill that was to route all the babes to audiologists for follow up to promote the “scope of their practice“(scroll down for 1-23).  Forgot which groups were behind this bill – no problem – i know the elephant in the room is counting on us having a short memory but we dont – we be AWAKE and AWARE and ALIVE.


* California Coalition (private schools and programs)
* CCHAT Center
* Echo Horizon School
* Jean Weingarten Peninusla Oral School
* John Tracy Clinic
* Auditory Oral School of San Francisco
* Oralingua
* American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
* California Academy of Audiology
* California Association of Private Special Education Schools
* California Hospital Association
* California Speech-Language Hearing Association

result: AB 2072 FAILED and the Opposed AB 2072 folks were victorious in their kill the bill aim

(see how ya all shine when u stand long and hard?  long live the Yellow Shirts – ILY.)

6. Cuomo’s budget tries to take IEPs and $ away from 4201 Schools and give it to home district “professionals

result: 4201 budget is safe for now and IEPs remain in the hands of the true experts – trained teachers of the Deaf – not professionals that serve the mainstream

(see what Larry Fleischer’s experiences with his daughter’s IEP – transcript below the video box)

7. The FIADDA (Italian Families Assoc. for the Defense of the Rights of Deafness)- an Italian A G Bell Assoc. equivalent –  lobbies to block the recognition and validation of LIS – Italian Sign Language and tries to get it demoted and degraded to LMG (LMG – a communication of mimes and gestures) and ….

results: folks all over the globe protest and it looks like LMG is getting tossed and LIS is gonna PASS – ya hoo

8. the PROFESSIONALS are trained by AG Bell Academy in Auditory-Verbal Therapy and Listening and Spoken Language –

they are:

  • establishing oral / aural ONLY training programs all over the country,
  • establishing oral / aural ONLY “option schools” (what a euphemism!)  that prohibit signing all over the contry,
  • propagating their practices via the Volta Review – a publication by AG Bell Association (check out the table of content of any issue and prepare to cringe – NOTE: the N # in most of the studies is usually VERY small and VERY selective)
  • establishing alliances with: Cochlear implant businesses, Hearing Aid businesses, EHDI, NIH, CDC, governmental representatives, etc

Not to mention how AG Bell Association has long tried to keep Parents away from Deaf adults – Thank you Deaf Bilingual Coalition for having Deaf adults come to face to face with parents to share and connect and do positive Direct Confrontation

Ahhh the New World Order and the Cochlear Implant+AVT revolution

results: not overwhelmingly in their favor.  Yes there has been a HUGE increase in implanting babes, youth and adults – no question about that but the “success” of the implants have been very mixed, inconsistent, and unreliable.  We wont even get into the numerous recalls (lemons, duds, zaps, failing hot, explanting, re-implanting) HOURS of AVT, lawsuits, etc – nah)

curiouser and curiouser

soooooo keep STANDING FOLKS.  Stand long and hard and firm.  Soul Force / Truth Force rock.  a mighty stream is gonna roll

“No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.” ~ ML King, Jr

The Civil Rights Movement was a couple of centuries in the making and a good 30 years of activism.

detail of a painting by De'VIA artist - Nancy Rourke

ya all are BEAUTIFUL.  now i know that some of the victories above are not fully manifested – meaning that some of the threats to 4201 schools, LIS, etc still lurk in the corners.  This is why we need a federal and international effort folks.  A Deaf Cultural protection act and more.

No worries – we can do it.  I have seen u – and u shine.  All we got to do is  keep jumping at da sun and know that we have only just begun.

Rub the sand out of yer EYES folks – we be waking up and shaking up!

Viva Veditz and the emancipation of the Deaf

NOTE: Mishka Zena had some strong things to say about The Professionals


Lifted from Candy (aka Gina Sutton’s blog about paranoia – yes i know i know kettle so black her – nuttin’ new there but Joseph came bearing some facts and truths. since Joseph is a “public domain” guy and he has some links (wow the murder of Mr. Wheeler – my heart goes out to his family) – and cuz Joseph has been misunderstood by some in the past i thought it be worthwhile to shine a light on his taking a mighty fine STAND.  you da man Joe!  hoods off to ya.

Joseph Pietro Riolo
June 12, 2011 02:18

I read your blog post with interest.

I just want to point out that the statements that you stated that Mr. Howard Rosenblum said were not actual quotes. These statements were formed and written by whomever that wrote the news. At least, that is what I found through Google. If you can find a source that Mr. Howard Rosenblum actually stated these words in his own way, I would appreciate knowing it.

It may look that I am nitpicking but when I read your blog post, I originally thought that Mr. Rosenblum actually stated these words. When I looked for the source, all I got is the statements that the writer of news wrote.

It may not matter for some people but it does matter for me because there is always a small chance that what Mr. Rosenblum said might have been misunderstood by the writer of the news. I don’t see any correction or clarification from himself or NAD and it is probably safe to assume that the statements in the news that were attributed to him are accurate.

