Barry’s Attacks on the DBC

The Truth Campaign continues

Again, i undertake this task with no joy in my heart.  It is a “have to do” in the spirit of truth force and soul force a la Gandhi.

Barry Sewell’s Attacks on the Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC)

We have seen Barry’s pattern of joining a healthy Deaf organization and then attacking the organization and individuals involved under false and unjust pretenses – See Barry’s failed attack on the Intertribal Deaf Council (IDC)

He continued this pattern of “joining, failing to control, and seeking to destroy” with the DBC.


Fact 1:

Barry was involved with the DBC for a few months.  After leaving he created and released over 20 vlogs full of falsehoods.  These vlogs were unjustly and deceitfully entitled facts – DBC Facts #1, DBC Facts #2, DBC Facts #3….. and so on and on.

See Barry Sewell’s DRHocokan youtube channel for all the FALSEHOOD vlogs where he tried to discredit the DBC.

Fact 2:

Barry put up a private I.M. chat w/ screennames of several DBC members discussing plans for the upcoming DBC Wisconsin rally and conference.

He posted it up in his now defunct and deceitfully entitled blog “DBC FACTS”

He put it up, then down, then up again, then down.  Weee!

Hit, run, erase – is another pattern

Fact 3:

Barry drafted a letter riddled with falsehoods attacking via their workplace / affiliations three DBC members.  All of the organizations / workplaces are Deaf related as are all of the individuals he was targeting.

Barry sought out other people to carry out the dirty deed of signing these letters and delivering them to the affiliations and workplaces.

CCing state Boards of Education in 2 of the letters.

Fact 4:

Barry posted the letters attacking these DBC reps in his “DBC Facts” blogsite and then quickly pulled them when folks expressed outrage that these people were being targeted via their work places / affiliations.

Fact 5:

(note: names of the folks and schools / organization Barry targeted in his letters have been removed here to keep the focus on Barry’s wrong doing and deceit)

One of the letters Barry drafted he stated:

“XXX recent alarming depredatory comments during Deaf Bilingual Coalition meeting was brought to our attention. See attached copy and read his comments regarding deaf children who wore cochlear implants and people who choose to use it. We, concerned citizens wondered if #### School for the Deaf tolerates such radical languages and views.”

(NOTE: I have no idea what is meant by “depredatory” here – yes, i see it IS in the dictionary but huh?)

Barry actually was a participant in this online text IM meeting.

The comment he is referring to was an off-the-cuff remark to reduce stress as the DBC core folks finalized plans for an upcoming conference.  The person Barry is attacking has never demonstrated any disrespect towards children with cochlear implants or their parents.

XXX has not been shy about expressing his concerns about the cochlear implant industry and the pathological perspective of Deaf children that dominants Deaf education.  However, he is not what Barry was trying to portray him and some others to be.

Fact 6:

In the other letter drafted and circulated by Barry targeting a different Deaf educator and activist, he wrote:

“Last month YYY was seen in a video while she was attending a conference in Milwaukee. In that video she bashed oralism in public.

Based on her comments we felt alarmed and concerned for deaf children who attend **** School for the Deaf, especially those who use cochlear implants and exercise oral skills. We are concerned about hearing parents who made decisions or are about to make decisions on cochlear implants and oralism for their deaf children.”

Oralism is the belief and practice that promotes the exclusive use of speech and excludes the use of American Sign Language.  It was and is appropriate for this educator to speak out against Oralism.  She has NOT demonstrated any disrespect towards children and/or adults who use speech and/or have cochlear implants.  YYY is justly and rightly challenging the system of Oralism.

Fact 7:

In another letter Barry drafted and circulated attacking another DBC member, he wrote:

“Based on the contents of the discussion ZZZ, Operations director of DBC did not make any effort to discipline or correct those who made radical comments. We felt alarmed and concerned for deaf children and hearing parents residing in the State of ^^^^. Such comments have no business in the public.”

Odd he is using this point to attack since Barry himself participated in this meeting and made no objections or attempts to correct.  Kettle is a blowing – Tea anybody?  In fact in that IM meeting Barry is seen encouraging XXX’s off-the-cuff humor with a “good one, XXX”  HMMMM, deplorable for YYY to standby but its fine for him to until of course he wants to twist and use it to get “them” disciplined and the DBC to break up.  Wow!

Fact 10:

Each letter calls for the school or affiliation to take action against these individuals.  One letter threatens to contact the IRS.  He will pursue this again later to no avail cuz FALSEHOODS suck and they don’t win and the IRS and the Dept of Justice and schools and Boards of Education are not stupid.


Failure 1:

Barry fails to break up and destroy the DBC

Failure 2:

Barry fails to get any of the targeted individuals disciplined and/or banned from advocating for bilingual-bicultural rights

Failure 3:

Barry fails to have credibility


Success 1:

The Deaf Bilingual Coalition is alive and well regardless of all of Barry’s failed attempts to defame and harm them (more truths coming)

Success 2:

The Deaf individuals Barry targeted with his drafted letters have not been intimated or bullied into silence and continue to do good work

Success 3:

Truth and love have always won… think of it –always.  (Gandhi)

“A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.” ~ Gandhi

Falsehoods Fail.

All of Barry’s endeavors that have been falsehood-based have utterly failed and backfired.

NOTE: There have been many good folks who have helped to bring forth the truth of this matter  so kudos to each and all them

a link to one blog entry by Deaf Jeff on Questionable Behavior – to give u some of the context of how Barry actually demanded for these truths and true FACTS to be brought forward when Barry  said he had never done such a thing and the folks that were targeted (who he claimed never were targeted) should be defending him.  huh? and WT….) Twist and spin … come on a little closer now… yep that is a tune he plays quite often – persecutor and victim and rescuer all at once – wow weeeee that drama triangle


Re: comments – pls stick to the subject of Barry’s attack on the DBC.  Don’t bring other old wounds or issues here.  Feel free to use your own spaces for that and link me if you like.

As always come from love.  I love Barry and this is why I take the courage to tell the truth.

Just an FYI –while not many folks are commenting – hundreds are watching.

DBC Thank you for standing tall and long and I Love You.

Link to testimonies 

DBC Petition for bilingual-bicultural rights of Deaf children

To all the truth seekers thank you for making the invisible visible and I love you.

“it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness”

~ many folks have been credited with saying this but few truly endeavor to DO IT.

Hope u will be one of the doers – light the candle and

Ignite the light

Ya Basta by Tina Hernandez from the Girly Revolution series

Ya Basta! To the bull#hit




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  1. the one and only ridor
    May 23, 2011 @ 05:08:00

    Well done, Patti!!


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