Barry’s Attack on IDC

the truth campaign continues

I do not enter into this series lightly.  I do it because it is overdue and it is the just, right and good thing to do.  Would prefer if someone else were taking it on but we gotta do what we gotta do.

Truth force / soul force rocks and rules.  (see gandhi – the Indian from India)

this blog entry relates to the Truths about Barry Sewell’s attack on the Intertribal Deaf Council (IDC) – now the Sacred Circle


In 2007 Barry sent a letter riddled with falseHOODS to the Dept of Justice

(to see letter go to ASLitself’s video at 9:04


The Dept of Justice – Portland Office replied saying IDC is fine and in compliance with the statutory legal requirements.  The Chief Investigator noted that his review found nothing wrong with IDC’s documentation or practices and CLOSED the matter.  (see same video above at 10:42)


Barry has made much ado about his efforts to “help” IDC but the facts reveal that IDC was strong and good BEFORE Barry came to spread his unlove and they are strong and good NOW.


3 weeks ago Barry was still spinning his web of lies about IDC.

B.S. #1:

In a recent youtube comment Barry wrote:

As for Intertribal Council for the Deaf. The people in charge at that time were white people. They pushed full and half blooded Native Americans away from control

theHolism 3 weeks ago


Barry names several individuals as founders of IDC saying they were kicked out of the organization and/or they provided him with hard evidence of violations through the years.  These Native Americans (Cherokee, Cheyenne, Tuscarora, Blackfoot, Lumbee, Chippewa-Cree, etc.) actually did not support or agree with Barry’s complaint to the Dept of Justice even though he FALSELY and UNJUSTLY names them in his complaint.

[This was done in Feb 2007.  Barry would go on to use a similar FAILED technique in his efforts to split up and destroy the Deaf Bilingual Coalition.  We see a pattern of his joining a group and folks accepting him on good faith as they go about the “good work” only to see him demand they do it his way or he will threaten, exhort, divide, disinform, distort, attack etc etc.  Thankfully his wittle wicked webbing has never worked.

Thankfully the groups and individuals he has done this to smarted up very quickly – disassociated themselves from him and went on to do the good work despite his constant nipping at their heels.]

i.e. “Wag the dog” is what he be doing in the comment section.

B.S. #2:

comment from Barry in youtube a recent thread

Part 2 – The white administrators of Intertribal Council for the Deaf were upset because they were caught off guarded by somebody who knew and understood Native American ceremonial traditions and cultures. The organization was full of wanna-be’s and a fake medicine man. I put an end to it because the traditinal half and full blooded deaf Native American were no longer in control. The lady you spoke to claimed to have an Indian blood in_ her but she was never able to prove it. She was white.

theHolism 3 weeks ago


IDC had and has Native American leadership.  Barry himself is not Native American and some might call  him a “wanna-be and a fake medicine man”  (hmmm more wagging the dog by Barry?  Just asking)

The Native American woman he targeted unjustly and relentlessly stepped down most likely because she did not want to see the organization harmed and because the dude, Barry, is a bit scary.

B.S. #3:

Another recent youtube thread comment from Barry:

Also why don’t you ask that lady why she had returned $5,000 and a computer back to the organization and what happened afterwards. She dropped the ball and returned some stuff. One other lady took over and saw the mess they were in and dropped the ball again. One other guy took over and could never correct the mess. End result? They shut down. All because as a Member I asked_ to see their financial report. They refused until Oregon Department of Justice stepped in. They dropped the ball. ; )

theHolism 3 weeks ago


More crap from Barry.  No balls were dropped except his own perhaps.  The organization presented all the requested materials to the Dept of Justice and the Dept of Justice said – looks fine and dandy.  The organization continued and still continues.

In summary:

Barry failed

Despite all his claims of knowing strategies, politics, government, how to do – do, being media savvy etc – HE FAILED


We will see his PATTERN of lodging falsehood after falsehoods against individuals and organizations, again and again only to see him FAIL.

Why?  Because falsehoods #uck and truth and love rock.

They always win.  Think of it always – Gandhi said.

Again, i take no pleasure in doing this.  This is not a space for folks to show up and trash Barry or any others who have associated with him.  This is just a place for the truth and love.  I love Barry enough to spell out the truth.  I love our commUNITY enough to spell out the truth.  Ignoring, lying, and hating are NOT the answer.  Direct confrontation with TRUE peace and love in our hearts.

Re: comment sections – this is NOT a place to try to discredit or defame Deaf Native Americans and their organization.  I know some of folks of Native decent have vouched for Barry but some of these same folks later admitted to being hoodwinked and  have withdrawn their support and many more who are reputable and honest – simply keep a wide berth of him and his bad “medicine.”

What was done to them was unjust and we should all be upset about it.  Many of us have been guilty of being BYSTANDERS and preaching an unjust gospel of “just ignore him.”  You forget the “First they came for….”