Overall, I agree with your basic point that there are no evidences that these new board members are against ASL. It is not a good idea to use the dichotomy to assume that just because they favor listening and speaking approach automatically means that they are against ASL. However, the very huge impact that the technology of cochlear implant on pedagogical methods for the deaf children cannot be underestimated. The technology of cochlear implant is very powerful that it makes listening and speaking approach more reliable and more accurate and makes the approach more widely available to larger population of deaf children.

There is fear deep inside me that the number of deaf children that go through the approaches sans cochlear implant may be too small that it becomes unsustainable. I will use 2,400 deaf children in Indiana as an example. (The number can be arbitrary.) Say, in 2015, 2,300 deaf children are doing well in listening and speaking environment with the aid of cochlear implant. 100 deaf children are doing well in ASL environment and they don’t have cochlear implant. Will these new board members still support these 100 ASL users? Say, in 2016, 2350 deaf children are doing well in listening and speaking environment and 50 deaf children are doing well in ASL environment. Will these new board members still support 50 ASL users? What about 20 ASL users? What about 10 ASL users? What about 5 ASL users? Finally, what about 1 ASL user? If these new board members can give ironclad assurances that they will always support ASL deaf children even if there is only one ASL deaf child in the whole state of Indiana, I will relax a bit.

While I was googling on Mr. John Wheeler who wrote that article about conquering deafness, I learned that he was murdered few months ago: May he rest in peace. I continued googling on him and found this biography: It was entirely his right to express his goals but I am not quite comfortable with his enthusiasm to end deafness by putting cochlear implants in deaf children. His enthusiasm might have been well-intentioned but I believe that he should have sit back a bit and allow the parents to decide what is best for their deaf children including the decision to use ASL sans cochlear implant.

Joseph Pietro Riolo

Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.

This is Why We FIGHT + Why We Stand

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” ~ MLKing, Jr

as most of ya know – im a pacifist.  i dont support war or violence

so why would i be attracted to this song “Why We Fight” by the Decemberists?

Come the war
Come the avarice (excessive or insatiable for wealth or gain)
Come the war
Come hell

Well cuz it came under my radar when someone created a video using images
specific to the fight for Deaf Equality and i thought cool beans. (scroll down for the link to the video)   There has been a war against ASL and other natural signed languages for a mighty long time folks – Before and After ICED Milan 1880 and AG Bell.  See Dr. Douglas Baynton’s Forbidden Signs: American Culture and the Campaign Against Sign Language and Dr. Lane’s When the Mind Hears and his Mask of Benevolence for ample evidence of the systematic attempt at linguistic and cultural gencoide against Deaf folks in the U S of A.  See Edwin Black’s War Against the Weak.

Yes, i am recommending u get ye self to a library and read a BOOK by a true Dr. versus some pseudo doctor / guru / 2nd coming revelation wanna be or lame a## pundits spouting out b.s. as facts and getting it carried on Deaf aggregators.  You can even check out AG Bell (the man) own writings or the association’s Volta Review – they have not been shy about their aim, desire, ambition to remove ASL from the hands of wee things and to caral all the Deaf children into the sink-or-swim stream of life.  They proclaim their cochlear implant & AVT revolution with great pride and strides.

Come attrition
(A gradual diminution in number or strength because of constant stress.)

 Come the reek of bones
Come attrition
Come hell

Attrition is still going on folks. 

– check out how the NIH and CDC write about Deaf folks 

– check out how AG Bell Assoc and co. aim to make it so Deaf kids dont even know they are Deaf

– check out how Graeme Clark (founder of Cochlear Australia) aims for 100% implantation of all Deaf babies and children (get them before they can resist)

– check out the stats in Denmark 

– see the mainstreaming mandate (the creations of solitaires in society)

– see the remote control CIs turned off and on by parents, teachers, and professionals

– see stem cells and genetic engineering

– see the competition for a 100% implantable cochlear implant

Re: the reek of bones – see CI surgery and yes despite a representative of Cochlear Americas trying to give us the impression that the implant is all just under the skin and no biggy until i said “they do DRILL through the skull” and her colleague (a graduate of Gallaudet, former interpreter, and former audiologist but now marketing person at CA did confirm the fact that there is a drilling through the bone) Not to mention all the wracking of the knuckles with the ruler during the reign of Oralism (oral / aural ONLY mandate)

re: Hell – ask ANY Deaf person who has endured hearing test, cold earmolds, audiotory training, speech lessons, AVT , etc etc and they will say it was Hell. Yep, i’s know some will say it was worth it and some love to yoddle (i do too) but i dont know one who said it was fun being TRAINED.   We aint dogs folks.

This is why
Why we fight
Why we lie awake
And this is why
This is why we fight

Yep, we do.  We do fight and now that their masks of benevolence are coming down more and more folks are waking up and shaking up.  Finding our feets and taking a stand.  making some mighty REASONABLE demands like…. 

– dont demote and degrade a TRUE language to a systems of gestures and mimes – geez that AG Bell-like Italian Oral / Aural ONLY association – we see u! 

– dont appoint three utterly UNqualified board members for a bilingual-bicultural Deaf school.  Not only do these folks support and patronize programs that EXCLUDE ASL from the life of a Deaf child, they have the audacity to tell the Deaf community – we dont care what you think, know or want – we are staying put.  Wow Wee.  We shall see see.