His deceit is not sweet and buyer beware when u r taking b.s. at face value.

and “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” ~ ML King, Jr.

so if u desire to comment – come from love.

“A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Stay tune for more truths coming to u soon. 




20 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Joey Baer
    May 16, 2011 @ 14:50:55

    Patti – great one and it is important for us to be on the tops of this situation. I am really glad that IDC is doing well and they have someone like you who stood up for them. We should for our own Deaf people as well!

  2. Deafchip
    May 16, 2011 @ 17:51:29

    It’s sad that we’ve witnessed the corrupt absolution. He’s to face the consequence for what he’s done to so many good people and organizations. Thanks for reminding our community about his inappropriate and destructive actions and behaviours.

  3. Penny
    May 16, 2011 @ 18:24:38

    ASLitself was THE ONE who stood up for them first. The credit goes to him for being on tops of this situation. He did ALL the work first. Patti received info from ASLitself’s vlog and translated into article here.

  4. deafnicity
    May 16, 2011 @ 18:52:17

    I told this story on the Deaf Native Facebook, but it is worth repeating here as it reminds me a great deal of BS. There was a wanabe New Ager who decided to pester a trditional elder into giving him an Indian name. After numerous attempts to put off the relentless New Ager, the elder gave in and gave that yahoo an Indian name. Surprising everyone, he also gave the New Ager a rattle. The New Ager went from town to town for almost 7 years advertising his Indian name to everyone who could. He asked people what it meant, but they just chuckled and told him to go back and ask the elder who named him. There was one person, however, who after chuckling told the New Ager — you just spent 7 years of your life telling people “I am a dog day afternoon.” And that rattle you have is a dog chew, an embroidery hoop, an BBs all boought at wal mart. Did you know some people are calling you, “his holy dog chew”? Thinking about “his holy dog chew” reminds me of BS for some reason. Medicine man — my butt? Legitimate ones don’t advertise. BS has advertised it all over the place. Legitimate Medicine men don’t try to destroy organizations with falsehoods — they simply go elsewhere. BS has proven he doesn’t not anything about being Indian.

    Sooo – remind everyone how to apply for IDC membership again.

  5. Don G.
    May 16, 2011 @ 19:49:42

    I have a friend in IDC who also told me about how Barry set about trying to destroy IDC. She does not want to go public, because as you say, she believes, as the NAs do, that it is better to just keep a wide berth of him and his “bad medicine”.

  6. deafnicity
    May 16, 2011 @ 20:11:05

    Don – every tribe does things a little bit differently, but asa a general rule of thumb that is a pretty good start. Where the differences start to arise is how to respond to someone who is persistent in their evil, deceit, and fraud. It is probably that Barry has been warned to shut the hell up. Among SOME tribes — when someone persists with their lies it is not unusual for them to face some extreme form of ridicule, so severe they will never return to that community. There is a story of a person who pretended to be a medicine man and was given many chances to shut up, but did not. Eventually the community threw him in the lake and the stories of how the community rejected him followed him everywhere. Now some may not like the idea of ridicule being used, but I emphasize that many warnings are given privately first. If you see Natives openly ridiculing BS, then it probably means that there has been some behind the scenes efforts and that he rejected the out that was given to him. This is starting to look like what has happened to BS.

  7. handeyes
    May 17, 2011 @ 00:48:45

    Joey – I didnt stand up for IDC while it was happening because i was unaware if it then.

    ASLitself got the letters and put them up and now we have FACTS instead of fiction.

    Yep we should stand up for each other and with each other.

    CommUnity – can’t spell it without U. (i know i know they will try but heye we have eyes and brains)

    thanks for the comment Joey – u not only stand but have also walked out in solidarity against injustice so thank u for putting peaceful methods into actions



  8. handeyes
    May 17, 2011 @ 00:53:41

    Deafchip –

    truths must be told so folks know what is what and can respond accordingly – peacefully and lovingly.

    re: consequences – well the bed he has made can not be a comfy one.

    i have mostly been concerned for what happens when folks are attacked – what we do – do?
    some good voices go silent
    some good hearts go bad
    some good minds go bitter
    some good hand go corrupt

    hatred begets hatred

    this is while we light the candle instead of ignoring, flaming or cursing the darkness

    re: absolutism – hmmmm

    thanks for ur comment and for standing strong and coming from love etc



  9. handeyes
    May 17, 2011 @ 00:59:02

    Penny – you are correct that ASLitself got the letters and took the stand to share the FACTS.

    I did and do thank him for doing that and thank u for noting him here.


  10. handeyes
    May 17, 2011 @ 01:14:10

    deafnicity –

    re: “his holy dog chew” my goodness. well that there is a very creative way for a disenfranchised group to deal with an oppressor – slow and steady method it seems



  11. handeyes
    May 17, 2011 @ 01:15:01

    Don –

    thanks for ur comment. Have seen similar from others.

    also ur comment helped me realize i had a typos so big thanks



  12. Penny
    May 17, 2011 @ 01:35:30

    I was replying to Joey. He didn’t leave comment under ASLitself when he made a vlog about IDC and yet he left comment here. His comment made it sounds like you did all the work which was not true so I had to stop here and mention that ASLitself was the one who did this project first. I believe in integrity, respect and treat e v e r y o n e equal for their work. I am no clannish. Oh Yes!!! You are very correct that Mr. Joseph Baer spelled commUnity for us. Realllllly? 🙂 I am done here.

  13. Patti
    May 17, 2011 @ 01:53:49

    Take care penny

    We now return to the point o this blog entry – Barry s attack on IDC


  14. Penny
    May 17, 2011 @ 02:54:52

    Sure thing and you wrote it well…concise and clear!

  15. Dianrez
    May 18, 2011 @ 01:49:43

    It sounds like the Native American Deaf are taking care of the situation very well in their own way. Effectively they have taken their organization far away and shut troublemakers out. I hope they still continue their tradition of welcoming others to share their unique cultures and traditions as they all are so deeply a part of America. Despite the horrible things that happened to Natives during the history of USA, they are still with us and still uniquely Native.

    We can take a lesson from them and quietly shut out the troublemakers and manipulators from Deaf Community thought and influence. With dignity and pride. By turning away from their provocations and their soapbox stampings, not responding to their inaccuracies, and continuing to share information that outshines their self-important spoutings.

  16. Shel
    May 18, 2011 @ 02:12:54

    Good point, Diane. However, the Native Americans have one advantage where we don’t. They are Native and Barry is not. Therefore, they can more easily shut him out. Minorities have their ways of putting up barriers against majority group members from invading (for want of a better term) or infiltrating their culture or community. They are better able to keep outsiders out especially when the outsiders do not know EVERYTHING about the workings of a given minority group.

    What throws a monkey wrench into the works is when a troublemaker is from WITHIN the same cultural/linguistic minority group rather than an outsider. This, then becomes a matter of ostracism (the ousting of a member for something egregious). That is far more complicated than the simple task of KEEPING OUT outsiders. It gets worse when that troublemaker is a collaborator and knows the inner workings of a cultural group.

  17. handeyes
    May 19, 2011 @ 12:42:28

    Im all for:
    “Look for the good
    Challenge the bad
    Enjoy most of your days
    Never forget to be glad”

    so i only invest in illuminating the pattern when it is overt and concrete bustable stuff so that others can truly SEE

    IDC issue is shared here because just a few weeks ago Barry was distorting and defaming folks in the IDC and ASLitself brought forth the truth and facts of the matter but since not everyone understand ASL and since not everyone will take the time to see the letter in full at the end of his vlog – we put these truths forward for all to see.

    making the “invisible visible” yes

    RE: Native American Deaf folks – from what i have seen – they weathered that storm with dignity and truths and stand strong and good. I do wish more folks showed solidarity and support sooner and stronger.

    RE: all the spin offs and reacting folks do in response to Barry et al wee b/vlogs spouting self-importance etc – i have NO idea why folks bother. I dont even read the stuff. Its only when its outright falsehoods that i take the time to put the truths forward because they use falsehoods and deceptions to oppress and we ALL should be doing shout outs against that.

    First they came for….



  18. handeyes
    May 19, 2011 @ 12:47:48


    Yep definitely “shutting ’em out” is not gonna work when he is in cahoots with systems that disseminate his falsehoods and defamations.

    no worries

    we just keep bringing forth the truths so folks can make informed choices.

    turning a blinds eye and being bystandards aint really an option (yes i do know folks can opt to do nothing but that aint wise, just, or good)



  19. Deafnicity
    May 19, 2011 @ 14:25:21

    Barry apparently thinks that occassionally taking a trip to a rez makes him Indian. UMMMM – If I vacation in France for a few weeks, that does NOT make me French! No doubt I could pay some person to give me a French name and maybe even teach me a few words, but that still would not make me French.

    In any case —

    Natives do enjoy a fancy for giving people nicknames and stories about things like his holy dog chew. My nickname of DREAMER. If you went to my rez asking people where I was and used my English name — you’d get no help. But if you asked where DREAMER might be, you’d probably get some help.

    Now I think BS deserves a nickname that accurately describes his reputation and his character. How about Nadir – short for Nadir of Despair. The word nadir come from French of course 🙂

    NOTE: Indian names (not nicknames) are more formal and are very special. It would be inappropriate to discuss that here. Glad you understand 🙂

    Oh back to IDC — trying to destroy a Native organization demonstrates just how little BS understands Native culture. He assumes that leadership and organization are designed in the image of western european culture. How silly!

  20. handeyes
    May 19, 2011 @ 22:26:57


    re: naming – yes many cultures put special meaning with naming

    re: Barry’s failed attempts at taking down individuals in his effort to take down organizations – yep. Not effective at all.

    re: his understanding of Native cultures and people – some of his blog entries + comments re: Native Americans and visit to custard’s grave seem to indicate more than just silliness.



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