– dont think u can fool us by chopping off the “without sign language or lipreading” in your AVT guidelines but still practice the hiding of lips and banning of visual acuity and sign language in your THERAPETIC practices!

– dont think u can fool us by silently removing Cochlear Americas and Advanced Bionics from your Circle Alliance founders partnership but still have them be major sponsors for your conferenes. 

– dont think we dont see all your lobbying efforts in various state legislatures to mandate insurance coverage for the VERY expensive and UNreliable cochlear implants and a push to route the parents and babes to the oral / aural ONLY track via EHDI and other efforts

– dont think we dont see you setting up oral / aural only professionals training programs all over the country

– dont think we dont see you trying to rip down all the pillars of the Deaf community

no worries

Cuz this is why we fight

Italy LIS folks we are with you in spirit

Indiana IDS folks we with you in spirit

and more… and more

When we die
We will die
With our arms unbound

and if we did not fight – we would die with our arms bound.  and even if we live to be 80 if we have had a death of the spirit at 30 or so we aint good to nobody – most especially the folks to follow.  (See MLK and Ella’s translation).

 The civil rights movement was about 30 years of activism folks (and a couple of centuries in the making) – plenty of disunity and disagreement but when common ground was struck folks engaged in DIRECT peaceful civil disobedience and kept their eyes on the prize and OVERCAME.  This is why…

 And this is why
This is why
Why we fight
Come hell

This is why folks

Bride of quiet
Bride of all unquiet things
Bride of quiet
Bride of hell

Deaf folks have been rendered SILENT due to the fact that the majority culture has so long been DEAF to our pleas and calls.  We have been rendered invisible.  The injustices lobbed against Deaf folks, the shackles and the chains, the yoke of the oppression have all been done in the name of restoring us to society – well, aint that the pickle?  I thought we all have been living in society and who ever said we wanted to be restored if it meant having to annihilate that within us which makes us diverse, unique, and divine? hmmm Bride of silence no more

Come the archers
Come the infantry
Come the archers
Of hell

They have new weapontry now and their aim may be more aggressive but their mark is the same.  Mouths and ears.  Its all about speaking and listening to make u (in)dependent.  truly – think on it folks – it requires all the kings horse and all the kings men to try to restore the wee thing back to a “natural” state via UNnatural means and still most folks return to the fold – they come with REGRET, with UPSET, with ANGER – why wasnt i given natural signed language as a pup – why did i have to forever work for my words – why doesnt anyone in may family even learn to sign NOW NOW NOW after i have done all the labor of jumping through all the hoops to meet them on their side of the bridge – why wont they venture just a wee bit in my direction so im not forever having to work for my words – why cant i ever get a measure of equality of condition?

The infantry and the achers r mighty big boys these days folks ohhh and they are wealthy and comfy – dont get all worried that we is picking on them.  they r doing just fine, driving nice cars, having big houses, nice portfolios, etc, they be fine.

This is why
Why we fight
Why we lie awake
This is why
This is why we fight

It may seem hopeless but we must remain steadfast.  we must keep making the invisible visible and pulling down the mask for all to see.  Oral/aural ONLY + CI mandate are crimes against humanity.  Their intent and design is for a cultural and linguistic genocide – they are not shy about it. 

And when we die
We will die
With our arms unbound
And this is why
This is why we fight
Come hell
Come hell

We got a long haul in front of us folks – this aint gonna be no picnic but remember: we aim for the greatest good for the greatest number and in this case that means the right to a natural and fully accessible language (they can throw in all that extra jazz if they so desire as long as – they dont ban ASL or other natural sign languages, they do not oppress the child, it is not given more priority than that of cultural, critical and functional literacy)

This is why
Why we fight
Why we lie awake
This is why
This is why we fight

So folks we fight how?

PEACEFULLY, ENDLESSLY, JOYFULLY – yep we do have fun.  U should see us – we really do shine when we get together and that really does make ’em fume and fuss and take out the water hoses via webwires denouncing the first amendment right to assembly and free speech and makes ’em throw lots of money after security when we is a peace loving people.  oh well.

No worries – they will come around cuz the truth and love always prevail.  think of it always

When we die
We will die with our arms unbound
And this is why
This is why we fight

So folks u must do do – not just sit, not _itch and moan, not REact to the banterings of nutters, not same ole same ole.

Yep, Deaf folks have been disenfranchised for a might long time but now is not the time to sing to the tune of “woe is me” – nope – now is the time to stand and deliver.  Stand tall, stand long, stand in love and in peace.  This is why …. this is why we fight

So come to me
Come to me now
Lay your arms around me
And this is why
This is why
We fight
Come hell
Come hell
Come hell
Come hell

We got nothing to fear but fear itself and the fear of doing nothing!  Cuz the 2nd wave of Oralims (Oral / Aural ONLYism) is here folks.  Be Aware, Be Awake, and Be Busy!

(info re: UN Convention on  Genocide

This is WHY! 

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